Modern Farmer A React-Cap Ep 6


ErlNotEarl: Episode 6, woohoo, we’re doing our best to catch up with Modern Farmer and we are loving it, right, Nelly? The humor, the boys, the villagers, they have all grown on me and I want more!

Missienelly: Yeah, I want more too! Currently I’m watching 12 dramas and lately, I have been looking forward to Modern Farmer more and more. That’s the truth!

ErlNotEarl: 12? That many? And here I am watching only this show. Anyways, are you ready? Let’s go?

Missienelly: So, so ready! Let’s go crazy with them!

ErlNotEarl: Wookay! Let’s rewind for a bit to Hyuk sewing little Minho’s bag, while Yoon Hee sleeps in a sitting position without anything to lean on, I haven’t tried that. How about you Nell?

mf6 1 mf6 2

Missienelly: I don’t think I have. But listen, forget about her! I’m distracted by Hyuk and his puppy eyes. Awwwwww, my heart  breaks and lookie lookie. He wanted to put her to bed! How sweet! Omo! What the….? Gosh this drama is just too much!

ErlNotEarl: I know right, just when my heart starts to hurt and I begin to melt, aaaah.. How can he drop her like that? HAHAHAHAHA.

Missienelly: That was a hard drop! And he complained how heavy she is? Oh geez…. He is failing big time! Not cool, Hyuk! Not cool!

mf6 3 mf6 4

ErlNotEarl: It’s not cool but it’s funny. Kekeke. Ahh, Mr. Flower is playing hard to get, it seems they have to slave away some more in his farm before he teach them his secret, thankfully his mother is kind, although she can’t shut her trap; she gives them food all the time.

Missienelly: I like microphone ahjumma and regardless of her big mouth, Mr. Flower should be lucky to have her as his mom. But you’re right, he is playing hard to get. I hate him for torturing our boys. H.A.T.E!!!

ErlNotEarl: Just look at it this way, nothing comes for free in this world. Aw but look, Ki Joon now knows how to apologize. I think we will be shipping this pair together, am I right Nell?

Missienelly: You’re  more forgiving than me! Anyway, I’m totally shipping them, Erl. We must. They are match made in Ha Doo Rok Ri hehehe. Oh my god, I don’t think I can watch this! Oh my god! Is this really happening????

mf6 5 mf6 6

ErlNotEarl: It’s happening alright and I like what I’m seeing and that goes for microphone ahjumma too. Oh my God, the whole village will know about this I tell you! Is it bad if I laugh at that?

Missienelly: In my mind, it makes sense but in ahjumma’s head, they are totally making out in the field!!! Look at his “help me” face!!! I’m with you, Erl. I’m laughing so hard and I don’t feel bad about it! Just enjoy it, Ki Joon-ah!

ErlNotEarl: Look here though, I really don’t get this, I mean kids, seriously! Isn’t it enough that he doesn’t know his dad? sigh

Missienelly: Sorry, I can’t help but looking at his jiggly tummy! But yeah, mean kids are everywhere and I do not like them. Period.

mf6 7 mf6 8

ErlNotEarl: Same here. Hmmm, I think MinKi has had enough of Han Chul talking and thinking about Soo Yun all day. He can’t stand it anymore.

Missienelly: The man is drunk in love. And he needs a little push. I’m a bit annoyed with him too. He needs to man up a bit! Just confess already!

ErlNotEarl: Yes, man up Han Chul! And come on boys, just ask him already why he doesn’t have that much time. You’re too slow. Wait, MinKi sees little MinHo nursing his feelings under the shade of a tree.

Missienelly: Rock star! But look at his sad face…. tsk tsk tsk

mf6 9 mf6 10

ErlNotEarl: I feel sorry for the kid. Aww so cute, MinKi’s gonna help little MinHo to get even. I know you’re not pro violence but these kids are asking for it.

Missienelly: But I admired MinHo’s courage to go back and revenge. Most kids wouldn’t. I wonder what trick MinKi taught him.

ErlNotEarl: That we shall see. It’s fun though, I dunno why but I have this feeling that MinKi is seeing himself in MinHo and I love it, I really do.

Missienelly: Hah, I think the same way too. Especially with MinKi being the only child…

ErlNotEarl: I wouldn’t know the feeling of an only child though.. Here comes one of the boys, Ki Joon. I guess all the venom has been sucked out of those lips. Kekeke. Of course the whole village knows the news about them kissing. Kekeke

mf6 11 mf6 12

Missienelly: And they are now married and she’s ready to pop their precious baby! LOL

ErlNotEarl: Oh the glorious speed of humours. As speedy as the person who took Yoon Hee’s brother’s boxing gloves. I wonder where could it be, hmmmm..There they are! Wow! Done professionally huh? Well done MinKi, well done!

Missienelly: Yes, well done MinKi! Rockstar and Big Belly made up!!! Yipppppeee! I’m just gonna close my eyes on that little rock!

mf6 13 mf6 14

ErlNotEarl: I thought I was the only one. Kekeke. Oh, oh, Yoon Hee’s worried about his son. And there he is with MinKi. Of course he happily runs to his mom and look at how happy that swollen little face is. I think I’m falling more in love.

Missienelly: Hey, I’m a mom. I would be worried too!

ErlNotEarl: I know you would, it’s worth worrying about. See, what did I say? He really does see himself in MinHo, he was in the same situation when he was young. And he has a point, MinHo is a kid, he needs to feel and be like a kid and be protected. I just got teary eyed, that was so wonderfully said MinKi.

Missienelly: MinKi may be childish but he said all the right word. Deep down Erl, this guy is very wise. So, so wise.

ErlNotEarl: And now I have all the reason to ship him with Yoon Hee. Lookie, little MinHo apologizing. Aww, my heart, it’s the hormones Nell, I blame it on the hormones, I am tearing up here.

Missienelly: Pffffh, you’re hormonal, aren’t ya? MinHo is really cute tho.

ErlNotEarl: A bit yes, otherwise the moon must be full. HAHAHAHA, this show is giving me a split personality really. Good heavens, I haven’t felt like this since Flower Boy Ramyun and this is just so awesome. That flying kick! GAH! LOL

mf6 15 mf6 16

Missienelly: LOL did ya see his face???? WHAT A FACE! Good job Yoon Hee!

ErlNotEarl: I did, I saw the face. Yoon Hee is the woman! Great news, the boys are finally getting their farming training. FINALLY!

Missienelly: Eeeeeeeewwwwww, I wouldn’t taste the dirt! Han Chul deposited his gems there! Yuck yuck yuck! But Flower ahjusshi is just too much! Really too much. Just teach them already!

ErlNotEarl: But wait, there is a village meeting and wow, they’re advance now, through SMS. Nice! What’s the meeting about though?

mf6 17 mf6 18

Missienelly: They are advanced! I don’t know what is the meeting is about. Let’s find out!

ErlNotEarl: Ooooh, so he’s the last bachelor… Err, is that a big thing?

Missienelly: Bahahahaha. Small village problem! They take every little thing dead serious! I agree with drunken ahjusshi, who would wanna move there? Omo! Omo omo omo, I would fall for that pic too!

mf6 19 mf6 20

ErlNotEarl: Am I bad if I find it funny that he has a history of getting dumped? Yeah, I think so too. I know, I’m a borderline sadist. But really, I don’t think it’s going to work, she out of his league.

Missienelly: You are truly a sadist, Erl. I don’t even think that way… Be positive for once! Jjaebal, he is our last bachelor on earth! LOL

mf6 21 mf6 22

ErlNotEarl: Alright, let’s say he has a 2% chance, will that be enough? But oh, so they have no choice but to help because they need a house for their seedlings. Hmmm, this is going to be fun, I think. But bah, MinHo is not allowed to speak to his hero Ahjusshi. Wait, don’t you find it weird that he is being called an Ahjusshi?

Missienelly: Weird? Nah, he is definitely ahjusshi since he’s a few years younger than Yoon Hee.

ErlNotEarl: But he doesn’t look like an Ahjusshi. OMO! Han Chul pretending to be a girl for the blind date training? First the “moob” and now this? I just can’t!

Missienelly: He is the perfect girl! LOL Did you see the way he sit??? So girly!

mf6 23 mf6 24

ErlNotEarl: I know right, I can’t even sit like that for more than twenty minutes! I find it so funny that they’re using If originally by Bread as the background music, oh em, I can’t breathe! His favorite sport is digging! I didn’t know that was considered a sport.

Missienelly: I don’t get it! Why? That is NOT a sport! Pst, I don’t know that song.

ErlNotEarl: Holy Mother, how will the boys succeed with a manly man like that and wait, isn’t underwear supposed to stick to your butt or something? I don’t get it.

mf6 25 mf6 26

Missienelly: Gross! But what the hell is wrong with his face??? Why so red?

ErlNotEarl: It’s because of the uncountable bottles of makgeolli he consumed gf. Oh, he managed to be decent. Alright, I agree with you Nell, Drunken Ahjusshi looks handsome.

Missienelly: He clean up gooooooood! See, told ya so! He is handsome! Ooooph, that hair! I wanna mess with his hair!

mf6 27 mf6 28

ErlNotEarl: I was expecting you to say that, you and hair really. Kekeke. Ewwww, Nell, just ewww! shudders Grandpa what were you thinking?

Missienelly: All my hairs are standing now! That is just…. I give up!

mf6 29 mf6 30

ErlNotEarl: I’m with you. Ooooh, who is MiYoung? And why is Drunken Ahjusshi calling her in the familiar form? How come he knows her?

Missienelly: Friend? Neighbor? Cuz?

ErlNotEarl: The way she calls him Oppa, hmmm.. Completely suspicious. By chance, an ex girlfriend? What do you think, Nell?

mf6 31 mf6 32

Missienelly: Dun dun dun! Perhaps!!!! Something bad must have had happened for drunken ahjusshi omma to get this pissy!

ErlNotEarl: I think so too, let’s wait and see. So today is the real start of the training for our boys. Wow, so ADEQUATELY is the real deal with planting cabbages. I need to remember that. Oh wait, I can’t really make anything grow, I don’t know how to. Every plant I planted perished within a day; never mind, forget it.

Missienelly: Its about freaking time!!! Finally they are doing farming 101! You can’t grow anything, Erl??? Hehehe, now I feel better! I have a green thumb! Woohooo!

ErlNotEarl: It’s one of my flaw. I’m not proud of it but I mostly just never mind. Mr. Flower’s sister took a fancy at our boys, and it’s extremely noticeable. Kekeke. But Mr. Flower is too much to point it out, come on, cut the girl some slack.

Missienelly: I like her and I know she has her eyes on uri MinKi. My hunch says so. Agree? I don’t think anyone would dare going out with her. Look at her oppa!

ErlNotEarl: The boys said it themselves too. Ah, I think we’re gonna find out what’s the deal about Drunken Ahjusshi and MiYoung. They asked the right person. Microphone Ahjumma is going to talk about it, she’s won’t be able to stop herself.

Missienelly: Kekekeke she can’t keep any secrets! Urgh, look at Mi Young’s younger hair! Horrible! Wait, so…. Flower ahjusshi was interested in Mi Young too??? What the hell…. this drama better not go makjang on us!

mf6 34 mf6 33

ErlNotEarl: I think so too, and I am hoping for this drama to not go into that direction. Oh, I know that line, I know that line! Love means never having to say you’re sorry; it’s from that 1970 Novel turned movie Love Story. Waah! Drunken Ahjusshi so romantic, I melt.

Missienelly: Erl, is there anything that you don’t know??? Your brain is a database of all things mushy romance! That’s a compliment!

ErlNotEarl: Kekeke. There are things that I don’t know, but the mushy romantic things was from that time when I used to be a hopeless romantic, that girl is long gone. Drunken Ahjusshi is romantic, awww, he really sent her to college, he’s so kind. But aaaah, how could she. sobs

Missienelly: My poor, handsome, drunken ahjusshi! I’m laughing so hard how they describe his broken heart feeling… So poetic!

mf6 35 mf6 36

ErlNotEarl: I know right, this drama never cease to amaze me. Oh, an upgrade! Canned foods! It’s better than ramen right, Nell? I think it’s better than ramen and ramen is actually better than Yoon Hee’s aunt’s cooking.

Missienelly: Way better! You can get bloated from eating ramen all the time! Omo, she’s gonna make dinner! Hmmm I wonder what crazy dish she will prepare for the boys!

mf6 37 mf6 38 mf6 39 mf6 40

ErlNotEarl: You and I both. Whatever it is though, I can smell disaster. I wonder how Drunken Ahjusshi’s date really looks like in person, I don’t believe the photo. Everything can be photoshopped nowadays.

Missienelly: Definitely photoshopped! Who is it? Who is it?????? OMG! Hot damn!!! What happened??? OMG she’s snorting like a pig on her first date!

ErlNotEarl: I can’t help but to laugh. Oh Lord, I knew it! The woman is completely different from the photo, not even a slight similarity.

Missienelly: She said pictures can be deceiving! Oh my god! This drama is hilarious!

mf6 41 mf6 42

ErlNotEarl: Writernim, I really love what you’re doing here, please continue! Nice! That looks fun, I wanna join the boys. Let’s play in the water too. Let’s go Nell, let’s go!

Missienelly: Errrr, you go right ahead. I don’t like to get wet!

ErlNotEarl: Wae? Getting wet is good. But wait, I didn’t expect that to happen. Goodness MinKi, why is it that you and Yoon Hee’s interaction always turns into a disaster?

mf6 43 mf6 44

Missienelly: Lovers quarrel? OMG! He is so silly!!!! He chased her like a silly kid! Cho, cho cute tho!

ErlNotEarl: Really cute but, ah, what a mess! Oi, the girl with the pink wig, what did she just call Hyuk? Oraboni? Nice! And she said she’s invited for dinner. Gah, why am I dreading it?

Missienelly: She’s crushing so hard on Hyuk! Shut up, Han Chul! Okay, I’m so ready to know what she prepared for dinner! Fusion cuisine!!! Hey, that is something!

mf6 45 mf6 46

ErlNotEarl: Fusion cuisine should be fun but, sorry not sorry, that looks awful! Awww, so this is why nobody bothered to speak. Oh the drama! But I am sick, I know that now because I am laughing at this. Kekeke.

Missienelly: Awwwwwww now I feel bad. She’s crying so hard! But it’s about time someone tell her the truth! She needs to know how bad her cooking is! If she wants to get mad, she should get angry with her husband. But in a way though, he is protecting her. He loves her too. Aish… I’m torn if I’m her. I don’t wanna hear the truth.

ErlNotEarl: The truth shall set thee free, milady. I guess Drunken Ahjusshi’s mother is more hurt than him that’s why she did that but poor Drunken Ajusshi. We finally get his story but I never did thought that it’s really sad. So sad.

Missienelly: Yeah, to be cheated by the woman he once loved. It is hurtful. I feel bad though that drunken ahjusshi had to go through another date because of his mom.

mf6 47 mf6 48

ErlNotEarl: He’s caught in the middle. Poor Drunken Ahjusshi. Wookay, I know it is MinKi’s fault that Yoon Hee sprained her ankle but I’ll sprain mine too if he’s gonna drive for me. Kekeke. And to sit between cute boys, I vote a yes please!

Missienelly: I so wanna trade places with Yoon Hee right now! To feel warmth from two hot studs… Bloody lucky gal!

ErlNotEarl: She’s lucky alright. I wish I was her. There is something about this song and its singer; I have this feeling in my belly that there is really something about it. Hmmmm.

Missienelly: Wait! Could it be her mother?

ErlNotEarl: Her mother? Hmmm, what if? So organic is not the thing anymore, where are they gonna leave all this veggies? Do you want them Nell?

mf6 49 mf6 50

Missienelly: Organic is overrated! But yeah, I’ll take them hehehe

ErlNotEarl: I knew you would. Yah, Han Chul-sshi, that’s too much water; the plants are gonna die! Snap out of it! But he has a point anyways, just go and confess! If it was me and I was dying I would definitely go for it, am gonna die anyways so just do it!

Missienelly: I so wanna kill him! He’s drowning those seeds! Ya, just confess already!

mf6 51 mf6 52

ErlNotEarl: I think he heard us, look at him go. Wow! I love this kind of scene, well I like that it’s happening to these two anyways – Ki Joon and Bul Ja, just date already.

Missienelly: I just love the flashback “kisseu” again! They are meant to be together.

ErlNotEarl: Really meant to be. So nice of MinKi for helping Yoon Hee, even if he wants half of the profit. Well it’s better than taking it back to the village right? And look here, he used to play in this club; the posters, wow! I’m as amazed as Yoon Hee.

Missienelly: The club owner is fangirling over MinKi a bit too much! LOL

ErlNotEarl: I fangirl on him like that I think. Kekeke. Han Chul watching the psycho girl, I don’t like your girl of choice but just make a move already, will you?

mf6 53 mf6 54

Missienelly: Yeah, there is nothing we can do at this point. The man is blinded by her beauty! So sad! The rejection is too funny! Stop Han Chul, she said no so just accept it! C’mon, staaaaaap! Oy, he’s that desperate, eh?

ErlNotEarl: From one broken heart to another, here’s Drunken Ahjusshi giving himself a pep talk about what happened last night. How convenient that he ran into MiYoung again, is this fate? Are they gonna fall in love once more? Am I still making sense?

Missienelly: At this point, I’m not sure she will fall for him. She has to care for her dad. Oh wait… she’s jealous! Mi Young is jealous drunken ahjusshi is going out on a date with miss piggy! God, she’s a pig, right Erl? snorts

ErlNotEarl: Definitely a pig, a drunken one too. Soju during the day? Oh Mary, I don’t think I can do that. Drunken Ahjusshi is really enduring everything for everybody’s sake.

Missienelly: Hey, I thought you’re pro at drinking! I salute drunken ahjusshi. His endurance is stronger than mine!

mf6 55 mf6 56

ErlNotEarl: I can handle my alcohol just fine but I don’t have alcohol for breakfast, thank you very much! Where is MinKi stopping by? Who is in that house, wait, wait, don’t throw the box. Ow, poor puppy. Is this his mom? Oh goodness, I think it’s his mom. This is unexpected.

Missienelly: Gasp, I thought his mom is dead! Oh my… He still loves his mom. I wonder what next episode will bring for us!

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