Modern Farmer A React-Cap Ep 7


Missienelly: Okay, sorry for the delay. RL can be a pain, right? But don’t sweat, we are back and ready to watch another Modern Farmer episode. Are you ready, Erl?

ErlNotEarl: Yes, we’re back and I agree with you my dear Nell, RL can be a real pain but it’s all good, we got dramas to cure that pain and we got Modern Farmer. And I am so ready to begin this ep.

Missienelly: Good, let’s recap on episode 6. Yoon Hee decided to greet MinKi’s mom instead. But why is he refusing to walk into the house? Omo, is that his sister? Goodness, now I know why he wouldn’t want to get into the house. Another case of cheating here. Tsk tsk tsk

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ErlNotEarl: This is something that I will never understand, what’s the fun in cheating anyways? Why settle down if you’re gonna cheat? Wae, wae, wae?! And I guess realization always comes in the end, when it’s too late. sigh But yeah, no wonder MinKi refuses to go in and there he goes, walking out of the door.

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Missienelly: Hey MinKi, eodiga? Oh my god, the photo on the cassette. It is Hyuk’s mom! It’s funny that he previously said he was going to visit his dead girlfriend aka his mom! Oh Erl, he is breaking my heart! This guy is so charming!

ErlNotEarl: I didn’t quite see this coming but, the pain, my heart. My eyes, I think I’m sweating through my eyes. Hold on, lemme do something about it. wipes with tissue Back, so is MinKi and yes, he’s not so bad…

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Missienelly: See, see he ain’t bad at all…. This boy is so wise and caring. Yoon Hee is definitely touched by MinKi’s gesture for changing the bulb. And she probably had a moment there… Look at her face! It is like she suddenly falling in love or something lol

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ErlNotEarl: I bet she finds him shiny, maybe she sort or wanna take back the immature remark earlier. Let my ship sail. YAY!

Missienelly: You mean SHINee? giggles Aiii…I suddenly feeling mellow and touched by MinKi’s gesture for giving money to his deongsaeng. And yeah, help yourself with the money hehehe

ErlNotEarl: I knew he doesn’t treat his deongsaeng badly, it’s not her fault. And although he shows he doesn’t care about his mother, in truth, he does. Ah, my MinKi. Kekeke.

Missienelly: Yes, he does. I’m glad he has good heart. Oy facepalm, what are we gonna do with Han Chul? He is a goner!!!! He’s creeping her out now! This man has no shame!

mf7 11 mf7 12

ErlNotEarl: Well, he’s dying remember? It’s his last chance but I do agree with you that what he’s doing is creepy. Not cool dude. Like MinKi delivering veggies, not cool too. Kekeke. I thought they’re done though. Oooh, he’s asked to cover for the singer who couldn’t come. Yay! I like this, I like this! Come on, give it to us!

Missienelly: C’mon, please say yes! You know you wanna sing, MinKi!!! Hahahaha, look at Yoon Hee clapping for him. Hey, at least he got ONE fan, right?

mf7 13 mf7 14

ErlNotEarl: He got three! There’s you and me and Yoon Hee! Lookie, he’s gonna sing! The outfit is dreadful but never mind, the voice, that’s important. The voice…

Missienelly: Forget about that crappy outfit but aaaaaaaah, what a voice! Saranghae HongKi! I mean, saranghae MinKi!!! Geez, I’m dead the minute he hits that high notes! Honestly, my jaw is on the floor with Yoon Hee now.

mf7 15 mf7 16

ErlNotEarl: I melt, OMG, I melt! My jaw is on the floor too! Goodness, that voice and the look on Yoon Hee’s face. Sorry gf but I think she’s falling for him. She even praised him. But the bickering has to tone down a bit, really but I guess MinKi has a point. That hard earned money gone to waste.

Missienelly: Money is important but her ankle is twisted again! Quit yelling, Yoon Hee! Gasp! Did you notice? He did not drop her! Shame on you, Hyuk!

ErlNotEarl: I noticed alright, I wasn’t blinking! He carried her all the way to where the truck was parked. MinKi, you’re the man! That’s right make her shut up for once!

mf7 17 mf7 18

Missienelly: No matter how cute they are, I’m still shipping her with Hyuk. So we are divided now. Take a look at this, I have no words for Han Chul now! facepalm

ErlNotEarl: I am so tempted to just skip this part altogether. Such a goner really and to peep into her room? Of course we both know where the girl is – treasure hunting!

Missienelly: Someone really need to show her how to shovel properly!!! Geez, wae is he so dumb???? Who in the right mind would be farming at this wee hour? Aish! If I can slap his head I would!

mf7 19 mf7 20

ErlNotEarl: He’s done for, period! All the excuses he’s giving her to cover the whole picture. Someone please pour Han Chul a bucket of ice water for him to wake up, please!

Missienelly: LOL ice bucket challenge kdrama style!Btw, I so want her to get caught now! Why is Han Chul so freaking dumb? I had enough of him, Erl. He is definitely blinded by her! Can’t he senses her chicken voice tone? Yes, take the sweet potatoes home! If you won’t, I will!

ErlNotEarl: Me too, I love sweet potatoes. Kekeke. Oh, they’re back in the truck. I really want to be Yoon Hee right now. But she seemed to be really upset or shaken. Must be because of MinKi showing his manliness.

mf7 21 mf7 22

Missienelly: Well, I think noona can’t get over her money. So sad. Look at her banging her head left and right! Oi Hyuk, that’s one ugly hair clipper!

ErlNotEarl: She’s just tired, and confused. That’s what I think it is. I agree about the pin, it’s tacky! Oh no! Yoon Hee needs a bathroom, too much ice coffee apparently! I’m gonna die from laughing. Oh God! Though I have to admit I love that MinKi gave her a piggyback ride!

mf7 23 mf7 24 mf7 25 mf7 26

Missienelly: Bahahahaha did it do to you too Erl if you had too much iced coffee? I don’t drink it so I wouldn’t know! OMG I am still laughing! Korean drama and their forever bathroom humor!

ErlNotEarl: I’m never into iced coffee, I love my coffee really hot and I’ve never had that kind of reaction ever. Kekeke. But hey, she’s saved! There’s the washroom, courtesy of Yoo Na!

mf7 27 mf7 28 mf7 29 mf7 30

Missienelly: This girl definitely loves herself a lot! So many photos of her! I don’t like her hair color. It’s too orange-y! And no highlights! Fuggly! Awwwww, Yoon Hee finally realized the hair clipper. Will she know who put clip it on to her hair?

ErlNotEarl: Don’t get me started with the hair. I love her hair in the Master’s Sun but here? Hideous! And why can’t MinKi say anything about them being cabbage farmers? There’s nothing to be shy about it. The clip; let’s wait and see.

mf7 30l mf7 31

Missienelly: Errrr, what’s with the sudden rage, Yoon Hee??? I smell jealousy!!!

ErlNotEarl: Well, I probably would be angry too since she sort of treasure being his first love, remember the cassette tapes that she kept all these years and he outright denied that she’s his first love.

Missienelly: Oh yeah, i remember those flashbacks. Hmmmm did you smell something between Hyuk and blondie? Did Hyuk do something and give EXSO’s dream up for this little blonde? What do you think?

ErlNotEarl: I smell something yes and there’s this under lining sarcasm in his words and I love it. I love double meanings lately all thanks to someone I’ve been stalking. Kekeke. Back to Hyuk and blondie though, I think Hyuk discover something about the president and blondie, just a speculation but, let us wait and see.

mf7 32 mf7 33

Missienelly: Wait, who is your new stalking victim? winks Goodness, have we all forgotten about Ki Joon and Bul Ja??? Bahahaha How long have they been buried underneath those piles of fertilizer bags??? Wow, Hwa Ran can definitely scream!!! Look at her face! Ki Joon, did you look at her face?

ErlNotEarl: Like you have no idea. winks I want them to be buried there forever! Kekeke. She can definitely scream and thank heavens we now know her real name. I have a feeling he didn’t look because if he did, he’ll be mesmerized.

Missienelly: I have this feeling blondie is doing something illegal or she was pressured by someone. I don’t know, maybe we will find out later…Look at her face, she suddenly looked distance the minute that elevator door shut. Hmmmm

ErlNotEarl: I do feel something terrible is going on, could it be the president? Hmmm, me and my speculations. MinKi sensed something too I think because there he goes, ditching Yoon Hee and Hyuk to return to her apartment.

mf7 34 mf7 35

Missienelly: Traitor! MinKi, aren’t you the driver? I can’t trust Hyuk!!! Andwae, I can’t trust him driving alone! Oh my god, he’s torturing me! What kind of man is he??? He can’t drive!!!!!! I just can’t!

ErlNotEarl: And he said he’s smart, kekeke. That is so funny! Do it again. Look at Yoon Hee’s face, oh goodness!

mf7 36 mf7 37

Missienelly: Yoon Hee’s terrified face was priceless! LOL. Now we are back with these boring couple. Urgh, I don’t know why MinKi likes blondie so much. They bored me to death. Next scene, please.

ErlNotEarl: I don’t feel any spark at all, him and her together, so bland. Ack, I don’t really like bland. But ah, so that’s how they started, this is interesting, makes me wonder…

Missienelly: Aaaah, he once had a big dream, ya? I really want to know what went wrong with him and EXSO.

ErlNotEarl: I’m dying to know what went wrong. MinKi, have some courtesy will you, will it hurt you to answer the phone? Just let Yoon Hee know you’re busy with that boring girl! Well, I think I have to give this to Hyuk; he is indeed smart, he thought of a way for them to get home and called a driver! And Mr. Driver thought Hyuk is Yoon Hee’s husband, hmmm..

mf7 38 mf7 39

Missienelly: LOL he is happy when he heard the word nampyeon! And Yoon Hee is just something else… Oy, I’m totally shipping them! They look good together!

ErlNotEarl: I know you would. I’ll ship MinKi and Yoon Hee though, there’s just so much spark there for me to set aside that is. Forget about bland blondie, I’ll erase her if I can. He doesn’t deserve my sweet MinKi.

Missienelly: Can’t they cook their own ramen? LOL orabeoni got a slave! Wait, do you think Yoo Hee’s deongsaeng likes the pink wig girl?

mf7 40 mf7 41

ErlNotEarl: Apparently they can’t, poor souls. Don’t you find it funny that the girl with a pink wig just bypasses Han Chul like every time? Hyuk is so lucky I mean having a slave; that’s something. And look at the way she looks at him while he drinks. Yoon Hee’s little brother? Hmmm, maybe.

Missienelly: Hands down, I really love this drama!!!! Did you see how she poke fun at her own self? Lee Honey? Han Hyo Joo? LOL this drama is the greatest if I haven’t said enough already. Aigooooo, MinKi is back. Wait, wow… microphone ahjumma is running away with yet another gossip to spread! Her laugh is super hilarious!

ErlNotEarl: I was laughing so hard it’s so difficult to breath. I love this show, I know I said that before but I really love this show! Well about time for MinKi to come back and boys, please, don’t ask any more questions, nothing happened because the girl is bland. Period! Bul Ja and Ki Joon however, now that’s sizzling! Go microphone ahjumma, spread the good word, they’re married! Kekeke.

mf7 42 mf7 43 mf7 44 mf7 45

Missienelly: Sorry Ki Joon, no one will believe you! Hahahaha… wahhhhhh, their babies sprouted overnight!!! Asa, Hae Chul did not overwater them!!!! Urgh, Mr. Flower is forever bashing these boys down. C’mon, give them some slack and get happy with them! Aaaoooph!

ErlNotEarl: I won’t listen to any explanation either even if i know what really happened. Kekeke. They are meant to be and that’s it. I’m happy that Han Chul didn’t murder their babies, and Mr. Flower, please, I agree with Nell, let the boys enjoy their achievement, they’re not use to farming, you should give them credits when it’s due.

mf7 46 mf7 47 mf7 48 mf7 49

Missienelly: Who sing this song? I’m starting to love this OST!

ErlNotEarl: A guy from Infinite, I know you know who he is, Nam WooHyun and the title is When Love Comes. It’s growing on me too, very groovy. HongKi released an acoustic version btw. Look at them happily watering their babies, that looks so fun. I wish I can grow something too.

Missienelly: WooHyun? Aaaah me wuvs him hehehe. Wait, what kind of nut is that? How are they so tasty that it tasted like premium bacon? Oy, Flower ahjusshi! It’s not fried, it’s roasted you fool! shaking my head

mf7 50 mf7 51

ErlNotEarl: What is a Pea Puff? Hmmm, maybe it does taste good. We will never know until we try one, don’t you think? Oh so that’s the reason why Mi Young moved back to the countryside, her business went bankrupt. Little girl, try to understand your mom please. Poor Mi Young, her sighs can split a rock I tell you. Wait, she sees Drunken Ahjusshi, I refuse to call him by his proper name sorry. No, don’t come near him, noooo!!

Missienelly: So what’s the deelio…. OMG staaaaahppppp! He’s peeing all over and on himself now! Eeeeewww, wash your hand, drunken ahjusshi! I’m not a big fan of this girl, Erl. I don’t know, he hurt him badly.

mf7 52 mf7 53 mf7 54 mf7 55

ErlNotEarl: Same here but I think Drunken Ahjusshi still has feelings for her or something. sigh That flashback, the taro leaves. melts

Missienelly: I think first cut is the deepest but who knows… he may still have feelings for her. Awwwww, lookie… drunken ahjusshi is jjinja jjinja romantic. Can someone do that to me too when it rains? Oh yes, I’m so glad he told her that! Eeeeeeewwwww, this drama really! It’s raining pee all over, Erl!

ErlNotEarl: I’m happy he said it but I know it’s just letting her know how hurt he was. GAH! I’m lost for words! It’s raining pee! HAHAHAHAHA.

mf7 56 mf7 57 mf7 58 mf7 59

Missienelly: Awwwww Yoon Hee and her flashback. Is it for money or is it because of MinKi?

ErlNotEarl: It’s because of MinKi, kyaaaah! She’s beginning to see him as a man and not a kid. But oy, I guess we can say she lost her mind for a moment. They must really loved those pea puffs I mean look at those faces. And now Yoon Hee’s back to seeing him as an immature guy. Hah! Auntie’s hungry, will she comes out?

mf7 60 mf7 61

Missienelly: Oh my, auntie needs to get out from  her cave. Her tummy is grumbling! One lesson she needs now: accepts the fact that she’s a bad cook. Period. Omo, did she just steal the boys’ nuts? Wait, that did not come out right! LOL. Look at their faces though. Covered in black ashes!

ErlNotEarl: It will take some time for that to sink in okay, let her nurse her wounds. And she did steal them, that’s right. Cute faces full of black ashes nonetheless. Why do I find the name of the cows to be really not fitting. LOL.

mf7 62 mf7 63 mf7 64 mf7 65

Missienelly: Hey, leave my cows alone! She caught on with the hairclip! Aigoooo I’ll be so dead if Hyuk come that close to me! C’mon Yoon Hee, don’t you like that he is your husband?

ErlNotEarl: That was cute, I’ll have to give you that but, yeah, you know already. Wait, she has a blog, nice. What’s the address, I wanna follow. There’s something suspicious though…

Missienelly: You in stalker mode, Erl! Who is that she’s checking? Her husband? MinHo’s appa?

ErlNotEarl: Must be, because look at how shocked she was when her younger brother came in and how forcefully she closed her laptop. Careful, I know someone whose laptop died that way.

Missienelly: And the laptop is still dead cries Wookay, I had enough. Hae Chul is so clingy!!! Look at her face… I’m sorry girl, you’re definitely dead or your treasure hunt search is ruined!

ErlNotEarl: I just can’t, I gave up, I’m lost for words.

mf7 66 mf7 67

Missienelly: Isn’t that gangsta ahjusshi? Awwwww, these two are tending to their broken hearts over soju. G’awwwdd, after that mature speech, how can he just screamed at grasshopper? MinKi failed as a man! Period. Yes, uri nampyeon is back and jealous!

mf7 68 mf7 69 mf7 70 mf7 71

ErlNotEarl: Yes, that’s gangster ahjusshi, he wants his money of course. I was actually disappointed when he screamed, I mean that was all fancy talk and such, I was falling. Yoon Hee is looking at him as if he’s shining and then aaaah! Curse you grasshopper! You ruined MinKi’s moment!

mf7 72 mf7 73 mf7 74 mf7 75

Missienelly: Is this… seolma, is this the start of a love triangle? Do we want a love triangle, Erl?

ErlNotEarl: I don’t like it but I think it is the start and I don’t think we’ll be in the same ship, not at all. I don’t want this triangle but Modern Farmer is gonna give it to us whether we’re ready or not.

mf7 76 mf7 77

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