Sorrow Every Morn

Lost in the dark,
Mending a broken heart.
Unsure where to start,
Fixing the gaps and parts.
Everything runs deeply,
I am hurt completely.
It is really that easy,
To throw this all away?
It’s easy to say forever,
Though you know it could be over.
It won’t be that much longer
To see that all is gone.
And here you was the one who said hold on,
That you can never make it on your own,
How could you leave me all alone,
To face the sorrow every morn?
I was so wrong
To think we belong
Dreaming of something
not mine all along.
Sure is all wrong
To hope so strong
That you’ll return
And I won’t be alone.
Now it will never matter,
I know that all is over.
I would stay on my own
And face the sorrow every morn.

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