What I Got Myself Into

(Or my obnoxious way of saying how I celebrated this Christmas)

The moment I realized it’s already December, I decided not to make the same fuzz that I did last Christmas; I’m going to celebrate it as quiet as I can and as peaceful as possible. Well, it was half and half.

This year, I tagged along with my roommates to their common friend’s place to celebrate Christmas. Actually, I didn’t want to come, I know I wouldn’t know most of the people and I get bored out of my mind whenever I attend parties plus I don’t have anything green to wear (yep, themed party, you’ll never allure me.) But since they are insistent; they don’t want me to celebrate on my own (that was touching) and they won’t have anybody to take their pictures, I gave in and tagged along. Thankfully, it was not regretful.

Initially, I was bored to death; it lasted for a good two hours into the night. I wouldn’t have felt that way if I had internet connection but sadly, my mobile service was temporarily disconnected for some reason I do not understand (it worked fine the next day, magically.) So I had to endure the first two hours being somewhat entertained by the running little boy who has a huge appetite.

Once the entire guest arrived, the feast started and I have to say they had a scrumptious spread that the picture didn’t give justice to:


they went all out with meat.


that little guy kept running away with food.

After the scrumptious meal was the usual parlor games mostly copied from Philippine variety shows save for the pass the cherry using plastic spoons. And yes I grudgingly joined each and every single game repeatedly thinking “let’s get this over and done with” until I actually felt that I am sort of enjoying it somehow.

One of the guest whom I forgot to ask the name of course started talking to us (by that I mean my roommates and I.) She’s a kind not so young lady, addicted to Asian dramas and is currently watching some of the Korean dramas that I am watching. We started talking about our favorite dramas, actors and actresses and it was fun. Who would have thought I’d meet someone that I can connect with at the party. She was hesitant to join the games as I was and she mentioned she’d rather sing and that there’s a videoke only she doesn’t know how to make it work. Hearing this I perked up and asked for the remotes. I wanted to practice what I got trained for when I worked as a call center agent for Dish Network. A few minutes later and a few input changes, I figured the player was not connected to the TV and asked for the house owner’s help regarding it. After the proper jack was connected, we started singing our lungs out and I started to really be in the mood; I’m a sucker for videoke machines.


mood enhancer

Naturally I served another purpose, as my roommates’ personal photographer. I have to say I should really buy myself a camera sooner, I can develop this hobby. Here are a few shots I took:

with kobe

The girls are all smile while the kiddo is all grumpy, hmmm.


my roommate with her boss/close friend


I love ze lipstick

Finally, exchange gift. We were asked to bring a gift worth AED 25.00 (approximately $7) has to be unisex. Since I don’t have the time to buy the gift myself, I asked my roommate to buy it for me and since she’s a darling she wrapped it for me too thus, I didn’t have any idea what I gave the person who picked out my gift number. These are the gifts I received:


I dunno whose gift is it but they are appropriate and I love them.

We bid them farewell once the exchange gift was done, we reached home around 2AM and I slept for about 6 hours. My boss gave me an off day that I spent mostly by watching dramas. I called my parents, and at this point I got a bit sad since they’re together, my parents, my three brothers and I am not there again although I must admit I lighted up when my dad said “your brother (2nd eldest of our family) made barbecue, like you do every year when you were here.” I know what he meant by that and it’s truly touching. I love my brother.

That’s what I got myself into this year. Surprisingly, it was better than I thought it would be, less pretentious and significant. Truly it is more meaningful if you don’t expect too much; there won’t be any disappointment only gratitude.



[Day 14] It’s a Party, You’re Invited! (If you could invite 10 people to a dinner party, fictional, current or historical, who would they be?)

Like I would really throw one, in my not always wholesome dream! Honestly, I don’t really like parties that much, blame it on being shy and the lack of confidence to hold a decent and entertaining conversation or just me being somehow in between social and anti social. However, since its part of the challenge then I am giving in and I put much thought about it, so much that in the end I am sort of disappointed that it was just 10 people. There’s plenty to invite. Anyways, with no further ado, below are the 10 people that I would like to invite to my uber private, not guaranteed to be not boring dinner party (it did say fictional, current or historical so let me dream) in no particular order:

1. William Shakespeare – for the obvious reason that I worship the guy; he’s my hero and I learned plenty of things from him, parting is such sweet sorrow, do you see the brilliance there? I might ask him some awkward question too, well mostly something that I’ve been dying to know but not going to mention. (hehe)

2. Jacob Black – isn’t he one of the hottest fictional character ever! I watched the Twilight Saga not because of Edward Cullen but because of him, because of hawt Jacob Black and during all those scenes where Bella pushes him away I volunteered to take him in.

3. Lee Min-ho – do I need to explain why? I don’t think so.

4. Jang Geun-suk – I would invite him only because I want him to sing all night long. I love his voice that much, but I think not as much as I love Lee Hong-ki’s whom I won’t invite because I am still debating with myself if I am willing to admit that I have an ICOMYM.

5. Alexander Skarsgard – he’s an interesting guy, very interesting. 😉

6. Jack Sparrow – one of my most favorite almost lunatic characters. It’s going to be a fun night with rum I say.

7. Ha Ji-won – my goddess!

8. Jan Michael Villas – my dear brother. Why is he invited? Well mainly because I want to buy him a drink and actually drink with him and more. I feel like we’ve been forced to mature and step up, we didn’t really have that much play time; I want that dinner to be a moment to talk too, a way for me to know what happened all those years that I was gone.

9. Anne Gelene Gregorio

10. Mary Anne Redil

The last two I’m inviting mainly because I miss them, our time together in one specific place. It’s been forever since that time and I dearly miss them. At least to them, I’m not so difficult to understand, at least to them, I can leave my guard down.

Now that is going to be one interesting dinner party. Who would you invite if it was you who’s hosting it?