Weekend Song Obsession: Titanium

And it’s my weekend again and like a usual weekend, I sort of devote today to house chores, rest and if possible, catch up with some of the dramas. Well I covered the chores and some of the rest but I can’t bring myself to watch some dramas because I am obsessing with this:

I’ve been playing this over and over in different version thanks to Soundcloud, I was even singing to it as I take my hour long bath. Sorry, that’s an overshare but either way, it does stress how forgone my obsession is and I have a feeling it’s gonna continue on until later. Oh well, let’s have a break from dramas then plus there’s no episode 14 of My Love From Another Star this week anyways.

Here’s another proof that I am currently obsessing with this song, surprisingly I had the guts to upload me singing it at soundcloud, you’re welcome to listen at your own risk. I won’t take responsibility for your bellyache if you laugh so hard because of it.

Anyways, Annyeong, I’m just passing by and while I’m at it, I would like to say Happy Lunar New Year everyone!

[That Tune on a Monday] Don’t Cry

Since I am currently into I Need Romance 3, it’s quite natural that I lean to its OST too, and surprisingly, I like it so far.  Don’t Cry, one of the songs off the OST is a very heartfelt song and when it was played during that scene at the crossroad, I feel it’s appropriate, at least to my opinion. So why do I find it appealing? Is it because of the title or the lyrics that I of course read the English translation or the melody? Well, first it’s the title, then the melody, lastly the lyrics.

If it’s not yet obvious, I would like to state that I was stubborn when I was younger, by that I mean from my teenage years until my early 20s and honestly, I think that’s normal at that age. You learn as you grow old, not unless you’re too proud to think that you’re not making any mistake of course, but if you are honest with yourself and you contemplate about what you’ve done, then it’s different, everything is a completely new picture. During those time, I get scolded by my mother three times or maybe more a day and you know how when people are angry they say words that they don’t really mean, (at least now I see it that way, it was a whole lot different during that time) you know those hurtful words that stings more than a slap does. The words that get me by during that time are “don’t cry.” I repeat it about 20 times a day because I don’t want to show how hurt I am. I did the same the first time I left the country, as I make my way to the check in area I repeat in my head: don’t cry, don’t let your mother see you cry. Don’t cry; don’t let your brother feel how sad you are. I try so hard to be cool. Now, I still resent crying but not for the same reason as before but because I end up having a migraine attack the next day if I cry. So, basically, no tear shedding as much as possible, that’s the word, as much as possible.

Next the melody, the tugging to the heart melody with sultry bittersweet vocals; it gives off the right feelings all thanks to it being played using a piano. Apart from the violin, the piano I think gives off that melancholic mood that can be felt especially if it’s a very slow tempo. The base helps too; it gives that slow rocky sort of alternative makeover to the plain tingling tune of the piano. When I closed my eyes while listening to the song, the picture I see in my head is one worth writing a poem about and breaking down while reading it, which I think I am going to post by Wednesday.

Lastly the lyrics, the translation I took from popgasa.com:

Don’t Cry

Lee Hyeri

There’s still so many things to remember
so I can’t escape even now
you keep digging deeper into me

Today is the same as yesterday
nothing will change tomorrow
so I cowardly shut the door

Don’t cry, in this darkness
don’t cry, protect yourself
don’t cry, don’t cry

Don’t cry, until always
don’t cry, feel me
don’t cry, I won’t let go

Love is in the memories
it’s in the floating smoke
it’s in the pouring fatigue

Sadness is in my heart
it’s in the fallen flower petals
it’s in the wheels of time

Don’t cry, in this darkness
don’t cry, protect yourself
don’t cry, don’t cry

Don’t cry, until always
don’t cry, feel me
don’t cry, I won’t let go

Living on
Living on

Don’t cry, in this darkness
don’t cry, protect yourself
don’t cry, don’t cry

Don’t cry, until always
don’t cry, feel me
don’t cry, I won’t let go

Don’t cry
don’t cry
don’t cry, don’t cry

The flower petals silently fly away
Time wordlessly ticks on
at some point, it all turns back around.

Right, so don’t cry. Love can affect a person two ways, it’s either love breaks you or make you. And as I see it, in the case of this song, love broke the person and that person refuse to step out of that walls that person built as a protection. There’s that recoil, which I get and I understand. Most people tend to stop eating for a bit if their tongue gets burned, I believe it is the same concept.

That’s the song I am listening to, melancholic, melodic and somehow nostalgic.

[That Tune on a Monday] Dolphin

I’m currently watching I Hear Your Voice and is enjoying it immensely; why didn’t I watched it before? As always, I have a song stuck in my head since watching the drama because Korean Dramas mostly or always have awesome, rocking soundtrack. That’s a must as I have observed, it’s not an add on; it’s part of the package.

The song is very catchy and simple that I didn’t just find myself singing to it, am also swaying with it. Now, since I am sold with the melody and all, because I am me who needs to know the gist of what I am listening to, I searched the web for an English translation. I found one and I’m not completely sold with it and I didn’t want to go all Google Translate so let it be. I do somewhat get some of the lyrics based on the Romanization:

You, oh you! neoreul chajeul su itge

[You, oh you! I want to find you (?)]

You, oh you! neoreul jikigo sipeo

[You, oh you! I want to protect you (?)]

The italic lines in pink font is my somehow translation. I should really take studying seriously.

Either way, the song is groovy so I don’t care and it’s not like I can shake it out of my head at this point. It’s come, come, coming a coming around to me.

[That Tune on a Monday] The Climb

I am somewhat a bit not myself lately for reasons that I don’t want to delve on. No, I don’t want to delve on it but I have a feeling it’s just that time of the year; that time when you get to thinking while downing a bottle of beer: “what the hell am I doing with my life?” which seriously, I do not have an answer. True I am trying my hardest to earn a living but I do not have a savings account and there is plenty of other stuff running in my head but I don’t want to breakdown and I am not interested in a pity party. During these times, my only friend is my music player, works like magic too. As I set it on shuffle like I always do when I’m in a slump, The Climb by Miley Cyrus played and I had to stop for a bit. Ah, yes, this song, why didn’t I think of listening to this song right away anyways, I must really be not in my right mind.

The Climb is one of my “pick me up” songs and no it’s not because I am a Hannah Montana or a Miley Cyrus fan; it is something that has to do with the lyrics and melody, which is very positive and true. Let’s take the Chorus for example:

There’s always gonna be another mountain
I’m always gonna wanna make it move
Always gonna be an uphill battle
Sometimes I’m gonna have to lose

Ain’t about how fast I get there
Ain’t about what’s waiting on the other side
It’s the climb.

The way I look at these lines is life would always throw something challenging at you, either good or bad but either way you’ll have to face it to grow into a better you and that growth is all that matters. Isn’t that inspiring? It is to me. And until I feel better, until I feel like myself again, I’m gonna keep this on repeat.

[That Tune on a Monday] Mad

I was going through the ringtones that I’ve collected over time the other day, thinking of deleting some in my attempt to free spaces in my iPhone (I’ve already removed most of the games and some of the songs but I’m still not contented) and I came across this song and had to pause. Ah of course, that song by Ne-Yo, if feels so long time ago and it is but the charm is still there.

It’s funny how some songs can make you smile and sad at the same time, what do they call that again, bittersweet; ah yes, bittersweet, a strange combination of the bitter and the sweet. And now I’m reminiscing what I’ve kept behind me all this time.

True, we buried the hatchet and decided to go on our separate ways although sometimes the messages are still there, it’s not like I’d jump on that same ship again. I had enough. Although I’ll remember you everytime I hear this song, I’ll dwell on the sweet not the bitter after all that was one of the good times of my life, and we did comply with the lyrics of this song. I don’t think I can remember a time that I went to bed mad at you, Y; well not until that day you walked out that door that is.

[That Tune on a Monday] I Wish It Was You

I have this song on repeat since yesterday and am not bothered even a bit. That’s a lie. My reaction when this song was played in Flower Boy Next Door is ah, this is a parting song, a heartbreak song; how do I know? Well, I may not understand Korean that well but I watched plenty of Korean dramas to basically get a context and a song starting with lyrics like (this is what I thought the lyrics says, before reading the actual English translation) if it was you it would have been nice is definitely not a love song with a happy content plus the fact that it is ballad-y (-ish) it’s definitely a heartbreak song. I feel the pain, I know of someone who has experienced that kind of situation; let’s just say I’m going to keep that someone nameless.

I guess it really happens, that situation where you wish for someone so badly to be that right person for you but it turns out that it can’t be and no matter how painful it is on you, you’ll be that noble idiot to let go because you wish for that person’s happiness. Yup, it happens in real life, not just in dramas, I know some noble idiots in person.

Just so what I am talking about is clear (and for my reference) here’s the English translation of the song (credits to pop!gasa):

I wish it was you

Lee Jung

I wish it was you, the person who will laugh with me
I wish it was you, the person who will walk with me
I wish it was you — on our way back home in the late evening,
The one person who will passionately hug me

* I’m afraid it will all disappear if I tell you
So I’ve hidden these words without anyone knowing

** I really wish it was you, do you know how I feel?
Because my love is like breathing, I can’t hide it
I can’t let go of you, who is turning away right now
It hurts but for you, I need to say goodbye now

* Repeat

** Repeat

There is just so much to say
But I can’t say it and I miss you so I call your name again

I wish it was me, the person who is next to you right now
I can’t let go of you, who is turning away right now
It hurts but for you, I need to…
For you, I need to say goodbye now.

Now, what I’m talking about is cleared. Is the pain evident? It is to me and since I am in need of some inspiration (I can’t write properly if I’m not sad, it’s weird I know but that’s me) I’m keeping this song on repeat until I see that sparks.

As I Strive to Develop, Grow and Remember

As the year ends and as I continue to get comfortable in my own home in the internet, I decided to be sort of systematic. Well it is sort of more because I think I do better or I function well enough if I have a goal or something. Look at how I nailed the 30 day blog challenge in nearly 30 days, that’s something. It would also be an encouragement for me to never give up and take on new things and don’t be overwhelmed just because it’s something I haven’t done before. I would also get to change, improve and polish my writing skills and thought process.

What am I babbling about? Well I came up with things or topics that I would write about on a daily basis, an upgrade of the 30 day blog challenge, a weekly challenge or a guideline of sort, a theme per day, you get the gist. Here’s what I came up with:

~ Monday – I’ll write about a certain song that I listened to or listening to or I listened to and now on repeat in my music player (also known as my iPhone.) That makes Mondays music day or That Tune on a Monday.

~ Tuesday – Since I watch and read way too much, I have way too much quotes that I like and sometimes forget. Thus writing about it doesn’t only make me completely analyze the quote, it makes me remember it easily too, because I can check it out anytime. Thus Tuesdays are about quotes or As I Quote Tuesday.

~ Wednesday – I’ll be posting poems that I wrote or the stories behind a dish that I cooked, whichever comes first and makes Wednesday either Poetry Wednesday or Wednesday’s Kitchen Stories.

~ Thursday – I’ll write about Korean Dramas/Movies that I watched; it’s either some musing, recaps (hoping to be brave enough to take that on,) reviews or some hopefully not so serious fangirling. It’s a day filled with drama, so calling it Dramatic Thursday is more than fitting.

~ Friday – is a rest day, it’s the weekend after all.

~ Saturday – English is not my native language, and as much as possible, I try to learn a new English word everyday (thanks to my Dictionary app it’s a whole lot easier now.) That said every Saturday; I am going to post about my word of the day or That Word This Saturday.

~ Sunday – this day I’ll be posting anything and everything, the choice is endless making Sundays Purely Random Sunday.

It’s very ambitious right? I thought so too but then it’s encouraging, it’s making sure that I write or continue to write. My pronunciation is already in danger; I can’t risk my grammar too.

In closing, with this I hope to develop at least my writing skills, grow with experience as I write one word after the other and remember the feeling, reaction and thought behind each word.

That’s Why

I was in one of those moods, you know, in your own bubble, pretending to shoot your own music video like the ones you watch on youtube with all the dramas and stuff. I think I did provide the drama, just picture me: at the balcony, sitting alone overlooking the golf course, music player in hand on shuffle (AKA my iPhone,) headset secured in ears and a lollipop (that’s necessary, am trying to quit from something,) it’s dramatic right?

This song played and I can’t help but think did I ever do that break up thing or what? Was I in one? I think my style of break up is more on just falling apart and losing contact and that’s it, the end. Was there a closure? Nope, and come to think about it that must be one of the reason why it hurts more and the mystery of not knowing the reason of falling apart?

I’ll never get to understand why, at least I stopped trying and I did say I’m glad to be on my own right now, I just got curious because of the song which I went a few inches to actually look for an English translation (credits to pop!gasa) and it’s as follow:

The Real Reason We Broke Up


The real reason we broke up
I wonder if you know
Although right now,
You probably don’t care at all

The more I understood you, the farther away you got
You didn’t even get angry like before
The more we tried, the more boring you and I got

It was just the heart fluttering that I wanted
It was just the beginning that you looked at me
There is no real reason why we broke up
You just didn’t love me
There’s no other reason

Oh you just never loved me
Oh now everything is clear

The real reason I loved you
You probably don’t know
Yes, if you did know
You wouldn’t have left me so easily

You dreamed of a new love
I dreamed of an eternal love
The things we looked at were so different, you and I

Each of us wrote of a different love
Each of our ends remain in a different way
There’s no reason for me to forget you completely
If I’m to be left alone here anyway
I’ll stay a bit longer

I had a bad dream
That I fell for you, who came back to me once again
That I accepted you, who just came back however you wanted

The lyrics are so true, well at least for me. It was just the beginning that’s sweet; keeping it that way didn’t really happen. Well I guess somehow I got my answer. And that is why this is my LSS today.

Withdrawal Therapy

I’ve been playing this song nonstop, well actually almost the whole The Heirs OST since Friday like it’s some kind of therapy. I think I’m sick, I think its withdrawal syndrome. Today, it finally hit me that it’s finished, what I watched last Friday (I’ve seen the raw on Thursday, Friday was with subtitles) is the final episode of The Heirs, there won’t be anything more. The End, Finish, Finito. WHY?! I’m so not ready, hence, the withdrawal. If I had an idea I would be feeling this way, I wouldn’t have incorporated watching the said Korean Drama to my weekly routine, well too late.

The Heirs is the first Korean Drama that I kept track of. I usually watch completed series because I hate being left hanging. You know that feeling when you’re having this really engaging conversation with a friend and just when he/she notices that you’re completely hooked with what you guys are talking about he/she would stop then refuses to go on? And you feel like strangling her/him because you’re dying to know what happens next. What I am trying to avoid is similar to that, I refuse to experience that; you can’t do that to me, you can’t do the build up and not deliver! I set that aside when I kept track of The Heirs, I endured week after week. And once they stopped showing the preview for the next episode I frequented those blog sites that keep track of the show (Joonni, A Dramatic Life, Koala’s Playground) to check if they have posted and translated it. I even read live recap (I will forever thank Joonni for that) and ultimately, watched the live airing (raw and without English subtitles.) I was completely hooked, and as I said, it is my drama crack of the year.

It’s no secret that I watched it because of Lee Min-ho; I’m not denying it. My close friend says that I am biased towards him, well; Lee Min-ho is my ultimate bias, ever!  Although I have to admit that towards the end, I had this unexplainable fondness for the character played by Kim Woo-bin and I was happy about his closure and the way his character matured. It’s quite surprising because I really hated his character at first, confused the day light out of me, like a person with a multiple personality disorder, okay, it was entertaining in a creepy way, but still if you’re not into creepy like me, Choi Young-do would give you a whiplash.

Maybe I should write a review about the show for me to completely accept that it’s completed, but I’m not ready yet. For now I’ll just have the OST on repeat, and try to picture the scenes where it was played. Here’s some more of my favorites:

On a creepy note, since watching The Heirs, everytime I see or notice a couple look or gaze at each other I can’t help but sing “Love is the mooomeeent…” in my head, no kidding. I need therapy, badly.