A YY Couple Fan Fiction: We Are Dating, Chapter 16


Chapter 16: “We Are Dating”

Seyoung was woken up by the sunrays flittering through the curtains. She turned to Wooyoung’s side of the bed only to find that he is not there – she is all alone in his bed. Where could he be she thought as she gathered the sheets to cover her body when she spied a note on the bedside table. She took the note and it reads:

Uri Gongjunim:

I’m out to buy us some breakfast; sorry I didn’t wake you up. You’re sleeping so peacefully I don’t have the heart to do so and honestly if I wasn’t worried you might be hungry when you wake up I would’ve just watched you sleep. You don’t have any idea how happy it makes me feel, you sleeping in my bed. I’ll be back soon. I love you and thank you for loving me back, for trusting me. I promise to love you forever and if that’s not possible, I promise to love you this lifetime and next.

Yours always,


She smiled after reading the note and grabbed the pillow that Wooyoung used. She saw the articles of clothing scattered around and blushed and buried her face on the pillow as the flashback of what happened last night comes back to tease her. She tried to shake it off to no avail especially since his scent lingered on the pillow that she’s hugging…

Wooyoung laid her gently on the bed, like she’s some fragile glass that would break by the slightest touch and in truth she feels like she is gonna break and burn any moment. It’s quite difficult to explain because she never felt that way before but she is embracing it – she’s surrendering to the feeling.

Wooyoung gazed at Seyoung, his eyes filled with adoration, love, passion and wonder. He’s dazed and lost at the sight of her in his bed like it’s a mirage or something. But she’s really there, looking at him, his emotions mirrored in her eyes and he can never be surer. He moved to turn off the lights except the dim one then slowly remove his shirt and made his way to the bed.

Even with the light dimmed, Seyoung could see that Wooyoung is shirtless. She could make out his graceful shoulder, his lean muscular arms and his sturdy chest and her heart began to beat harder. When he joined her in bed she fixed her gaze away from him.

“Look at me,” he said softly as he slid his fingers under her chin slowly turning her face to him.

As she met his gaze, he was captivated and mesmerized. Wooyoung’s eyes shows the same emotions that she’s currently feeling and more. His eyes reflects concern, as if asking if she’s alright, giving her a chance to change her mind but it’s too late, she is ready for what is to come. Thus when he slowly moved his lips to hers, she automatically closed her eyes and accepted the kiss wholeheartedly.

Before long, as all their articles of clothing where shed, everything was forgotten – inhibition, time and place. All there was is the two of them, dancing to the tune as old as time, slowly becoming one – body, heart and soul.

Her stomach grumbled, bringing her back to the present. I hope he’s back already she thought as she opened his closet. She took one of his shirt and a boxer and put it on before going out of the room.

“Good morning, gongjunim! The shirt suits you,” Wooyung said. “I was about to bring your breakfast. Hungry?”

“Starving. What have you bought?” she asked, ignoring his comment about the shirt.

“Pancakes, waffles and coffee; oh and there’s sausages too,” Wooyoung said. “Where do you want to eat?”

“Here is good,” she said as she sat on the sofa. “I’m really hungry.”

Arasso,” Wooyoung agreed and placed the tray on the center table. He then sat beside her and said, “What do you want to eat? I am going to feed you.”

Wae? I can feed myself just fine,” she said, suddenly feeling shy.

“I know but I want to feed you myself, please.”

Arasso, whatever pleases you, Wooyoung-ah.”

Gomawo. Now what do you want to eat?”

“Pancakes and sausages,” she replied.

Just as he said, Wooyoung fed Seyoung entirely, not even letting her touch the food.

“I want to feed you too,” she said after she had enough food.

“I’m okay, I’m still full,” he said.

“Just a bite,” she insisted.

He conceded after shaking his head, “There, I had a bite, am off the hook now, right? Honestly I already ate before coming back. It’s past eleven in the morning.”

“Past eleven? I slept that long? You should have woken me up.”

“Well as I said on my note, gongjunim I didn’t have the heart to. It’s okay; we can sleep all day if that’s what you want to do anyways.”

“You don’t have any schedule today?” she asked.

“Nope, I have a few days off and I plan to spend time with you. What do you want to do? Is there any place you want to go to?” he said pointing to tray as if asking if she done.

She nodded and said, “Hmmmm, I can’t think of any right now? How about you, do you wish to go somewhere?”

He took the tray to the kitchen and came back and sat closely next to her, “How about Busan? Will you go to Busan with me? Uri Omma is dying to see you again.”

“Busan sounds great, I’ll come with you; I miss Omonim too. I need to tell uri Omma of your plan first though.”

“I’ll ask permission personally later when I drop you. I need to apologize for what happened last time too.”

“Alright,” she said smiling. “When is this later that you are talking about?”

“In a few hours? I just wanna be with you like this,” he said as he put his arms around her, pulling Seyoung closer to him. He snuggled closer and said, “I guess this is what you call heaven on Earth.”

“You think so?” she asked, trying to look anywhere but his face.

“I know so,” he said, pulling her even closer to him.

They stayed wrapped in each other’s arms for a long moment, contented, happy, at peace. He occasionally gives her a peck all over her face, making her smile and shake her head. Wooyoung could really be overly cute and funny at times, it’s hard to believe how serious he really is as a person. But his acting all cute now is no doubt because of her and her alone.

“I have a wish, Seyoung-ah,” he said out of the blue.

Mwo? Wish? What wish are you suddenly talking about?”

““Kugeu itchana, I suddenly remembered when you played the piano for my birthday; I really, really loved it,” he said, looking at her with pleading eyes. “Can you play the piano for me once more?”

Wae gabjagi piano Wooyoung-ah? I can’t, I didn’t practice,” she said honestly.

“Please, han bonman, tak han bonman,” he said, killer aegyo on the loose.

Arasso, arasso. Ah chincha,” she said as she makes her way to the piano. “I really should learn how not to be affected by your aegyo. Don’t laugh if I make mistakes okay?”

Assa, Seyoung-ie’s gonna play the piano for me!” he said clapping. “Why should I laugh, you’re good.”

“I’ll pretend I didn’t hear that. Here’s goes nothing,” she said as she started to play.

Why do birds suddenly appear?

Every time you are near?

Just like me, they long to be

Close to you…

Why do stars fall off from the sky?

Every time you walk by?

Just like me, they long to be,

Close to you…

Wooyoung can’t take his eyes off Seyoung, amazed at how giving she is to him. He loves her choice of song, what it implies and it’s making him giddier by the moment. In all honesty, he just wants to remain close to her as much as she will permit him, as much as she would let him.

On the day that you were born

The angels got together

They decided to create a dream come true

So they sprinkled moon dust in your hair

And put a starlight in your eyes so blue

That is why all the girls in town

Follow you, all around

Just like me, they long to be

Close to you…

“Wow, uri Seyoung-ie is really amazing! You really can do anything and I am so lucky,” he said, clapping his hand earnestly.

“You’re just saying that,” she said as she makes her way back to the sofa. She can feel her cheeks burning and she could swear that her face is as red as it could ever get.

“No I am not, I mean it. I’m really lucky to have you and I’ll never get tired of letting you know,” he said, opening his arms for her.

“Alright, I believe you, don’t wear it out,” she said as she leans on him. “I’m sleepy Wooyoung-ah.”

“Sleep then, we have all the time today. Sleep tight, my Seyoung-ie,” he said pulling her to a comfortable position.

Seyoung closed her eyes and in no time, fell asleep in the arms of the man she loves.

She woke up an hour later and they decided to head to her house after freshening up. As they waited for the signal to turn green and while she was brushing his hair off of his eyes, his phone rang. It was Park Jinyoung.

“Jinyoung hyung, annyeonghaseyo. Have you been well?” Wooyoung greeted once he answered the phone.

“Oh Wooyoung-ah, I am okay. Where are you?” Jinyoung asked.

“I’m on my way to drop Seyoung to her house. I might stay there for a bit. Is something up? Do we have a sudden schedule?” he asked his voice suddenly gloomy.

“No, it’s nothing like that; it’s good that you are with Seyoung. I need you two to go to the office, take the back entrance; I have people waiting for you and stay covered okay?”

Wae, hyung? Moosun il itsseotsseoyo?

“I’ll tell you when you get here. Make sure you’re not being followed,” he said before hanging up.

“Is there a problem?” Seyoung asked, concerned.

“Jinyoung hyung didn’t say anything. He just said to go to the office with you,” he replied, puzzled. “What could be the problem?”

“We’ll know when we get there. But I do hope it’s nothing serious,” she said.

“I hope so too,” he answered. “Don’t think too much, everything’s gonna be fine.”

In no time at all they reached Wooyoung’s office. As instructed, they took the back entrance and sure enough, there were staffs waiting for them. They were escorted to Jinyoung’s office and they waited for him to come.

Woyoung-ah, Seyoung-sshi, you’re here, that’s good. I wanted to show you something,” he said as he enters his office. He went straight to his table and took an envelope. “These have been circulating the net since morning. Dispatch took it.”

Wooyoung took the envelope from Jinyoung and took out its content. It was pictures of him and Seyoung, holding hands as they were making their way to his car.

“Even if you can’t clearly see Seyoung-sshi’s face thanks to your snapback Wooyoung-ah, it’s still clear that it’s her. The same goes to you Wooyoung-ah, the mask didn’t help at all,” Jinyoung said. “You kids have to be more careful.”

“But hyung, we are dating,” Wooyoung reasoned.

“I know, everyone in the company knows and Seyoung-sshi’s family and closest friends know that you guys are dating. For now let’s keep it at that.”

Hyung…” Wooyoung said.

“It’s for your own good – you and Seyoung-sshi. She’s already in a tight spot as it is, we don’t want things to get nasty and we both know that it’s going to be once the public knows what is the real deal between you two.”

“But hyung, I want to be responsible about everything.”

“I understand where you’re coming from Wooyoung-ah, believe me I do. I’m not saying that you can’t go public with your relationship; I’m saying not now. After everything has been cleared and once you two are both sure of yourselves and your relationship; once you think that you can handle your relationship going public and take everything that the public throws at you, by then I will be the first to let them know. But for now, we have stopped the news from getting out of proportions,” Jinyoung explained.

Both of them were silent. Wooyoung was trying his best not to lose his temper and Seyoung is deep in her thoughts, contemplating what to say.

“I’ll let you two talk; I’ll be back in twenty minutes,” Jinyoung declared before going out the door.

“Seyoung-ah, are you okay? Mianhae, I shouldn’t have brought you here,” he said looking intently at her.

Ani, gwenchana. Actually, I agree with what your president said. Let’s keep our relationship to ourselves and to those people close to us,” she said, speaking her mind.


“Wooyoung-ah, it’s okay, I’m okay with it. It’s reasonable. Kurigo, everything about us is already out there, the public had their share of seeing us as virtual husband and wife but for now, I don’t want to share our relationship with them yet. I want to be greedy about it; I want it to be just for us, just the two of us at least for now,” she reasoned.

He was speechless; he didn’t expect her to be so accepting. He thought she would feel bad about what Jinyoung said but she isn’t. She is completely level headed and that’s when he remembered – this woman is not someone who would just accept things without looking at it thoroughly.

She looked into his eyes, the only way she can think of for him to be assured that she is really fine and said, “Maybe later on, much later, I’m going to share my happiness with the public but for now, I want to be selfish about my happiness. I am happy Wooyoung-ah, I am very happy that I am yours and you are mine. That’s all that matters.”

He can’t help but smile at her declaration. He is so happy and proud to have this woman as his girlfriend that it’s making him teary eyed. He hugged her tightly and said, “Kure, I will go with what you want especially if that will make you happy. That is all that I want – to make you happy. And no, I won’t be sharing you with anyone at all, you are mine and I love you. And if loving you is not enough, I will give everything to figure out what’s missing and give it all to you.”

They heard a knock which made them let go of each other. The door opened and Jinyoung entered.

“What have you two decided?” he asked.

“We will follow your decision, Sir,” Seyoung said. “We will be careful not to be photographed from now on.”

“That’s a good decision, thank you for being reasonable Seyoung-ah and please, call me Oppa, you are after all part of my family,” he said.

“Thank you, Oppa,” she said awkwardly. “Thank you for looking after us.”

“It’s a pleasure; I hope you rub some reason to this baby here. See how he’s reacting to that, aigoo! Yah, act properly, your girlfriend is here.”

Hyung, don’t say things like that, what if she leaves me for someone manly,” Wooyoung said, pouting.

“You’re right Oppa, Wooyoung-ie is really a big baby most of the time. Do you happen to know anyone who’s manly so I can dump this baby,” she said, teasing Wooyoung.

Yah, you said you love me and you are mine, what are you talking about?”

Yah, joyonghehae!” she said, trying to cover his mouth.

Aigoo, you two; get out of here! You’re gonna invite ants to my office,” he said dismissing them. “Don’t forget what I said, be careful.”

Ne, hyung; kamsahamnida. We’re going,” Wooyoung said.

Oppa, kamsahamnida, we’ll see you soon,” Seyoung added.

Kure, take care you two.”

They walked out of the door hand in hand and made their way to where the car was parked. He opened the door for her then get into the driver’s seat.

“Shall we take you home?” he asked as he turns on the engine.

“Yes, wangjanim,” she said smiling.

He pinched her cheeks then drove away. Once they reached the main road, they noticed a car following them.

“Do you see that car? I think we are being followed,” Seyoung said.

“I think so too. I guess we will have to take a longer route going to your house,” he said then glanced at her. “I don’t mind. I get to be with you longer so it’s all good with me.”

Na do, I’m okay with it,” she said, placing her hand on his.

Someday, I will shout to the world that she is the woman I love, that she is my missing piece. For now I’ll go with what makes her happy because she is my happiness, he thought.

Someday, I will share with the world how happy I am that he is mine, but for now I’ll keep this happiness to myself, I’ll hold it as close as I can just like how close I want to keep this man beside me, she thought.

“What are you thinking of?” he asked as he noticed her smiling.

“You. What are you thinking of?” she asked.

“You,” he replied.

They smiled at each other and said at the same time, “I love you.”

After some time, they lost the car tailing them and they took the road to her house. They know it is going to be a lot difficult now especially since they were photographed together but it’s all good for now. Nothing else matters anyways, what matters is they’re together, that they love each other. What matters is they are dating.

– The End –



Haeundae, Busan

It’s five in the morning and it’s cold but Wooyoung and Seyoung are leisurely walking at the shore. They are going to visit Wooyoung’s family but decided to stop by the beach since they both love the sea.

“Do you remember the last time we were here? It was raining that time and I can still remember your annoyance because of that,” Wooyoung said, brushing her hair off her eyes.

“It was cold back then; well it is colder now. The only difference is it’s not raining,” she said.

“And I can put my arm around you like this without you protesting,” he teased as he put his arm around her.

“There is that. But I am still really cold.”

He stood behind her then gave her a hug, “How about now?”

“Much better, but how can we walk?”

“Let’s stay like this for a while.”

Kure, this is good.”

“Can I ask you something?” said Wooyoung after a while.

“What is it?”

“Did it ever cross your mind while we were filming WGM that we could be together in real life like this?”

“Honestly, I wished we would. I saw the other side of you and I really liked it, I love it actually that before I knew it, it was too late. I’ve mixed up what’s real and reel and it lead me to this, to you,” she answered honestly. “How about you, did you ever think of making me your girlfriend for real while we were filming WGM?”

“I was actually thinking of making you my wife for real,” he said making her turn to look at him. “Seriously, I wanted you to be mine for real so bad that sometimes I just wish we could just disappear somewhere together without the crew so I can be completely honest with you that I have really and seriously fallen for you.”

Aigoo, such a charming boy, uri Wooyoung-ie,” she smiled happily and pinched both his cheeks before breaking away from his hug.

Yah, that hurts!” he shouted.

“Have a taste of your own medicine,” she said sticking her tongue out then running away.

“You’re dead once I catch you! Come here,” he said as he runs after her.

They we’re laughing as they run on the shore playing catch me if you can. Once Wooyoung caught Seyoung, he tickled her mercilessly before giving her a soft kiss on her lips.

“Let’s go home, before someone sees us here,” he said, putting his arm around her.

They walked happily to where he parked his car. Unknown to them, someone was watching from the shadows, hatred, contempt and envy shown in his eyes.

Yutgattoonnom, now it’s not just a career but you also have the woman that I really like; I swear I’m gonna take everything away from you. Too bad Minji couldn’t do any damage, but I could, I can. I’ll never forgive you for stealing everything from me, the man from the shadows thought as he watched them get into his car and drive away.


I would like to take this part to thank everyone who took their time to read my first ever fan fiction, your encouragements meant a lot to me. Thank you for sticking with me to the end.

To the acquaintances that I made while writing this fan fiction, I hope we could be good friends as time goes by.

To Mommy Beth for putting up with all my blabbering regarding what I am writing and for actually taking time to read it, you do not have any idea how touched I am.

To my brother dyeyar, for being supportive even if he didn’t actually read what I wrote, thanks bro, you’re so busted once I take my vacation. Just kidding.

And lastly, I wanna thank my dear friend Nelly, for giving me the best gift that I can ever think of – time. Thanks for taking the time to proofread for me. Honestly this past two weeks I’m really feeling completely guilty whenever I disturb you to proofread, especially since I know that you are under the weather. Thank you very much from the bottom of my slightly sadistic heart and I love you flower.

Index of Songs Used (Background Music and Included in the Fan Fiction)

  • Thank You, Thank You by Ra.D
  • Love Song by 2PM
  • Pull and Pull by 2PM
  • Found Violin Single by Ahn Junsung
  • Thinking Out Loud, Violin Cover by Ahn Junsung
  • Lost Stars, Violin Cover by Ahn Junsung
  • Lost Stars, Song Cover by Eric Nam and Park Jimin (15&)
  • The Road to Me, Song Cover by Yoon ShiYoon
  • Madly by FT Island
  • Best Mistake by Ariana Grande feat. Big Sean
  • Be With You by Jang Wooyoung
  • Falling Down by Jang Wooyoung
  • Could Not Even Start by Jang Wooyoung
  • Turning Page by Sleeping At Last
  • Terrified by Katharine McPhee – lyrics used, Chapter 3
  • All of Me by John Legend – lyrics used, Chapter 4
  • My Only Girl by Jang Wooyoung – translated lyrics used, Chapter 7
  • Little Star by Standing Egg – lyrics used, Chapter 9
  • Without You by David Guetta feat. Usher – lyrics used, Chapter 13
  • Anytime by Jay Sean – lyrics used, Chapter 14
  • Thinking Out Loud by Ed Sheeran – lyrics used, Chapter 15
  • Close to You, Song Cover by Corrine May – lyrics used Chapter 16


Carpe Diem. Caritas Christi Urget Nos.

A YY Couple Fan Fiction: We Are Dating, Chapter 15


Chapter 15: “I Will Never Let You Go”

He hugged her like he’ll never let go, like his life depended on that hug and she let him because she wants to reveal in the hug – she wants to give him comfort and at the same time be comforted herself that everything is okay. They stayed that way until Seyoung noticed some of the staffs looking at them.

“Wooyoung-ah, I think you should let go now,” she said.

Shiro, I want to hug you like this longer,” he said in that cute voice she couldn’t say no to.

“But the staffs are looking, we’re not here for a shoot. What if they take a picture?”

“Ah, right, I forgot where we are. It’s just that I’m afraid this is not real and having you in my arms makes me feel that you’re really here with me,” he said after letting her go. “Shall we order?”

“Actually can we go someplace else? I’m a bit worried we might get spotted here,” she said, her uneasiness showing as she sips some water.

Arasso, let’s go someplace else but before that, let’s get some chocolates to go,” he said, not taking his eyes off of her. “Do you have any place in mind?”

“No I don’t, how about you?”

“Me? I can’t think of any other place than my place.”

“Your place is dangerous, everyone can just get in without ringing the bell whatsoever,” she said pointedly.

“I changed the lock code already, like you don’t know,” he replied cheekily.

She didn’t respond, she was remembering what he said on the clip – you’re the key to all of me. It’s incredibly cheesy and heartwarming at the same time and just remembering it makes her smile.

“Seyoung-ah, why aren’t you answering?” he asked, calling her attention.

“Nothing, I just remembered something,” she said. “Okay, since you are so sure, let’s go to your house.”

“Alright, stay here. I’ll order something,” he said then walked towards the counter. Before he reached though, he came back and put his snapback on her. “Just in case someone takes a picture, let’s cover your small face.”

He winked then made his way to the counter to order. Moments later he is back with a box of chocolate and drinks.

“Let’s go,” he said as he reached out for her hand.

She accepted it and they walked out of the shop hand in hand. Once they’re in the car Seyoung remembered something.

“We need food; do you have food at your place?”

“No, I don’t, I don’t have an appetite lately.”

“That’s why you lost too much weight. Look at you, where’s your cheeks?”

“Sorry, I was really not in the mood to eat this past two weeks because I don’t feel anything but emptiness,” he explained. “Promise I’ll eat.”

“You better. Let’s get something along the way; what do you feel like eating?”

“Chicken and Pizza,” he said, smiling.

“Again? Aren’t you tired of that food yet?”

“Never! Let’s have that please,” he said, pouting.

Arasso, as long as you’re going to eat then let it be,” she agreed.

They found a drive thru restaurant to buy their food. Once they got their food, they continued on their way and before long they reach his place.

“If you may please,” Wooyoung said, gesturing Seyoung to open the door.

She looked at him like he has grown a horn or something but once he pouted she gave in. She typed her birthdate and the door opened.

“What are you doing, it’s open. Get in already,” she said when he didn’t move to get in.

“I did say you’re the key to all of me, right?” he said, looking at her intently.

“Oh, in that video clip you sent me. Why are you bringing it up now?” she said trying to avoid his gaze.

Geunyang, I just want to tell you in person – you’re the key to all of me Seyoung-ah.”

“Alright, alright, I believe you; get in already! What if someone sees us?” she said.

“So what, I don’t care?”

Aigoo, as if. Fine, I’ll go in first since you’re being incredibly childish about this,” she said then entered his apartment.

“You should have entered after opening the door in the first place,” he said as he follows her inside.

“You could have entered first.”

“I can’t, I’m afraid you’ll change your mind.”

“Ah, that’s why,” she said, finally looking at him. “You’re so cute, do you know that?”

“Really, you think so?”

“Oh, but you’re too thin. Let’s eat!” she said, taking the food from his hand. She’s about to go to the kitchen when he spoke.

“Let’s just eat here, no need to set the table, I’m really hungry.”

She conceded, especially since she mentioned he’s hungry. Who knows when he had his last real meal she thought as she placed the food on the center table. In no time, they were busy feeding each other, like nothing happened and because it’s the most natural thing to do.

“How about some dessert, we have some chocolates,” Wooyoung said once they finished eating.

“Let’s clear the table first.”

Wooyoung does what he’s told and cleared the table. He came back a few minutes with a plate.

“For the chocolates,” he said once he saw Seyoung’s questioning look. “Let’s listen to something shall we?”

As Seyoung puts the chocolates on the plate, he chose a CD from counter and put it on the player. He chose a track then press play then sat on the sofa next to Seyoung.

He took a chocolate bar and put it in between his teeth gesturing for Seyoung to bite the other half.

Wae? What are you playing at?” she said, feigning innocence. “Just eat all of it.”

“Please, just once.”

“You said we’re listening to the song?”

“And have desserts. Please, just this once,” he said, his eyes pleading.

Arasso, you are really such a baby,” she said as she leans to bite the other end of the chocolate from his mouth.

He leaned forward the moment she bit on the chocolate and their lips met for a brief kiss. “I’m so happy you’re here, you don’t have any idea how miserable I was after you left.”


“Honestly, I wasn’t sure you were going to forgive me until Jinwoon called and told me about your conversation. But before that, I wasn’t sure I can make you listen to my explanation at all,” he said in all sincerity.

“Actually, I was ready to talk to you for a few days now; I was just waiting for you to come over and explain yourself. While I was at the shop, I’ve decided that if you called, I am going to answer it and meet you,” she replied truthfully.

Chincha, you were gonna take my call?” he asked in disbelief.

“Yes, I’ve decided to give you the benefit of a doubt because I care for you that much. Because even if you’re so dimwitted; you are the man that I love.”

“Thank you Seyoung-ah,” Wooyoung said as he leaned towards Seyoung. He noticed that the chocolate in her hand has melted; he immediately put it in his own mouth and licked her fingers one after the other. “This is one of the reasons why you can never be a noona to me, how can you let the chocolate melt like that? See, you also have some on your lips,” he said before he licked the chocolate off her lips.

Seyoung was speechless; the moment Wooyoung licked the chocolate off her fingers her heartbeat raced, and there’s this unexplainable sensation that flowed all over her body from the fingers that he licked to all her nerve endings. She was dazed and all she could do is look at him.

“I. Will. Never. Let. You. Go,” he said, punctuating every word with kisses all over – her eyelids, forehead, cheeks and nose.

He was about to kiss her on the lips when he became aware of the song that was playing.

“Shall we dance?” he asked her.

“Dance? Are you serious? Have you forgotten I can’t dance?”

“It’s just waltz, come on, there’s nothing to it,” he said as he pulled her to stand up.

When your legs don’t work like they used to before

And I can’t sweep you off of your feet

Will your mouth still remember the taste of my love?

Will your eyes still smile from your cheeks?

He placed her hands on his shoulders and his on Seyoung’s waist and they swayed to the music. Wooyoung then placed his forehead on hers, looking directly into her eyes. He kissed her cheeks softly then pulled back. Seyoung can feel his breath tickling her cheeks and it’s making her somehow lightheaded.

And, darling, I will be loving you ’til we’re 70

And, baby, my heart could still fall as hard at 23

And I’m thinking ’bout how people fall in love in mysterious ways

Maybe just the touch of a hand

Well, me—I fall in love with you every single day

And I just wanna tell you I am

They leaned on each other, eyes closed, lost in the moment, lost in the song. Wooyoung’s lips touched Seyoung’s lightly at first then gradually it became deeper.

So honey now

Take me into your loving arms

Kiss me under the light of a thousand stars

Place your head on my beating heart

I’m thinking out loud

That maybe we found love right where we are

He wrapped his arm around Seyoung’s back, pulling her closer as he kisses her deeply, trying to get across how he feels – the need, the longing and the relief.

When my hair’s all but gone and my memory fades

And the crowds don’t remember my name

When my hands don’t play the strings the same way

I know you will still love me the same

‘Cause honey your soul could never grow old, it’s evergreen

And, baby, your smile’s forever in my mind and memory

I’m thinking ’bout how people fall in love in mysterious ways

Maybe it’s all part of a plan

Well, I’ll just keep on making the same mistakes

Hoping that you’ll understand

The deeper the kiss gets, the more Seyoung felt that she’s melting. She has never kissed anyone this way before and it feels like she is lost and never wants to be found. She hooked her hands on his neck as they passionately kiss.

But, baby, now

Take me into your loving arms

Kiss me under the light of a thousand stars

Place your head on my beating heart

Thinking out loud

That maybe we found love right where we are

They stopped for air because they both feel like their lungs are about to burst. They pulled away, enough to look into each other eyes.

“Do you have any idea what you’re doing to me?” he asked.

“What am I doing to you?”

“You’re driving me crazy,” he said as he embraced her. “I love you with all of me – heart, soul and body,” he whispered then nibbled on her earlobes.

Seyoung literally forgot how to think. All she could do is feel the warmth through his hands, lips and his breath. Her legs feels like jelly and she has a feeling that if this continues, it may give in.

So, baby, now

Take me into your loving arms

Kiss me under the light of a thousand stars

Oh, darling, place your head on my beating heart

I’m thinking out loud

That maybe we found love right where we are

Oh, baby, we found love right where we are

And we found love right where we are

Soon, his lips found its way back to hers, his hand caressing her cheeks, neck and shoulder. As the last note of the song played, Wooyoung gazed at Seyoung’s face. His eyes pleading – expressing love, desire and need. She understood what he is asking for and she was torn, looking into his eyes though is not helping. His eyes always melt her resolves, his kind eyes that never looked away even if she always pries into them. Let it be she thought as she gave a small nod.

The moment he saw her nod, he smiled loving at her. “I love you,” he whispered before swooping down for a kiss. As his lips touched hers and as the kiss deepens, he carried her carefully to his room.

A YY Couple Fan Fiction: We Are Dating, Chapter 14


Chapter 14: “All Roads Leads to You”

I guess he is finally giving up Seyoung thought as she gets out of her bed. Well it’s been two weeks, if it was me I would have given up already. Yeah right, like you would. She was having this conversation in her head when what she’s anticipating came.

“Ka-talk, ka-talk.” There it is a bit late than usual, she thought as the messages came, one after the other. She finished fixing her bed before she lazily checked the messages. She knows that it’s from Wooyoung, he never fails to send her tons of messages daily – morning, afternoon and evening since that day and she’s used to it by now. She was surprised and a bit disappointed to see that it was from Jinwoon. The message reads:

“Noona, annyeong! I have been meaning to send you something but I was really busy lately and I keep forgetting about it. I hope this makes your day.”

The second message was a video clip and she finds it a bit odd. She opened it and felt the familiar flutter. It was a clip of Wooyoung with his groupmates. They’re in the practice room and Wooyoung grabbed a familiar box container from Chansung and Taecyeon, declaring that they cannot have any of its content, that it is all his.

“Arasso, eat everything until you burst! It’s not even that good and you won’t share; if you have a stomach ache from eating, I won’t feel  a tiny bit sorry for you,” said Taecyeon, offended by Wooyoung’s behavior.

“It’s not like that hyung…” he hesitated at first then continued. “Seyoung personally made this for me.”

“I thought so,” said Minjun as he snatched the box container from Wooyoung.

What happened next made her smile, the box container was passed around, Wooyoung in the middle trying to catch it, his facial expression showing like he’s about to cry. She can hear Jinwoon laughing while taking the video. If I was there I would have told them not to bother him she thought, but she knows deep inside her heart that’s not going to happen. She doesn’t have the guts to do so.

She typed a reply to Jinwoon:

“Is it that bad?”

Her phone rang after a few minutes, it was Jinwoon.

“Oh, Jinwoonie, annyeong!” she said after taking the call.

Annyeong, noona! I didn’t get your reply, what do you mean by is it that bad? Are you talking about Wooyoung hyung?” Jinwoon asked.

“I meant the biscotti, was it that bad?”

“Ah, I thought…” replied Jinwoon. “If you’ve seen the clip you need not ask. He was really mad that they got their hands on it.”

“Ah, is that so.”

“I really thought you were asking about hyung. Well, even if you’re not am gonna tell you anyways. It’s been really bad; he’s falling apart and all over the place.”

She assumed he would talk about him, she’s well aware of their closeness though she didn’t expect to know that his condition is not good. She was taken aback by what Jinwoon said that she cannot form a sensible response and thus, she remained silent.

Noona, you know I care for both of you and I know that I am not in a position to say these things but I’m gonna say it anyways. Nothing gets fixed if you just stay quiet; you need to talk things out in order for it to work. You need to communicate. Communications is beautiful; it lets you know the truth and sets you free,” Jinwoon said, sounding really wise for his age.

“I’ll keep that in mind Jinwoon-ah. Thanks for the clip, I’ll see you one of these days, let me know when you’re free,” she said.

Arassoyo noona, I’ll let you know,” he said.

Seyoung sat on her bed and sighed. In truth, she misses him; only she can’t bring herself to answer his calls or send a reply to his messages. The two weeks of not communicating with him cleared her mind and eased her heart somehow. In actuality, she is ready to talk to him but being a girl she doesn’t want to be the one to initiate and she doesn’t think a phone conversation is enough to clear things up. I know he’s busy with promotions and their tour but can’t he really find the time to come over here personally to explain, she thought as she leaves her room.

She was greeted by her mother holding a bouquet of what seems to be three dozens of roses in six different colors.

“These came for you. I think someone has finally realized that it takes effort to win his woman back,” he mother teased as she hands her the flowers.

Omma…” she said trying hard not to smile widely.

“Talk to him, hear him out. I believe he truly loves you because he was practically going out of his mind when he came here last time,” her mother said. “He would have missed his practice if I didn’t ask him to go.”

She didn’t say anything, she just smiled. She knows her mother understands her after all, mothers know best.

“Don’t you have any plans today?” her mother asked as they head to the kitchen. As she promised, she spends more time with her mother in the kitchen nowadays because she’s determined to learn how to cook.

“I’m going out with Eunhye later; she said she wanted to hang out.”

“Where are you going?”

“She didn’t tell me. She just said she’s gonna come and pick me up. She must really miss me Omma because she asked me to stay at her place tonight.”

“Well you haven’t seen her in a while because you’ve been really busy. It’s understandable.”

“Well there is that and I miss her too. It’s okay if I sleep over at her place, right?” Seyoung asked.

“Of course my daughter; I’m actually happy that you’re hanging out with your friend.”

“Thanks Omma. You’re really the best mother in the world!” she declared.

Aigoo, uri ttal, you are being very biased but I’ll accept that,” her mother said and added, “To me, you are also the best. Don’t let your sisters know though.”

Arassoyo, Omma. What can I do to help?” she asked looking at the ingredients set on the table.

“I’ll take care of this, put your flowers on a vase so it doesn’t wither too soon.”

“Okay Omma. I’ll take that vase in the living room then.”

As she makes her way to the living room she received a message. Did he finally decide to send me a message she thought. She was about to check it when another message came. And she was right, the message came from Wooyoung. The first message read:

“I hope you liked the flowers. Can’t decide on what color to send so I got all the colors available. I miss you so much it’s killing me. I love you, uri gongjunim.”

“Kure, I liked it but it would have been better if you came over and gave it to me personally. Kurigo, you have the time to go to a flower shop but you do not have time to visit me? You’re impossible!” she shook her head when she realized she was talking to her phone as if it’s going to respond or something. You are losing it Park Seyoung.

The second message was a video clip and she can’t help but to voice it out loud, “Is it just me or sending video clips are really an idol thing to do?” She opened the clip and saw Wooyoung who seems to have his phone on a selca stick trying to get an angle to show his apartment door.

“Is it clear? Wait, it’s crooked. Ah, forget it. I’ll just change this thing,” he said and proceeded to change the lock code to his apartment. The minute he successfully changed it, he looked to the camera and said, “You’re the key to all of me.”

She was touched and before long she was smiling from ear to ear until she remembered he hasn’t made a move to come see her since that day. Come over, just come over here already she thought taking the vase to keep her flowers.

“EUNHYE-SSHI THANK YOU VERY MUCH,” Wooyoung said. “Are you on your way to pick her up?”

“Yes, I’m on my way now. I’m not going to stay long, I have to go to the shooting location today,” said Eunhye on the other line.

“I understand and again, thank you. You don’t have any idea how much this means to me.”

“Alright, alright; enough with the thank you, you might start crying,” she teased. “Just promise me not to make her sad again because if that happens, I’ll be the first to hunt you down.”

Arassoyo, I promise.”

“Okay, I’m almost at her house. See you later.”

“Yes, see you later,” Wooyoung said before hanging up. I’m gonna see her again, at last. I hope she forgives me he thought as he takes his car key. They were given a few days off and he’s about to turn the plan that he came up with a few days ago into a reality. As he has expected, it was not easy. He literally had to beg Eunhye to believe and trust him and in the end, after all his effort, she did.

He was about to get into his car when his phone rings – it’s Jinwoon.

“Oh, Jinwoon-ah, what happened?” he asked.

“I talked to Seyoung noona this morning and you’re good to go hyung, I feel she will forgive you,” Jinwoon said, bypassing any greeting.

“I hope so too. I’m on the way to the shop; wish me luck Jinwoon-ah.”

“Good luck, hyung. Kurigo, later, think of buying that shop; it’s filled with yours and Seyoung noona’s memories,” he joked.

“You know what, I might. I’m hanging up now,” he said and cut the line. Seriously, I really might end up buying that shop one day he thought as he drove away.

“EUNHYE-AH, ARE YOU SURE THIS IS WHERE YOU WANT TO HANG OUT?” Seyoung asked once more as their car starts to slow down.

“Yes, you said it’s a nice place. I wanna try it out as well,” Eunhye replied. “Come on, I really want to eat something sweet.”

“There are plenty of places to go to, I know of one not too far from here,” she said, still hesitating to get out of the car. This place is filled with their memories and she’s missing him more just looking at the shop from the outside what more if they entered.

“But we’re already here. Come on, there’s no time to waste. I’ve got plenty of things planned out for us,” said Eunhye, pulling her out of the car. “I wanna try to make roses too.”

Arasso,” she said, caving to her friend’s enthusiasm.

As they made their way inside, the emptiness she’s been ignoring for the past two weeks gets more and more pronounced. Yes, I’m incomplete the whole time. I miss him and I still love him she thought as she takes the stairs one step at a time. If he calls today, I’m going to answer it and I am gonna meet him to hear his explanation she said to herself. She has made up her mind and she’s now willing to reach out.

She looked around once they’re upstairs. It’s still the same as she remembered it, the piano in the corner, the counter. The memories came rushing to her and she can’t help but smile bitterly. If I continue to feel this way I might end up crying she thought, trying to snap out of reminiscing.

“Seyoung-ah, where do you want to sit? Seyoung-ah, are you with me?” asked Eunhye.

“Huh? What did you say?”

“I said where do you want to sit?”

“Ah. Here, near the piano,” she replied.

Arassso. I’m gonna order for us okay, wait here,” Eunhye said leaving Seyoung to go to the counter.

She checked her phone while waiting for Eunhye to come back, disappointed that he hasn’t called. Ani, if you can send messages and flowers you can call too, right? Why are you not calling today? Well, why will he call, he probably thinks I won’t answer.

Unknown to her Wooyoung saw everything; he carefully concealed himself behind the counter. The moment he saw she was absorbed with her thoughts and her phone; he sneaked in and sat in front of the piano. He started to play and that’s when she noticed his presence. She marveled at his sudden appearance that she fixed her eyes on him, somehow anticipating what he is going to sing.

I can’t remember why we fell apart

From something that was so meant to be

Forever was a promise in our hearts

Now more and more I wonder where you are

Do I ever cross your mind anytime?

Do you ever wake up reachin out for me?

Do I ever cross your mind anytime?

I miss you

She cannot believe that he is here; she thinks it’s a mirage or something but the song makes her disbelief fade – it tells her that he is really there, playing the piano with his eyes closed, owning every single word of the lyrics that sums up all that he currently feels.

Still have your picture in a frame

Hear your footsteps down the hall

I swear I hear your voice drivin me insane

How i wish that you would call to say

Do I ever cross your mind anytime?

Do you ever wake up reachin out for me?

Do I ever cross your mind anytime?

I miss you

I miss you

I miss you

She finally has an idea of how much he misses him and looking at him breaks her heart because he looks really unkempt, he has lost so much weight since she last saw him.

No more loneliness and heartache

No more cryin myself to sleep

No more wonderin about tomorrow

Come back to me oh

Back to me

After he played the last note, he looked at her with pleading eyes mirroring all the longing and sadness that she’s feeling. He stood up and approached her, got down on one knee and spoke.

“Seyoung-ah, mianhae, chongmal mianhae. I love you; I am completely, hopelessly, madly, deeply in love with you to even think of the past or any other woman. I’m sorry I failed to let you feel that, please forgive me,” he said pouring all the emotions possible with every word.

“What about Minji?” she blurted out, composure be damned. “And how come you’re here? How do you know I am here?”

“I asked Euhye-sshi’s help, ani, I begged her to help me see you. And Minji is just a person from my past, she’s long gone, we’re over and done. I do not, cannot and will not care for her ever. There’s just you, all roads leads to you. I want you back; can I have you back in my life?”

“You asked Eunhye? But where is she? She said she wanted to hang out,” she said, trying not to sound overwhelmed by his declaration.

“She left; she has to go to her filming location,” he said while looking intently at her. “Did you hear what I said?”

She was about to say something when she receive a message. “Can I check this first?”

“Can I sit next to you?” he asked.

She nodded then read her message, as expected it was from Eunhye. It reads:

“Seyoung-ah, sorry I didn’t say goodbye, I don’t want to be late and I want you two to have more time together because it’s about time. I know you love Wooyoung, don’t be too difficult on him and you said you know how he is. I’ll see you again sooner.

PS. Don’t forget I got permission for you to stay out overnight. Kekeke.

She was blushing after reading her message. This woman is out of her mind really she thought putting her phone back in her purse. She felt that he has been looking at her all the while and that’s when she realized that he has seen her message.

“Didn’t you know that it’s not proper to read someone else’s message?”

Mian, I saw your cheeks turning red so I got curious.”

“Who said you can stare at me?” she asked in embarrassment.

“But I miss you, I haven’t seen you in forever and you haven’t answered my question yet so I’m committing your face to memory.”

That’s when she remembered that she hasn’t given her answer yet, nor asked her questions.

“What really happened? Why is it that she came back?”

“She didn’t tell me exactly, well how could she; I was shouting at her the whole time after you left,” he said, his voice cracking at the mention of her leaving. He sighed then continued, “I know you heard this from me before but I’m gonna say it again – I meant every single thing that I did when we were filming WGM, it’s not just a show, it is more than that. And I truly love you; please can’t you find it in you to forgive this dimwitted man?”

She wasn’t sure where to begin so she brushed his hair covering his eye. She looked into his eyes and nodded, a smile forming on her lips.

“You’re forgiving me?” he asked, relieved.

She nodded once more; she’s swept with too much emotion that it’s making it hard to form something coherent.

Once he saw her nod, he took her in his arm for a very tight embrace. “Thank you Seyoung-ah, thank you very much. I promise there won’t be such a situation again.”

“I’ll hold you to that,” she said as she embraced him back. There’s no point in prolonging anything, she love him too much to do so anyways.

A YY Couple Fan Fiction: We Are Dating, Chapter 13


Chapter 13: “It Wasn’t So”

“Seyoung-ah, Seyoung-ah, let me explain,” Wooyoung said following her out of the apartment.

Oppa, let her go. Don’t you feel relieved she’s leaving,” Minji said, getting in his way.

“Get out of my way,” Wooyoung shouted as she pushed her aside with his elbow and hurriedly followed Seyoung.

He was not quick enough, plus she has a few meters head start thanks to Minji’s interference. Before he could get really close to her, she already drove away, leaving him broken and worried yet determined to clear himself. He went back to his apartment to get his car key. He was expecting Minji to be gone by now but she’s not. She was waiting for him to come, sitting in one of the single sofa in his living room. He ignored her and took his car key from its holder. He was heading out when she spoke.

Oppa, are you really going to be like this? Are you really just gonna ignore me?” asked Minji in a pained voice.

“Oh, wae; are you under the impression that I would treat you special because you came back?” Wooyoung said harshly. “Chakak hajima.

“Aren’t you being too much considering that you’re the one who said ‘let’s break up’ two and a half years ago?” said Minji.

“Are you really going to insist that I asked for a break up back then?” Wooyoung said, annoyed and impatient. “I don’t have time for this but since you’re insisting, I’ll let you have it. What I asked from you is to understand that I won’t always be there – that I can’t, that I have my career in front of me and people that I can’t let down. I was asking for you to endure everything with me, I wanted your patience not the space that you created.”

Oppa…” said Minji, teary eyed.

Kurigo, now you’re saying that we broke up but in front of Seyoung you’re insisting that we didn’t,” he pointed out. “Do you think I don’t know what you’re playing at?”

“But we never did broke up, that didn’t happen,” Minji defended weakly. “I know it’s my fault Oppa, I should have listened to you and I should have given you the chance to explain yourself. Mianhae.”

“Don’t you think your apology’s too late? It’s been two and a half years; if you were really sorry, you could have reached out long before,” he said bitterly. “Why now, why when I’ve already moved on?”

Mianhae, Oppa. Chongmal mianhae. Can’t you find it in you to forgive me, jebal,” she cried. “You promised you’ll love me forever.”

Kure, I can forgive you in time but that’s it, no more,” he said. “All these years, you think I don’t have any idea what you’re up to, where you were, where you’ve gone when you left without saying goodbye? I know everything, our friends talk about you, and how you’ve been having such an awesome time while I’ve been miserable I even had to take some time off everything.”

“That’s not true Oppa, I was as miserable as you! I’ve been heartbroken since,” she feebly denied.

“Don’t think you can convince me with those tears or your words, it’s not going to happen,” he said firmly. “We’re over – done. I loved you and that it’s. The woman I love just walked out of my door because of you. No, it’s because of me too, because I am too slow, because I was angered by your appearance I couldn’t think straight.”

Minji was speechless; she cannot believe how much he has changed. He was an entirely different person that she can’t help thinking is he really the same guy who begged her to take his dreams into consideration – to endure for and with him. She realized that it was a mistake to have listened to the coaxing for her to get back together with him. She took a deep breath, collected her thoughts and said, “I know this sounds really lame keunde chongmal mollasseo; I didn’t know that what I did hurt you that badly. I didn’t have any idea of how much you suffered after I left. Mian, Oppa. I really thought I still have a place in your heart that’s why I came back, but it’s not so. I sincerely wish you happiness.”

He was surprised by her sudden change of tone – her change of mind, the acceptance and sincerity. For the first time since she stepped into his house he took a good look at her. That’s when it dawned on him that this is not entirely her doing, there’s someone else behind this but he’s really running out of time to pry some more.

“Minji-ah, I know there’s something more behind your appearance today. But I’m really running out of time. I have to go,” he said and hurriedly walk out of the door.

He rushed to where his car was parked and got in as fast as he could. As he makes his way out of the parking lot, he dialed her number. Please pick up, jebal Seyoung-ah, answer the phone, he thought as he waits for her to answer his call – it didn’t happen. He was about to dial again when his phone rings.

“Wooyoung-ah, it’s me,” said Minjun on the other line. “I know it’s supposed to be our rest day today and you’re occupied but we need you to come to the practice room. There are some changes with the routine.”

Hyung, can I come later. I just really need to take care of something important,” Wooyoung replied in a desperate tone.

Wae? Wae gure? Moosun il itsseotsseo?” Minjun asked worriedly.

“I’ll tell you about it later Hyung, jebal. I’ll come as soon as I can,” he said before hanging up.

He tried to call Seyoung again only to find out that she has turned her phone off. Where is she? Where in God’s name did she go? Seyoung-ah, mianhae. Jebal let me make it up to you, don’t run away. The more he thinks of what could happen, the more paranoid he becomes. He’s been through something like this before but he’s more at a lost and scared right now than he was before and it’s killing him. He drove around hoping to spot her car but to no avail, that’s when he decided to drive to her home. He was greeted by her puzzled mother.

“I thought you have a schedule or something when I saw Seyoung’s car parked outside. Is something wrong?” she asked concerned.

He do not know how to reply to her mother’s question nor face her properly, he can only fidget with his hands out of nervousness.

“I’ll go call her for you, chamkkanman,” said her mother, getting a hint of the situation and trying her best to be as levelheaded about it as possible.

He waited in agony; it feels like forever before her mother came back and the anticipation build up is nerve wracking plus her pained look keep flashing back in his mind that it makes him wanna kick his own self for being witless. You are so stupid Jang Wooyoung! How can you think of yourself first before the woman you love?

“I’m sorry but she’s asleep. I tried to wake her but she must be really tired, there was no response at all,” her mother said once she came back.

“It’s okay Omonim. Can I wait here until she wakes up, I really wanna talk to her, please,” he replied politely.

“Are you sure you want to wait? Don’t you have any schedule today?” her mother asked.

He was about to say no when his phone started ringing. He ignored it without checking who the call was from and said, “It is okay Omonim; I don’t have any schedule today.”

His phone rang a second time; he was about to ignore it again when her mother spoke.

“Answer it, it must be important,” she said.

He answered without looking who is on the line, “Yoboseyo?

Yah imma, chikum uhdiyah? Why aren’t you here yet? You’re needed here!” said the voice on the other line, clearly irritated.

“Jinyoung hyung, mianhaeyo, I’m coming,” he lied.

“You better be, even if you’re a good dancer, you shouldn’t be this irresponsible!”

Ne, hyung, mianhaeyo. I’ll be there,” he managed to say before the line was cut.

Omonim, shilejiman…” he started.

“You want me to wake Seyoung up one more time?” her mother finished his sentence. “I can see that you are desperate to talk to her and that you must have had a misunderstanding for her to avoid seeing you but you have to go. Your president won’t call you for something petty. I understand how you feel, I do, but you have to leave for now. You can clear your misunderstanding some other day.”


“I won’t judge you because I do not know the whole story, but I’m not taking your side either. What I know though is that misunderstanding happens in any relationship but it shouldn’t affect everything else. You should go,” her mother said.

Arossoyo, Omonim. I will come back later,” he said. He bowed to Seyoung’s mother and made his way to the door, feeling emptier than earlier.

“SUGOHASYEOTSSEUMNIDA,” THE SIX OF THEM SAID ALTOGETHER. They just finished another performance and everybody is packing up for the day.

“Shall we go eat somewhere?” Chansung suggested. “I’m hungry.”

“You’re always hungry, you and Taec,” said Nichkhun eyeing Taecyeon.

“Why do you always connect my name to food, that’s not right,” Taecyeon said, defending himself.

Junho signaled for them to be quiet. He has been looking at Wooyoung who is quieter than his usual self. He’s walking with them but he seems to not be with them at all.

“Wooyoung-ah, gwenchanah?” Minjun asked thrice before Wooyoung noticed.

Hyung, oh, gwenchanah,” he replied, not looking at Minjun.

“I don’t think so. You don’t look okay,” said Junho, putting his arm around Wooyoung. “Wae, she’s still not talking to you?”

“Huh? Oh, but please I don’t want to talk about it,” Wooyoung replied. “Can I go ahead; I’m not in a mood to hang out today.”

Kure, naeil bwa,” said Minjun. “Call if you need company.”

Arassoyo, Hyung,” he said and waved at them before walking away.

“I’m worried about him; it’s different this time around. He looks like he’s about to fall apart,” Nichkhun said as they watch him walk away.

“You noticed it too?” said Minjun. “I just hope they get back together soon, I don’t want to see him trying so hard to be happy anymore. It’s painful to watch.”

“Same here, and I wish he talks about it so we can help,” added Junho.

“Let him be for now, we know him. He would open up if he really can’t take it anymore,” said Taeyeon reminding them of how Wooyoung is as a person.

I NEVER THOUGHT THIS DAY WOULD COME. THE DAY THAT I’D FEEL SUCH EMPTINESS BEING IN MY OWN HOUSE, Wooyoung thought as he enters his apartment. This place feels so cold; I am feeling cold he said to himself. It’s been more than a week now since he last saw her, more than a week since he last heard her voice and it’s breaking his heart because he knows that it’s his own fault. It’s his own fault why he’s in this situation, why he’s in this mess. I should have said I love her; I should have assured her that she’s the one I want to be with. I’m such an idiot!

He checked his phone, hoping for a reply to the 6,812 messages that he has sent only to find nothing. Just like she hasn’t answered any of his calls since that day, she hasn’t sent any reply. How do I let her know that it wasn’t so, that I am completely, hopelessly, madly, deeply in love with her to even think of the past or any other woman?

He sat on the sofa, remembering her all the while. The last time they cuddled here feels like ages ago. If only I can turn back the time he thought. He looked at the note on the center table, Minji’s very late and insignificant apology. If he’s not at a lost right now he would have looked into who convinced her to come back but that’s not the case. He’s been in hell since that day that he barely knows what’s been happening around him. He’s been on interviews one after the other, he performed on stages, smiling and having fun but deep inside, he’s crying. “Jugeul kkeot gata,” he said as silent tears fall down on his face.

He got up and went to his bedroom, rid himself of his clothes and made his way to the bathroom to take a shower. As the water flows on his body, he remembered his pain for the past days, the longing, anger and helplessness. He couldn’t come back to visit her after the practice because they ended up really late, then the schedule filed up that there was no possible way to escape. I don’t wanna feel anymore he thought as he let the water flow on his body as if it would wash his feelings away, as if it would erase his weariness and agony, and before long his tears started to mix with the water.

After his shower, he decided to stay in his living room, since sleep has been hard to come by lately, like it has been avoiding him like the proverbial plague. He connected his MP3 player to the sound system and set it on shuffle. A familiar song played, calling, connecting to him and in no time he was dancing in sync to the rhythm and beat of the song as the lyrics says what he had failed to put into words.

I can’t win, I can’t reign

I will never win this game

Without you, without you

I am lost, I am vain,

I will never be the same

Without you, without you

I won’t run, I won’t fly

I will never make it by

Without you, without you

I can’t rest, I can’t fight

All I need is you and I,

Without you, without you

Oh oh oh!

You! You! You!


You! You! You!


As he immersed himself to the song, giving all that he’s got with every turn, every chasse it dawned on him what he should do. A plan on how to get her back came to him. Of course it’s going to be tedious but he does not care, he can’t be without her.

Can’t erase, so I’ll take blame

But I can’t accept that we’re estranged

Without you, without you

I can’t quit now, this can’t be right

I can’t take one more sleepless night

Without you, without you

I won’t soar, I won’t climb

If you’re not here, I’m paralyzed

Without you, without you

I can’t look, I’m so blind

I lost my heart, I lost my mind

Without you, without you

Wooyoung revealed in the lyrics and danced to the song like his life depended on it. It’s the break that he was waiting, the wake up call that he shouldn’t be wallowing and pitying himself but making the grand gesture. A reminder that he’s not giving his best to win the woman he loves with all of himself. Enough subtlety Jang Wooyoung, you won’t get anywhere with that he said to himself as he lay down on the floor, exhausted from dancing. Once his breathing calmed down he got up and took his phone. He searched his phonebook and smiled when he found the contact person he was looking for. I have long accepted that there’s no such thing as pride for the person I love. I’m gonna do anything to get her back he resolutely said to himself as he place the call.

A YY Couple Fan Fiction: We Are Dating, Chapter 12


Chapter 12: “If It Wasn’t So”

She has no idea how she got out of his house, all that matters is she managed to, without giving out what she really feels. She doesn’t want to know about anything at this very moment, she just wants to linger in this state of numbness. She’s driving to the Han River, in need of some air to help clear her mind before heading home, otherwise her family especially her mother will notice that something is off with her.

I can’t believe I didn’t saw that coming. What happened to the perceptive me? I should have known better. These are the thoughts running through her head as she drives as normal as she possibly can. Given her predicament, it’s surprising that she managed to take charge of the wheel like nothing is happening, like the turmoil in her heart and mind is just a make believe.

Once she reached the river, she carefully looked for a secluded space to park her car, a spot that won’t get too much attention. She desperately need some time on her own and though she has long accepted that people will always try to invade her privacy, she wishes that doesn’t happen today.

On her third round, she found a spot overlooking the river. As she turns off the car engine, she took a deep breath and as she slowly releases her breath, the tears she has tried so hard not to show and let go of trickled down her face. There’s no stopping it now. And though she doesn’t want to remember what took place at his apartment, the memory flows continuously along with her tears.

Oppa, nan wasseo. How have you been? I missed you,” the woman said smiling sweetly. She noticed Seyoung and said “Oh, you’re not alone.”

“Minji-ah, wae yoegiseo?” said Wooyoung, shock written all over his face.

“Minji-ah?” asked Seyoung.

“Sorry, I’m Minji, Choi Minji. Wooyoung Oppa’s girlfriend,” she declared.

“I’m sorry, did you say girlfriend? He said you two broke up two years or something ago,” Seyoung said when the initial shock subsided, quoting what Wooyoung has said about his ex.

“Broke up? Oppa, I don’t understand this. Did you really say we broke up?” Minji said in disbelief.

“You left; you didn’t answer any of my calls when I tried to explain. I thought you wanted quits,” Wooyoung replied, clearly uneasy with the current situation.

“It doesn’t mean that I wanted quits; you wanted to focus on your career, I gave you your space,” Minji said. “It was so hard to say it at that time that’s why I left the way I did.”

“But you could have told me that before you left…” he stopped mid-sentence realizing that his wordings might insinuate the wrong thing.

“Excuse me, Wooyoung-ah, what are you two talking about?” Seyoung asked, having enough of the woman and Wooyoung’s conversation. “Why does it sound that I am the third party to you guys’ affair?”

“Seyoung-ah it’s not it. Listen to me, please,” Wooyoung said, looking at her with pleading eyes.

“What do you think? And please you are just someone who worked with Oppa, nothing more. How could you even think otherwise,” the woman said. “Oppa, there’s nothing to tell her, you pushed through with your career after I left; I’m back now. I know you’ll keep your promises.”

“Promises, what promises is she talking about Jang Wooyoung,” said Seyoung, her tone dangerously calm considering the situation. The words of the woman stung her but she’s more concerned about the promises she has mentioned.

“I’ll tell you everything about it, let’s talk in my room,” he said then turned to Minji. “Neo, keogiisseo. I’ll talk to you later.”

“Why do you have to talk to us separately, talk to her here; I think I deserve to know whatever you’re going to tell her Oppa,” said Minji acting oblivious of the current tension.

“Stay out of this, will you?” he shouted as he holds Seyoung’s hand, pulling her to his room.

Once they’re inside the room Seyoung let go of his hand. “Palli malhaebwa, what is that woman talking about? Girlfriend?! You said you guys broke up,” she said accusingly. “And mwo, someone who worked with Oppa? What’s that about?”

Kure, mianhae; I didn’t tell you the truth about how we broke up. I just thought that she won’t come back anymore and I never really wanted to talk about it because you didn’t need to know,” he said, sounding defeated.

“I didn’t need to know? I didn’t need to know that she might come back because technically she’s still your girlfriend, is that it?” she said in disbelief. “Can you hear what you are saying?”

“She’s not my girlfriend. We are over,” he said firmly. “True we didn’t really have a proper closure, but when she didn’t reply nor contacted me before I joined We Got Married in my mind, we are over. Please believe me.”

“Believe you? How do I believe you, tell me,” she said, trying hard not to sound aggravated. “How do I believe you when she’s there, waiting for us to finish this conversation so you can pick up from where you guys left off?”

“There’s nothing to pick up. I told you, we’re over, done. Please, listen to me,” he said, pleading yet unable to say anything more.

“Wooyoung-sshi, clean up your act; don’t get me involved in your mess,” she said after waiting long enough for him to say something coherent about the situation and hearing none – in the firmest tone she could muster before walking out of the room.

“Seyoung-ah, seyoung-ah, please let me explain!” he said as he follows her.

“Oh, you’re done talking? That’s good, I thought I was gonna wait long before you get the picture,” Minji said casually.

“Yes, we are done talking, thank you for waiting,” Seyoung said sarcastically. “Wooyoung-sshi, there’s nothing more to explain, I completely understand your situation. You guys have fun and please don’t ever appear in front of me, ever.”

She took her purse from the couch and hurriedly walked out of his house ignoring Wooyoung’s call. She half walked, half ran to where her car was parked pressing the button to open the door even if she’s still a few meters away. As she opened her door, she saw Wooyoung running after her. She hurriedly gets in, put the key to the ignition and drove away.

I wanna thank you and I love you, han madiro da pyohyeon motaedo ♫ The sound of her ringtone brought her back to the present. She wiped her tears and tried to calm herself before checking who the call is from. The moment she saw Wooyoung’s name register on the screen, her tears fell once more. How can you not know what I wanted to hear? Don’t you know the right thing to say in that situation? How do I believe you if you can’t even say it’s me who matters? You still find that woman important, if it wasn’t so, it would have been easy for you to say you love me. These are the thoughts running through her head. She would have stayed if only he reassured her of her importance, she could have endured the nerve wracking situation with him but he failed to give her the security that she needs.

Once her phone stopped ringing, she turned it off. She doesn’t want to talk right now, especially not with him, not when her tears won’t stop falling. There’s no stopping it anymore, especially since the numbness subsided and she doesn’t want to suppress it anyways. John Green sure knows what he’s talking about – pain demands to be felt, she thought as the tears continues to fall and as she feels that unfamiliar heaviness in her chest getting heavier than it was a while ago.

She closed her eyes and the memories of the times they spent together –now and then,  came rushing to her: their ice fishing trip, that day they went to Busan, their visit to the aquarium in Singapore, paragliding, the day he surprised her by coming to her filming location, his visit to her house, last night. She used to think it’s the sweetest memories she has acquired so far; that’s not the case anymore. Even his being meticulous and detailed, the way he took special care of her, his being considerate and giving all seems like a dream right now. In the end, everything was in actually just a show, just pretend and here I am pouring my sincerity. And here I thought he needed honesty.

Before she knew it, she was sobbing uncontrollably, having difficulty to breathe and an hour has passed. That’s enough Park Seyoung-ie, you’ve cried enough for him. It’s time to pick yourself up, she repeatedly said to herself like some mantra that she hopes will work. She looked at her face in the rear-view mirror after composing herself. Her eyes are a bit puffy and her checks still tear-stained. She quickly applied some powder on her cheeks and grabbed her sunglasses from her dashboard. I hope Omma doesn’t see me come in, she prayed as she made her way home.

God was listening, there’s nobody in the house when she arrived and she was thankful. She went straight to her room, took out the albums of her and Wooyoung’s photos and everything that he has given and kept it in a box – out of sight and out of reach. She kept the movie If Only on the player then curled in bed. I wish it would rain, that’s a perfect excuse to cry, she thought as a teardrop escape from her eye.

A YY Couple Fan Fiction: We Are Dating, Chapter 11


Chapter 11: “The Morning After’s Dream”

This is how I want to spend the rest of my life, waking up beside this beautiful woman, he thought as he looked at her sleeping soundly next to him. He’s on cloud nine the moment he opened his eyes because she’s there – sleeping on his bed, beside him. A huge smile spread across his face as he snuggles closer to her.

What he didn’t know is that Seyoung has been awake for several minutes now revealing in the dreamy moment; watching him sleep. She was admiring how adorable and peaceful he looks like and wondering about what he was dreaming of because of his big smile. He was also unaware that she woke him up by brushing away a few hairs off his eyes.

Seyoung continued to feign asleep even when he snuggles closer to her. Her heart is not cooperating though, it’s beating faster again. Is it always going to be like this? Will I always be flustered by the proximity? I hope he doesn’t notice she thought as she tries to calm herself.

“I can tell that you’re awake,” he said as he looks at her face. “You’re blushing, wae? Is it hot? Am I hot?”

Yah, what do you mean you are hot?” she said while pulling the blanket to cover her face. “You’re teasing me so early in the morning.”

He smiled and pulled the blanket, “Good morning! Jal jasseo? I slept really well I feel like I’m completely recharged or something.”

“Oh, I slept well,” she said as she looks at him. “That’s good that you feel rested, you guys are going on a World Tour so you need to save up your energy.”

Arasso, I’ll rest whenever I can; I promise. Don’t worry, okay?”

“Okay, I need proof shots okay?”

Mwo? Proof shot of what? Me, resting or sleeping?” he asked. “Maldo andwe!”

Wae? It’s possible, ask your groupmates to take it then send it to me when you wake up,” she said laughing at his silly expression.

“Ah so you’re making fun of me, is that it?”

Anya,” she said as she gets out of the bed. “Wooyoung-ah behgopah. Let’s have breakfast.”

He checked his watch; it reads eight in the morning. “Kure, I’ll make breakfast for us. Kidarryojuseyo.

Ne, kamsahamnida.

“I’ll call you when everything’s ready,” he said before he made his way to the kitchen.

“I’ll come in a few minutes, I wanna watch you cook,” she called.

There was actually nothing to watch. He just fried some eggs, bacon and sausages after putting some coffee in the percolator.

“Continental breakfast? Are we having toasts or pancakes?” she asked once she got a good look of what he is preparing.

“Toasts, I have some bread in the fridge. My mother was here the other day,” he said.

“Really? You should have told me. I wanted to see her.”

“I didn’t tell you? Mian, it must have slipped my off mind,” he said as he put some bread in the toaster. “Jongshini opso, chincha.

“It’s okay, you were really busy and I know you’re gonna be a lot busier these coming days,” she said. “We can visit Omonim once your schedule is not as insane as it is now.”

“I hope by that time you’re not so busy too, not that I don’t want you having any project. I just hope it doesn’t have as much kissing scene as your last drama.”

“There you go again,” she said shaking her head. “That’s finished already.”

“Alright, I won’t talk about it anymore. But I do wish that you don’t have that much kind of scene, if it’s possible,” he said while putting the toasts on the plate. “Keut, breakfast is ready!”

They set the table in no time and started eating.

Jalmuggetsumnida!”said Seyoung.

Matchigae deuseyo.

They fed each other as always because it’s the most natural thing to do for both of them.

“This is our first breakfast together, right Seyoung-ah?” Wooyoung asked after wiping some ketchup off Seyoung’s lips.

“Ha? No it’s not.”

“In my house I mean.”

Aigoo, I know what you’re thinking of. Stop there.”

Arasso, I’m not gonna tease you.”

“I’m full,” she said, ignoring what he said then checked her watch. “I have to go soon, I promised Omma I’ll stay home today.”

“I’ll drop you, I’m free today. I can spend time at your house,” he said. “Let’s stay here for a bit longer, I don’t want to share you yet.”

“Were you always this greedy?”

“Didn’t you know? I can be really greedy if I want to.”

“Fine, I’ll stay for an hour more. What do you want to do?”

“First, let me clear everything here,” he said then added, “Go check my backpack, I brought something for you.”

“Again? I’m getting spoiled.”

“I want to spoil you.”

“Alright, I’ll check your backpack,” she said as she’s leaving the kitchen.

I think he really took note of all my preferences at some point, she thought as she looks at the bracelet carefully placed inside a light blue box. The design is simple yet classy and she feels really special looking at it because she can tell he took his time in choosing it.

She went out of the room and found him in the living room.

Eotteo? Do you like it?” he said when he saw her.

“I love it,” she said smiling brightly. “What are we doing?”

“Ah, I want us to listen to our album together.”

“Okay, though I listened to it already.”

“You listened to it alone, not with me. Just, please.”

“Alright, I was just teasing.”

“Come here,” he said, pointing at the space on the sofa next to him.

She joined him willingly. As she sits down, he put his arms around her, making her lean on him.

“I want to listen like this,” he said when she looked at him.

He played his favorite track out of the album, Pull and Pull. They are both swaying to the music when they heard some beeping noise, a sign that someone is coming in.

“Is it your groupmates again?” Seyoung asked; the memory of her last visit to his apartment still fresh in her mind.

“I don’t think so; my manager will probably tell them not to come over because you told him of your plan,” he said, puzzled. “Could it be Omma? But she didn’t call so that’s out of the equation.”

“Who else knows the passcode of your apartment really?”

“I’ll change it, remind me later before we go,” he said then stood up together with her.” Let see who our visitor is.”

The door opened, revealing a pretty woman with long gorgeous hair and a pair of long flawless legs. She has chinky eyes, the type that closes when smiling genuinely.

Oppa, nan wasseo. How have you been? I missed you,” the woman said smiling sweetly. She noticed Seyoung and said “Oh, you’re not alone.”

“Minji-ah, wae yoegiseo?” said Wooyoung, shock written all over his face.

“Minji-ah?” asked Seyoung. She has a bad feeling about the woman and looking at Wooyoung’s expression, the puzzle in her head is coming together showing a picture she never thought to see.

“Sorry, I’m Minji, Choi Minji. Wooyoung Oppa’s girlfriend,” she declared.

Seyoung was shocked into silence. So this is the woman in his mind when he wrote This is Love. The woman he wishes to come back while he was singing Come Back to Me When You Hear This Song, she thought. It’s her – Choi Minj in the flesh. Just like that, her dreamy morning turned into a nightmare difficult to escape from.


A YY Couple Fan Fiction: We Are Dating, Chapter 10


Chapter 10: “My Love, My Comfort and Resting Place Part 3”

After a few minutes, Seyoung broke free from his embrace. She looked at him from head to toe and shook her head.

“You look so thin; this won’t do. Let’s get you to eat,” Seyoung said while forcing Wooyoung to sit in front of the table. “Your manager said you barely ate your lunch.”

“I now understand how you felt when I didn’t call or message you for two days. I’m sincerely apologizing,” he said then looks at the table filled with different side dishes. “Did you prepare all of this yourself?”

“Yes, with my mother’s help. But what’s in this box I made entirely on my own; Omma just supervised,” she said while handing him the box containing the biscotti.

“You made it yourself? For me?” he asked, a wide smile forming on his face. He looks like a kid on Christmas morning who found that he received the gift he was hoping for.

“Oh, I did. You’ve been working so hard, I wanted to support you and this is the only way I can think of right now,” she said while looking him in the eye.

“What do you mean only? It’s more than enough. I love it!”

“That’s all good then. But do not sidetrack me – eat now,” she said feeding him a piece of jeon that he happily chewed on.

“That tastes good,” he said. “You improved a lot.”

“I think so too. I might make it a hobby, it’s kind of interesting. Also it makes Omma happy because we get to spend time together.”

“I completely agree, one hundred percent!”

“I think someone is overly happy I’m making his dream come true,” she teased.

“Of course I am happy; I’m the luckiest man on Earth because of you,” he said as he feed her an eggroll. “Didn’t I tell you before that I can’t live without you?”

“I remembered that. Honestly that trip was really fun. I wonder when we can do that again, it’s going to be really difficult now.”

“Maybe once we start the tour outside the country, you can come with us. After the concert we can take some time off together.”

“Are you not gonna be in trouble if we ever do that?”

“I don’t think so. Jinyoung hyung knows about you and it’s out of the country so it should be fine.”

“Let me think about it,” she replied then added, “Eat, you need to eat.”

Arasso, I’m eating,” he said before he started to put some food in his mouth. “But I’d really like you to watch me perform.”

“I want to watch you too – soon. I’ll seriously consider your plan,” she reassured him.

“Okay, I’ll settle with that for now,” he said as he continued eating. “The food really tastes awesome! I think I need to come over and thank Omonim personally for helping you prepare the food.”

Omma will love that; even Appa wants to see you again. Can you believe he’s watching music shows to see you?” she mentioned then laughed. “I find it cute and weird at the same time.”

“He’s probably just joining you when you’re watching,” he teased her.

“How did you know?”

“I have this strong feeling that you’re watching.”


Sashil I was hoping that you would watch,” he confessed.

“Ah, is that why you’re being completely cute with those heart gestures?”

“Oh, I was thinking you might see.”

Uri Wooyoung-ie is really such a charming boy. How did you ever think of that?”

“Geunyang,” he said. “Is feeding me your agenda for today?”

Ani. I brought a movie I wanted to watch with you.”

“What movie? Not red colored please,” Wooyoung said, remembering the last movie that they saw together.

She laughed, remembering the movie he is talking about, “You really didn’t like it at all, am I right?”

“No, not a single bit. I only watched it because of you.”

“I think you’re gonna like this movie,” she smiled.

“Now you’re making me all excited.”

“Finish up so we can do the dishes and start watching.”

“Alright, my lady,” he said and continued eating heartily.

They finished eating in no time, feeding each other as always. Wooyoung wanted to do the dishes together. Though Seyoung was insistent that she do it alone, in the end she conceded.

“Since you wanted to do the dishes together, you rinse and I’ll do the rest,” she said as she stands in front of the sink.

“I have another thing in mind,” said Wooyoung, standing behind Seyoung, wrapping his arms around her. “I think this is better.”

Seyoung gasped, and turned to look at Wooyoung. The moment she turned around, their lips touched. She was about to turn away when he nipped her lower lips making her stand still. She felt his strong longing in his gesture, matching her own, making her respond and give as he was giving. At that point, everything was forgotten – the soap in her hands, the running water, the dishes. All that matters is the two of them, the kiss they are sharing after being apart.

Unfortunately, they had to stop for air. They look at each other’s eyes while they calm their breathing. Wooyoung’s eyes is filled of mischief, on his lips a matching smile. Seyoung shook her head but can’t help but smile at him. This guy is driving me crazy, and that smile. How do I save myself from that?

“Wooyoung-ah, if we continue like this we won’t finish washing the dishes,” she said then added “Go, I’ll do the dishes on my own. Just setup everything for the movie.”

“You sure you can do it on your own? You really don’t need my help?” he teased, placing his hands on her hips.

“Yes, I can do it on my own. Palli ka,” she said, trying to sound as firm as she can.

Arasso, I’m going,” he said. “We’re watching in my bedroom, okay?”

“Alright, just let me finish from here, jebal.

“Seyoung-ah, neo chongmal nomo kyeopta!” he said and made his way to his bedroom.

Once he left, she was able to work on the dishes at a better phase. Before long, she went to his bedroom to join Wooyoung.

“What’s the title of the movie we are watching?” he asked as he makes himself comfortable in bed.

“Begin Again. I’ve seen a cover of the OST by Eric Nam and Jimin of 15&. I think it is good.” She said as she press play then made her way to the bed.

“Really? I’m excited now.”

“It’s starting.”

The opening scene shows Keira Knightly singing and playing a guitar.

“Isn’t that the girl from Pirates of the Carribean?” Wooyoung asked.

“Yes, that’s her.”

“I didn’t know she can sing?” he said and held her hand.

“She must have studied for this film,” she said as leans on the pillow.

He lets go of her hand and stretch his arm, wanting her to use it as a pillow and she complied. As they got engrossed with the movie, she started playing with his hair, touching the part that has been shaved off.

“You really like this hairstyle?” he asked looking in her eyes.

“It’s really softer than I thought,” she said, smiling brightly. “Seolma, did you cut it for me?”

“Partly, yes; I was hoping you’ll touch it again and you did,” said Wooyoung, his eyes twinkling.

Aigoo, so you wanted me to touch your hair that much?”

“Yes, it’s fun.”

She touches his hair once more then turned to the screen, “Let’s watch the movie,” she said.

At some point, they reached the scene where Adam Levine and Keira Knightly moved to New York.

“That singer is in this movie too? Daebak!” Wooyoung said as he feed her some chips.

“Oh, he’s a Singer/Song Writer. Look at those girls, I can imagine that happening if we go out,” she said. “The girls will be all over you and I’ll be in one corner or they might even ask me to take your pictures.”

“I don’t think so, that is not gonna happen,” he said, pulling her close to him, “Ever.”

“Okay, let’s say I believe you,” she said as she hugged him back.

Yah, I promise, I won’t let that happen,” he said breaking away from the hug to look at her eyes.

Arasso, I believe you,” she said looking him in the eyes, exchanging a promise they hope to keep.

They seem to be looking at each other’s eyes forever, lost in their own nonverbal conversation when the song Lost Star sung by Keira Knightly played.

“This is the song that I am talking about,” she said, her attention on the song.

“Ah, I can see its appeal. The lyrics though, it’s sad.”

“Or you can look at it the other way around.”

“Or take it literally – the lion kissed the deer,” he said. “Isn’t that like us?”

“That’s not very original, I already heard that somewhere.”

Chincha? How about the deer kissed the owl?” Wooyoung said, he said teasing.

“Am I that deer and you’re the owl?”

“What do you think?” he asked pinching her cheeks.

Yah, stop with the cheek pinching already, it hurts!” she said and sat on the bed. “You are going to pay for it.”

Before he could figure out what she’s about to do, Seyoung started to poke him all over. Being he’s not prepared for it, he was gasping for air when he finally caught her hands and got her to lie on the bed.

“I think it is payback time,” he said then tickled her mercilessly.

“Wooyoung-ah, jalmothaesseo. Yah! Jalmothaesseo,” she said trying her best to avoid his tickling to no avail. She moved to sit which was not a good idea because he let himself fall to the bed with her, him on top mischievous eyes looking directly into hers.

She didn’t dare to move. She can feel her heart beating faster than it ever had that she feels she might have a heart failure any minute soon. As if that’s not telling enough, she can also hear it pounding loudly and she knows he is well aware of it.

She not the only one who’s having it rough apparently; Wooyoung is trying his best to control his ragged breathing. Their position doesn’t help though and he’s struggling really hard to behave himself. He loves her that much – he doesn’t want to be hasty nor break her trust in him.

He closed his eyes then cleared his throat, “I think I need some water. Yeah, I’m going to take some cold water okay, do you want some?”

“Yes, I think water sounds really good,” she said, slowly releasing her breath.

“I’ll be right back,” Wooyoung said, he slowly got up and made his way to the kitchen.

While he was at the kitchen, Seyoung finally got herself to calm down. She was thankful and reassured at the same time by the way Wooyoung behaved. She felt his sincerity and the message that came across to her is he would wait for her – he love and respect her that much.

He came back after some time with 2 cold glasses of water, one glass he handed to her carefully. “What did I miss?” he asked as he took his place in bed.

“They broke up and she moved out. Now she’s recording her songs outdoors,” she said after drinking some water. “Doesn’t this scene remind you of that time when we filmed our MV at Ilsan Lake Park?”

“It does. See, I told you it’s more about the feel.”

“I didn’t say anything,” she replied defensive. “Did I say anything?”

“Well, you did look like you were having fun so, I guess that’s fine.”

“Of course I had fun, it’s always fun whenever I go out with you,” she said, smiling brightly.

Gwiyeoweo,” he said, pulling her into a hug. “Don’t smile at me like that, I’m still distracting myself.”

Arasso, I’ll concentrate on the movie now.”

They reached the part where the lead character was listening to some music with her producer using a headphone splitter and they can’t help but to think that it could have been great if they thought of doing the same on their Hongdae date.

“Imagine – we can be lost in our own soundtrack, completely oblivious to the public.”

“Yeah, that could have been awesome. I guess there won’t be any chance to do that again.”

“Well, maybe, one of this days that could happen,” he said while holding her hand, out of habit. “Just wait.”

After a while, Wooyoung can’t keep his eyes open anymore. He after all came from a performance out of the country and has been really busy for the past week. Fatigue has caught up with him plus the comfort of the bed.

“Will it be okay if I don’t drop you home, I can’t keep my eyes open anymore,” he said looking at Seyoung, trying his best to keep his eyes open.

“I’m sleeping here today. But before your mind wanders far away, I mean sleep –rest,” she said firmly.

“I know,” he mumbles. “And I won’t ask you to do something you’re not comfortable to do. I love you that much.”

“And I love you too. Go get some sleep; I’ll still be here when you wake up tomorrow.”

“Can I have a good night kiss?” he asked as he hugs her close to him.

She hesitated, yet gave him a peck on his cheek, “There, it that enough?”

“Just that, that’s so vague,” he said.

She took a deep breath then planted a quick kiss on his lips. “Done right, now go to sleep,” she said burying her blushing face on his chest.

His face was almost breaking because of his smile. Before long he fell into a very restful sleep holding his love, his comfort securely in his arms.

A YY Couple Fan Fiction: We Are Dating, Chapter 9


Chapter 9: “My Love, My Comfort and Resting Place Part 2”

Omma, is it possible not to add gochujang to this?” Seyoung asked her mother. She’s in the kitchen with her mother; a rare sight not so long ago but that’s not the case anymore. She has realized the importance of learning the art of cooking.

Seyoung-ah, that’s not gonna be called Chocolate Gochujang Biscotti if you don’t add the gochujang,” her mother answered, shaking her head.

“But he can’t really eat spicy food that well, that’s the problem,” she said.

Gochujang is not that spicy but if you really think he can’t handle it use half of the needed amount. Let me see, it says here you need two tablespoons, use one. What say you?” suggested her mother.

Arassoyo, Omma,” she said and continued to follow the recipe she asked from her mother, hoping to yield a good result.

Her mother can’t help but to smile at her. My daughter sure does love that young man to make this much effort, she thought as she watched he daughter placed the log formed dough in the oven. She has mentioned that Wooyoung is coming home today – after probably a week of being in and out of the country and that’s the main reason why her daughter is slaving away in the kitchen. “What time is he coming?”

“He told me last night that he’s coming early evening,” said Seyoung, checking the timer. “This is a bit complicated than I thought it would be, Omma.

“It does require some patience,   you’ll get there. You know what I’ve learned about cooking, the more effort and sincerity you put into it, the better it taste,” said her mother. “I’m happy that we are having this moment in the kitchen right now though I’m a bit sad that it took so long to happen.”

Mianhaeyo Omma, from now on, if I have the time, I’ll watch and help you prepare the food,” Seyoung promised.

“Alright, I’ll look forward to that uri ttal. I think we can check if it’s baked already. If so you can slice it then you’ll be almost done,” her mother said.

“Okay Omma, I’m curious and excited about how it would taste. And I do hope he likes it.”

“Please, even if it tasted bad he’ll like it. You have that young man in your hands.”

“You think so too, Omma?”

“I know so, don’t overthink. He’s probably getting impatient to see you right now,” her mother said. She also added, “Who knows, maybe he is begging the time to fast forward this very minute.”

HER MOTHER WAS RIGHT; at his hotel room, Wooyoung has been pacing back and forth, checking the time every five minutes. The time is really going by so slowly; he thought then checked his phone. He was disappointed to see that there weren’t any messages from Seyoung. What is this? After I did what she asked me to do last night she didn’t even remember me? Why isn’t she replying? He was so engrossed with his own thoughts that he didn’t even noticed Minjun watching him in amusement.

“Wooyoung-ah, do you need to use the washroom or something?” asked Minjun in a teasing tone.

Hyung, were you there? To what extent have you seen?” Wooyoung asked.

“I’ve been watching you for a while now, I’ve seen everything. Your gestures showing that you’re going out of your mind – jaemiisseo. Continue,” he said as he moved closer to where Wooyoung was.

“Aish, hyung, you should have said something when you came,” said Wooyoung, whining.

“What, and miss the chance of seeing you going insane? Where’s the fun in that?”

“Yeah, there’s that,” Wooyoung replied. “Aaah, michikettda chincha!

Wae geurae, did you two fight? How did that happen? You were very happy last night.”

“She’s not answering her phone; she hasn’t replied to my messages this morning and I am getting worried.”

“Maybe she’s just getting back at you? Otherwise, can you think of something you said last night that could have made her angry?” said Minjun. “Try to recall what happened.”

Arasso, hyung. Gomawoyo.

“Don’t mention it. And don’t forget to come down after thirty minutes. I’m buying us food before we leave,” said Minjun before leaving the room.

“Yes, hyung, I’ll see you in thirty minutes,” Wooyoung said as he lay down on the bed. Let’s see, what did we talk about last night? He stared at the chandelier on the ceiling as he tried to remember what they talked about…..

“Really, you’re coming home early evening tomorrow? You’re going to stay in the country for a whole day not just hours?” she excitedly asked.

“Yes, Jinyoung Hyung gave us some time off. I’ll head straight to your house after dropping off my things at my apartment.”

“That’s nice; you’ll have some time to rest. You’re probably not sleeping that much, right? I’ve seen some of your photos taken by your fans, you look really tired.”

“I know right and I really, really want to see you,” he said in an excited voice until he realized something. “Wait, are you okay with me heading to your house tomorrow?”

“Huh? Oh, kugeu.. I’ll let you know tomorrow; maybe my mother has plans with me that I forgot about, let me confirm first.”

“Ah, okay. I understand. With our work, we rarely get to spend longer time with our parents. It is okay, no problem,” he said though disappointment can be sensed in his voice.

He’s probably pouting right now I can almost see it, she thought and smile. “Are you upset? I’ll let you know tomorrow – first thing in the morning, if you can come over, promise. You know I always keep my promise.”

“No, I’m not upset. But you promised; you’ll let me know really early tomorrow.”

“I promise,” she said as she lay down on her bed.

“What are you doing?” he asked, clearly hearing the sound of her lying down on the bed.

“Talking to you while lying in bed; you heard, didn’t you?”

“Yeah, now I’m thinking what kind of pajamas you are wearing.”

“The comfy kind,” she said, trying to cut his train of thoughts. “The places your mind wanders to, really.”

“Just kidding. Are you sleepy yet? I don’t want to keep you when you’re sleepy.”

“I’m partially sleepy,” she said then added “Can you put me to sleep?”

“Put you to sleep? Eoddeohge?

“Sing for me,” she said in that cute voice that she always uses whenever she wants him to do something for her.

Mworagu? Sing for you?”

“Oh, wae? Shiro; andweni?”

Ani, it’s not like that.”

Haejjo, sing for me. I know you have a keyboard you carry around when you travel,she said using the same tone that he can’t say no to.

Arasso, chamkkanman,” he said, giving in. “What do you want to hear?”


“Alright, amugeona,” he repeated while setting up his keyboard. He put the phone on speaker and said, “I think I have the perfect song, jal deuleobwa,” said Wooyoung before he started to play.

Nuneul gamgo naega haneun iyagiljal deuleobwa

Naeui yaegiga ggeutnagi jeone neoneun ggumeul ggul geoya

Little star


Bamsae naega jikyeojul geoya

Cheoeum neoreul mannasseul ddaen jeongmal nuni busyeosseo

Neoeui misoreul cheoeum bwasseul ddaen sesangeul dagajyesseo

Little star


Bamsae naega jijyejul geoya

Nae peume angin chae gonhi jamdeun neol bomyeon

Naneun jamshido nuneul ddeol su eobseo

Ireohge yebbeunde

Sumi meojeul geot gata

Naega eoddeohge jamdeul su ittgettni

Naeui sarang naeui jeonbu haneuli naerin cheonsa

Naeui du nuneul naeui sesangeul modu humchyeobeoryeosseo

Little star


Bamsae naega jikyeojul geoya

Pyeongsaeng naega jikyeojul geoya

“How was it? Are you completely sleepy now?” he asked afterwards.

“It was beautiful. Wooyoung-ah, your voice is really good.”

“You want one more song right, that’s why you said that?”

Ani, I really like your voice.”

Arasso, go and sleep. Don’t try to stay up if you’re sleepy, I told you this before,” he nagged. “Call or message me tomorrow early in the morning okay? I really miss you badly.”

“Alright, I’ll call or message you tomorrow early morning. I’m going to sleep now. I really, really miss you too. Good night, Wooyoung-ah. Saranghae.

Kure, Nado saranghae,” he said before hanging up.

His phone rang calling his attention back to the present. He hurriedly check to see who’s calling only to be disappointed, it was Minjun.

Yah, where are you? I said come down in thirty minutes,” Minjun said the moment he answered the phone.

“Yes, Hyung, I’m coming.”

Palli, we’re starving.”

Arasso, Hyung. Kalke,” he said as he hangs up. He checked his messages only to feel emptier. I thought last night was beautiful, why are you not sending me any reply? What are you up to? He thought as he walks out of the hotel room.

YES OPPA, I’VE REACHED HIS APARTMENT, what time exactly are you arriving?” Seyoung asked as she makes her way to his apartment; she’s on the phone with Wooyoung’s manager.

“We’re arriving in three hours, and don’t worry, I didn’t say anything to Wooyoung. He looks really down,” Wooyoung’s manager said.

“Well he did it to me too; I’m just getting back at him,” Seyoung laughed. “Alright Oppa, thanks for your help, have a safe flight,” she said before hanging up.

Where should I start? Yes, kitchen. This is fun, she thought. She looked around and saw a portrait of Wooyoung, his smile reaching his eyes. I’ll see you soon wangjanim, she smiled and made her way to the kitchen.

WHY IS SHE NOT ANSWERING HER PHONE? What is she planning? Park Seyoung-ie, answer the phone, he thought. He’s on his way out from the airport and the usual flash of cameras from all over didn’t stop him from calling her. Let them think what they want to think about, I don’t care, was his thoughts as he continued walking. He reached the parking lot, his mood darkening by the second. His groupmates didn’t dare tease him afraid that he might take his frustration out on them, not that he would of course.

Yedera, Hyung-deul I’ll go ahead okay? I’m really tired,” Wooyoung said and made his way to his car was parked.

Arasso, we’ll keep in touch with you if there’s any change of schedule or something,” Minjun called.

“Okay,” he said; waved once, got into his car and drove away.

Junho noticed their manager trying to suppress his smile. “Hyung, are you hiding something?” he asked.

“Me? No, I’m not. Although I have to admit, I know that Wooyoung’s mood will be so much better once he reach his apartment and yedera, no visits to his apartment today okay?” said the manager followed by a wink.

Ne!” Wooyoung’s groupmates said in chorus, excited about the prospect of something to tease Wooyoung with.

I CAN’T BELIEVE I GOT FOOLED AGAIN, he thought. Sure she always fools her to eat things that he can’t handle but this time around, it’s too much. She crossed the line. He was entering his passcode when he realized something – someone is inside his apartment. He can hear the faint sound of a song playing. He thought who could it be? He hurriedly open the door and once he’s inside he was greeted by music and candlelight and the person he’s been longing to see for almost a week who is now holding a “Welcome Home” sign smiling intently at him.

Neo, wae yogie?” he said, his disappointment slowly slipping away.

“I wanted to surprise you. You worked so hard.”

“You really wanted to get even with me.”

“Yes, yes I do.”

“Come here,” he said looking her in the eyes.

She obliged and walked to where Wooyoung was standing. Once she was near enough, he enveloped her into a hug, burying his nose on her neck.

“I really missed you. I love your surprise, but I don’t think I’ll survive if you do another one. I’m going to die from worrying.”

Arasso, I won’t make you worry again. I missed you too,” she said and hugged him back.

A YY Couple Fan Fiction: We Are Dating, Chapter 8


Chapter 8: “My Love, My Comfort and Resting Place Part 1”

The world is spinning, literally, Wooyoung thought.  He’s currently at the airport lounge with his groupmates, waiting to board their flight. Thankfully he made it on time despite the hangover that he’s currently nursing. It’s worth it, this headache is worth it, he said to himself. In actuality, he wishes to be at home, but he knows that’s not possible, not unless he really wants to be in trouble that is.

“Wooyoung-ah, are you okay?” asked Minjun as he sat to the seat next to him. “You look really puffy; having a hangover are we?”

Neh, Hyung, I have a very bad hangover. I feel it’s better to not have a head right now,” he said in confirmation.

“Why, what happened? I thought you’ll be completely rested today; well not completely but I didn’t expect you having a hangover,” Minjun looked at him quizzically. “You said Seyoung-sshi doesn’t drink alcohol.”

“She doesn’t but her father is a very good drinker; that or I was completely cheated into drinking too much last night,” he said, grimacing a bit because of the memory.

Yah, you met your future father in law last night? Daebak!” Minjun said then turned to their groupmates. “Yedera, eri wa. Wooyoung-ie is all grown up; he drank with his future father in law last night!”

Chincha? Eotteohke? Is that why your face was almost fully covered when you entered the airport gate?” Taecyeon asked as he makes his way to where Wooyoung and Minjun were, the other members closely following him.

“How did you survive?” asked Nichkhun as he sat on the other side of Wooyoung’s seat.

“Yes, we want to know that. I mean, okay, it’s like you survived by a hair or something but still, what happened?” asked Junho, who took the seat across Wooyoung.

“Wah, you’re really asking me to tell you the story right now in this state, I’m so numb,” Wooyoung said and took a sip of his black coffee. “But you know, I thought I was going to die.”

Wae, wae? Was it that bad? Come on tell us, goomgeumme jukesso!” said Chansung, they have completely surrounded Wooyoung by now and they’re all uncaring of his hangover, they only care about how he got it.

“Well, first it was the kid, you know her niece. I promised to buy her some food, the kid situation was okay – she saw the movie and keut, she’s happy,” he said. “Chansung-ah komapta, your movie suggestion is jjang.”

Kure, you’re welcome. But what happened? How did your meeting with your future father in law go?” asked Chansung.

“It went the way I did not expect it to. You know, her father could be an actor, he really got me nervous at first,” he said while holding his head in his both hands. “Ahh, I really, really thought I’ll be grilled to the bone.”

Yah, we have an idea how you’re going to feel but what happened? Come on just spill already,” said Junho, clearly getting impatient.

“Well at first it was…” started Wooyoung when his phone rang. He smiled automatically when he saw Seyoung’s name register on the screen. He signaled to his groupmates that he is going to take the call and they snickered in unison at how he looked when he finally answered.

“Yes, annyeong, how are you?” Wooyoung said as greeting.

“Wooyoung-ah, it’s me, Seyoung-ie,” said Seyoung on the other line.

“Ara, that’s why I said how are you?”

“I’m okay and I want to ask how you are? Uhdiyah?  At the airport? Are you okay?” she asked.

Yah, cheoncheonhi; one at a time. First I’m okay, though I have a headache, I think I’ll live. And yes I am at the airport, waiting to board the plane,” he answered. “Neo, uhdiyah?”

“On location, filming; taking a short break. So you made it on time. That’s a relief,” she said. “When are you coming back?”

“I haven’t even left and you’re asking when I’m coming back?” he teased her, just because he was given the chance. “After a couple of days; I miss you already.”

“You’re really gonna tease me every chance you get huh?” she said, feigning annoyance for a few seconds. “I miss you too, but you have to work and so do I. Did you take anything for your hangover?” she asked.

“Yes, and I’m drinking black coffee right now.”

Yah, black coffee is not good for a hangover. Drink water.”

Arasso. Aigoo, uri Park Seyoung-ie, are you that worried about me? Nomo joah,” he teased.

Kure, I am worried. Because of me you have a hangover, how can I not worry?”

“It’s okay, don’t worry about me. At least your father knows now that I’m serious, that I really love his daughter.”

“Well, there is that,” she said. “They’re calling for me already. Take care, have a safe flight okay. Call or message me when you land.”

“Alright, you take care too. I hope you’re not wearing see-through clothes right now. Saranghae.”

“Nado, saranghae and I’m not wearing see-through today. Kkeunhno.

Algetsuebnida, gongjunim,” said Wooyoung before hanging up. He turned to his groupmates who were covering their mouths in disbelief.

Yah, that is so goosebump inducing! Where did you learn that?” asked Minjun, teasing.

“You’re right Minjun-ah, I thought I was going to puke or something,” added Nichkhun.

“Look who’s talking, you can be worse than him when you’re on the phone with your girlfriend,” said Taecyeon.

“Really? But I don’t call my girlfriend gongjunim,” Nichkhun defended himself.

Hyung, even if you don’t call her that, the way you talk to your girlfriend is so… Ah, I don’t have the words,” Junho said.

Yah, why is the talk diverted to me? We should be questioning Wooyoung, he was on the phone, not me,” Nichkhun said.

“That’s right, leave Nichkhun hyung for another day. Where were we Wooyoung-ah, what happened when you met your future father in law?” asked Chansung who is really curious about what happened.

Kugeu,  itchana…” Wooyoung started to say just as it was announced that they can now board the plane going to their destination.

Aish!” said the five altogether in frustration.

“Let’s go, we have to board the plane now,” said Wooyoung, happy to have escaped the questioning at least for now. He knows it’s going to happen one of these days and he’s okay with that but not now. His head is really heavy he just wants to sleep the two hours flight away.

Kaja, yedera. Wooyoung-ah, we’ll get you later,” said Minjun.

“Don’t miss out any detail or we’re gonna wrestle you for it,” added Taecyeon.

Arassoyo, hyung. Later,” Wooyoung obliged, weakly.

At times like this, he really wishes that they do not know anything about his relationship because as much as he cares about his groupmates, he cares about keeping some privacy to himself. I guess it can’t be helped this time around, he thought as they make their way to board the plane.

“I THINK SEYOUNG-AH LOOKS BETTER NOW THAN A WHILE AGO, don’t you think so, Sangwoo-ah?” said Mi-sook, Seyoung’s mother in her drama Glorious Day.

“I think so too Sunbaenim, she looks relieved about something. Does this have something to do with someone who’s currently going crazy?” teased Sangwoo.

Sunbae,” Seyoung said, feigning ignorance. “It’s nothing like that,” she added, trying hard not to blush.

“Yeah, nothing, like you’re believable with that blush on your face. It’s okay, just be careful,” Sangwoo adviced.

“Be careful about what?”

“Nothing, if you really want to put it that way, it’s fine. Just remember and accept that the general public can be scary sometimes,” Sangwoo said.

“He’s right Seyoung-ah, keep that in mind. Listen to your Sunbaes,” Mi-sook agrees.

Arassoyo, Sunbaenim. I’ll keep your words in mind,” she accepted.

“Okay people look lively; this is one of the last scenes. Get ready,” called the director. “Hana,tul, set, action!”

I WONDER IF HE’S REACHED HIS HOTEL ALREADY, said Seyoung to herself. The director gave them an hour long break before shooting the final scene. She closed her eyes for a few second and reached for her pouch to check her phone. Sure enough, there’s a Missed Call and a message from Wooyoung. The message read:

Seyoung-ah, the plane landed and we’re now at the hotel. I slept all throughout the plane ride and I’m feeling better; don’t worry. We’re gonna rest for a bit then head straight for rehearsals. I know it’s your last shooting day, good luck! Fighting uri yeochin. <3

She typed a quick reply:

I’m happy and relieved that you’re feeling better. That’s good to know. Good luck on your performance too, uri sarangseuron namchin. <3

She pressed send, made sure that the message was sent for good measures then returned the phone in her pouch. She was checking herself out on the mirror when her phone rang – it’s Wooyoung. She hurriedly answered the phone.

“Wooyoung-ah, how’s the rehersal?”

“Difficult and fun at the same time; we’re given a 10 minute break and I wanted to hear your voice badly.”

Wae? Is something wrong?”

Ani, geunyang it comforts me.”

“Hmmm, you’re really having a tough time.”

“It’s not that. It’s just when I hear your voice, I feel like being wrapped in my blanket. You know that feeling?”

“You mean feeling sleepy?”

Yah, it’s not like that.”

“I know, I’m just kidding. It’s comforting to hear your voice too. It’s like coming home.”

“Yes, to a resting place where I don’t need to put up any image or try so hard to please everyone.”

Ne, that exactly,” she said. “I have to go; I want to check my lines for the last time before we shoot.  I’ll message you later.”

“Seyoung-ah, I want to ask you something,” he said.


Will you give me a kiss when I get back?”

“Jang Wooyoung-ie! Here I thought.. Concentrate on your performance. I have to go,” she said turning crimson. This guy is really unpredictable sometimes.

“Answer me first, palli..”

“Do you really want it that much that I kiss you first?”

“Yes,” he said firmly.

Arasso, I’ll think about it until you get back. Am hanging up now,” she said then pressed the end button. Honestly with what she’s planning, she just might really kiss him first like he wanted.

A YY Couple Fan Fiction: We Are Dating, Chapter 7


Chapter 7: “Officially Meeting The Bosses Part 2”

They both stood up from the sofa abruptly, surprised by the sudden arrival of her parents and her father’s words – insinuating a drinking bout to determine Wooyoung’s courage and worth.

Annyeonghaseyo, Abonim, Omonim, have you been well?” greeted Wooyoung trying his best not to show his nervousness.

“Yes I have been well, but I can’t say you’re going to be after our talk,” replied Seyoung’s father. He then turn to his wife, “Yeobo, get the table ready, I’ve been waiting for this talk for some time now.”

Appa, wait a minute please. I don’t think it’s a good idea for you and Wooyoung to have a drink right now,” said Seyoung, trying to interfere with the drinking bout that’s about to come. “Wooyoung has to fly out of the country tomorrow.”

“I heard that part, but that’s tomorrow and not today so I think this young man can still have a drink with me and show me what he’s made of.” Said Seyoung’s father; not taking any excuse at all.

“But still, Appa, he needs to prepare for the flight and he’s going to perform,” voiced Seyoung. She doesn’t want Wooyoung to be in trouble later and at the same time she doesn’t want her father to overdrink too.

“So you’re already taking this young man’s side, is that it?” her father accused firmly.

At this point Wooyoung has completely gathered his courage. He said, “Abonim, it’s okay, I’m ready to talk to you. I’m sorry if I was not able to come to greet you sooner; my group just made a comeback recently and we have been promoting. Jwesonghamnida.

Kure, I understand about the comeback and promotion, but you still have to drink with me. You think you can date my youngest daughter just like that without asking for my permission first? You’re dead wrong young man,” declared Seyoung’s father. He called for his wife, “Yeobo-ah, is the table ready yet? He said he’s ready, I want to see how long he’s going to last.”

“The table is ready yeobo-ah, don’t make too much noise in there. Your granddaughter is sleeping,” replied Seyoung’s mother.

Gahpshida, I’ll be considerate and finish this as quickly as possible. Let’s see how prepared you are,” her father said to Wooyoung.

“Yes, Abonim, I am prepared,” answered Wooyoung resigned to whatever is going to happen next. You’ll be okay Wooyoung-ah, you just have to be honest and sincere. You’ll survive, are the thoughts that’s running in his head as he follows Seyoung’s father to what seems to be a music room, judging by the instruments carefully arranged all over.

Seyoung followed closely, worry etched all over her beautiful face. What if this turns out bad? Hold on, he drove himself here right? Oh my God! Should I call his manager or something so he can still make it to his flight tomorrow even if he gets himself seriously drunk tonight? Why is Appa suddenly being this old fashioned by the way? Aaah, this is driving me crazy! She’s having this one sided conversation in her head.

 Before he sat down in front of the prepared table, she touched his arm, causing him to turn to her. They looked at each other, their eyes asking and answering questions they can’t voice out in the current situation; hers seems to be asking if he’s gonna be okay, and his reassuring that he’s gonna be fine.

Unbeknownst to them, their silent exchange is not oblivious to her parents, and both of them are hiding their smiles especially her father, who has been showing a tough image that’s nowhere near his usual self. His desire to know about Wooyoung’s true feelings for his daughter though is not an act, for first and foremost, he is her father and she is his youngest daughter. He cares for her wellbeing and as much as he likes seeing his daughter happy and in love, he doesn’t want to see her broken and sad. I will have to make sure that this man is gonna treat her the way she should be treated, thought Seyoung’s father.

“Sit down so we can begin,” said Seyoung’s father, sounding impatient – his words made Wooyoung and Seyoung snap out of their little private moment.

“Yes, Abonim,” replied Wooyoung and took his seat. He feels like he’s having a mental breakdown even though he’s accepted what’s about to happen, he still feels so worried he might make a mistake or say something wrong.

Wooyoung was handed a shot glass of soju, full to the brim. Seyoung can only shake her head while he downed the liquor in one go because her father was watching him. This was repeated three more times and she can see that the alcohol is getting to him already.

Appa, drink slowly please. Wooyoung’s gonna pass out anytime soon at your phase,” she said.

“Oh so you are more worried about him than your father,” her father said, trying to sound pained.

“It’s not like that Appa, he has to drive himself home. But at this rate I don’t think he can,” Seyoung reasoned. She looked at Wooyoung who’s clearly feeling the effect of the alcohol and decided, “This won’t do; I’m going to call his manager to pick him up.”

“Seyoung-ah I’m okay,” Wooyoung said holding her hand to stop her from calling his manager. “It’s still early, and I want to talk to your father.”

“See, he is okay, why are you so worried about someone who is okay?” Seyoung’s father said. He can see clearly that his daughter really love this young man and he can’t help but smile. Ah, to be young and in love. I think I need to start questioning Wooyoung now, he thought.

Abonim, let’s continue. Please, let me pour you a drink.” Wooyoung said, composing himself.

“Sure, pour me a drink. While you’re at it, I have a question for you. What do you like about my daughter?” Seyoung’s father asked.

Wooyoung was just a bit surprised, he was expecting such questions, and he has watched some dramas after all. Still, he couldn’t speak right away, afraid he’ll say something wrong. Thus he took a deep breath, composed himself and said, “I like that she independent and dependent at the same time Abonim because I can rely on her and she, too, can rely on me.”

“That’s a good answer. Now drink up,” said Seyoung’s father, pleased with what Wooyoung said. He saw that the two shared a quick look and smiled. He added, “Are you planning to date my daughter seriously or are you just fooling around?”

Wooyoung almost chocked on his soju when he heard the question. Seyoung handed him some tissue right away to wipe his mouth. He cleared his throat before speaking, “Abonim, I have all the intentions to date your daughter seriously and not otherwise. As you know we met and got close to each other through a show but if I don’t really feel anything strong towards her, I wouldn’t pursue what we have and turn it into a real relationship. I can’t promise that I won’t make her cry, but I promise, I’ll always be there to wipe her tears before it ever falls,” he declared while looking at Seyoung.

“Now that is very reassuring, it keeps my mind at ease,” said Seyoung’s father, shedding his façade. “Actually, I’m just trying to be difficult, to see if you’re gonna back down. But you didn’t. That’s a good quality. And also, I can see that my Seyoung really cares about you. There’s only one thing though that I would like to let you know.”

“What is it Abonim, malssuemhaseyo,” said Wooyoung.

“Seyoung is my youngest daughter and as such, I love her dearly. I know misunderstandings can’t be avoided but if ever those misunderstandings happen to break her and make her really sad, you may have to think of a way to survive longer on your own because I am going to ruin you, understand?” warned Seyoung’s father.

“I understand Abonim, I’ll keep that in mind,” said Wooyoung, tension finally slipping from his shoulder. He looked at Seyoung and they nod at each other.

Geunde, Appa, why were you being so firm a while ago when you’re gonna let him off anyways?” she asked her father.

“I just wanna see him nervous. I watched your first WGM episode and ah; it’s been a long time since I saw a young man that nervous to meet a lady. He looks really fun,” confessed Seyoung’s father. “Did you know, it reminded me of when I first met your mother?”

Appa..” whines Seyoung.

Yah, uri ttal, you shouldn’t behave like that, your boyfriend is here,” her father teases her some more.

“He’s probably enjoying himself seeing me acting cutesy,” she said.

Abonim, she’s right, I’m enjoying seeing her act like this. Is she always so pokerfaced most of the time?” Wooyoung asked Seyoung’s father, finally at ease.

“She’s usually full of aegyo when she’s with us. I see she sometimes shows you her true self during your shoot, didn’t you notice?”

“I was really thinking that is the case, but then she changes again like she turns everything upside down, it makes me crazy,” Wooyoung confessed.

Aigoo, she really has you in her hands. Well, her mother has me in her hands too and I’m not complaining,” said Seyoung’s father.

“What’s this, your father’s done? Are they best friends now?” asked Seyoung’s mother when she stepped in the room. Seyoung’s sister came to pick Hayoung up and she saw them off.

“I think so to Omma, now they’re talking about us,” said Seyoung in disbelief. “Ani, he just said something and Appa is like, okay, just don’t make her cry, keut.

“You really thought your father has it in him to intimidate a person? You took after your father, and you’re the sweetest, caring and kindest person I know, uri ttal,” said her mother while brushing her hair off her eyes.

She was about to say something when her father spoke.

Yeobo-ah, Seyoung-ah, come here. Uri Wooyoung-ie is gonna play something for us. He said he’s gonna sing one of his songs from his first album,” said her father.

Seolma, is it This Is Love again?” said Seyoung, teasing.

Ani, something else; why do you always bring up that song?” he asked, pouting.

Arasso, I won’t say it again. Come on, play your song.”

He sat in front of the piano and before he started to sing he looked at Seyoung, “This song is for you, Only Girl.”

Close your eyes and listen to this song
This song I sing for you
I will meet you in my dreams and tell you about my love
Having you next to me feels like a dream

When I see you smile, when I see pretty you
I fall in love more and more
I think of you before I go to bed, I close my eyes and sing of you
I want to be your dream

My only girl, my only girl
My only girl, my only girl
My only, my only, my only girl

Her father was clapping the loudest when he played the last note. He was really pleased with Wooyoung and he can’t hide it. All those nervousness for nothing chincha, she thought.

“Waah, it’s really different if an idol performs for you. The level is really different. Come, let’s drink some more. Tell me some stories about your tours out of the country,” said Seyoung’s father to Wooyoung as they make their way to the table for another round of drinking.

Appa, he has to go out of the country tomorrow!” said Seyoung a bit annoyed.

“Seyoung-ah, it’s okay. I messaged my manager; he’s coming in an hour,” he said then turned to Seyoung’s father. “What was I saying Abonim? Ah, out tour in Japan, that was really something…”

Seyoung can’t help but scratch her head, at this rate he’s really gonna get drunk, she thought. And she was right. When Wooyoung’s manager arrived after an hour, Wooyoung can barely stand on his own. His manager and she had to hold him up.

Abonim, Omonim, I’ll be going now. I’m going to visit again soon,” Wooyoung said to her parents.

Kure Wooyoung-ah, have a safe trip okay,” said Seyoung’s father. He then said to her daughter “Seyoung-ah we’ll be sleeping now okay. Just see him off and come back.”

“Yes, Appa,” she said and helped Wooyoung and his manager to the car.

“Seyoung-ah, mian; I shouldn’t have drank too much but I can’t say no to your father,” Wooyoung apologized.

“It’s okay, why are you saying sorry. I should say sorry, you drank because of my father. What if you get in trouble later on?”

“It’s okay, I won’t be in trouble,” he assured her. “Quickly go in, before your father thinks of something.”

Arasso. Be careful okay. Call or message me when you reach home,” she turned and move to go inside the house. Just as he was about to go in, she heard him call her. She turned around and asked, “Wae?”

“Saranghae, Park Seyoung-ie,” he said, forming a heart with his hand.

She smiled and formed a heart just like him, “Nado, Saranghae, Jang Wooyoung-ie.”

He went inside the car, opened the window and waved at her as the car leaves.

She waved back and only stopped when the car can no longer be seen.