Spot On: 오늘따라(Days Like Today) by 2AM

Real life has become more real than ever that it scares the bejesus out of me. I’m having the busiest, craziest and most toxic week ever – workwise that is and it’s sucking most of my energy and time making it nearly or somehow impossible to do anything else. Well, even if that’s the case, that’s not gonna stop me whatsoever to write a post about my favorite balladeers ever! Nothing can stop me, not happening, not by a long shot!

I’m talking about 2AM of course, and of course only a few people knows about how much I adore this group next to 2PM and FT Island. Anyways, since the announcement that they are making an autumn comeback, I’ve been patiently waiting for updates and six days ago when Jo Kwon posted the teasers thru his IG account (yes, I do have a little as in very little stalking tendencies) I’ve been telling myself that I am definitely going to love this song, no doubt whatsoever – I am right.

The Official MV was dropped October 27, 12:00AM KST (October 26, 7:00PM GST) and I’ve completely fallen in love with it. It’s just so beautiful I’m actually having a hard time to put into words how in awe I am with this MV:

It’s on repeat since last night and I confessed to falling asleep while listening to it because I’m really, really tired but that’s after I’ve listened for about 10 times, imagine how many times more I’ll listen to it if I wasn’t tired and sleepy? I really, really love it so much that I am going to list why:

  1. Awesome MV concept. The concept of the MV is fitting for the song so fitting that it literally just came together, song and MV as one. I’m pointing this out because I’ve seen plenty of MV and some if not most, doesn’t really connect with each other at all. I mean the MV and the song are two different stories but that’s not the case with this MV and I love that. Also the faraway look always gets to me, a proof that you’re lost somewhere on your own.
  2. The subtle tones. I love the colors used in the MV, very subtle and complimenting. Makes it really enjoyable to watch and gets you to immersed with the feels that the song and the MV brings.
  3. Nostalgia, reminiscing, out of the blue happenings. The lyrics of this song hits home at least for me because I always have that day, that sudden out of the blue occurrence, that day when I feel incredibly sentimental for no particular reason. Check the translated lyrics out:

There’s just days like that

Days when I remember so much

It’s not like the weather’s bad

It’s not like I drank

I didn’t listen to a particular song

I didn’t meet anyone

But the spring wind that blows

Through the open windows

Brings you to me

It keeps making me think of you

*Where are you, what are you doing?

Do you think of me sometimes?

Days like this will continue till the day I close my eyes

Days like today, I think of you so much

A lonely wind blows through my heart

Days like today, I miss you so much

Your bright smile flickers before my eyes

Love grew deeper and deeper

I tried to hold it in

But it wasn’t easy

It just grew deeper instead

There weren’t any more ways

We knew it was wrong

So we went our own separate ways

That’s how we let each other go

Repeat *

I don’t think I will forget you

Days like today, I think of you so much

A lonely wind blows through my heart

Days like today, I miss you so much

Your bright smile flickers before my eyes

  1. Pleasing to the ears. I actually haven’t listened to any 2AM song that didn’t please my ears; wait, that’s biased I think but whatever. Seriously though, this is easily a very pleasing song to the ears that even my roommate who doesn’t subscribe to any KPOP group whatsoever likes it. That’s saying something. And their voices, yup am having an eargasm right now.

There’s actually so much more but I am now lost in my own memory lane that I can’t form anything coherent anymore. Ah, one of those days, days like today. I guess this calls for coffee, I have an awesome music to go with it already. I guess I am now ready to enter the confines of my own time and space. Great job 2AM. Oh and is it October 30 yet?

English Lyrics Credit | popgasa |