[That Word This Saturday] Ostentatious

Err, what?! My word for today is kind of a mouthful, and a revelation, there’s a thin line difference. See, I knew I’ll get something from adopting this habit. Here’s my word of the day:

ostentatious ah-stun-TAY-shus

adjective: marked by or fond of conspicuous or vainglorious and sometimes pretentious display

Example: Now that he has money, Edwin wears expensive designer clothes, drives an ostentatious car, and frequents the trendiest upscale nightclubs.

Further information about the word of the day (source: Merriam-Webster App for iPhone):

“Showy,” “pretentious,” and “ostentatious” all mean given to outward display, but there are subtle differences in the meaning of these show-off words. “Showy” implies an imposing or striking appearance, but usually also implies cheapness or bad taste. “Pretentious” suggests an appearance of importance not justified by a thing’s value or a person’s standing. “Ostentatious” is the most peacockish of all, stressing the vanity of the display.

That is what I mean about the thin line difference so it is bragging but with different classes which is interesting, very, VERY, interesting.

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