On Repeat: Need to Feel Needed – Amber 엠버

(Or because you know the ooh, ooh, ooh is cheering me up big time.)

I woke up feeling completely crappy, a common occurrence for the last few months. No, that’s not a common knowledge, but hey, the cat is out of the proverbial bag. The only thing special today is that the running conversation in my head is a little bit on the positive side vs. the complete alternative which goes more like – “hey, you’re slow AF as ever, pick up the pace b*!” And since I don’t feel like being melancholic today (the sort of positive side of me sort of agrees too) why not look for a “pick me up” tune, and here it is:

Here’s another uncommon knowledge – I recently fell completely in love with Amber Liu of f(x). She has this sweet singing voice that’s pretty clear and convincing regarding the feelings it wants to convey and I love it. That aside, I also love her personality – quirky, bubbly and compassionate. Seriously what is not to love about Amber? She can make you cry (with On My Own) and she can make you want to join the party that is Need to Feel Needed. And honestly today, I need a break from the constant moping. Today, I wanna have fun and I’ll be bouncing and bobbing my head to this lovely tune, singing along with all the oohs – that is a matter of fact.

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