Six Months

Six months, six whole months,

Did that time really passed by unnoticed?

Six months, six awesome months,

Of writing my guts to my heart’s content.

Who would have thought I’ll come this far,

Surely not me who knows herself almost fully.

Certainly not my dear ‘partner in crime’

Who knows the real me at best by far.

The first question is what, followed by how;

Followed by several counts of why.

Then a few deep breaths,

And a somehow radiant smile.

The realization is enthralling;

Because me stick to something –

Surreal, not worth believing,

Yet here I am.

Six months after deciding to pick the pen

After building a sort of open home for my thoughts,

After fully embracing what I wanted and hoped for;

Yes, I’m still here.

And no, I’m not saying it’s easy

I’ve my shares of falling out;

Like I’ve taken a drought of inspiration,

Instead of an essence of realization.

There’s no guarantee that I’ll stick around,

I’ll always keep changing my mind.

So for now a simple goal –

I wish to be around maybe six months more.

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  1. missienelly says:

    Congrats! You survived! Great to have you in the blogosphere 😀

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