Modern Farmer A React-Cap Ep 6


ErlNotEarl: Episode 6, woohoo, we’re doing our best to catch up with Modern Farmer and we are loving it, right, Nelly? The humor, the boys, the villagers, they have all grown on me and I want more!

Missienelly: Yeah, I want more too! Currently I’m watching 12 dramas and lately, I have been looking forward to Modern Farmer more and more. That’s the truth!

ErlNotEarl: 12? That many? And here I am watching only this show. Anyways, are you ready? Let’s go?

Missienelly: So, so ready! Let’s go crazy with them!

ErlNotEarl: Wookay! Let’s rewind for a bit to Hyuk sewing little Minho’s bag, while Yoon Hee sleeps in a sitting position without anything to lean on, I haven’t tried that. How about you Nell?

mf6 1 mf6 2

Missienelly: I don’t think I have. But listen, forget about her! I’m distracted by Hyuk and his puppy eyes. Awwwwww, my heart  breaks and lookie lookie. He wanted to put her to bed! How sweet! Omo! What the….? Gosh this drama is just too much!

ErlNotEarl: I know right, just when my heart starts to hurt and I begin to melt, aaaah.. How can he drop her like that? HAHAHAHAHA.

Missienelly: That was a hard drop! And he complained how heavy she is? Oh geez…. He is failing big time! Not cool, Hyuk! Not cool!

mf6 3 mf6 4

ErlNotEarl: It’s not cool but it’s funny. Kekeke. Ahh, Mr. Flower is playing hard to get, it seems they have to slave away some more in his farm before he teach them his secret, thankfully his mother is kind, although she can’t shut her trap; she gives them food all the time.

Missienelly: I like microphone ahjumma and regardless of her big mouth, Mr. Flower should be lucky to have her as his mom. But you’re right, he is playing hard to get. I hate him for torturing our boys. H.A.T.E!!!

ErlNotEarl: Just look at it this way, nothing comes for free in this world. Aw but look, Ki Joon now knows how to apologize. I think we will be shipping this pair together, am I right Nell?

Missienelly: You’re  more forgiving than me! Anyway, I’m totally shipping them, Erl. We must. They are match made in Ha Doo Rok Ri hehehe. Oh my god, I don’t think I can watch this! Oh my god! Is this really happening????

mf6 5 mf6 6

ErlNotEarl: It’s happening alright and I like what I’m seeing and that goes for microphone ahjumma too. Oh my God, the whole village will know about this I tell you! Is it bad if I laugh at that?

Missienelly: In my mind, it makes sense but in ahjumma’s head, they are totally making out in the field!!! Look at his “help me” face!!! I’m with you, Erl. I’m laughing so hard and I don’t feel bad about it! Just enjoy it, Ki Joon-ah!

ErlNotEarl: Look here though, I really don’t get this, I mean kids, seriously! Isn’t it enough that he doesn’t know his dad? sigh

Missienelly: Sorry, I can’t help but looking at his jiggly tummy! But yeah, mean kids are everywhere and I do not like them. Period.

mf6 7 mf6 8

ErlNotEarl: Same here. Hmmm, I think MinKi has had enough of Han Chul talking and thinking about Soo Yun all day. He can’t stand it anymore.

Missienelly: The man is drunk in love. And he needs a little push. I’m a bit annoyed with him too. He needs to man up a bit! Just confess already!

ErlNotEarl: Yes, man up Han Chul! And come on boys, just ask him already why he doesn’t have that much time. You’re too slow. Wait, MinKi sees little MinHo nursing his feelings under the shade of a tree.

Missienelly: Rock star! But look at his sad face…. tsk tsk tsk

mf6 9 mf6 10

ErlNotEarl: I feel sorry for the kid. Aww so cute, MinKi’s gonna help little MinHo to get even. I know you’re not pro violence but these kids are asking for it.

Missienelly: But I admired MinHo’s courage to go back and revenge. Most kids wouldn’t. I wonder what trick MinKi taught him.

ErlNotEarl: That we shall see. It’s fun though, I dunno why but I have this feeling that MinKi is seeing himself in MinHo and I love it, I really do.

Missienelly: Hah, I think the same way too. Especially with MinKi being the only child…

ErlNotEarl: I wouldn’t know the feeling of an only child though.. Here comes one of the boys, Ki Joon. I guess all the venom has been sucked out of those lips. Kekeke. Of course the whole village knows the news about them kissing. Kekeke

mf6 11 mf6 12

Missienelly: And they are now married and she’s ready to pop their precious baby! LOL

ErlNotEarl: Oh the glorious speed of humours. As speedy as the person who took Yoon Hee’s brother’s boxing gloves. I wonder where could it be, hmmmm..There they are! Wow! Done professionally huh? Well done MinKi, well done!

Missienelly: Yes, well done MinKi! Rockstar and Big Belly made up!!! Yipppppeee! I’m just gonna close my eyes on that little rock!

mf6 13 mf6 14

ErlNotEarl: I thought I was the only one. Kekeke. Oh, oh, Yoon Hee’s worried about his son. And there he is with MinKi. Of course he happily runs to his mom and look at how happy that swollen little face is. I think I’m falling more in love.

Missienelly: Hey, I’m a mom. I would be worried too!

ErlNotEarl: I know you would, it’s worth worrying about. See, what did I say? He really does see himself in MinHo, he was in the same situation when he was young. And he has a point, MinHo is a kid, he needs to feel and be like a kid and be protected. I just got teary eyed, that was so wonderfully said MinKi.

Missienelly: MinKi may be childish but he said all the right word. Deep down Erl, this guy is very wise. So, so wise.

ErlNotEarl: And now I have all the reason to ship him with Yoon Hee. Lookie, little MinHo apologizing. Aww, my heart, it’s the hormones Nell, I blame it on the hormones, I am tearing up here.

Missienelly: Pffffh, you’re hormonal, aren’t ya? MinHo is really cute tho.

ErlNotEarl: A bit yes, otherwise the moon must be full. HAHAHAHA, this show is giving me a split personality really. Good heavens, I haven’t felt like this since Flower Boy Ramyun and this is just so awesome. That flying kick! GAH! LOL

mf6 15 mf6 16

Missienelly: LOL did ya see his face???? WHAT A FACE! Good job Yoon Hee!

ErlNotEarl: I did, I saw the face. Yoon Hee is the woman! Great news, the boys are finally getting their farming training. FINALLY!

Missienelly: Eeeeeeeewwwwww, I wouldn’t taste the dirt! Han Chul deposited his gems there! Yuck yuck yuck! But Flower ahjusshi is just too much! Really too much. Just teach them already!

ErlNotEarl: But wait, there is a village meeting and wow, they’re advance now, through SMS. Nice! What’s the meeting about though?

mf6 17 mf6 18

Missienelly: They are advanced! I don’t know what is the meeting is about. Let’s find out!

ErlNotEarl: Ooooh, so he’s the last bachelor… Err, is that a big thing?

Missienelly: Bahahahaha. Small village problem! They take every little thing dead serious! I agree with drunken ahjusshi, who would wanna move there? Omo! Omo omo omo, I would fall for that pic too!

mf6 19 mf6 20

ErlNotEarl: Am I bad if I find it funny that he has a history of getting dumped? Yeah, I think so too. I know, I’m a borderline sadist. But really, I don’t think it’s going to work, she out of his league.

Missienelly: You are truly a sadist, Erl. I don’t even think that way… Be positive for once! Jjaebal, he is our last bachelor on earth! LOL

mf6 21 mf6 22

ErlNotEarl: Alright, let’s say he has a 2% chance, will that be enough? But oh, so they have no choice but to help because they need a house for their seedlings. Hmmm, this is going to be fun, I think. But bah, MinHo is not allowed to speak to his hero Ahjusshi. Wait, don’t you find it weird that he is being called an Ahjusshi?

Missienelly: Weird? Nah, he is definitely ahjusshi since he’s a few years younger than Yoon Hee.

ErlNotEarl: But he doesn’t look like an Ahjusshi. OMO! Han Chul pretending to be a girl for the blind date training? First the “moob” and now this? I just can’t!

Missienelly: He is the perfect girl! LOL Did you see the way he sit??? So girly!

mf6 23 mf6 24

ErlNotEarl: I know right, I can’t even sit like that for more than twenty minutes! I find it so funny that they’re using If originally by Bread as the background music, oh em, I can’t breathe! His favorite sport is digging! I didn’t know that was considered a sport.

Missienelly: I don’t get it! Why? That is NOT a sport! Pst, I don’t know that song.

ErlNotEarl: Holy Mother, how will the boys succeed with a manly man like that and wait, isn’t underwear supposed to stick to your butt or something? I don’t get it.

mf6 25 mf6 26

Missienelly: Gross! But what the hell is wrong with his face??? Why so red?

ErlNotEarl: It’s because of the uncountable bottles of makgeolli he consumed gf. Oh, he managed to be decent. Alright, I agree with you Nell, Drunken Ahjusshi looks handsome.

Missienelly: He clean up gooooooood! See, told ya so! He is handsome! Ooooph, that hair! I wanna mess with his hair!

mf6 27 mf6 28

ErlNotEarl: I was expecting you to say that, you and hair really. Kekeke. Ewwww, Nell, just ewww! shudders Grandpa what were you thinking?

Missienelly: All my hairs are standing now! That is just…. I give up!

mf6 29 mf6 30

ErlNotEarl: I’m with you. Ooooh, who is MiYoung? And why is Drunken Ahjusshi calling her in the familiar form? How come he knows her?

Missienelly: Friend? Neighbor? Cuz?

ErlNotEarl: The way she calls him Oppa, hmmm.. Completely suspicious. By chance, an ex girlfriend? What do you think, Nell?

mf6 31 mf6 32

Missienelly: Dun dun dun! Perhaps!!!! Something bad must have had happened for drunken ahjusshi omma to get this pissy!

ErlNotEarl: I think so too, let’s wait and see. So today is the real start of the training for our boys. Wow, so ADEQUATELY is the real deal with planting cabbages. I need to remember that. Oh wait, I can’t really make anything grow, I don’t know how to. Every plant I planted perished within a day; never mind, forget it.

Missienelly: Its about freaking time!!! Finally they are doing farming 101! You can’t grow anything, Erl??? Hehehe, now I feel better! I have a green thumb! Woohooo!

ErlNotEarl: It’s one of my flaw. I’m not proud of it but I mostly just never mind. Mr. Flower’s sister took a fancy at our boys, and it’s extremely noticeable. Kekeke. But Mr. Flower is too much to point it out, come on, cut the girl some slack.

Missienelly: I like her and I know she has her eyes on uri MinKi. My hunch says so. Agree? I don’t think anyone would dare going out with her. Look at her oppa!

ErlNotEarl: The boys said it themselves too. Ah, I think we’re gonna find out what’s the deal about Drunken Ahjusshi and MiYoung. They asked the right person. Microphone Ahjumma is going to talk about it, she’s won’t be able to stop herself.

Missienelly: Kekekeke she can’t keep any secrets! Urgh, look at Mi Young’s younger hair! Horrible! Wait, so…. Flower ahjusshi was interested in Mi Young too??? What the hell…. this drama better not go makjang on us!

mf6 34 mf6 33

ErlNotEarl: I think so too, and I am hoping for this drama to not go into that direction. Oh, I know that line, I know that line! Love means never having to say you’re sorry; it’s from that 1970 Novel turned movie Love Story. Waah! Drunken Ahjusshi so romantic, I melt.

Missienelly: Erl, is there anything that you don’t know??? Your brain is a database of all things mushy romance! That’s a compliment!

ErlNotEarl: Kekeke. There are things that I don’t know, but the mushy romantic things was from that time when I used to be a hopeless romantic, that girl is long gone. Drunken Ahjusshi is romantic, awww, he really sent her to college, he’s so kind. But aaaah, how could she. sobs

Missienelly: My poor, handsome, drunken ahjusshi! I’m laughing so hard how they describe his broken heart feeling… So poetic!

mf6 35 mf6 36

ErlNotEarl: I know right, this drama never cease to amaze me. Oh, an upgrade! Canned foods! It’s better than ramen right, Nell? I think it’s better than ramen and ramen is actually better than Yoon Hee’s aunt’s cooking.

Missienelly: Way better! You can get bloated from eating ramen all the time! Omo, she’s gonna make dinner! Hmmm I wonder what crazy dish she will prepare for the boys!

mf6 37 mf6 38 mf6 39 mf6 40

ErlNotEarl: You and I both. Whatever it is though, I can smell disaster. I wonder how Drunken Ahjusshi’s date really looks like in person, I don’t believe the photo. Everything can be photoshopped nowadays.

Missienelly: Definitely photoshopped! Who is it? Who is it?????? OMG! Hot damn!!! What happened??? OMG she’s snorting like a pig on her first date!

ErlNotEarl: I can’t help but to laugh. Oh Lord, I knew it! The woman is completely different from the photo, not even a slight similarity.

Missienelly: She said pictures can be deceiving! Oh my god! This drama is hilarious!

mf6 41 mf6 42

ErlNotEarl: Writernim, I really love what you’re doing here, please continue! Nice! That looks fun, I wanna join the boys. Let’s play in the water too. Let’s go Nell, let’s go!

Missienelly: Errrr, you go right ahead. I don’t like to get wet!

ErlNotEarl: Wae? Getting wet is good. But wait, I didn’t expect that to happen. Goodness MinKi, why is it that you and Yoon Hee’s interaction always turns into a disaster?

mf6 43 mf6 44

Missienelly: Lovers quarrel? OMG! He is so silly!!!! He chased her like a silly kid! Cho, cho cute tho!

ErlNotEarl: Really cute but, ah, what a mess! Oi, the girl with the pink wig, what did she just call Hyuk? Oraboni? Nice! And she said she’s invited for dinner. Gah, why am I dreading it?

Missienelly: She’s crushing so hard on Hyuk! Shut up, Han Chul! Okay, I’m so ready to know what she prepared for dinner! Fusion cuisine!!! Hey, that is something!

mf6 45 mf6 46

ErlNotEarl: Fusion cuisine should be fun but, sorry not sorry, that looks awful! Awww, so this is why nobody bothered to speak. Oh the drama! But I am sick, I know that now because I am laughing at this. Kekeke.

Missienelly: Awwwwwww now I feel bad. She’s crying so hard! But it’s about time someone tell her the truth! She needs to know how bad her cooking is! If she wants to get mad, she should get angry with her husband. But in a way though, he is protecting her. He loves her too. Aish… I’m torn if I’m her. I don’t wanna hear the truth.

ErlNotEarl: The truth shall set thee free, milady. I guess Drunken Ahjusshi’s mother is more hurt than him that’s why she did that but poor Drunken Ajusshi. We finally get his story but I never did thought that it’s really sad. So sad.

Missienelly: Yeah, to be cheated by the woman he once loved. It is hurtful. I feel bad though that drunken ahjusshi had to go through another date because of his mom.

mf6 47 mf6 48

ErlNotEarl: He’s caught in the middle. Poor Drunken Ahjusshi. Wookay, I know it is MinKi’s fault that Yoon Hee sprained her ankle but I’ll sprain mine too if he’s gonna drive for me. Kekeke. And to sit between cute boys, I vote a yes please!

Missienelly: I so wanna trade places with Yoon Hee right now! To feel warmth from two hot studs… Bloody lucky gal!

ErlNotEarl: She’s lucky alright. I wish I was her. There is something about this song and its singer; I have this feeling in my belly that there is really something about it. Hmmmm.

Missienelly: Wait! Could it be her mother?

ErlNotEarl: Her mother? Hmmm, what if? So organic is not the thing anymore, where are they gonna leave all this veggies? Do you want them Nell?

mf6 49 mf6 50

Missienelly: Organic is overrated! But yeah, I’ll take them hehehe

ErlNotEarl: I knew you would. Yah, Han Chul-sshi, that’s too much water; the plants are gonna die! Snap out of it! But he has a point anyways, just go and confess! If it was me and I was dying I would definitely go for it, am gonna die anyways so just do it!

Missienelly: I so wanna kill him! He’s drowning those seeds! Ya, just confess already!

mf6 51 mf6 52

ErlNotEarl: I think he heard us, look at him go. Wow! I love this kind of scene, well I like that it’s happening to these two anyways – Ki Joon and Bul Ja, just date already.

Missienelly: I just love the flashback “kisseu” again! They are meant to be together.

ErlNotEarl: Really meant to be. So nice of MinKi for helping Yoon Hee, even if he wants half of the profit. Well it’s better than taking it back to the village right? And look here, he used to play in this club; the posters, wow! I’m as amazed as Yoon Hee.

Missienelly: The club owner is fangirling over MinKi a bit too much! LOL

ErlNotEarl: I fangirl on him like that I think. Kekeke. Han Chul watching the psycho girl, I don’t like your girl of choice but just make a move already, will you?

mf6 53 mf6 54

Missienelly: Yeah, there is nothing we can do at this point. The man is blinded by her beauty! So sad! The rejection is too funny! Stop Han Chul, she said no so just accept it! C’mon, staaaaaap! Oy, he’s that desperate, eh?

ErlNotEarl: From one broken heart to another, here’s Drunken Ahjusshi giving himself a pep talk about what happened last night. How convenient that he ran into MiYoung again, is this fate? Are they gonna fall in love once more? Am I still making sense?

Missienelly: At this point, I’m not sure she will fall for him. She has to care for her dad. Oh wait… she’s jealous! Mi Young is jealous drunken ahjusshi is going out on a date with miss piggy! God, she’s a pig, right Erl? snorts

ErlNotEarl: Definitely a pig, a drunken one too. Soju during the day? Oh Mary, I don’t think I can do that. Drunken Ahjusshi is really enduring everything for everybody’s sake.

Missienelly: Hey, I thought you’re pro at drinking! I salute drunken ahjusshi. His endurance is stronger than mine!

mf6 55 mf6 56

ErlNotEarl: I can handle my alcohol just fine but I don’t have alcohol for breakfast, thank you very much! Where is MinKi stopping by? Who is in that house, wait, wait, don’t throw the box. Ow, poor puppy. Is this his mom? Oh goodness, I think it’s his mom. This is unexpected.

Missienelly: Gasp, I thought his mom is dead! Oh my… He still loves his mom. I wonder what next episode will bring for us!

As the Cold Wind Blows, I Remember You

As the cold wind blows, I remember you,

Each and everything that we used to do;

Though some has been forgotten – far long gone,

Along with the words that was said and done.

The initial reaction is laughter,

Followed by a free, then controlled smile.

A thought – what if I gave in and falter,

Could we save what we have in that short while?

Will there be any significant change,

Or will everything just be all for naught?

Is it or is it not by chance derange,

To even stop and think such silly thought?

Then –

Well the cold winds blew, I remembered you;

And that time when I don’t have any clue.

When your gestures, your actions were construe,

And I’m confident not to end up blue.

I remembered all those nonstop flutters,

The sweetness, surreality of it all.

Yet now, believe I can’t help but shudder,

Was it me who did that, did I bawl?

Yes, those were the good near forgotten days,

That comes to memory with the cold wind,

The memories, not the feelings that stays,

Not felt by the heart, merely kept in mind.

Still –

As the cold wind blows, I remember you,

Each and everything that we used to do;

Though some has been forgotten – far long gone,

Along with the words that was said and done.

On Repeat: 눈부시다 (Dazzling) –스탠딩에그(Standing Egg)

I couldn’t sleep last night, I tried so hard but I couldn’t sleep. No, it doesn’t have anything to do with my phone because I have kept it on silent, I’m very diligent in keeping my phone on silent nowadays during bedtime because I easily get tempted to chat away and yes, that means no sleep for me which means I’ll be really, really grumpy the next day. Well, it’s a different story if I can have my fill of coffee, that is.

So why can’t I sleep? My housemates decided that it’s awesome to have a drinking session at 12:00am. They’re also under the impression that it’s cool to talk at the top of their voices even if they’re just facing each other so yes. I was waving goodbye to sleep when an idea crossed my mind: I can listen to some songs to drown the noise away. I remembered two people mentioned listening to a certain Indie Band to sleep, why not give it a try?

So, this poor soul who’s desperate to sleep resorted to creating a new playlist – a lullaby playlist that maybe later on I will share here, maybe. So far the playlist contains mostly songs from Standing Egg, yes, Standing Egg because I so believe the recommendation and I did fell asleep listening to Little Star not too long ago. That’s not the song I’m listening on repeat now though, it’s something else entirely. Although it’s also by Standing Egg, it’s not the song that I fell asleep to before and the impact is different. I’ll admit I’ve listened to this song before but it was just last night, in that ungodly hour did the song completely captured me.

It could be because I was strangely nostalgic yesterday for no particular reason, or maybe there is – it’s cold. But that’s for me to talk about in another post and not here. Wookay, the song that I’m currently listening to on repeat is 눈부시다 (Dazzling) by Standing Egg. When I first listened to it, it just registered as a sad song, last night though, or this early morning as we are talking 1:00am, it turned me into a mess. It’s not just the melody; it’s the lyrics that I understood mostly, to my amazement before I even looked the whole translation up.

I fell asleep listening to it, with this ache in my heart and I wanna share why. I went deep into the song, as deep as reading between every lines and I felt blue. Here’s why:

I can’t sleep,

The last song goes by again

I should stop; I can’t stop my heart now

Love goes by; followed by goodbye

The memory goes back

You wanted love, I just wanted you

That’s the reason I can’t sleep

It is more than usual not to get any amount of sleep specially when you’re reminiscing, listening to the songs you and the person you loved used to listen to back in the days. But it’s different this time around, you’re all alone but you won’t be able to control your thoughts to go back to that time. Then the realization that what she wanted was simple – a deeper connection, but you can’t and weren’t able to give it because you were not in the same page back then.

Now good bye to love

That time when I saw you,

You looked so dazzling

Now without love

When I looked back at that time,

I was so stupid

You now feel the lost, the pain of falling apart from each other. You see the importance and worth of that person but you can’t do anything anymore. All you can do is look back at what you’ve lost because it’s too late; the damaged has been done or probably the person you loved has had enough, being neglected.

I can’t sleep as the night is going late

I think about you again

I should stop; I can’t stop my heart now

Like this song

Love goes by; followed by goodbye

The memory goes back

You wanted a farewell (breakup), I just sent you away

That’s the reason I can’t sleep

And since you regret your mistake and lost, the more it is going to haunt you, no matter how you beg for it not to. It shall come back to you in any form possible, or mostly in a song. And you’ll remember that you couldn’t do anything, when that person you love asked to walk out of your life but to set that person free. Because only then did you realize – you haven’t been exerting that much effort, you haven’t proven whatever you have said to be real and more than words. But it’s way too late, way too late.

So yes, that’s what I have on repeat right now, a very sad song full of longing and regret resulting to lack of sleep. Almost like the current state that I am into, almost.

Lyrics Source | princess of tea |

Modern Farmer A React-Cap Ep 5


ErlNotEarl: I’m back – we’re back and still pretty much hooked with Modern Farmer, is that right Nelly? We’re pretty behind but it’s all fine; not spoiled one bit because I’ve been dodging spoilers like a pro soccer player. Plus am really in love with the show’s slapstick humor that not many people are in to, but oh well right? What say you Nelly?

Missienelly: I’m 100% deeply hooked with Modern Farmer. I had a good laugh with the last 3 episodes and I am expecting for more teary laughs!

ErlNotEarl: So do I. Shall we go down to business then, let’s go?

Missienelly: Go! Go! Go!

ErlNotEarl: Alrighty! I have a question, how much is the alcohol content of makgeolli for Yoon Hee to think that our boys are weaklings to pass out because of it? No, it’s wrong to ask you, I’ll Google it. Kekeke.

mf5 1 mf5 2

Missienelly: Uhm… yeah. As much as I wanna try it, I’m not a drinker. So I can’t help ya with that 😛

ErlNotEarl: And that’s why I’ll ask Mr. Google. Kekeke. Ah, Hyuk, are you trying to sing that lines because I sure did sing it in my head. sings: No ye nun ko ip Sorry, I got carried away. Turns out he’s just joking (?) and look at how flustered Yoon Hee is. Noooo, don’t fall for him, what about uri MinKi?

Missienelly: Nah, she’s a single mother. Her priority NOW is her son and family. She won’t be falling for MinKi or Hyuk that easily. But with that in mind, I will keep shipping for Hyuk and Yoon Hee for now!

ErlNotEarl: Yeah, there is that, sorry and just getting way ahead of myself here. I’ll ship MinKi and Yoon Hee though. 😀 But aish, they are feeding the cows together, isn’t that sort of a date, ish, in my twisted way of thinking?

mf5 3 mf5 4

Missienelly: I squeeeeed so hard though! Cow is my favorite animal anyway… Hehe, off track there. So yes, this count as a date even for a minute! 🙂

ErlNotEarl: I thought it was cats. Hmmm. Han Chul is still not in the mood and I guess he won’t be. The girl is there again, aaah! Why am I feeling embarrassed for him? Look at him hide behind MinKi and he’s shorter than him.

mf5 5 mf5 6 mf5 7

Missienelly: Cats too but I can’t bring cows inside my home, silly. So cats rule for now. I AM embarrassed for him! The poop and the breastfeeding incidents were… shudders. Let’s not go there.

ErlNotEarl: You don’t need to tell me twice Nell. Oooh! Daebak! I was thinking Mr. Flower is frustrated because he’s single but his wife and son?! I cannot believe what I see. I agree with MinKi, something is wrong with that picture!

mf5 8 mf5 9

Missienelly: It’s “Beauty and the Beast” Korean style, Erl. Nothing wrong with that picture, it happens everywhere hehehe.

ErlNotEarl: I guess so. Ah, so this is the fan holding SangDuRok Ri village head, he looks so conceited.

Missienelly: I do not like him. I see “butt face” written all over him right now.

mf5 10 mf5 11

ErlNotEarl: I agree with you there, he is a butt face. Wow, I can feel the intensity of the game seeping through my screen. I tell you this is one extreme Olympiad. And now I know why Grandpa doesn’t need to practice, he just wiped it out like that, DAEBAK! Harabeoji, jjang! There’s a short break and these villagers cannot eat without makgeolli I think. Wait, Yoon Hee’s aunt prepared kimbap, I smell trouble; did it just move?

mf5 12 mf5 13

Missienelly: It sure did! Too bad they cut MinKi’s kimbap scene was short! I wanna see the dramatic part – his torturous face while chewing whatever nasty wiggly stuff in that kimbap! And look what we got here??? Oh no! NOOOO!

ErlNotEarl: Oh no, the tables have turned; SangDuRok Ri swiped the game for the second half. Yoon Hee’s getting worried, I’m with her on that one. Do they stand a chance to win the Olympiad? MinKi’s positive but ah, I am uneasy.

Missienelly: Yes, I’m quite nervous for the boys. If they lost the tournament, the boys will  be homeless, village-less and broke!

ErlNotEarl: That, they will be. Aww, MinHo is soo cute! Nell, will you dress A like that? Kekeke.

mf5 14 mf5 15 mf5 16 mf5 17

Missienelly: He will give me a very dirrrrrrty look! A is classy, Erl! He will kill me!

ErlNotEarl: Kekeke, I forgot how classy he is, mian. I think MinKi is right, they just might win this thing, yay! Fighting, Fighting! Go for the win!

Missienelly: Go for gold! I love MinKi’s positive ‘tude! I know his life is depending on this and you gotta applaud for his winning spirit!

mf5 18 mf5 19

ErlNotEarl: Exactly but ooh, look at this! Cheaters! Cheaters I say! Argh! That chant though, great idea MinKi. HAHAHAHAHA. And they won, thanks to Han Chul’s swollen nipple. HAHAHAHAHA. I’m dying, help, I can’t breathe.

Missienelly: Saved by the MAN-boob!!!!! Muahahahhahaha!

mf5 20 mf5 21 mf5 22 mf5 23

ErlNotEarl: Saved by the “moob”. This Fan Holding village head, he’s just really so craving for the victory, ugh! So petty! Eottokke, our boys, will they be kicked out of the village now?

Missienelly: If I could get into the screen and strangle this Fan Holding asshat village head, I would!!! It looks like it is the end of our boys’ journey as farmers! I’m sure Mr. Flower, without a doubt, will force Yoon Hee to keep her words and kick them out any minute now! But wait, am I dreaming?

mf5 24 mf5 25 mf5 26 mf5 27

ErlNotEarl: Awww, these people are really kind, they all have hearts of gold. teary eyed I’m so touch, well not as touched as MinKi but, yeah, I am touched. And Yoon Hee kept her position too. Happy!

Missienelly: O.M.G! Unbelievable! I’m not dreaming! I’m as touched as MinKi, Erl!!! Wow!

ErlNotEarl: Indeed, it’s not a dream, they get to stay. I bet they’re all on cloud nine, not as much as Han Chul though who finally managed to save his face; but I still don’t like his girl of choice. Here comes Bul Ja with some wild honey and Ki Joon, you disappoint me, how can you be so harsh on her, she’s just thankful.

Missienelly: Karma is gonna come back and bite into Ki Joon’s flat ass! There, I said it.

mf5 28 mf5 29 mf5 30 mf5 31

ErlNotEarl: I will wait for that to happen Nell, I would definitely wait for it. Isn’t this scene funny? The look on their faces, gold I say gold! The word is adequately boys, remember that, okay. ADEQUATELY! Well I am with them, cabbage farming is deep and mysterious as per the supplier’s explanation that is.

Missienelly: Look at their faces! From normal to pale to zombie-like horror! But the supplier’s explanation is totally hilarious! He kept using “and then” over and over again! Funnnnay!

mf5 32 mf5 33 mf5 34 mf5 35

ErlNotEarl: Really funny! I showed it to my roommate because she’s curious why I’m laughing so hard and she laughed as hard as me. HAHAHA. But wait, how unlucky is Yoon Hee’s uncle really? I mean hit by a cow’s tail? Wow!

Missienelly: He is prone to injury! A very delicate man!

ErlNotEarl: Delicate or clumsy? The boys really need serious help and Yoon Hee mentioned of a Farming God and what do you know; turns out the Farming God is Mr. Flower, why am I not surprise? And as I expected he won’t give away his secret for free. So off they go, shoveling cow dung. Oh, the smell of fresh cow dung, I can still remember.

Missienelly: Oooph, don’t mention cow dung to me! Gross! I wasn’t expecting Mr. Flower though. I thought PD-nim is bringing in a new character. Drat, I had enough of this fake permed hair ahjusshi.

mf5 36 mf5 37

ErlNotEarl: Alright, I won’t say it again. Kekeke. They have plenty of characters already, I think that’s what the PD thinks too. Our poor Ki Joon, left on the roof. Everyone was so excited to eat watermelons they forgot about their maknae. Like that was not bad enough, he’s in need of a washroom too and pronto.

Missienelly: I have never seen a wimpy man in my life (wookay, I may exaggerate this part a bit but…)! C’mon, just jump already! And see, see…. Told ya! Karma got him  back!

ErlNotEarl: He thinks he’s gonna die or something if he jumps. LOL. Karma got back at him alright and what a way to fall, in time for everyone to see. Alright that’s an exaggeration but the “Microphone Ahjumma saw them so it’s good as everyone. There were bells though, bells were ringing! It’s a sign, they are meant to be. Just date her already Ki Joon-sshi.

mf5 38 mf5 39 mf5 40 mf5 41

Missienelly: Can someone hand me a pair of scissors? Get that creepy bangs off your pretty face, Bul Ja!!!! Let Ki Joon see you for himself! It’s kinda unfair, don’t you think? She can see him but he couldn’t. Kinda like one-sided love now…

ErlNotEarl: If I can pass one to you through the screen I would. I doubt if he’ll reject her if he sees how pretty she really is. Wookay, these guys really want Han Chul to date badly I think, they’re fueling him to move faster. Wait, if two of them have their love interests already, are we really going for a love triangle, MinKi, Yoon Hee and Hyuk? Shiro!

Missienelly: If it does happened, I’m going to have a second lead syndrome! I’m feeling sick already! Sorry MinKi, my heart is for Hyuk! For some reason, I’m losing interest on Han Chul and the psycho girl. I think it’s the psycho girl that turn me off more and more.

ErlNotEarl: We’re gonna be divided on this one, I don’t like it, but I love MinKi, I’m getting sad. The psycho girl is an appropriate name, I mean seriously. What kind of girl just sleeps anywhere? You’re right Nell, this girl is really something. What is Han Chul doing though? Noooo, back out, abort! Don’t do it!

mf5 42 mf5 43

Missienelly: Soooo divided! Too late for Han Chul though, curiosity won over him! Now shoo, Han Chul, shoo! Run and hide again! I bet he won’t be washing his hands now!

ErlNotEarl: I can see him doing that actually. Look at that goofy face. I so love how MinKi and Hyuk rile Han Chul, carry on boys, rain on his parade! I suddenly miss my college Oppas, they’re exactly like that.

Missienelly: Guys like to that, don’t they?

ErlNotEarl: They do, they surely do. Waaah, Ki Joon is now the talk of the town, of everyone, what did i say? That Microphone Ahjumma really is fast. No, we need to think of a better name for her. Omo, the news says he already has a child with Bul Ja? Wow!

Missienelly: But I’m dying from laughing over here. I like her as Microphone ahjumma! She is a chatter! But you know, the more Ki Joon denies it, the more rumors he will hear. Sorry Ki Joon ah, you just have to go with it for now.

ErlNotEarl: That is for sure, the more you deny, the more people will believe it’s true. Poor MinHo, this I don’t really get, I mean, why bully another person? I was 100% anti-bullying when I was still at school.

mf5 44 mf5 45

Missienelly: I actually don’t get it at first until later… But something is wrong though. Yoon Hee is asking them to drop the topic? Why? There must  be something she is fear of and I hope we will see how she tackle this bully issue on the next episode!

ErlNotEarl: I think it’s more of self blame, especially it is established that she’s a single mom right? You know how kids bully those other kids without a complete set of parents, like they’re not sad as it is. Sorry, I got carried away. The girl with a bad haircut though, so this is her part time job. Nice, me likey!

mf5 46 mf5 47

Missienelly: She sings really good. If I’m not mistaken, she is a singer. Most of her songs are Indie-like songs though… I adore her pink wig!

ErlNotEarl: She does have a nice voice and I love the pink wig and indie, indie is good. Behind you, your dad is behind you! OH EM! The second hand embarrassment.

Missienelly: Can I just slap her dad? Seriously! He’s overprotective but I get it. He is her dad and mom at the same time. Another story we have yet to discover. Where is her mom?

mf5 48 mf5 49

ErlNotEarl: That’s the question that I want an answer. This, I’ve done this before, drunk myself to oblivion. Sorry Nell, that was ages ago though, college days. Sometimes it’s just the best nurse ever, even Yoon Hee approves.

Missienelly: It’s a waste of money and youth… Oh well, I have an old soul.

ErlNotEarl: My soul is older than yours, it even sing songs older than myself. Hyuk reminds me of Chilbong so much, this is bad. He’s so nice and sensitive to comfort this idol wannabe girl. See, she’s falling for him too.

Missienelly: Second Lead Syndrome is in the air, Erl! I’m not sure if she’s falling for him, but she’s definitely touched by his sweet gesture.

ErlNotEarl: I’m afraid of this, I’m very afraid. And look at this, he can sew, my heart is already breaking. sigh Why is it that I am not ready for this road to come, not this early I mean. How about you Nell?

mf5 50 mf5 51

Missienelly: He’s a doctor and a surgeon (maybe?) so he should know how to sew. I’m ready to watch them falling in love but not ready to get my heart hurts for them. Sigh.

Modern Farmer A React-Cap Ep 4


Missienelly: Ja ja ja, we are now on episode 4. I loved episode 3 so, so much! The boys were hilarious. The whole villagers were funny as well. My hate towards Mr. Flower is growing, of course. But put that aside, are you ready Erl for episode 4?

ErlNotEarl: I’m soooo ready! Even got tea and some nuts to keep me company though I have this feeling that it’s a bad idea but oh well. Go crazy is my newest mantra. Mix with it with hilarious and voila, let’s go! Oh and I am with you with hating Mr. Flower, I hate him!

Missienelly: Good! We are on the same page on hating Mr. Flower! So let’s take a step back and recall on the last episode. The show ended with fire! I knew something bad would happened to them but fire??? I really was not expecting fire! These boys are clumsy, aren’t they Erl? But hey now, I’m distracted by their shorts!

mf4 1 mf4 2 mf4 3 mf4 4

ErlNotEarl: I actually got an inkling when the electricity was cut and they said they’ll use candles, but I brushed it aside because I was thinking they’re not the type to wriggle around so much in bed, right? But ah, yes, they’re really clumsy yet so fine in those shorts. Oh I got my perviness up again, sorry. But I’m lucky am seeing this even if their not. Teeheehee.

Missienelly: Speaking of luck, can’t they get a break? It is purely accident IMO but getting scolded by Mr. Flower? Where is the sympathy? Where is the love? Oh c’mon, not Yoon Hee too! I’m loving MinKi’s fighting spirit against the boys! He is ONE determined man (behind that cute face)!

ErlNotEarl: Mr. Flower will always hate, I expect nothing from him but that. Yoon Hee though, eonnie, please give them another chance. I applaud at MinKi, he’s showing great leadership alright and I have this feeling that the debt that he has is connected to them not being able to debut or something but let’s wait and see.

Missienelly: Okay Erl, you will be proud of me!!! I know this song!!! The eye of the tiger!!! Gotta applaud MinKi’s spirit! Geogjeongma, geogjeongma Yoon Hee-ssi!

ErlNotEarl: But you missed the song before that, I love that song, Speak Softly Love from The Godfather. Kekeke. Yay to the agreement, our boys are safe for now and I think we can work on shipping Yoon Hee with MinKi sooner. But before that what is wrong with this ahjusshi? I can’t even. Injury from  playing a game?

Missienelly: What? Damn, I completely missed that song! Seriously, he must be a game addict to sprain his finger!

ErlNotEarl: How can that be? I mean I am a game addict too, well that’s before I discovered that life can be really busy hardcore gaming gets neglected; but I never sprained my fingers to the point of bleeding. Anyways, ah, yes, I am expecting our heroine to take our boys in. She’s just very kind like that.

mf4 5 mf4 6

Missienelly: Yoon Hee and her heart of gold! Bahahahaha Look at Hyuk and his discovery of dead moths! And don’t you just love Ki Joon cute reaction and yell back that he could hear it all? Gwenchana gwenchana! Oh geez, Han Chul’s flashback in the field! Oy… what are we gonna do with them?

ErlNotEarl: What are we gonna do with them? We’re gonna love them and try to feed them and make sure they end up with the rightful girl, not some thug-like, field digging two faced girl like this fake muralist.

Missienelly: Ok Erl, if we ever meet one day, we must try drunken ahjusshi’s new recipe! Rice and makgeolli!

mf4 7 mf4 8

ErlNotEarl: That? Call, I think I can manage that. I dunno about you though. Kekeke. Loved his reasoning, he’s killing two birds in one stone, very creative drunken ahjusshi, here’s three claps for you. No claps for shaddy girl, nothing for you at all.

Missienelly: Oooooh her past! She is NOT an easy girl to deal with and she switched talking to satori! This girl is from Busan! We must know her past to know what she’s up to in this village!

mf4 9 mf4 10

ErlNotEarl: From Busan? day dreaming, swoony Wait, sorry, I blanked out for a bit with the mention of Busan. She’s not easy alright, just by the way she threatened the eonnie she’s talking to you can tell. Oooh, MinKi is whiny, am I sick if I find him cute while whining? Aigoo, those clothes!

Missienelly: That is Busan accent, Erl winks Aigoo aigoo aigoo… These rockers in ahjumma pants! So fashion forward! NOT! Bahahhaha the Kang Yoon Hee he remembered is long gone!!!! I just loved the way she nagged at them. But look at Hyuk, he keeps on smiling! Hmmmmmmm

mf4 11 mf4 12

ErlNotEarl: I laughed because MinKi said he’s not gonna wear those clothes even if he died but ended wearing them anyways.I laughed some more with Yoon Hee’s words, it’s like she’s dumping salt on MinKi’s wounds and completely tarnishing, no, that’s wrong; it’s like she’s obliterating the memory of his precious first love. Kekeke. I feel like Hyuk is getting attracted or something. I don’t wanna say it yet but, ah, maybe it might come.

Missienelly: Hey, she actually can draw!!!! Not bad! But what’s up with the attitude?

ErlNotEarl: I think your A can draw better than her, and it’s going to be detailed dinos, it’s going to be really lovely. Her attitude, she’s hostile, I refuse to see beyond that. If there’s something that I liked seeing it’s the boys with the wheelbarrow with Han Chul refusing to walk. Ah, the boys saw her and Han Chul, our poor Han Chul. She recognized him and hurriedly walked away.

mf4 13 mf4 14

Missienelly: Ahhhhh reliving the humiliation! I feel bad for Han Chul, his image is flushed down in the toilet. Along with his manhood! LOL

ErlNotEarl: If only we can turn back time to save his face. Kekeke. Who am I kidding, I laughed so hard on that part, I wanna keep it. Gah, I still laugh at the thought. Mian Han Chul-sshi. But in my defense I’m not the only person amused about it, the others are too. If only they understand what Han Chul really means, if they can only see behind the lines. Also, if they just know what’s the real deal between Ki Joon and Bul Ja, the character I am falling in love with.

Missienelly: So, are they going to do this sports event thingie? I smell disaster. I don’t know if I can watch this. The resentment from the villagers is too strong! Look at their faces, full of rage!

mf4 15 mf4 16

ErlNotEarl: They don’t have any choice but do it anyways, them doing the sports thingy is why Yoon Hee took them in in the first place. I am going to watch it, because it’s going to be a fun disaster, I love comedic horror. LOL. Seriously though they gave such a bad first impression that I’m not sure how they’re gonna turn things around. But compared to how angry the villagers are at Sang Doo Rook Ri’s village head, their resentment towards the boys are mild. Well how can you not hate that village head, lobbying really and using your widowed sister?!

Missienelly: Now I get it why they are so angry at Sang Doo Rok Ri village head.I think it is best to have these young blood join forces with the villagers to get their pride back, right? What could be wrong with that, right?

ErlNotEarl: It’s the best option that they have plus if they really wanna win, they have no other choice. Now if only MinKi can stop being so whiny about everything, that boy really. Aish!

Missienelly: Whiny MinKi is forever cute! But aiiii MinKi, did he have to say that??? Has he forgotten that he needs their help in order to stay back? Lookie lookie, his naughty finger is up to something!

ErlNotEarl: He just can’t shut his mouth sometimes. And that pride really, like he didn’t do anything wrong. And he wants to be fed after he caused trouble, oh the boy really. So funny when he ran away with  the watermelon though, so childish and petty oh and naughty. But who is this kickass boy about to kick MinKi’s ass?

mf4 17 mf4 18

Missienelly: Yoon Hee’s unrelated brother! facepalm It seems that MinKi get punched or kicked in nearly every episode! But now we know why Yoon Hee is being like this. She had to peel her angelic image to care for her family.

ErlNotEarl: Because he’s being such a pest, a cute pest. kekeke. Awwww, that’s so sad, the weight of the world on her shoulder and more. Fighting Yoon Hee, you can do it. MinKi on the other hand I doubt. Whine about everything, whine about the washroom!

Missienelly: I think of Song Jae Rim when MinKi said bidet. What is in MinKi’s head? Really I’m frustrated, can’t he connect the dot why this competition is THAT important to the villagers? Even this kid gets it! And I loved how he told MinKi to be mature! Ouch!

ErlNotEarl: The boy is really something, like her mom. As for MinKi well he is simple minded, he’s just clueless but look at him melting, he actually helped the kid with his performance, not bad my puppy, not bad at all.

Missienelly: How can you be tired from painting that wall? Aha! A said “the baddddddd girl.” See Erl, this is why we can’t trust her! Now we know what she’s up to!

ErlNotEarl: She’s treasure hunting alright because she had a tip from her customer at the bar. Five Million Dollars? OMO! That’s a lot of money! I want it!

Missienelly: I hope the boys will find the money before she does! That’s exactly how much they need, right?

mf4 19 mf4 20

ErlNotEarl: It’s more than what they need, more than enough. They can release an album, MinKi can pay his debt, Han Chul can get a second maybe third opinion. Oh, sorry, I went a bit overboard did I? Anyway, her disbelief of the “Oppa’s” story flew out of the proverbial window when she witnessed thugs taking him away to interrogate in a dark alley for the said money.

Missienelly: Ooooh, yes Han Chul could get surgery if needed too! Ha Doo Rok Ri = Hard Rock? Wow! We must speak English with Korean accent now, Erl. This is the way to go! Woookay?

mf4 21 mf4 22

ErlNotEarl: I  guess so, that’s the way to go and I am more than “Wookay” with that. Kekeke. Looky, this is a scene that I imagine you do with A all the time, it’s sweet. But hmmm, I smell something fishy. By chance Hyuk…

Missienelly: Omo! Is Hyuk in love with Yoon Hee? Look at that smile!!!! Look at the way he look at her!

mf4 23 mf4 24

ErlNotEarl: I can feel he is falling for her and oh no, I think I am too. Why is that? Why is he suddenly looking really shiny in my eyes? Noooo, I can’t be confused, think of MinKi, think of MinKi!

Missienelly: For 5am, it is extremely bright there! Hahahha, like a robot, he bowed to Yoon Hee’s kid brother! Look at all of them, avoiding from a proper breakkie meal! After that lonely crab dish, I would say no to her cooking too!

ErlNotEarl: I doubt it’s 5am, 5am where I am currently it’s possible. Every summertime the sun rises early in here so, yeah, I see the possibility but there. I don’t think so. I laughed when I saw that robot bow, I mean he’s younger than him, LOL. I second not having a proper breakfast, holy rabies, you mentioned the dish and I just, shudders she’s pretty but she sure doesn’t know anything about a proper meal.

Missienelly: She’s Korean’s Stepford Wife minus cooking ability! Morning makgeolli meeting? Shall we join him, Erl?

ErlNotEarl: Call! Can you handle it? Kekeke. I hate this girl really, ARGH! So fake, this two-faced b**ch. Drunken ahjusshi has an appointment with us already, me and Nell are joining his makgeolli meeting, move! Sorry, I lost myself in the moment like MinKi I guess. See, I knew he’s not that bad. If a kid can say he trust him, he’s definitely not bad. And ah, yes, I knew he’ll find it in him to apologize.

Missienelly: Geez, this fake permed hair ahjusshi wants the post! I knew he is up to something! But MinKi is adorable when he apologizes to Mr. Flower. I’m glad he put his guard down and talk to all villagers. He is putting effort to it. I’m proud!

mf4 25 mf4 26

ErlNotEarl: I think Yoon Hee replaced him, if I remembered it correctly. He wants the post back. Our MinKi has grown up, he’s shiny again. Phew, I’m glad, really glad. I don’t want about Chilbong moment please, I can’t stand it. I’m proud of him too and I bet the other boys will be proud of him too. They’ve been as productive as MinKi. They’re done digging, yippee!!

Missienelly: Did they really dig the whole field by themselves? Awwwww Han Chul and puppy! Ack, Han Chul!!!! What are you thinking????? OMG OMG OMG! shudders

mf4 27 mf4 28

ErlNotEarl: Let’s say they did, kekeke. Han Chul, Hotteok’s new mom. Eww though, just ewww. I can’t! And of all the rotten timing, the girl he “fell in love at first sight with” saw him again, with yet another embarrassing moment! It’s sad but it’s just so funny, I’m dying! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.

Missienelly: A said “Eeeewww that’s gross!” Holy crumb, this drama is too hilarious! Erl, did you notice I(heart)U sign on HanChul’s shirt? Just right on his swollen nipple?

mf4 29 mf4 30 mf4 31 mf4 32

ErlNotEarl: I am out of breath, wait; time out. Let me catch my breath first. exhale inhale I think I’m wookay now. Really Nell, OMG! This show is so awesome, I laughed for a good five minutes before I could move forward and then I laughed some more with the next scene. The swollen breast, oh my. I did notice the I <3 U print and GAH. Oh there’s our MinKi, awww.. He managed to convince them to come. Good one MinKi, I wuv you.

Missienelly: So apparently, the entire villagers know Mr. Flower’s intention. But look at Yoon Hee, not a slight shock nor fear that her post may get taken away. I like her overall attitude. I rather have her as my village head.

ErlNotEarl: At least he knows his priority, I’ll give flower ahjusshi that. And you are right, Yoon Hee is just so cool, she takes care of the matter at hand one after the other, I like that. I love the improvement of the team, they just might stand a chance, don’t you think?

Missienelly: Yeap, I think they will win this tournament! Wait, has Mr. Flower soften up his image? Wait a sec, instead of the crazy psycho Soo Yeon, how about we ship Han Chul with Sang Eun instead? And I see MinKi with Soo Yeon! Am I crazy?

mf4 33 mf4 34

ErlNotEarl: I bet he did, it’s about time too, to unity! Yes, you’re going crazy. Nope, I don’t like the last pairing, I am starting to see the spark with MinKi and Yoon Hee kurigo, I thought we are shipping them? Or you have Hyuk and Yoon Hee in mind?

Missienelly: Hyuk and Yoon Hee in mind. That is my vote now. That uh uh uh uh really cracks me out!

ErlNotEarl: I know right, how does she understand him? It’s just so bizarre. I love the girl’s fighting spirit, I think I’ll agree to that shipping, Han Chul and Sang Eun, that’s good I think. Hyuk and Yoon Hee, no comment.

Missienelly: Wow, this is the first episode ended without major disaster! What do you think of this episode so far?

ErlNotEarl: It’s great, I really had a good laugh and we different sides of our characters and I am looking forward for more. I <3 Modern Farmer!

Modern Farmer A React-Cap Ep 3


Missienelly: Hello and we are back. And I’m in charged with today’s episode. My cape is on and I’m ready to laugh with ErlNotEarl. Are you ready?

ErlNotEarl: More than ready, I’m ecstatic! Let’s get going like right now! jumping up and down

Missienelly: So have you recovered from the last episode? I am not and I’m quite thankful that they replay the entire scene again coz now I can relive the scene again and laugh my heart out!

ErlNotEarl: No I haven’t and like you, I am also thankful that they replayed that glorious scene! Oh the hilarious horror! Bravo, Show, Bravo! I need more of this kind of scene writer-nim. MUAHAHAHA.


Missienelly: Bahahaha fingers crossing that the writers heard us! Well, did you notice the drunken ahjusshi? He couldn’t even stand still! I really want to know the level of alcohol in his system.

ErlNotEarl: I did noticed him, his alcohol level is higher than yours Nell, let’s leave it at that. Kekeke. I love the struggle they’re having with the deer, any minute now, it’s gonna break free.

Missienelly: And it did! The wild deer escaped and attacked Mr. Governor! Oh man, reliving the entire scene in slo-mo is fun!!! I’m just glad we are not one of them now.


ErlNotEarl: Poor Mr. Governor but yeah, we knew he’s gonna be attacked but still so fun to watch in slo-mo. To watch okay, I’m with you with not wanting to be one of them. Oh what a wonderful world. Kekeke

Missienelly: Yep, it’s a wonderful world indeed. But drunken ahjusshi recognizes his deer! This is bad! Now who is going to step up and tell the truth?


ErlNotEarl: Hold up, I think MinKi would tell the truth, he admitted that Ggotdol is dead and oh.. Yeah, he pointed at Yoon Hee, MinKi-sshi, what’s wrong with you? Why so jerky? You ain’t a deer buddy, act like a person!

Missienelly: I’m quite disappointed with MinKi. Seriously! I know he’s saving his ass but how could he do that to her? He really deserved that punch! But the flying scene is just… cracks me up!


ErlNotEarl: I’ve seen an uppercut a lot since I watch boxing matches but that is oh so wonderfully executed! WTG Yoon Hee, thank you for cracking us up.

Missienelly: OK, I can’t help but laugh at the portraits of Obama and even Tiger Woods with Mr. Flower. Nice village hall by the way. But MinKi made a good point, they should have lock the gate properly! And he can’t be charged as criminal. It was not intentional!


ErlNotEarl: Mr. Flower is a celebrity, oh my! I want an autograph, too bad it’s dead. The village hall is indeed nice, they seem to be really organize. Oh and I doubt MinKi’s point will be considered, the flower ahjusshi is pretty bent on kicking them out.

Missienelly: And poor Yoon Hee, ended up as victim as well. But really, what ticked me off is this flower ahjusshi! Geez, go home and get your fake permed hair straighten out already! He disgusts me (yes, I’m taking this personally today) but I loved how drunken ahjusshi defended her. Wait a second, does he have feelings for her? Hmmm… Hey, Michael Jackson and Ggotdol! Did you see that, chingu?


ErlNotEarl: He ticked me off too, since the very beginning actually. I have this very bad feeling about him and I think he is after the village head post. I’m unsure about drunken ahjusshi’s feelings though but I love that he pointed out that Mr. Flower is fake anyways. Oh and I noticed Michael yes, I tell you Ggotdol is famous, but he’s gone too soon. I sang that part btw, can’t help it, I see Michael Jackson and I just have to sing one of his song. Kekeke.

Missienelly: What? You think Mr. Flower Ahjusshi is after her post? Whoa… I’ll pay attention to this. BTW, love the headline: A deer defeated by barbarians! LOL. Yes, where did Han Chul go?

ErlNotEarl: That’s one amazing headline! Who, Mr. Ex Intern? There he is at the bus stop, I knew he’ll be the first to ditch MinKi because he doesn’t have that much time, he needs to make better use of it to do the things he had not done.

Missienelly: Aaaah, you’re right. His time is tick tocking faster. So sad. But you know what? The fact that this show uses oldies songs, it just tickled me. What song is this? I recognized it but I don’t know the singer. I’m sure you know this song. But omo, did Han Chul just changed his mind because of this girl? Does this means love struck at first glance? Looks like we got our first couple! pops the champagne. Wait…. Do we ship MinKi and Yoon Hee too?


ErlNotEarl: Yes, I know this song, it’s from 1960s, You Mean Everything to Me by Neil Sedaka, errr, did I just show my geek? And you have no idea how happy I was that he’s finally crossing out one thing out of his bucket list. Congratulations Han Chul-sshi, you’ve fallen in love. Hold on MinKi and Yoon Hee, let’s wait some more.

Missienelly: So who is this girl? Suddenly I have this weird idea. Is she the fatso girl that we saw in earlier episode? Well, I may be wrong. But somehow I have this odd feeling. She keeps on insisting to stay even though she’s not needed. Hmmmmmm… she creeps me a little, Erl.

ErlNotEarl: I dunno who she is but there is something extremely fishy about her and now I wanna take it back, Han Chul, noooo, let’s find someone else for you. She’s too dangerous for you to mingle with. No to creepy pretty girl from the bus.

Missienelly: nods. She’s not for you Han Chul!!! Aaaaah the boys in shorts! This gotta be good! Get your pervy goggle on! Sleeping scene always makes me giggle. I’m hoping to see all them hugging one another, kinda reliving HaiTai and ChunPo moments in Reply 1994. Did you  hear that? Dugun dugun dugun… Someone is definitely, MOST DEFINITELY, in loooooove!


ErlNotEarl: See, and you say I’m pervy, we all have our days you know! I kind of don’t wanna think of Reply 1994, you know I broke my heart badly with that show. I still get teary eyed with the memory of Chilbong. sniff, sniff Anyways, back to Mr. In Love with his flashbacks that makes his heart beats fast. Looks like MinKi is gonna be a party pooper for now cause he’s a light sleeper, just for now anyway, during bedtime.

Missienelly: Hah! I knew it! See, we can’t trust her! What is she? A secret killer? Treasure hunter? What is she???? Hmmmm can never trust this beauty!

ErlNotEarl: I’ll go with treasure hunter, with the map and the circle marks the spot, must be a treasure hunter. Creepy treasure hunter that is. I completely cancel for now, I don’t like her.

Missienelly: Ooooph to inhale and swallow methane gas in the morning! What a breakfast treat! Yuck, but lookie? What happened to Ki Joon?


ErlNotEarl: Oh poor Ki Joon, feasted on by mosquitos and fried under the sun. But it’s his fault anyways, why sleep until 12 pm under the sun and he won’t even apply sunscreen. Now I accept that MinKi has a point. There’s our creepy girl acting all sweet again, such great facade!

Missienelly: Right? She’s a two-faced demon. Too much? Hehehe. Oh hey, am I being too critical or what? I found her foundation to be too much! Or look! She IS up to something!

ErlNotEarl: No you’re not critical, I’m with you on this one, she IS up to something and I feel it’s not good like this flower ahjusshi. Gah, he’s really, really going to do everything he can to kick our boys out of the village; pettiness included.

Missienelly: Yes, MinKi, aja aja hwaiting! You can do it and you can survive without power! Prove him wrong! I do not like this flower ahjusshi.

ErlNotEarl: You and me both. I hate you flower ahjusshi! Wait until I get my hands on you, I’ll do something about your fake perm and you won’t like it. It’s personal now Nell, he bugs me!

Missienelly: Glad you’re on board with me on that hehehe. Wow, another new character added to the show! This gets interesting! But the hair… I disapprove! I bet she’s beautiful! And what, they have illegal immigrants issue too??? Do you have this issue in your country?


ErlNotEarl: This character I approve, she’s mysterious in a good way and yes, I don’t like the hairstyle but since she’s an illegal immigrant then it can’t be helped. But wait, if you are an illegal immigrant you shouldn’t stand out and look suspicious so she shouldn’t be covering her face right? In the Philippines, we do but rare, extremely rare.

Missienelly: Okay, crazy idea! I’m definitely shipping Bul Ja with Ki Joon! This gut feeling of mine says so. The bus ride is so chaotic though! I rather walk than being trapped in that bus! Oh wait, hotteok!!!! I’m cravin’ it!

ErlNotEarl: You too?! No way, I wanna ship them too, badly! The bus? Wae? If it was me i wouldn’t even notice. I usually do not care at all when I take public transport, I’m indifferent that way. No food for me for now please, no more food but that does look delicious. I think the same goes for MinKi because he’s about to spend a handsome amount of money as a startup for their cabbage farm.

Missienelly: Holy cow, a $4000 start up cost isn’t bad though. Think of the return, MinKi! The flying monies!

ErlNotEarl: Well there is the return money but he don’t have the money to begin with so how and what to do now? Those puppies for sale are more fortunate than them.


Missienelly: Puppy!!! Han Chul is definitely sensitive. I think it’s the medicine. But if you notice, he has been hinting his sickness but no one caught on to it. This is sad. I feel bad for our Mr. Ex Intern.

ErlNotEarl: Me too, I’ve been praying so hard that his sickness is isn’t so and that the boys catches on on what’s happening to him. Some sensitivity from the other’s part is not to much to ask right? But I guess this doesn’t apply to them because they took so long to sense that Ki Joon is not with them and is about to experience something…

Missienelly: Oy, the intensity continues… Bul Ja and Ki Joon! I swear Ki Joon tanned face makes him look like an illegal person more so than her! Wow, we are in for the ride! Piggyback with a swollen eye! Runnnnnnnnnnn!


ErlNotEarl: Here’s another valiant knight I mean with just a little bit of hesitation, he piggybacked her and yes, run Ki Joon run. Can you sense that Bul Ja is starting to feel something for him. This I am going to ship really hard, like the way I’m shipping YY Couple.

Missienelly: Yes, I noticed that she noticed herself and didn’t know whether she should place her hand on his shoulder. Awwwwww. Hey, are you laughing as hard as I am though, chingu??? But he saved her so that’s all that matters. Poor him though, that officer refuses to believe him hangeul saram! But the question from MinKi though… How could he said that Ki Joon was caught for stealing something? Aish… But wait, did he steal that hotteok? I missed that part.


ErlNotEarl: Yes, I’m laughing alright, I just picked myself off the floor because I am rolling while holding my belly. He really looked like a foreigner with that tanned face and swollen eyes so yes, sorry Ki Joon. Trust MinKi to think of the worst case scenario. And to answer your question, he didn’t. He pocketed a dollar and he used it to buy the hotteok. Speak of the hotteok, it did play a part to solidify my shipping Bul Ja and Ki Joon, I shall call them hotteok couple and I’m gonna ship them until the end. Kekeke.

Missienelly: Good lord, is Yoon Hee dragging that old grandpa into this sports event too? Okay, they will not succeed in this event. No way. Ooooh, the boys! THE BOYS! Will she lower her pride and ask them?

ErlNotEarl: She doesn’t have much choice that’s why, as she said there’s only old people in the village. Looky, as you said she lowered her pride and approached the boys. I hope she gets them to agree.

Missienelly: MinKi, make a proposition! Use this opportunity to make a deal with her!


ErlNotEarl: Not happening, we’re talking about MinKi here, prideful MinKi. He thinks he paid his debt with being punched and he’d rather eat meat. I love how excited he is to do so too, a meal is better than an olympiad thingy.

Missienelly: Hey, they made a full course meal! The Seoulites did it! Another clue from Han Chul, and no one picks up on it. Uik, dear daddy called! I love Hyuk. In what ever situation he is in, he still put on his big, million dollar smile on!

ErlNotEarl: A meal is not a meal unless it’s full course I say. I’m beginning to see him in a new light and I am curious about his beef with his dad. The smile, oh it’s slowly getting to me.

Missienelly: Omo! What song is this? Hands down, she’s a gold digger! I mean treasure digger! Well, the treasure could be gold! Does she know how to dig? That’s a bad posture!


ErlNotEarl: The song? It’s Take a Look Around by Limp Bizkit, it was used for Mission Impossible. Omo, why do I know this song again? Sorry. It’s fitting though because with the way she’s digging, it’s impossible for her to find anything.

Missienelly: Bahahaha, all her hard digging work gone down to drain. So the treasure is on MinKi’s land?

ErlNotEarl: I think so, cause there’s Han Chul with an upset stomach about to take a dump in it. Better in the wild than the infested outhouse bathroom in MinKi’s inherited house. HAHAHAHAHA. It’s unfortunate that she’s there, holy rabies! That is something she’s not expecting to see.

Missienelly: Bahahhahahha what a luck he has! His rear end and junk exposed to her and all he could said he found the toilet paper?


ErlNotEarl: At least he said something, I wouldn’t be able to say anything if it was me. Oh the embarrassment, the ruined first impression.

Missienelly: OMG what situation had Hyuk got himself and EXSO in? I am curious. I think Erl, he is very protective of his friends. What do you think? Do you get that vibe from him?

ErlNotEarl: He seems to be protective, I can feel that vibe now and I’ve been dying to know how they ended up taking separate ways since the beginning so this is outright teasing for me writer-nim but I won’t complain, this is your story anyways.

Missienelly: Oh HongKi, errr I mean MinKi. Whatever… the voice. We get to hear him singing, Erl!

ErlNotEarl: Yes! Give it to us HongKi, I mean MinKi. Serenade your Noonas here, we love it, we really love it. swoon Right, serenade over and now time to sleep; I’m uneasy with the candles. What if oh, there you go – fire!

Missienelly: Crap! I’m not expecting them to end this episode with fire! Nooooooo!


ErlNotEarl: I know right but aaaah! This is going to be a table turner. I can’t wait to see what’s gonna happen next. I hope they’ll be alright and not badly hurt. No death yet show, please. Just not yet. Here’s hoping the for a good outcome after the fire. Keep it rolling Modern Farmer.

Modern Farmer A React-Cap Ep 2


ErlNotEarl: Here we are once more, I’m still with my very good friend Missnelly and boy am I so psyched about this episode. I so want to see how these city boys would fare as farmers. I’m so ready to see them fail, sorry not sorry, LOL. How about you chingu?

Missnelly: The first episode was lukewarm for me. I’m dreading it with this episode but I’m here for Hong Ki. But really, I’m secretly hoping this show will take off… Please writer-nim, DO NOT fail me!

ErlNotEarl: Let’s keep our fingers crossed and hope for the best. What are we waiting for, let’s do this! fist pump Okay, so let me backtrack a bit when Hyuk joined the group of wannabe farmers. I was thinking somewhere in the next ep there’s going to be a brawl or something close to that and there it is! cheering Fist fight, fist fight, fist fight!

mf2 1 mf2 2

Missnelly: Nah, he can’t fight with Hyuk! The man left his 6 figures career to help him!

ErlNotEarl: Yeah, yeah, you’re right, not really gonna happen, he ended up accepting that Hyuk has to tag along. Btw, isn’t the name of the village cool or what? Hadurok, oh yeah!

mf2 3

Missnelly:  Hmmmmm I guess it is cool. I don’t put too much thought into it, chingu.

ErlNotEarl: Well, you know me, obsessed with details. I liked the legend, or make up legend that MinKi told too, and the way that they illustrated it – jjang, but I wanted a doe to be the highlight. Oh wait, a doe has no antlers. Never mind, the deer will do, the deer with a shiny golden medal.

mf2 4 mf2 5

Missnelly: I just can’t with the deer and his shiny gold medal. Only in Modern Farmer!

ErlNotEarl: Definitely only in Modern Farmer. Loved the disbelief shown on the boys’ faces when they finally reached MinKi’s land, well 400,000 square feet is something alright; it is vast. I wish I have something like that too, especially if cabbages just fall from the sky and plant itself into it, and oh and turn into money afterwards. I definitely want that land.

mf2 6 mf2 7 mf2 8 mf2 9

Missnelly: Sorry, it ain’t happenin’, girlfriend. We are meant to work our butt off. Yes, I’m a party pooper. Get back to work!

mf2 10 mf2 11

ErlNotEarl: I knew you would rain on my parade, Miss Wake Up Call. Right, I’m awake and back to work and seeing something seriously unexpected in the house MinKi inherited – a hostile wild deer living inside, not outside the house. It’s a disaster and they must be all hungry though only Ki Joon voiced out his hunger, and the fastest solution MinKi suggested is to make some ramen. It is easy to cook but where to find it?

mf2 12 mf2 13 mf2 14 mf2 15

Missnelly: Convenience store! Where else, right?

mf2 16 mf2 17

ErlNotEarl:  Right, so begins the scavenger hunt for a convenience store but looky what they found first. MinKi’s old school and oh, down in memory lane. And wow, first love during elementary grade, amazing! I mean amazingly advance.

mf2 18 mf2 19

Missnelly: When a boy is in love… Aaaaah. And her flawless image!

ErlNotEarl: And he’s so valiant, saving his first love! Wow, such an awesome boy!

Missnelly: Bravo! Awesome boy with awesome first impression!

ErlNotEarl: Then we see Yoon Hee, chingu, it’s your heroine! Now we know who she really is and she’s having fun, well that looks fun, chasing a piglet. Have you tried that? I did.

mf2 20 mf2 21

Missnelly: She is my heroine! My dimple heroine! I’m a city girl, remember? The closest farm animal I had was ducks which later ended up as meals! Urgh… My tainted memory lane tsk tsk tsk. But hey, the closeup on that piglet though… So, so cute!!!

ErlNotEarl: Mian, I forgot. I grew up near a farm so, yeah, I tried lots of things involving farm animals. And I had a taste of your tainted memory. Back to your heroine who seems to be some kind of a local government official by the way she speaks of a gathering something, kinda vague but I have this feeling in my belly.

mf2 22 mf2 23

Missnelly: I thought she was just super friendly, I didn’t get the hint, chingu.

ErlNotEarl: There’s this certain air of friendly authority around her, my belly says so. Ooops, oh-oh, the boys haven’t found anything or anywhere to eat and when they asked a little kid they found out a horror – there’s no store in the village whatsoever! The place they can find one is about forty minutes away by bus, oh bummer!

Missnelly: It is hard to believe there isn’t any in the village! HARD.TO.BELIEVE!

ErlNotEarl: It is very hard to believe but it’s the truth. They spotted some apples nearby and I have a bad feeling about them pilfering;  they’re gonna get caught I tell you. But I have to admit the apples do look delicious.

Missnelly: Yes, and I’m a fan of sagwa!!! Those apples do look delicious!

mf2 24 mf2 25 mf2 26 mf2 27

ErlNotEarl: See, as predicted they were caught and oh mama, that’s one sharp shovel! They are so dead once the ahjusshi catches them.

Missnelly: I screamed with MinKi! Can’t help it when the apple in his hand slashed to half!

ErlNotEarl: Run for your lives boys! And yes, that’s it, I like what I am seeing now, guys washing their clothes! I would like to see something like this every day.

mf2 28 mf2 29

Missnelly: Oy miss pervy you!

ErlNotEarl: Can’t help it, sometimes the perviness comes out, it can’t be helped. Awww, nice, a greenhouse and look at the flowers, I love flowers. And here comes the flower boys, in their underwear! Oh goody, show you just made my day!

Missnelly: I’m still baffled by the ahjumma’s look! She is fit to be her son’s wife!

mf2 30 mf2 31

ErlNotEarl: Who wouldn’t I mean just look at the contrast. MUAHAHAHA. Excuse me, let me pick myself up from the floor okay, I’m laughing so hard.

Missnelly: Four grown men running around village in their boxers. Hmmm mmmm, if you’re not laughing hard, something is wrong with you.

ErlNotEarl: No, nothing’s wrong with me, I’m completely fine compared to this drunk gentleman. I wonder how drunk he is. Come to think of it, we haven’t seen him completely sober to begin with.

mf2 32 mf2 33 mf2 34 mf2 35

Missnelly: Nope, he’s been like that since the funeral time! I know he’s not good looking but my eyes must be crossed today… He’s kinda hot! Drunken hot mess HAWT!

ErlNotEarl: He is? I  didn’t notice, I’ll check later. Oy, here comes the boys and now there’s two ahjusshi’s chasing them. Oh wait, make that three since someone accidentally spills Mr. Drunkard’s makgeolli.

mf2 36 mf2 37

Missnelly: ROFL the whole villagers should chase them! They are bound to do something ridiculous anyway!

ErlNotEarl: WAAHAHAHAHAHA, save me, I can’t breathe! Oh em, just look at them all soaking wet covering their fronts with sacks, it’s a farm alright; it’s a freaking hilarious farm!

Missnelly: Seoulites in the village! The new title of this show!

ErlNotEarl: That’s a good one chingu, that’s a very good title as good as MinKi’s reaction when he learned the woman on the motorbike is his first love, gah, how do you describe it? I can’t think of anything coherent right now; comedy gold, can we say comedy gold? What was he expecting?

mf2 38 mf2 39 mf2 40 mf2 41

Missnelly: “Maldoandwae’ plastered all over MinKi’s face! Bahahaha!

ErlNotEarl: Why isn’t he happy to know she’s the village head? That’s a good thing right? Is he expecting much more than that? As for me I was expecting my first love to go to hell and take his friends with him.

Missnelly: The image he had of her was a gentle, ladylike lady and to finally meet her in such situation with her in that ahjumma pants (which by the way I want a pair so  badly now!), it’s a turn off!

ErlNotEarl: God, his expectation is really high, oh mo. MinKi-sshi, life never goes the way you want it to; it takes its own course.

mf2 42 mf2 43

Missnelly: Yes, sadly but that’s the truth! For example, his career! His luck exited his life a long time ago.

ErlNotEarl: Exactly and good job Yoon Hee, give the boy a good scolding, he deserves it.

Missnelly: But she is too funny though. No matter how much she scolded him, I find her cute! And when he found out she’s a single mom? His crushed heart shattered to pieces! LOL

ErlNotEarl: Poor guy, though it’s really hard to tell if I’m sorry for him or what, I wanna think about it some more but, errr.. What is the identity of this dish? Is it floating crab in clear soy sauce with chili? I’m scared to eat it judging by how it looks.

mf2 44 mf2 45

Missnelly: I had to cover my face for a minute there. Yuck! I have no clue what this godly mom is trying to do. Kill her family? No one will survive with that soup!

ErlNotEarl: I would definitely not eat that, never! Yoon Hee didn’t, she got away with the “I’m full” excuse and now look: another person down in memory lane scene! Cute and the kid who dedicated the song is just so romantic for his age. Cassette tapes, those were the days. Do you still have any of your cassette tapes from back then chingu, I still have some and the player of course.

Missnelly: I do, I have a box full of tapes! Surprise, I can be quite sentimental! But how I wish I have someone recording beautiful songs for me. Yeah, too late now.

ErlNotEarl: Never too late, maybe you can ask your better half.. keke. Good luck with that. smirks Aww, this made me sad suddenly. Mr. Ex Intern, I so wish he won’t die. Writer-nim please, let him live.

Missnelly: I know, jjaebal writer-nim. Do not let US down!

ErlNotEarl: I agree, jjaebal! Wait, what just happened? Oh this is fun: who has the strongest pee, only boys can have this competition. Ki Joon is a firefighter, MUAHAHAHAHA. Only they are peeing at the wrong place.

mf2 46 mf2 47 mf2 48 mf2 49

Missnelly: The look on the villagers!!!!! Poor Yoon Hee, getting scolded by her own people! But if I ever get to meet Ki Joon in person, I will shake his hand (after he washes his hands, of course!) and personally congratulate him on his powerful urine stream! LOL

ErlNotEarl: Say what now? Look who’s getting her perviness up by a level. gives a side glance Right so they had no other choice but to go home but the wild deer is still in the house and our boys end up sleeping in the car, such a pity. They look down casted – MinKi is trying to pick up himself with looking at his girlfriend’s (?) pics while Mr. ex Intern takes his medicine. My heart hurts for him especially when he said he hasn’t experienced falling in love yet and he’s dying. Where’s the humanity?!

mf2 50 mf2 51

Missnelly: Life is unfair. Is he a virgin? Even worse!

ErlNotEarl: Please don’t let him be a virgin, waaaah! No, just please NO! It’s the morning after, first time I see someone put sun protection cream before farming, never saw that when I used to come and work on my grandma’s farm.

Missnelly: Seoulites!

mf2 52 mf2 53

ErlNotEarl: Yup, city boys! And see how they just sat in the middle of the field, mobile phones in hand to look up how to grow cabbages, seriously, I am about to die from laughing, HELP!

Missnelly: Hey, you gotta bless the smartphones! But look at their enthusiasm! Jjang!

ErlNotEarl: But cabbages don’t grow with enthusiasm alone. Three hours later and nothing, absolutely nowhere near plowing the field. This is just too funny. They saw a tractor and thought of borrowing it but the person driving it is the ahjusshi who’s greenhouse they trashed so yeah, never mind.

mf2 54 mf2 55 mf2 56 mf2 57

Missnelly: Seriously, how can they have not have a single plan on how to farm? MinKi should have just swallow his pride but instead, Hyuk did it! Even though he failed, he did it with a smile! I like that spirit!

ErlNotEarl: And you like him. Well in the end because the other band members all wanted to go back to Seoul, MinKi had no choice but swallow his pride and borrow a tractor from Yoon Hee noona, the village head.

Missnelly: nods I do like Hyuk and his million dollar smile! But believe me, I would walk away with them in this situation. MinKi is not convincing at all!

ErlNotEarl: I would but I probably will be back to watch him fail, I’m evil that way. kekeke. MinKi is absolutely clueless about farming; he’s driving Yoon Hee and me crazy? How about you chingu?

Missnelly: I think he thinks he can do it all without a single help from the expert. The city pride is killing me and yes, he is driving me crazy!

ErlNotEarl: Well he can’t and thank goodness Yoon Hee was there to help; otherwise nothing will happen at all.

Missnelly: She has a heart of gold. She is the village head, I think she will do anything to help MinKi even though she is annoyed with him.

ErlNotEarl: I think so too, she’s just too nice like that. Oh noes, the deer, Mr. Flower escaped from his cage. Why do I feel uneasy?

mf2 58 mf2 59

Missnelly: Ggotdol-ahhhh! What a name! But oh no!!!

ErlNotEarl: See, this is why I am uneasy, poor Mr. Flower.

Missnelly: OH.MY.GOD!!!! How can a deer escape from its cage? Unless someone didn’t lock it… And I do not expect the deer to be dead this soon. Now I see why there’s another deer in the picture.

mf2 60 mf2 61

ErlNotEarl: Am I sick if I find it funny and sad at the same time that they’re hiding the dead Mr. Flower?

Missnelly: Not sure, chingu. But I would do the same too! Even though it is not entirely my fault…

mf2 62 mf2 63 mf2 64 mf2 65

ErlNotEarl: It’s still alive, Mr. Flower is still alive. Well it’s dying but oh man, Yoon Hee’s reaction.

mf2 66 mf2 67

Missnelly: May Ggotdol rest in his deer land in peace. Amen!

ErlNotEarl: Amen and I don’t know if their idea to replace Mr. Flower is brilliant or what, I can only smell more trouble, hilarious trouble.

Missnelly: It is trouble. The wild deer is no Mr. Flower! Five of them against one deer! Ack!

ErlNotEarl: That’s so funny though, MUAHAHAHAHA. Holy rabies, the governor came and he wants to see Mr. Flower right away. Dear, dear, the deer they brought looks frighteningly not suitable to meet the governor at all.

Missnelly: I cringed for the deer! Save the poor animal’s life!

ErlNotEarl: Or save the people’s lives, I think that’s suitable. HAHAHAHAHAHA. I will have to admit it was epic how they used Louis Armstrong’s What a Wonderful World as background music with all the chaos happening. It was so awesome because it’s not wonderful at all, oh my, I’m laughing so hard my roommate thinks I finally lost it.

mf2 68 mf2 69 mf2 70 mf2 71

Missnelly: Best scene ever! Whoever decided on this song, he or she has really good sense of humor!

ErlNotEarl: He or she has an awesome sense of humor alright. Now I’m so looking forward to the next ep. Modern Farmer; you’ve awakened me from my stupor, thank you.

Missnelly: Okay, I gotta admit that this episode  has elevated my impression on Modern Farmer. I’m definitely looking forward for the next episode! Bring it!

On Repeat: This Isn’t It (이게 아닌데) – Taeyang

I have a very soft spot for Taeyang – yes, that’s a declaration because I’ve known about Taeyang before I even started to really pay attention to the Kpop scene. I can still remember how that happened… Year 2010, I was getting tired of the repetitive English songs I’ve been listening to so I asked a good friend of mine who’s in the know of good songs/singers more than I am and Taeyang’s Wedding Dress was one of his suggestion. From that day on, with the first listen, he took a spot in my heart that will belong to him and him alone. Ah, Sol, Taeyang, Youngbae, you got me alright, with that sweet yet melancholic voice of yours, turning me to mush with every listen, all the time, every time.

One thing that I love about Taeyang, he sings sad songs with perfection, the feelings, expression, and every single note, everything about it – absolutely flawless to my ears. Of course it’s a matter of preference and I for one prefer this sort of songs because I am this perpetually brokenhearted girl for no particular reason. Weird right, well that’s me.

Enough with the babbling and more of the music; the song that I currently have on repeat is This Isn’t It (이게 아닌데) by Taeyang who as I said holds a special place in my heart. This song is off his album Rise; released a couple of months ago. I admit I loved most of the songs; alright all of the songs in the album but this song is my favorite, because it’s depressingly good. You can feel the rawness of pain, like the real deal about the lyrics just happened recently, oh the agony! What am I talking about? Let’s read the translated lyrics shall we:

I still love you

I wanted to tell you,

The one who couldn’t take it anymore and

Gave up in the end.

I miss you more than I hate you

I long for you more than I’m sad

Is this not it? Is this not it?

If we bump into each other, what would happen?

Would I hide from you amongst the crowd,

Even if it’s only a waste of insignificant feelings.

I worry throughout the day,

The medicine of time has passed,

But this isn’t it, this isn’t it, this isn’t it.

You may be smiling from happiness now.

You, the person who left hurtful scars more than happy memories,

I miss you more than I hate you,

I long for you more than I’m sad.

Is this not it? Is this not it?

It was so familiar from the start,

More than a long-time couple,

And now it’s nothing but insignificant memories.

I worry throughout the day,

The medicine of time has passed,

But this isn’t it, this isn’t it, this isn’t it.

I tried emptying out my heart that’s filled with you,

Hoping something movie-like would happen to me.

I worry throughout the day,

The medicine of time has passed,

But this isn’t it, this isn’t it, this isn’t it.

Even I feel sorry for myself,

I want to bury this finished love,

But this can’t be it, this can’t be it, this can’t be it.

Isn’t it depressingly good? Every time I listen to this song I get all misty eyed because it’s like I can almost see what’s happening, like there’s this heartbreaking music video in my mind.  Him looking from afar, fighting with himself because he knows both sides of the coin; yet what he feels for the person he used to love is sort of still there, but that’s not it, it shouldn’t be it anymore. cries And Sol’s voice aaaah cries some more it’s full of longing and pain at the same time. And now I’m officially a mess, I believe I can finish that dying scene now, thanks Sol. And here – I hope you will give it a listen:


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Modern Farmer A React-Cap Ep 1


ErlNotEarl: So this is finally happening, like finally. For the love of our dear Hongki, I am going to be joined by a very good friend to do a react-cap, short for reaction recap that is. It’s not a secret that I adore Hongki I mean just check out my headers, he’s all over my place. But before I blabber some more, let me introduce my good friend Missnelly, who will be with me in doing this crazy and fun react-cap.

Missnelly: Hello! I’m happy to be here! Thanks for considering me as your React-Cap partner. I finally have someone to squee over Hongki. Thanks to you, I am officially a stalker too. Hongki, nice Halloween outfit you got there!

ErlNotEarl: You’re my one and only Hongki squee partner, you’re always welcome. Yay to stalking Hongki. So without further ado, let dive into it, shall we?

Missnelly: Let’s! I’m excited for this show. The premise. Hongki. The premise. And Hongki. Can you feel my excitement? 🙂

ErlNotEarl: Oh, I do feel your excitement alright, it’s seeping through my screen. Well the moment the show started, my hope was really high! I mean I’m that girl who has high respect for Kurt Cobain and them quoting him it was just wow, you got me show! I believe in what Mr. Cobain said: Life is better to burn out than fade away.

Missnelly: No matter how excited I am, I never put all my hopes in one basket. I always begin my show with skeptical in mind. I don’t know, I prefer it this way.

ErlNotEarl: I bet you do, but you know me, I have high hopes. The opening scene is actually familiar, drunk band members going to their next performance. Sorry, my college life was filled with bands, bands, bands. It’s hilarious how they say step on the pedal when there’s none. And that part where Minki was floating in the air with beer and all, pretty nice editing. Unbelievable that he seems to be not hurt but, it’s a show alright. Would have been a shining moment if not for Mr. Beefy Guy worried over her girl getting hurt; RUN BOYS RUN!

Missnelly: Oh my god, that was awesome! Did you see his face? His drunken face? He was drunk yet still looking very pretty! I’m telling ya, only idol can pull this perfect drunken look! That Mr. Beefy Guy though… My eyes were locked on his guns! Whoa! That’s a show stopper! It did to me!

ErlNotEarl: Hongki is always pretty, end of story. kekeke. On to the venue, fangirls all worried, I can see us doing that, right chingu? Look at his face here, how he snapped out of it. Game face on! His lines here, I’ve heard it so much before, I mean from friends who were in a band and by the tone I already have the hunch that they disbanded. And I was right.

Missnelly: Have you seen me fangirling over my bias? Wait, you have and I have seen you too. Hehehe. Anyway, this is the part I didn’t get it at all. I was too slow to pick  up that they were disbanded already.

ErlNotEarl: I kinda caught it because of the background music, it has this far away feel. It’s sadder and sadder to see him playing on his own and him thinking that he has become a loser. But he kinda does especially when he picked a fight with the school girls.

mf 1 mf 2

Missnelly: Yes, it is sad to watch him alone on that stage. However, the fact that he still wants to be a singer deserves a big round of applause. But I’m with you, the minute he picked a fight with those nasty high school girls, I see loser all over his face.

mf 3 mf 4

ErlNotEarl: It’s hilarious yes, but sad too, what he became.

Missnelly: I wonder what went wrong, actually. We were introduced to him as a drunken master. So did he ruin his shot for stardom?

ErlNotEarl: I think there is more to it than the show let us see. It’s kinda holding something out for us to really stay tuned. Well we are going to anyways, for the love of Hongki. Now here is another sad thing, Han Chul the intern. He looks sick, sick of doing his job and sick as in not physically well. Oh and I noticed what he used to mix the coffee, I’m guilty of doing the same, using the sachet to mix my coffee at the office. kekeke

mf 5 mf 6

Missnelly: My head is spinning at the word coffee. You know me and my relationship with coffee. We simply don’t get along well. Han Chul looks lifeless to me. Why bother going to work if his heart and soul is not in the office? If it is up to me, I would just quit the job.

mf 7 mf 8 mf 9

ErlNotEarl: There’s definitely a reason, we’re going to find out soon. We’ll get to the bottom of this. There’s another member, Ki Joon, trying to pass the exam to be a government official. I don’t really get that? Do you chingu?

Missnelly: I don’t either.

ErlNotEarl: Either way, he’s nowhere near passing if his score is 34. LOL. And look, a pity party!

mf 10 mf 11

Missnelly: He doesn’t have the government officer material. Look at his face! I can’t take him seriously!

ErlNotEarl: I won’t take him seriously. I just wanna watch him drink some beer. Yeah, I know you oppose drinking that much but sometimes, it’s really needed.

Missnelly: But you end up with the same shit once you sober! Pardon my S word, it has to be released!

ErlNotEarl: No worries, that’s mild, it’s fine. But you know, I doubt though that they can cheer each other up, they’re all hostile. Just take Han Chul giving Minki an advice then Minki bites back. Boys.

mf 12 mf 13

Missnelly: But that’s what they do best!

ErlNotEarl: Yes, boys shall be boys. Oh and this is a scene I was expecting, Han Chul paying the tab. Poor intern.

Missnelly: The poorest of them all!

ErlNotEarl: Why did he touch an old wound anyways, somehow he deserves it.

Missnelly: Well… It’s hard to forget.

ErlNotEarl: Indeed, it’s hard to forget. Looky, bills scattered all over, this I will never see in real life and you know why. Oh and I’ll never see gangsters too, am too scared to take any loan, I’m a chicken.

Missnelly: I’ve seen gangsters chasing after another group of gangsters. I was probably less than 5 years old. Pretty surreal feeling now that I’m thinking of it. I will take a loan. Only the legal kind, of course 🙂

mf 14 mf 15

ErlNotEarl: Spoken like a true blue accounts person. Here comes the water torture. Btw, I heard that scenes took hours to shoot and uri Hongki such a pro, no complains at all. I love him.

Missnelly: Hours? Oh my goodness, poor Hongki! All I care is his beautiful hair! Am I sick or what?

ErlNotEarl: Ah yes, poor Hongki and his hair. We are a bit sick, that’s established. kekeke. Back to Hongki, I mean Minki being immersed in water, poor baby. But wait, the gangster leader seems to be mesmerized by his guitar, hmmmm. I sense a connection..

mf 16 mf 17

Missnelly: Really? What connection? It is just a guitar, right?

ErlNotEarl: It’s not just any guitar I think, the way he holds it, the caress, it means something. Could it be his? I bet it’s his; I’ll keep a closer eye on this one.

Missnelly: How? I don’t get it. I thought it reminded the gangster leader of his past where he once a guitarist too.

ErlNotEarl: No, there’s this something in his eyes. And why suddenly change his mind if it’s just a reminder? Even his gangster followers noticed that. Ah, there’s a call, love the ringtone, it says too much. Yes baby, to me you’re a champion.

Missnelly: Kekeke I laughed so hard at the ringtone! Classic!

ErlNotEarl: We love classic! Here’s a place I’m scared of. Funeral Home where nasty tempered Grandma Kim is. I wonder, if I die, will there be people to come and see me for the last time? Just a thought, hmmm… Moving on, Grandma Kim has no flowers so in comes Tae Hee with the brightest idea ever, borrow from the other family, that’s a good idea right?

mf 18 mf 19 mf 20

Missnelly: Seriously, that was the ABSOLUTE BEST idea one can thought of! Tae Hee is my super hero! It’s gonna get toss away, so why not sharing the flowers! Make a whole lot of sense!

ErlNotEarl: It does, I loved that her aegyo won the ahjusshi over! Yes to aegyo! Then she runs over Minki breaking his precious sunglasses, I laughed so hard at that scene, his expression, too cute.

Missnelly: His expression was the bomb, yo! He was well composed on the Bride of the Century, I’m so glad he is more looser in here.

mf 21

ErlNotEarl: This is, I think, an improved version of Jeremy. And the look on his face when he found out he has this 400,000 square feet of land as inheritance, and out comes the crocodiles tears. Too bad the price is too cheap for him to sell.

mf 22 mf 23

Missnelly: Urgh, typical gold digger crocodile tears. But I couldn’t help but laughing when he found out the real value of the land. Nothing comes easy in life, Minki!

ErlNotEarl: Life is sure not easy, it isn’t. Especially if you’re a dishwasher but what do you know, one comment from the boss and he has a life turner! Cabbages! kekekeke. I love how he made an extensive research right away and boom, smooth sailing here I come. Thus the farming begins, now to gather help. First stop Mr. Intern. And oh no, he’s dying.

Missnelly: You think he’s dying? I think it was some kind of mistake. Someone must have accidentally switched his record with a terminally ill patient.

ErlNotEarl: I’m uncertain regarding that, the doctor doesn’t seem to be a quack and it’s the first time I’ve watch a show that lets you know of a possible death on the first ep, how about you?

Missnelly: Yes, it is my first time too and am already in denial. I don’t know you yet! You aka Mr. Intern that is.

ErlNotEarl: Maybe I haven’t watched that much drama, oh well, too many dramas, too little time. Btw, I loved this version of Knockin on Heaven’s Door, it’s good.

Missnelly: So far it is working…

mf 24 mf 25 mf 26 mf 27

ErlNotEarl: He’s pretty down to hear any sort of BS so it’s a no for Mr. Intern, nope, no cabbage farming for him, thank you. Next on the list, of course, is Ki Joon who was not convinced as well. At this point I was thinking he’s gonna do it alone but that’ll be absurd so, yeah; never mind.

Missnelly: I thought Minki would have giving up on the idea of farming. I actually have no faith on him.

ErlNotEarl: Well luckily they changed their minds. And I actually love that Mr. Intern gets to knock the daylight out of his abusive boss, thumbs up to you Mr. Intern! And Ki Joon, yeah, good decision child. Forget the exam, just grow cabbages!

Missnelly: Hehehe. It was hard imagining the boys getting rich from growing cabbages. We shall see how modern farmers they will be…

ErlNotEarl: Which is a good thing, so the team is almost complete; they’re gonna be cabbage farmers, hurray! But of course you can’t live Seoul without making a promise to your love interest and let me tell you, I paused for 5 minutes on that scene because Hongki is just soo cute and adorable this noona’s heart melted like an ice cream.

mf 28 mf 29

Missnelly: D’awwwwww. I did think he looks super cute!

ErlNotEarl: Now here’s the last member whom Minki despise – Hyuk and aww, I think he has daddy issues.

Missnelly: But he’s the member I have been looking forward to know!

mf 30 mf 31

ErlNotEarl: Am curious about him too but he seems to be so carefree for my liking. He sees Han Chul and in the end…

Missnelly: The boy said yes to farming without blinking his eyes!

ErlNotEarl: And it’s back to how it started, all four of them together. This is going to be really interesting. Can’t wait to see the next ep.

Missienelly: I was feeling lukewarm by the end of it so am glad I didn’t put that much hope, yet, into Modern Farmer.

We’ve Fallen Apart

We’ve fallen apart.

For some time now I’ve tried,

Brushing the thoughts off

But today, it really hit me –

We’ve fallen apart.

At first it was liberating

Not hearing your endless rant,

Your never ending suggestions,

Your being domineering;

Yet now, I’ll give my life to hear it.

Most likely I’ll beg on bended knee,

For you to spare me a glance,

For you to take notice of my grievance.

That I am completely, extremely sorry,

For making the biggest mistake of my life.

Yet I’m afraid,

For I know the damage I’ve done –

The extent of the pain I’ve caused you.

Thus I believe you won’t find it in you

To give and embrace me once more.

When the words you’re everything I wanted and more lost its meaning,

What is there to say to let you know my sincerest feelings?

How do I prove that everything I’m saying is real?

How do I say just follow what you really feel?