Modern Farmer A React-Cap Ep 8


 Missienelly: Okay, we are going on full speed now. I have my tea ready and I am ready to rock n roll with Modern Farmers! Ok, boys… Make us laugh from 3, 2, 1…. GO!

ErlNotEarl: Nice, I’m having tea myself and I just can’t wait for another ep, I am so excited yet dreading at the same time.

 Missienelly: Don’t dread it, Erl. So, do you remember what I asked you on the previous episode? Is this the beginning of a triangle love between MinKi-Yoon Hee-Hyuk?

 ErlNotEarl: I don’t want to believe it, but it sort of is. I mean the look that Hyuk gave Yoon Hee, the way Yoon Hee looks at MinKi. Heck, I think it is a square! But then there’s a big difference with loving someone and feeling sorry and wanting to protect someone. Just saying, that is.

 Missienelly: Well, I will leave it up to MinKi and let him sort of his feelings. But I really love how MinKi expressed his love towards blondie. He’s the man who wants to protect her, which we both know Yoon Hee desperately needed. I feel sad for Yoon Hee. I wonder if the man she loves or once loved know about MinHo.

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 ErlNotEarl: I refuse to believe it’s love, I wanna be blinded here. He just want to be responsible about what he’s done to her, how she’s staying in the limelight for him, at least that’s what he knows and thought of. Moving on, there’s an emergency and awww, what’s up with Mr. Flower?

Missienelly: Omo, omo, omo… the trouble is back!!! But is this the work of that psycho girl? For once, I pitied Flower ahjusshi. These plants are like children to him. I am sad for him, I know how it feels when everything you planted get ruined overnight. 

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ErlNotEarl: I don’t think it’s psycho girl’s work, she’s digging for goods but not to sell. I agree with Yoon Hee that this is the work of professionals, I do hope they get caught and fast, to avenge Flower ahjusshi and his “children.” Oh and yeah, I dunno how to keep plants alive. Look at that, I love how organized this village is, there’s gonna be nightwatchmen, ehm I mean night patrols from now on which of course makes Han Chul uneasy.

Missienelly: Did someone say nightwatchmen? Where’s my Il Woo-ssi? winks See, what did I tell you? Han Chul is just so dumb and slow he finally realized what he did with that psycho girl. I hope he walks away just to figure out how to tell them, not to escape from the situation. Kekeke, him and psycho girl are now dubbed as specialized robbers. LOL

ErlNotEarl: Nah, he’s blinded; he’s gonna warn her and save her from being caught. He’s really not lucky though, when he reached her temporary house, she’s already gone according to grandpa who is drying some nuts. Why do I feel suspicious about them? Could it be..

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Missienelly: Han Chul ah, haven’t you learned already from your almond experience with grandpa? Good god… LOL

ErlNotEarl: Why do you even bother to ask? We’ve established that he is dumb most of the time. Kekeke. Though really, grandpa makes me laugh so hard, he’s too frugal. HAHAHAHA.

Missienelly: Hmmmm now Hyuk is stuck in love triangle too? Oy, if another love triangle pops up, I’m gonna pull my hair! Can’t keep up!

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ErlNotEarl: And here I thought Flower Ahjussi’s sister likes MinKi, all good though. I don’t want another triangle, circles, I want circles! Or period, like something you should put between Drunken Ahjusshi and Mi Young. What do we have here though, her turn to explain?

Missienelly: I do not think explaining what she went through in her life has something to do with drunken ahjusshi. I really hope he man up and won’t forgive her. Hahahaha it’s raining piss again! This drama just…

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ErlNotEarl: But she’s crying, men are very weak when it comes to women’s tears. It’s the same spot, I think that spot is Yoon Hee’s uncle’s bathroom. Their reactions! Oh Lord, this is killing me really, goodness this drama!

Missienelly: Ding dong deng! Stupid Han Chul! He will be dead on these farmers’ hands!

ErlNotEarl: He’d rather he die than his love interest, dang dumb Han Chul! Can we just skip this part please, so frustrating.

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Missienelly: Oh believe me Erl, I so wanna FF too! Hmmmm… Judging how Yoon Hee suddenly turn off the tv and get angry, this pianist dude must be her ex!

ErlNotEarl: Must be MinHo’s dad yes. And I have a feeling he’s not even aware of what he’s done or he’s just a jerk who doesn’t care. Aww, sweet, go MinKi, go MinKi go! He’s sensitive, my MinKi is sensitive!

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Missienelly: MinKi hopped on! Awwwww I just can’t! It’s hard to ship them two, Erl. MinKi’s baby face and our very own Miss Korea! Andwae!

ErlNotEarl: Dwae, dwae! Hold on tight Yoon Hee, just do it! If it was me I sure will hold on tight. And just look at how he’s trying to cheer her up. I love you Hongki, I mean MinKi.

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Missienelly: As much as I hate to say it but this is why I love MinKi more and more. He’s wise, right? What…? Twenty-seven years old? He’s too young to be in this age? The way he compliment her beauty, so cute! Ahjumma power!

ErlNotEarl: He is really wise and let’s not think of his age, we both know he’s younger than that. I’m loving the cuteness, puppy, noona is melting.

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Missienelly: He sure tried hard to entertain her! Uhm, did I see a hint of smile on his face? The boy is enjoying the free hug, isn’t he? But there is no love, more of friendship I see. It sure hard to ship them like this, Erl.

mf8 25

ErlNotEarl: He gave it his best shot and come one, don’t kid me, you like it when he smiles too. Kekeke. I’m actually enjoying it too, if I can I’ll give him a free hug anytime he wants one.. Yoon Hee looks like she’s enjoying it too anyways. I’m shipping them, there’s something in there, I shall ship them! Wait though, he spotted the thieves! Omo, omo!

Missienelly: C’mon, get them! Be a man, MinKi! Yoon Hee, get off and quit staring! Our poor puppy is hurt! He better not get amnesia! LOL ahjumma, she’s definitely worried and concerned of him. Bahahhaha MinKi’s face, I just can’t!

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ErlNotEarl: Holy rabies, the puppy! Nooooo! And I don’t like amnesia too, please writernim no amnesia, please! It’s so sweet that she cried, awww, I knew it, she cares, she really cares. That’s a start. MinKi is just too cute, really cute. Can I take him home, please, can I, can I? He wants spaghetti, I can give it to him, easily.

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Missienelly: Sorry, I’m more senior than you. I get to take MinKi home giggles. C’mon, can he be more realistic, where can you get spaghetti this early in a crappy town? But now that he mentioned it, na do baegopa! I wanna eat some Korean food too! Aish!

ErlNotEarl: Well he’s just being honest, he was asked what he wanted and he answered honestly. Well, even if I’m hungry, I can’t because I am now having my tea, no food allowed after tea. This is fun, kure Han Chul-sshi, you brought it upon yourself you little dumb tiger you.

Missienelly:Yes, Han Chul. Tell them the truth. LOL thieves pretty eyes! That should work! C’mon, psycho girl, you can do it!!! But wait, I thought he only saw the eyes, so how could he tell the rest of the face? Am I missing something?

mf8 34 mf8 35 mf8 36 mf8 37

ErlNotEarl: Excuse me while I laugh at everyone’s reaction to this sketch session. HAHAHAHAHA. I just can’t! I can’t! And I might be missing something too, too distracted by the shiny eyes from a romantic comic.

Missienelly: Right? That looks more like a manga drawing!

ErlNotEarl: Indeed. What’s this idea? More patrol and CCTV?!

mf8 38 mf8 39

Missienelly: CCTV on the farm? Wow, isn’t this a bit too much though? I’m disappointed with these ladies. Flower ahjusshi is right. Glad drunken ahjusshi is there to cool him off. Hey, the cabbages sprouted really well. Oh wait, what just happened here? Bahahaha who would steal those tiny sprouted cabbages?

ErlNotEarl: That is indeed not good, they could have asked somebody before they took those juicy apples. The deers ate them, not stole. Must be delicious. I feel for MinKi though and the boys. They work so hard, really hard. What to do now? Stay guard for a whole night, keep a speaker like what our Drunken Ahjusshi said? What is this brilliant idea that Hyuk has?

mf8 40 mf8 42

Missienelly: I have an idea! Why don’t they fence up their territory? What the hell, where did they get their stuffs? Hyuk’s brilliant ideas shaking my head. Aigooooo Erl, I know this song!!!! Sweet Child of Mine by Guns N Roses! Playing for their babies? Oy, that’s an electric guitar! Where do you get the power? Facepalm, this drama… Do they think we are stupid?

mf8 42 mf8 43

ErlNotEarl: It’s too huge to install fences, it’s gonna cost money. Wow, you know the song, yay! I was thinking the same, these seedlings are their baby but where does the power come from? Oh well, let’s just overlook that and enjoy how hot the boys are with the instrument, shall we? Oi, Han Chul, asking for a date. That’s an improvement! Sure is something if you know you’re dying I think.

Missienelly: Han Chul never gives up, isn’t he? Jjakkamman, is she falling for MinKi? She’s falling hard, eh? Wow, that’s a gallon of coffee! I will be wired!

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ErlNotEarl: I think she’s falling for MinKi, ah this is painful, she likes him, he likes someone else and someone else likes her. Ouch! MinKi though, yah! Why are you so petty?! But that coffee, it looks so sad, wae? Coffee should be happy looking! Look at Ki Joon, hiding from love. One of this days I tell you, you will be chasing her and not the other way around.

Missienelly: Happy looking coffee? You’re weird, Erl. Hahaha they left their drums in the field? Wait wait wait, mute ahjusshi lost his voice to singing? Seolma, maybe he was once a musician too? He looked back… Yes, yes, I think he was musician too. Maybe, with gangsta ahjusshi? Do you see where am I going there, Erl?

mf8 48 mf8 49

ErlNotEarl: They are really gonna play all night for the seedlings, oh wow! that’s a concert I want to attend. I see where you’re going and I’m with you with your hunch, and the way he touched the guitar case, was he a guitarist? Are we going to find out the mystery behind the chance given by gangsta ahjusshi? Han Chul is sneaking away, playing hookie to go on that date with psycho girl, good luck but not really.

Missienelly: But Han Chul, you already confessed! How many times do you need to confess to her?

ErlNotEarl: I know right? But let’s see. Where are they going? Oh, MinKi and Yoon Hee are at the back. I think MinKi’s adopting the country expression. Kekeke. Wait, is MinKi’s hands on her thigh or am I getting overly delusional here? But the view, wow, the view! It made MinKi stop with his whining.

mf8 50 mf8 51

Missienelly: Yes, yes… I saw that too. His hand was on her thigh! Must be unintentional, right? Wait, what song is this? Ok Erl, spill it!

ErlNotEarl: It’s Bang Bang by Jessie J, Ariana Grande and Nicki Minaj. Why do I know this song again? I’m a bit embarrassed. Yay, my favorite place ever, coffee shop! Coffee, give it here, here!

Missienelly: Iced Americano? Eeeeew! Shut up flower ahjusshi, let your kid sister work there! I swear, if I get to meet him in person, I’m gonna strangle him!

mf8 52 mf8 53

ErlNotEarl: Take it easy, Flower Ahjusshi is not so bad, he has his moment. I can’t get over MinKi’s expression when he made his first sip, wow, he’s so like me! Coffee, I love coffee! Wait, are they exchanging glances, Mi Young and Drunken Ahjusshi?

Missienelly: What glance? Did I miss it? Oooooh is that… Couple T? I have always want one! Maybe we should do that, Erl! One for you and one for me! Wae, we can be couple too, no? Distance couple hehehe! Wahhhhh, I have never been on this kind of train before! So pretttttty!

mf8 54 mf8 55

ErlNotEarl: Alright, let’s do that. I’ll wear one for and with you, just don’t chose that color or the print. Kekeke. Indeed it’s a fancy train. Me likey! But why do I have a feeling this is not gonna end good?

Missienelly: Gotta give a prop to Han Chul! He is terrible at dating but his effort is admirable! I still don’t like her though. Okay, she owe him twice now! Look at her… He’s too good for her! The fudge! He’s bleeding all over! Now I forgot what I wanna say! LOL

ErlNotEarl: He is really too good for her I mean. That look though, makes me wanna sing: I keep bleeding, keep, keep bleeding love. Kekeke. She forgot what she wanna say too, or maybe she feels bad, gotta give props that she does know how to feel bad for someone. Dang it, this customers thinks they’re in a bar or something? Wait, seolma, are they…

mf8 56

Missienelly: OMG, for the first time I know what the song you sang! Bleeding Love by Leona Lewis! pats shoulder The robbers!!!! Wait, look at drunken ahjusshi’s face! He’s to the rescue! What’s wrong with these men? Omo the fight! This is so wrong, Erl! So wrong!!!!! LMAO x1000000000!!!!

mf8 57 mf8 58 mf8 59 mf8 60

ErlNotEarl: He’s a neighborhood oppa, why is that familiar? And lookie, MinKi to the rescue of his noona! What’s wrong with the background music, argh! It’s a fight but it’s so epicly funny! Show, you are so awesome! The eye contact, oh gracious, that’s the pair of eyes that we are looking for!

Missienelly: I still haven’t recovered from the makeout scene! Yes, MinKi! Catch them! Let’s go! I so hope they will get caught! Oh shit, the candy bars! Mortal kombat grandpa!!!!!!

mf8 61 mf8 62

ErlNotEarl: It’s hard to breathe, it’s difficult. LOL! They messed with the wrong grandpa, we both know how much he loves his choco bars! And with that, the thieves ended behind bars. Wait, aren’t you supposed to smile at customers? Right Nell?

Missienelly: Uhm duh of course she has, she’s the owner of the cafe! I would walk away if she served me coffee with a long face! Bahahaha look at Han Chul, he is so happy! Omo, runnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn!

mf8 63 mf8 64

ErlNotEarl: Oh God, bees!!! Nooooo!!

Missienelly: Gwenchana? Mwo gwenchana, Han Chul-shi? Aish!

ErlNotEarl: What the hell kind of question is that?! Sorry, she is making me soooo mad right now, I just wanna get my hand on her hair. But Han Chul, saying “I love you” awww.

mf8 65 mf8 66

Missienelly: He needs to wake up from this dream, I tell you. Goodness, this kid… So rude! Did she just call drunken ahjusshi country bumpkin? Seriously, I love these writers! This drama is so hilarious! Wahhhh pepper spray!

ErlNotEarl: Yeah, she’s rude but she’s cute. Kekeke. Cut her some slack, she’s from the city and now she’s staying in the country, she must be having a hard time. Right, I love the writers too! Writernim, saranghaeyo! The pepper says bodyguard, I almost spilled my tea. HAHAHAHA. Drunken Ahjusshi is a hopeless romantic I tell you and ah, I think they are going to start over.

Missienelly: We have too much of these two in this episode, eh Erl? How can he be so smooth after head banging and stinging bees? SMH

ErlNotEarl: I have this strong urge to hit forward, I mean it, I really do! So tired of these two Nell. Oh storytelling with MinKi, he thinks he’s the hero. But he’s so cute, I just can’t. Sorry, I’m  biased. 

Missienelly: Kurrae, kurrae MinKi. Your ego is high MinKi you said yes to spaghetti! Oooh picture time! Asa watch out Ki Joon, makeover time!!!!

mf8 67 mf8 68

ErlNotEarl: Noooo, nooo, take it back, no to spaghetti. Yes, he made it, he recovered. Phew, for a second I thought… I love taking photos, this is good! As expected, she’s a beauty! Reminds me of Shin MinAh. Look at Ki Joon, how is it? You like what you see?

mf8 69 mf8 70

Missienelly: Right? He is smitten and salivating! Look at his face! ROFLMAO Erl, are you laughing as hard as me???? This is definitely wedding picture worthy! His smile is so creepy though! LOL

mf8 71 mf8 72

ErlNotEarl: I’m dying, I might die from laughing really, this show is so awesome. We hear du gun du gun again, OMO! Ki Joon is soo in love! And so am I, I love this show! I <3 Modern Farmer!

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