Sweet Words of Uncertainty

She was her parent’s pride and joy,

Their own drop of sunshine

Their summer morning mist,

From the day she was born.

She is a princess they’ve waited for so long,

Just because they wanted a good life for her;

A life where she could do whatever she wants,

Be whoever she wants and more.

Indeed there’s a lot that she wanted,

Like travelling all over the world,

Be a supreme ballerina, a dancer,

A teacher, a pilot, a writer.

She thought of being an engineer,

For the love of the environment.

It would have been wonderful,

Spectacular, should it happen.

That’s all uncertain now,

For the past few days,

Since she sent this message:

“Mom, Dad, I love you.”

Sweet words, should have been reassuring,

Sweet words with the opposite effects.

Sweet words should have been relieving,

Not confirming the uncertainty.

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