Shattered Memories

I had no idea people could change drastically, over time –

For the worse. Or worst.

It makes me wonder: “what happened?”

I always believed that change is something constant, something necessary,

Something that’s going to happen whether you like it or not,

Something meant to be significant, important and probably larger

Than getting a particular pattern inked on your body.

Yet, I never thought that it could destroy such precious recollection,

Treasured feelings, memories of a yesterday that’s quite bland

But still, worth looking back.

I lay wide awake, stuck in a limbo; quite regretful,

Quite unbelieving – not ready to embrace the realization;

Not quite ready to give up – to give the old you up.

The old you that I’ve mooned over, that I looked up to,

That I’ve put high up a pedestal, that I’ve shared time with –

The only person I’ve allowed to see the real me back then.

I guess reminiscing is futile, change has done things over,

Nothing much to look back on now, nothing worth remembering,

All there is are memories, shattered, blown in the wind.