[That Tune on a Monday] I Wish It Was You

I have this song on repeat since yesterday and am not bothered even a bit. That’s a lie. My reaction when this song was played in Flower Boy Next Door is ah, this is a parting song, a heartbreak song; how do I know? Well, I may not understand Korean that well but I watched plenty of Korean dramas to basically get a context and a song starting with lyrics like (this is what I thought the lyrics says, before reading the actual English translation) if it was you it would have been nice is definitely not a love song with a happy content plus the fact that it is ballad-y (-ish) it’s definitely a heartbreak song. I feel the pain, I know of someone who has experienced that kind of situation; let’s just say I’m going to keep that someone nameless.

I guess it really happens, that situation where you wish for someone so badly to be that right person for you but it turns out that it can’t be and no matter how painful it is on you, you’ll be that noble idiot to let go because you wish for that person’s happiness. Yup, it happens in real life, not just in dramas, I know some noble idiots in person.

Just so what I am talking about is clear (and for my reference) here’s the English translation of the song (credits to pop!gasa):

I wish it was you

Lee Jung

I wish it was you, the person who will laugh with me
I wish it was you, the person who will walk with me
I wish it was you — on our way back home in the late evening,
The one person who will passionately hug me

* I’m afraid it will all disappear if I tell you
So I’ve hidden these words without anyone knowing

** I really wish it was you, do you know how I feel?
Because my love is like breathing, I can’t hide it
I can’t let go of you, who is turning away right now
It hurts but for you, I need to say goodbye now

* Repeat

** Repeat

There is just so much to say
But I can’t say it and I miss you so I call your name again

I wish it was me, the person who is next to you right now
I can’t let go of you, who is turning away right now
It hurts but for you, I need to…
For you, I need to say goodbye now.

Now, what I’m talking about is cleared. Is the pain evident? It is to me and since I am in need of some inspiration (I can’t write properly if I’m not sad, it’s weird I know but that’s me) I’m keeping this song on repeat until I see that sparks.