A Tale of a Boring Roasted Chicken

Once there was a boring roasted chicken neglected in the fridge for a day. It was freezing even with its coat and yes, the not so plump woman could tell.

In an attempt to save it and for her picky roommate to consider eating it (the roommate is not a fan of leftovers,) the not so plum woman decided to make a new dish out of the poor cold boring roasted chicken.


That poor cold boring roasted chicken

The not so plump woman thought these would go well with it:


because sautéed is best.

Also at the suggestion of the roommate, she used this:


because the roasted chicken kind of dried out in the fridge, it needs some sauce.

And because the not so plump woman is sooo into Korean food, she decided to add the most used Korean dish ingredient as far as she’s concerned:


Her consumption of this baby skyrocketed for the past few months.

After 20 to 30 minutes or so, the poor cold boring roasted chicken is not so cold or boring anymore but a saucy, yummy chicken.


The chicken is accompanied by rice of course.

And so the boring roasted chicken had its makeover and was eaten to their hearts content. The End.

What I Got Myself Into

(Or my obnoxious way of saying how I celebrated this Christmas)

The moment I realized it’s already December, I decided not to make the same fuzz that I did last Christmas; I’m going to celebrate it as quiet as I can and as peaceful as possible. Well, it was half and half.

This year, I tagged along with my roommates to their common friend’s place to celebrate Christmas. Actually, I didn’t want to come, I know I wouldn’t know most of the people and I get bored out of my mind whenever I attend parties plus I don’t have anything green to wear (yep, themed party, you’ll never allure me.) But since they are insistent; they don’t want me to celebrate on my own (that was touching) and they won’t have anybody to take their pictures, I gave in and tagged along. Thankfully, it was not regretful.

Initially, I was bored to death; it lasted for a good two hours into the night. I wouldn’t have felt that way if I had internet connection but sadly, my mobile service was temporarily disconnected for some reason I do not understand (it worked fine the next day, magically.) So I had to endure the first two hours being somewhat entertained by the running little boy who has a huge appetite.

Once the entire guest arrived, the feast started and I have to say they had a scrumptious spread that the picture didn’t give justice to:


they went all out with meat.


that little guy kept running away with food.

After the scrumptious meal was the usual parlor games mostly copied from Philippine variety shows save for the pass the cherry using plastic spoons. And yes I grudgingly joined each and every single game repeatedly thinking “let’s get this over and done with” until I actually felt that I am sort of enjoying it somehow.

One of the guest whom I forgot to ask the name of course started talking to us (by that I mean my roommates and I.) She’s a kind not so young lady, addicted to Asian dramas and is currently watching some of the Korean dramas that I am watching. We started talking about our favorite dramas, actors and actresses and it was fun. Who would have thought I’d meet someone that I can connect with at the party. She was hesitant to join the games as I was and she mentioned she’d rather sing and that there’s a videoke only she doesn’t know how to make it work. Hearing this I perked up and asked for the remotes. I wanted to practice what I got trained for when I worked as a call center agent for Dish Network. A few minutes later and a few input changes, I figured the player was not connected to the TV and asked for the house owner’s help regarding it. After the proper jack was connected, we started singing our lungs out and I started to really be in the mood; I’m a sucker for videoke machines.


mood enhancer

Naturally I served another purpose, as my roommates’ personal photographer. I have to say I should really buy myself a camera sooner, I can develop this hobby. Here are a few shots I took:

with kobe

The girls are all smile while the kiddo is all grumpy, hmmm.


my roommate with her boss/close friend


I love ze lipstick

Finally, exchange gift. We were asked to bring a gift worth AED 25.00 (approximately $7) has to be unisex. Since I don’t have the time to buy the gift myself, I asked my roommate to buy it for me and since she’s a darling she wrapped it for me too thus, I didn’t have any idea what I gave the person who picked out my gift number. These are the gifts I received:


I dunno whose gift is it but they are appropriate and I love them.

We bid them farewell once the exchange gift was done, we reached home around 2AM and I slept for about 6 hours. My boss gave me an off day that I spent mostly by watching dramas. I called my parents, and at this point I got a bit sad since they’re together, my parents, my three brothers and I am not there again although I must admit I lighted up when my dad said “your brother (2nd eldest of our family) made barbecue, like you do every year when you were here.” I know what he meant by that and it’s truly touching. I love my brother.

That’s what I got myself into this year. Surprisingly, it was better than I thought it would be, less pretentious and significant. Truly it is more meaningful if you don’t expect too much; there won’t be any disappointment only gratitude.



That Craving

Ever since I became hooked with Korean Dramas, I wanted so much to try Korean Ramyun (specifically Shin Ramyun) the problem is it’s difficult to get my hands on it because of my location. I searched online and found a store located here but they only do online transaction. It would have been fine but the registration is too complex and leaves me scratching my head with hair pulling and honestly is it worth the trouble? In the end I decided fine, I’ll just have to be patient. I plan to take my vacation next year, that means going home to my country and that means it’s easier to look for Korean food (I love how diverse the stores and restaurants in the Philippines are.) For now though, whenever I get that craving, I make do with this:


at least they have this..

And because I love colors in my food more than in my clothes I include these:


clockwise: zucchini, capsicum, carrots, chicken sausages.


this is an important ingredient, spring onion..

They say this is good for your body, I say it tastes awesome:



It looks something like this after a few minutes:


Shin Ramyun substitute

Served hot:


that’s a bowmug- a bowl and a mug fusion.

Craving satisfied somewhat and it fits the cold weather. Too bad I forgot to buy some soju; well there’s always a next time.

A Not So Typical Start of a Typical Off Day

Most of my off days are spent in bed; with me being comfortably wrapped in my not so thick blanket, cuddling my pink pig stuff toy while watching Korean Dramas from my laptop, that’s typical. Another typical thing for a month now is that I would wake up really early so as to watch the Korean Drama that I’m keeping track of. This off day was different.

I woke up really late, at least late as per my standard of late that is and I was hungry, maybe because I didn’t had dinner the night before. So I drag my lazy, half asleep self in the kitchen to search for something to eat and found this:


Saved by the left over.

This made me happy, and in my head I have decided that I am just going to fry an egg or two and then some ketchup and I’m good to go, instant satisfaction for the stomach, at least that’s what I was thinking before I opened the fridge.

Inside the fridge I found some peppers: green, orange and yellow. Colors! That very minute my hunger was set aside, I took the peppers out and they ended up like this:


Joined by their buddies, onion and spring onion!

I also spied on a container containing this and said what the heck, you should go too:


Homemade kimchee.

At this point you might have deduced that my menu has changed from a simple fried eggs and rice to fried rice with eggs, and that the rice is all about veggies; not really. I originally wanted to add beef but since one of my roommates doesn’t eat beef, I ended up using what I have on hand:


Ready to fry chicken burger patties.

15 to 20 minutes later and voila:


The product of my fickle mindedness.

The fried eggs didn’t really happen because my roommate prepared this:


That’s with eggs anyways.

It’s an interesting concoction too but I’ll tell you all about it next time, it’s an entirely different story. After the meal things were back to normal, by that I mean the typical routine on an off day and I’m all good with that too though I have to admit I enjoyed the not so typical start and maybe I’ll have a repeat next week.

[Day 27] Palate Satisfaction and Beyond (List your favorite food.)

“Food glorious food… we’re anxious to try it! Three banquets a day, our favorite diet!” Yup, after watching Ice Age: The Meltdown I always sing this in my head every time I think of food. I love food! I wish I don’t because it’s not good for me, I’m a little on the heavy side and my metabolism is as fast as a snail trying to cross the high way, the snail is pretty brave right although completely irrelevant; ah brave snail and I think you get the point how my metabolism is.

The challenge today is to list my favorite food oh the food. Just thinking about it makes my mouth waters. I’m hopeless. Anyways, let’s get this over and done with so I can rush to the kitchen and have a feast afterwards. I’m going with five (5) of my favorite food also warning: I won’t give it justice if I describe how it taste so I’m just gonna show how it looks like. Credits to the sites I took the images from. Here’s the list of my favorite food in no particular order:


Now that’s gorgeous!

~ Korean Fried Chicken – or Yangnyeomtongdak as the Koreans calls it. Me, I call it the chicken that made me forget my name with one bite.


In sickness and in health, I’ll savor you…

~ Congee – I love eating this whenever I am sick or pretending to be sick.


Roasted to perfection!

~Lechon Manok (Pinoy Roast Chicken) – it’s one of the popular street food in the Philippines. I used to eat this a lot when I was in college mostly because I am lazy to cook for myself. It’s all about the sauce. Yum!


Crunchy, flavorful!

~Daing na Bangus (Milkfish Marinated in Vinegar & Garlic) – I love to eat this for breakfast, with garlic fried rice and egg and tomato and coffee and I am getting hungrier and hungrier…


More rice please!

~Pork Adobo – the name may be Spanish but it is 100% Filipino and a dish that almost every Filipino I know loves. The main ingredients are Soy Sauce, Vinegar and Garlic.

And that my dear is 5 of my favorite food. I’m off to the kitchen now to binge, I don’t know about you but I’m hungry, really hungry.

It’s All About the Night

With all honesty, I declare that I love the night time more than morning. Not just because I love to sleep, that’s not it and not because of these:

k collage

These take up most of my nights, but you have an idea of course.

I love the night time because I get to see these:


That magnificent vivid colors, breath taking!


Display of twinkling lights, lovely colors!


We were bored, we went for a drive!


Nope, there’s no pirates here!

water light

The lights look dazzling through the water..

And do these:


This is a pick me up.


Nothing spells relax better than some good food and alcohol.

And of course it’s always welcoming to know that after a crappy day at work, there’s plenty of things to look forward to. So yes, I love the night time, the night life. I don’t just get to boogie or something like that, I get to enjoy, live and breathe.