Modern Farmer A React-Cap Ep 9


ErlNotEarl: Ep 9! Can you feel my excitement Nell? That ending makes me want more, more, more! More of the cuteness of Bul Ja and Ki Joon that is, the pair that we are shipping together. What do you think?

Missienelly: I so want them to be together! His eyes were sparkly, and he appeared to be surrendering his feelings to her without even confessing to her so… Yes, I’m totally shipping these two.

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ErlNotEarl: Let’s go then, let’s join the post photo shoot snack time. Ki Joon’s reaction, oh so priceless. And his way of trying to make sense of what he currently feels, boys! Why do I love the denial stage?

Missienelly: I just love the way he feeds his mind with all those bs reasonings!!! I wanna know how far he will deny his own feeling until he totally give up and accept it.

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ErlNotEarl: I’ll be waiting with you, Nell. Look who’s back? Covered in blood and bee stings but happily boasting that he now has a girlfriend, ah Han Chul, you’re hopeless.

Missienelly: Yes, he is hopeless, hopelessly in love, but the boy is happy! She said  yes and that’s all that matters now.

ErlNotEarl: Those words are right – for now. Goodness, is it going to be a nightly performance in the field then, to save their children? I admire their dedication.

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Missienelly: They are determined to save them – hard work equals money, Erl. Aja, boys!

ErlNotEarl: Work hard so they can play harder, yeah, I guess that’s about right. Girl in pink wig is now officially their manager? Daebak! But her father is going to be a big problem, just look at him dragging his daughter by the ear.

Missienelly: Her worst nightmare once again, how could she ever get away from her dad? I’m convinced her dad was once a musician as well and after he went through in the past, including losing his voice (perhaps?), he does not want his daughter to suffer like he did. Come to think of it, the boys are having a hard time as musician so more so for her dad to say no.

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ErlNotEarl: That makes sense but still, aren’t parents supposed to support their child’s aspiration and dreams? Oh well. Waah, and they stayed up all night when there was an easy solution. I can’t believe this day will come, me praising Flower Ahjusshi. Gomawoyo!

Missienelly: Yes, they stayed up all night long tending to their babies. Flower ahjusshi is the new McGyver! As much as I wanna praise him, Erl… He could have shared his expertise sooner! He made the boys suffer!

ErlNotEarl: Well, he’s not a natural giver, it depends on his mood. Have you tasted grasshopper before, Nell? I did, tastes like chicken. Yum!

Missienelly: Are you kidding me???? NO! I will never eat grasshopper! Yuck!

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ErlNotEarl: What?! It’s tasty. I’m quite adventurous when it comes to food. Ah, Ki Joon-sshi, just accept it already okay, enough with the waitress from when you were still studying excuse. You luurve her, take it easy on yourself. I so love the background music along with the flashback, btw. Reality that’s the title and I do hope Ki Joon accepts the reality. LOL

Missienelly: The best part is his facial expression! Ki Joon is the man of many faces! I just love watching him. Wait, what? Catching grasshoppers in the field?

ErlNotEarl: That looks fun, I wanna join them. Just look at how happy MinKi is. He’s just soooo cute. Let’s take him home Nell, please, let’s take him home!

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Missienelly: Go right ahead, Erl… I wanna take Ki Joon home but the boy is such a coward!

ErlNotEarl: Stupid kid, running away from love! If it was me I won’t avoid it. Kekeke. Oooh, MinKi is finally getting his spaghetti thanks to Yoon Hee. Waah, she’s falling in love, I’m waiting for this. YAY!

Missienelly: The kid is in denial. Deep denial. Again with the face! Oy, now I wanna eat spppaghetti! MinKi is one lucky boy! Ooops, here comes her love interest!!! Hyukkkk!

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ErlNotEarl: I’ll pretend I didn’t see anything. Kekeke. See, she stutters; even Hyuk can tell there’s something suspicious about Yoon Hee making/cooking spaghetti.

Missienelly: Hyuk is a sensitive man, love the way he tease her even though it hurts him. Spaghetti looks delicious but MinKi left!

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ErlNotEarl: Nooooo! You insensitive puppy, don’t go to that blondie! She worked hard for your meal! Jjebal!

Missienelly: He doesn’t know Yoon Hee made spaghetti though… But even if she said something, I have a feeling MinKi will still go to blondie. Look at Yoon Hee’s face… tsk tsk tsk

ErlNotEarl: Awww, Yoon Hee is upset. Look at what you’ve done MinKi. Oh and Hyuk, my heart is breaking for him even if I don’t really want it to.

Missienelly: I would feel better leaving her with Hyuk. Look at him, he cares for her feeling so dearly… Ei MinKi, can I slap your head?

ErlNotEarl: What? No! He’ll realized soon enough Yoon Hee is meant for him. There, you got dumped well and good. Let’s move on already, I’ve had enough with Han Chul and this psycho girl.

Missienelly: Me too! Can I FF their scene? I’m not interested in her at all! She has no idea how precious Han Chul is… Grrrr

ErlNotEarl: She’s definitely clueless alright. These grasshoppers are really epic, one guy fell for a girl who catches grasshoppers the other got dumped because of it. Grasshoppers are something.

Missienelly: Epic! I love MinKi’s ringtone! He ran to her, Erl! And puppy is down…

ErlNotEarl: That was so hard to watch. Ani, I know I don’t like blondie but he went all the way and didn’t even eat for nothing? GAH!

Missienelly: sigh I just can’t. Now he’s upset, Yoon Hee is upset. Wow… this episode just tearing my heart a little today. Oooooh my couple! He’s confessing! Yay! Ouch!

ErlNotEarl: That’s the thing, if you just told her before that you really like her, that you mean it then you won’t get smacked like that. Oh that moment. My heart hurts. I know who I’m shipping but ah, Hyuk. Wae, wae, wae?

Missienelly: But I like these two, Erl. Just kiss her already!!! I think Hyuk just doesn’t know how to be serious… He should at least give her a back hug!

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ErlNotEarl: I like them too alright, I just don’t want them to be together as in “together.” Why do I find it funny that all three of our boys are down so early in the morning? They’re back having canned foods again. Yay, no ramen!

Missienelly: I do too! All with different problems, that includes Hyuk! Look at him, tummy ache because he had too much spaghetti. That’s it, I’m making spaghetti with vegan meat sauce for lunch! Such a great advice, auntie!

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ErlNotEarl: Vegan meat sauce? One day, if we meet, I’ll eat vegan everything with you. I agree with Yoon Hee’s aunt, the more you fight like that the more it is possible for you to fall in love with each other. I am sure. Continue!

Missienelly: Of course! The further you get, the longing for the perfect love is stronger. Oh hell, who am I kidding.

ErlNotEarl: Yeah, who are you kidding? What is this, Drunken Ahjusshi dreaming of Mi Young? Hmmm, I think they will really get back together; sooner rather than later.

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Missienelly: The sign is pointing at it. But I want him to play hard to get… She hurt him so badly. I just realized, all the men in this drama are suffering from love. Right?

ErlNotEarl: Love is pain, according to one of the songs I know that is. This psycho girl is more like a gangster really, now she’s wanted because of her regular customer. More complications but strangely, I don’t care. I’d rather watch Flower Ahjusshi cook some jjigae. That looks so delicious, now I’m hungry.

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Missienelly: Hehe I had jjigae last night. Don’t be jealous! wink Yes, I don’t care about her and her situation at this moment. OMG who is this on the news??? LOL what the hell…?

ErlNotEarl: I’ll try not to be jealous, promise. HAHAHAHAHA. That’s what you call an eyebrow nightmare. Three steps one bow protest? That’s new to me, but it’s for a good cause so they better go. Yoon Hee, the boys are a better option than Drunken Ahjusshi and Flower Ahjusshi, don’t you think so too, Nell?

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Missienelly: Erl,  am still distracted by ahjumma’s brows! giggles Yes, she can rely on the boys more so since they aren’t biased. But look how closed MinKi stand next to her?

ErlNotEarl: Really close but Yoon Hee is really angry with clueless MinKi. Omo! What happened to their cabbage farm? It’s all covered with weeds; now I understand why Flower Ahjusshi is insisting for them to cover it with plastic. That looks like a lot of work, pulling weeds in a wide farm.

Missienelly: Urgh, my back screaming already. I wonder how their back feel like? I don’t think I could do it. I’m spoiled, aren’t I?

ErlNotEarl: I won’t be able to do it too. Look at them work, I really admire their dedication. But yeah, it has no match to these weeds, the more you pull them, the more they come back. Why do I find this funny though? I think I am sick.

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Missienelly: Nah, I don’t think you are sick. They are funny! I’m laughing at them too. And I love the way they motivate themselves! Too bad, 4 days later… they are defeated by the weeds!

ErlNotEarl: At least they lasted for 4 days, I won’t make it by the 2nd day, I tell you. Flower Ahjusshi is very techy, oh em! Very professional, he’s a farming doctor! Daebak!

Missienelly: He said he’s an early adopter LOL. Just listen to him MinKi, put some money and get plastic already!

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ErlNotEarl: He heard you, he’s making some money. Ah, to part with his car, MinKi is really now all about farming. But I don’t approve with gambling, not with grandpa. Haven’t they seen him play that game on the Olympiad? Bad idea.

Missienelly: Ahjusshi, this is an open top car and cut them some slack, will you? I just realized, if the car works, why did MinKi run to the town to see blondie? scratches head Yeah, big mistake playing with grandpa! Gwenchana? Bite your tongue hard, MinKi! He said eight go! LOL

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ErlNotEarl: See, what did I tell you? sigh Yoon Hee is eating ramen. sigh I never thought that day would come when I’ll be sick from seeing ramen. Aigoo. MinKi, don’t you dare ask for spaghetti, it’s your fault that you didn’t have some in the first place, you left.

Missienelly: We can never get enough of ramen! It’s our staple food!

ErlNotEarl: Hah? I haven’t had ramen in a month now. Goodness, Yoon Hee is all over the place. The scent of jealousy is all over but MinKi, aaaah! Why are you so insensitive?

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Missienelly: But why must she bring blondie into this conversation though? She’s overboard!

ErlNotEarl:Because she’s the reason why he left? Oh no, Han Chul is getting worst! I mention every now and then that he’s dying but, this is so sad.

Missienelly: Snap, and his out of med! Eottokajo? No one knows his condition!

ErlNotEarl: I hope they find out soon, before it’s too late. Seems like Yoon Hee and MinKi are not making up anytime soon. Time for Hyuk to make his actions? You like that Nell, don’t you?

Missienelly: Yes Hyuk, make a move! But it hurts me that no one is taking his confession very seriously! He’s sincere, Yoon Hee ah! Sincere!

ErlNotEarl: He made a wrong move, that’s why. What a coincidence, psycho girl and Han Chul riding the same bus to Seoul. Hmmm, I think she’s sorry about what she did. I still don’t like her but there is a certain reason why she’s acting like that after all.

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Missienelly: I’m glad that Han Chul remain mum throughout the trip. He’s a cry baby but he stay true to her words. Good boy! Whatever she is thinking though, dreaming of slapping and putting her down with awful words, is so me! I wish I could just spit out whatever I have in mind but I’m too chicken out…

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ErlNotEarl: I won’t be able to say anything in her face too so, yeah.. Oh, the girl with a pink wig is offering a part time job. I wonder what kind of part time job it is…

mf9 54 mf9 55

Missienelly: Performance on her vlog? Hmmmm? Oh hell no! HELLLLL NO!

ErlNotEarl: HAHAHAHAHAHAH. OMO! I can’t, I just can’t! This is so funny!

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Missienelly: I cannot believe this! Did you see Ki Joon’s face? So much pain! Well, they all look in pain! For the money, boys! MONEY!

ErlNotEarl: I am at the point of crying too, from laughing! Bad idea psycho girl, why are you visiting him, you’re gonna get caught! Run away, now, ruuuuunnnnn!

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Missienelly: For once, I thought she’s smart! Geez, where is her brain?

ErlNotEarl: I dunno, maybe it got lost in her stash of sweet potatoes? Han Chul is really, really, getting worse, he needs to be hospitalized, awww. I thought so; they’re at the same hospital. And no, don’t drop the coffee, Hyuk wants that!

mf9 64 mf9 65

Missienelly: I fear for him. Writer-nim, they wouldn’t kill him would they? But too late, he dropped the coffee! Just act normal han Chul! Aish!

ErlNotEarl: Ahhhh, what was that? What just happened? Noooo! Can I close my eyes please! Ahhh, he’s a hero. But I don’t wanna be your hero, I don’t want to be a good man.

Missienelly: He’s at the end of his life, he got nothing to lose now! Run psycho girl, run! He’s back to playing hero!

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