Waiting Corner

Lights out, veiled in darkness,

footsteps heard somewhere.

Coming closer, going far,

at this point there’s no telling anyhow.

When was the last time I saw the light,

It all seems eons ago.

I should have committed it to memory,

had I known I’ll be trapped in here.

Here, where exactly is it,

I can’t really tell anymore.

It used to be a glorious place,

where you dearly held me; then I broke.

Right there I was cast away – forgotten,

never to be lovingly looked upon.

Left in that corner shrouded in darkness,

hearing everything, yet seeing nothing.

Footsteps, getting nearer it seems,

or is it just me earnestly wishing so?

Painstakingly hoping for that day to come,

to be finally taken out from that waiting corner.

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