On Repeat: Sexy Lady – Jang Wooyoung (장우영)

The song I currently have on repeat came out of the blue, though I was somehow expecting it to grow on me one of these days, I didn’t expect it to be this crazy. Sneaky song from a sneakier singer, I’m hooked and am not even a bit embarrassed about it. Why should I be?

The funny part is it’s not really playing; it’s more like on repeat in my head, my filler after I finished saying something or when it becomes extremely quiet. The best parts – I even do the hand and head gestures. Oh dorky day! By lunch it has become my background music as I munch away on my food from charity. Oh wait, that ain’t right; It’s not considered charity if you cooked it, right? Whatever!

Before I get sidetracked and all, let me get to the part where I say that the song I am currently listening to on repeat is Sexy Lady by the man, the one, the only, the handsome, the sexy, *fans self and thinks harder for more adjectives to use but fails* learning(?)  how to love Jang Wooyoung. Why is it unexpected you ask when this is the main track of his first solo album? Because the songs I love from his album 23, Male, Single is in this order 1) Falling Down, 2) Be With You, 3) Could Not Even Start, 4) Only Girl. But as I said, I know this day shall come, and so it did.

I think the main reason this is so inviting today is because I wanted to be awake – desperately awake and this song can really keep you awake along with a mug of coffee. With its techno-ish vibe and Wooyoung’s somewhat sweet raspy voice, it gives this sexy feel that finally caught my ears, and my feet.


On another note, I’ve been spazzing with my fellow YY shipper last night and this morning I found this interesting photos of the man and all I can think of is what Lia and I talk about most of the time: Can I have your clone?

 jwy IMG_2702 IMG_2701

Here’s one more for the go – a picture I’ve been drooling over for a few days now because well, the man is hawt especially when he’s on stage.

 IMG_2663 IMG_2654

And now, I’ll listen to the song some more, before going back to a depressing song to set the mood to make way for an epic break up scene I never thought I’ll write about.

Photo Credit: WooyoungHome, Woogle, fyJangWooyoung