Writer’s Block

How long have I been here,

Staring at this blank page,

waiting for a spark somewhere

Alas, out of grasp in an instant.

Strikethrough, how many lines,

Exasperatingly mortified,

raking my hair madly,

capped with facepalm then headdesk.

Where is Erato when you need her?

Why hasn’t she dropped by?

Has she abandoned me for good?

I always thought she never would.

Stood up, paced back and forth,

pen tapping my chin absently.

Eyes closed as if looking within,

yet still coming up with nothing.

Ah, this won’t do, it’s useless to insist too.

Dropped the pen and rushed to the kitchen,

let that spark find me on its own;

I’m just here, in my corner, downing a beer.

I Listen, You Can Share Your Thoughts With Me