Robocop, A Feast For the Eyes

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I went to the movies today, a treat of my newest roommate who is working at VOX Cinema, the cinema right next our apartment building; yes, I live right next to the mall, isn’t that awesome. We ended up watching Robocop out of all the movies at my roommate’s suggestion and as agreed. Because I am pretty much me, I had to take photos, here are the few that I took outside of the cinema:



Of course there’s the mandatory popcorn, I went all Enrique Geum and opted for the sweet kind, CARAMEL!

Right, so what about the movie, how did I feel about it? Here’s a review, my impression and general opinion about Robocop. Again let me just say that this is my impression and opinion, a product of my scattered mind:

What’s it about?

Robocop is one of those movies that has been remade since I can remember, from the big screen to TV series, name it and it has been done. As for this version of Robocop, it’s about Alex Murphy, a detective of the Detroit area who in an attempt to bust an illegal gun buying thingy gained an enemy that is influential and has police officer backing, by that I mean his own colleagues and even their chief, isn’t that common or have we not seen that in most of the movies of this genre?

To cover up their illegal doings, they devised a way for Officer Murphy to meet his demise, which could have been successful, had it not for some big shot corporation, a multinational conglomerate that runs under the name OmniCorp.

OmniCorp supplies the US soldiers, the robot kind that are being used on overseas operations. They have long wanted to market their product in the US itself but a law prevents such to materialize. The argument is that robots are unfeeling and that is a problem. With this the geniuses behind the corporation thought to create a robot who is part human, or putting a human inside a robot and they found the perfect candidate through Alex Murphy whom after his attempted murder was rendered almost bodiless.

The attempt was great until Alex Murphy went about solving his own “murder”. Everything was overturned and politics and other aspect got involved assuring a chaotic conclusion that almost cost Detective Murphy to be “shutdown” forever.

Initial Reaction

I find Robocop entertaining. Progress through technology has always fascinated me to no ends. I always believed that in the nearest future, cars are going to fly and more. So the concept of robots as soldiers are sort of “cool” to me, I just hope that they can judge accurately. They didn’t really show it on screen, or maybe because it was censored or something (I am in the UAE, censorship are tight here, like TIGHT) but I could just imagine the poor boy carrying a knife as a weapon who got slaughtered by a hundred bullets I think, they wasted plenty of ammo in this movie it’s ridiculous, I mean one shot is enough right but hey, what do I know?

General Picture

In general, I found the storyline a bit too simple for my own liking, at least for my own liking, most of my roommates liked it and I liked the visual effects, it was well done and put together just that the story fell a bit short. It lacks that certain something, some depth, yes, that is, the depth. Can you imagine a very quick acceptance after such a difficult ordeal, I couldn’t. He broke down for a bit fine but I still think it’s not enough. He has somehow a little control over himself but still, I want more of the emotion, more bypassing of the system and the life he is supposed to live from then on. It would have been also nice if they had shown a bit more of his family’s situation, I mean his wife and son because that could have shown a deeper story line, but I guess action doesn’t really open a room for drama, not even for a little bit.

That aside, it is a feast to the eyes especially the part where they had this simulation and Murphy went head to head with all those robots, that was wicked, awesome and beautifully done. I also liked that scene when he sort of reenacted his “accident” and what he did next, that is a great way of serving revenge, in a sweet bullet shower. Retaliation at its finest.

Another thing that I liked is a few “dashes” of comic relief courtesy of Jay Baruchel, the marketing guy. Man that dude is really funny but I have to admit I was a bit taken aback by his facial hair. I like his boy next door look better. I hope he got rid of that beard after this movie.

Snap Shot’s That I Barely Sneaked Taking:

Yes, I know, you’re not supposed to take any pictures inside the movies or take out your camera phone because they’ll mistake you as one of those thousands of people recording the movie to put out on the internet or sell it, I am well aware of that but I am stubborn, thank you. I sneaked these lame photos before I was asked not to, and I stopped because I don’t want to cause my roommate any trouble.



And here’s my roommate and yes that’s the name of Jay, harhar.



If you are into watching a movie that uses lots and lots of ammos with robots driving crazily or awesomely, this movie is for you. But say you are like me who looks more on the content other than the visual, I won’t be recommending this to you but still, this is but my opinion, maybe you’ll find it otherwise.

I give this movie 6 out of 10, and I think, well if I feel like it, this won’t be my last movie watching at the cinema.

[K-Movie Review] A Werewolf Boy (2012)

A Werewolf Boy is a movie recommended by a person I didn’t expect to. He’s someone I work with and he is well aware of my addiction fondness to anything Korean (by that I mean he knows very well about the when, how and why) and one day as we were talking about some codes and email setup he mentioned about this movie, that I Googled of course (because seriously, I can’t believe he would watch Korean Movies) and surprise, I know the guy; well not personally, I’ve watched Sungkyunwan Scandal and his character is my favorite. I’m talking about Song Joong-ki by the way; who’s currently missing from K-Dramaland because of mandatory military service.

What the babble’s about?

An elderly woman’s recollection of her youth, particularly that time she spent at her old home at the countryside to recover from her lung problems; that time when she discovered, tamed and developed a special friendship with a savage boy who can neither read, speak and write.

Initial Reaction

What the hell have I gotten myself into, hehehe; at least during the first few minutes into the film I asked myself that. No, scratch that, my initial reaction is “why do I have this feeling that there’s something scary underlining this ‘fantasy romance’ film?” Weird? I’m not into horror movies, I don’t bother watching those films if I’m on my own, not at all, unless I’m going to watch it with someone that is. And the opening scene itself is uncannily like the opening scenes that Filipino Horror Films has: darkness. When the old lady was shown in the screen, I thought she was a chick witch or something especially with the facial cream and hey, the title is A Werewolf Boy so that could happen right, look at Trueblood and Twilight. I almost didn’t watch it and I wouldn’t have if I am not aware that Song Joong-ki is in it. Thankfully I stayed tuned.

What lingered? (Spoiler Alert)

The Neighbors – well maybe because it gives off that nostalgic feeling to me, you know neighbor’s helping out with things and then staying for lunch or dinner, makes me miss home big time.

Kim Suni (Park Bo-young) warming up with Chul-soo (Song Joong-ki) and the other way around – this transition is beautiful not just because I expected the story to take this turn but because it helped Suni’s character growth a lot, from being a bitter, timid young girl to finally letting her hair down, or something like that. Of course one can understand the resentment on staying in the countryside especially if you’re used to the city. Take my brother for one, he has this love and hate thing about being in our province (my parents’ house is two to three hours away from the city) going on which is why I have a general idea how she feels, not to mention it is for her account that they have to stay there since she’s sick and her doctor recommended fresh air, the poor thing is drowning in self pity.

With the appearance of Chul-soo (a name given by her kind mom, it is the name that Suni’s father wants to give his son), savage, smelly, starved Chul-soo, which of course was a nuisance to Suni in the beginning to the point that she did tell her mom to just send him away and that she’s not gonna eat with him around, (not that anybody can eat with him around anyways) Suni found a kindred soul. Chul-soo on the other hand learned how to love, a love and loyalty similar to that of a dog to his master, and I don’t think there’s any puppy out there as cute and handsome as he is.

Suni’s mom – she is the type of mom that is full of compassion and love, enough to adopt and take care of a feral boy. The scene where she gave Chul-soo a bath is sweet. I don’t think anybody would do what she did for Chul-soo, there’s not enough humanity in this world anymore, sad but true.

The kids – children are pure, always. They see way beyond what the adults see, their fear is something much different. In the eyes of children, if you treat them kindly, they are going to threat you as warm as they can.

I Brushed Off

Ji-tae – that arrogant, loser ass. It’s a character so easy to hate and Yoo Yeon-seok gave good justice to it. Although you have to admit that he being the bad guy is pretty obvious from the start; you know slick hair, rudeness to elders (or everybody) and then he did that hand grabbing (the kind with dark ulterior motive) thingy to ask for a proper goodbye. Yep, he’s definitely the villain but to give him some credit, he has difficulty to express what he really wants to express not that it justifies anything though. There’s a thin line between violence and self defense.

That Significant Song

I love acoustic music thus it’s not surprising that I liked this song, it’s sweet and fuzzy.

Those Captured Moments

First bath in ages.. ^^ObservationShe has decided to train him.Initial test, I just love the reaction of everyone, it’s priceless specially when she said something like “why are you guys not eating?” ahahahaha.I shall train thee.I adore the whole training part and his awareness that he gets “petted” every time he does a good job.


He said “don’t go”, but she wanted to do the noble thing by saving him.


All in all I enjoyed this movie, I shed a couple of tears, okay a lot and I used plenty of facial tissue, I was a wreck. The whole separation thing broke me, especially when he said his first real words and of all the words in the world it has to be “don’t go” and the way Suni reacted after hearing that. She’s so broken, wanting to stay yet wanting to go to protect him the way he’s always protected her.

Also, I’m amazed though it’s not quite unexpected that he waited for her all those 47 years just as she asked her to and he accomplished what she asked of him to read that book to her.

How beautiful and pure is a patient love, how rare and almost nonexistent?  The film gave a different, heartfelt, profound and sweet interpretation of the Golden Rule, cause and effect, with kindness you gain kindness, with love, you’ll gain love.


9.25 Out of 10