On Repeat: 못참겠어(Can’t Help Myself ) – Eric Nam Feat. 로꼬

Today is Wednesday! It’s a really, really wonderful day. I feel supercharged despite the lack of sleep. I can’t help myself. ^_^ Is this a telling reason, or it is?

In actuality, it is. This song is one of the reasons for my really lifted spirit today. This song here is a party; the melody, rhythm, everything about it screams party! And honestly I’m dancing like am imbecile here just listening to it. Eric Nam always delivers in my opinion. He touches my heart with his slow songs and he can make me dance. He did with Ooh, Ooh and again with Can’t Help Myself. I love everything about this particular song even the lyrics. It’s good and wonderfully written if I may say so.  And the MV.. Wow! Just wow! I did wish that the girl was Solar though. I think it would be really adorable just like how adorable they are in We Got Married.

So, yeah, party today because it is a Wednesday. I have great music on loop and I’ll watch a really awesome drama before the day ends. Best of both worlds if you ask me, makes life really awesome!