Modern Farmer A React-Cap Ep 5


ErlNotEarl: I’m back – we’re back and still pretty much hooked with Modern Farmer, is that right Nelly? We’re pretty behind but it’s all fine; not spoiled one bit because I’ve been dodging spoilers like a pro soccer player. Plus am really in love with the show’s slapstick humor that not many people are in to, but oh well right? What say you Nelly?

Missienelly: I’m 100% deeply hooked with Modern Farmer. I had a good laugh with the last 3 episodes and I am expecting for more teary laughs!

ErlNotEarl: So do I. Shall we go down to business then, let’s go?

Missienelly: Go! Go! Go!

ErlNotEarl: Alrighty! I have a question, how much is the alcohol content of makgeolli for Yoon Hee to think that our boys are weaklings to pass out because of it? No, it’s wrong to ask you, I’ll Google it. Kekeke.

mf5 1 mf5 2

Missienelly: Uhm… yeah. As much as I wanna try it, I’m not a drinker. So I can’t help ya with that 😛

ErlNotEarl: And that’s why I’ll ask Mr. Google. Kekeke. Ah, Hyuk, are you trying to sing that lines because I sure did sing it in my head. sings: No ye nun ko ip Sorry, I got carried away. Turns out he’s just joking (?) and look at how flustered Yoon Hee is. Noooo, don’t fall for him, what about uri MinKi?

Missienelly: Nah, she’s a single mother. Her priority NOW is her son and family. She won’t be falling for MinKi or Hyuk that easily. But with that in mind, I will keep shipping for Hyuk and Yoon Hee for now!

ErlNotEarl: Yeah, there is that, sorry and just getting way ahead of myself here. I’ll ship MinKi and Yoon Hee though. 😀 But aish, they are feeding the cows together, isn’t that sort of a date, ish, in my twisted way of thinking?

mf5 3 mf5 4

Missienelly: I squeeeeed so hard though! Cow is my favorite animal anyway… Hehe, off track there. So yes, this count as a date even for a minute! 🙂

ErlNotEarl: I thought it was cats. Hmmm. Han Chul is still not in the mood and I guess he won’t be. The girl is there again, aaah! Why am I feeling embarrassed for him? Look at him hide behind MinKi and he’s shorter than him.

mf5 5 mf5 6 mf5 7

Missienelly: Cats too but I can’t bring cows inside my home, silly. So cats rule for now. I AM embarrassed for him! The poop and the breastfeeding incidents were… shudders. Let’s not go there.

ErlNotEarl: You don’t need to tell me twice Nell. Oooh! Daebak! I was thinking Mr. Flower is frustrated because he’s single but his wife and son?! I cannot believe what I see. I agree with MinKi, something is wrong with that picture!

mf5 8 mf5 9

Missienelly: It’s “Beauty and the Beast” Korean style, Erl. Nothing wrong with that picture, it happens everywhere hehehe.

ErlNotEarl: I guess so. Ah, so this is the fan holding SangDuRok Ri village head, he looks so conceited.

Missienelly: I do not like him. I see “butt face” written all over him right now.

mf5 10 mf5 11

ErlNotEarl: I agree with you there, he is a butt face. Wow, I can feel the intensity of the game seeping through my screen. I tell you this is one extreme Olympiad. And now I know why Grandpa doesn’t need to practice, he just wiped it out like that, DAEBAK! Harabeoji, jjang! There’s a short break and these villagers cannot eat without makgeolli I think. Wait, Yoon Hee’s aunt prepared kimbap, I smell trouble; did it just move?

mf5 12 mf5 13

Missienelly: It sure did! Too bad they cut MinKi’s kimbap scene was short! I wanna see the dramatic part – his torturous face while chewing whatever nasty wiggly stuff in that kimbap! And look what we got here??? Oh no! NOOOO!

ErlNotEarl: Oh no, the tables have turned; SangDuRok Ri swiped the game for the second half. Yoon Hee’s getting worried, I’m with her on that one. Do they stand a chance to win the Olympiad? MinKi’s positive but ah, I am uneasy.

Missienelly: Yes, I’m quite nervous for the boys. If they lost the tournament, the boys will  be homeless, village-less and broke!

ErlNotEarl: That, they will be. Aww, MinHo is soo cute! Nell, will you dress A like that? Kekeke.

mf5 14 mf5 15 mf5 16 mf5 17

Missienelly: He will give me a very dirrrrrrty look! A is classy, Erl! He will kill me!

ErlNotEarl: Kekeke, I forgot how classy he is, mian. I think MinKi is right, they just might win this thing, yay! Fighting, Fighting! Go for the win!

Missienelly: Go for gold! I love MinKi’s positive ‘tude! I know his life is depending on this and you gotta applaud for his winning spirit!

mf5 18 mf5 19

ErlNotEarl: Exactly but ooh, look at this! Cheaters! Cheaters I say! Argh! That chant though, great idea MinKi. HAHAHAHAHA. And they won, thanks to Han Chul’s swollen nipple. HAHAHAHAHA. I’m dying, help, I can’t breathe.

Missienelly: Saved by the MAN-boob!!!!! Muahahahhahaha!

mf5 20 mf5 21 mf5 22 mf5 23

ErlNotEarl: Saved by the “moob”. This Fan Holding village head, he’s just really so craving for the victory, ugh! So petty! Eottokke, our boys, will they be kicked out of the village now?

Missienelly: If I could get into the screen and strangle this Fan Holding asshat village head, I would!!! It looks like it is the end of our boys’ journey as farmers! I’m sure Mr. Flower, without a doubt, will force Yoon Hee to keep her words and kick them out any minute now! But wait, am I dreaming?

mf5 24 mf5 25 mf5 26 mf5 27

ErlNotEarl: Awww, these people are really kind, they all have hearts of gold. teary eyed I’m so touch, well not as touched as MinKi but, yeah, I am touched. And Yoon Hee kept her position too. Happy!

Missienelly: O.M.G! Unbelievable! I’m not dreaming! I’m as touched as MinKi, Erl!!! Wow!

ErlNotEarl: Indeed, it’s not a dream, they get to stay. I bet they’re all on cloud nine, not as much as Han Chul though who finally managed to save his face; but I still don’t like his girl of choice. Here comes Bul Ja with some wild honey and Ki Joon, you disappoint me, how can you be so harsh on her, she’s just thankful.

Missienelly: Karma is gonna come back and bite into Ki Joon’s flat ass! There, I said it.

mf5 28 mf5 29 mf5 30 mf5 31

ErlNotEarl: I will wait for that to happen Nell, I would definitely wait for it. Isn’t this scene funny? The look on their faces, gold I say gold! The word is adequately boys, remember that, okay. ADEQUATELY! Well I am with them, cabbage farming is deep and mysterious as per the supplier’s explanation that is.

Missienelly: Look at their faces! From normal to pale to zombie-like horror! But the supplier’s explanation is totally hilarious! He kept using “and then” over and over again! Funnnnay!

mf5 32 mf5 33 mf5 34 mf5 35

ErlNotEarl: Really funny! I showed it to my roommate because she’s curious why I’m laughing so hard and she laughed as hard as me. HAHAHA. But wait, how unlucky is Yoon Hee’s uncle really? I mean hit by a cow’s tail? Wow!

Missienelly: He is prone to injury! A very delicate man!

ErlNotEarl: Delicate or clumsy? The boys really need serious help and Yoon Hee mentioned of a Farming God and what do you know; turns out the Farming God is Mr. Flower, why am I not surprise? And as I expected he won’t give away his secret for free. So off they go, shoveling cow dung. Oh, the smell of fresh cow dung, I can still remember.

Missienelly: Oooph, don’t mention cow dung to me! Gross! I wasn’t expecting Mr. Flower though. I thought PD-nim is bringing in a new character. Drat, I had enough of this fake permed hair ahjusshi.

mf5 36 mf5 37

ErlNotEarl: Alright, I won’t say it again. Kekeke. They have plenty of characters already, I think that’s what the PD thinks too. Our poor Ki Joon, left on the roof. Everyone was so excited to eat watermelons they forgot about their maknae. Like that was not bad enough, he’s in need of a washroom too and pronto.

Missienelly: I have never seen a wimpy man in my life (wookay, I may exaggerate this part a bit but…)! C’mon, just jump already! And see, see…. Told ya! Karma got him  back!

ErlNotEarl: He thinks he’s gonna die or something if he jumps. LOL. Karma got back at him alright and what a way to fall, in time for everyone to see. Alright that’s an exaggeration but the “Microphone Ahjumma saw them so it’s good as everyone. There were bells though, bells were ringing! It’s a sign, they are meant to be. Just date her already Ki Joon-sshi.

mf5 38 mf5 39 mf5 40 mf5 41

Missienelly: Can someone hand me a pair of scissors? Get that creepy bangs off your pretty face, Bul Ja!!!! Let Ki Joon see you for himself! It’s kinda unfair, don’t you think? She can see him but he couldn’t. Kinda like one-sided love now…

ErlNotEarl: If I can pass one to you through the screen I would. I doubt if he’ll reject her if he sees how pretty she really is. Wookay, these guys really want Han Chul to date badly I think, they’re fueling him to move faster. Wait, if two of them have their love interests already, are we really going for a love triangle, MinKi, Yoon Hee and Hyuk? Shiro!

Missienelly: If it does happened, I’m going to have a second lead syndrome! I’m feeling sick already! Sorry MinKi, my heart is for Hyuk! For some reason, I’m losing interest on Han Chul and the psycho girl. I think it’s the psycho girl that turn me off more and more.

ErlNotEarl: We’re gonna be divided on this one, I don’t like it, but I love MinKi, I’m getting sad. The psycho girl is an appropriate name, I mean seriously. What kind of girl just sleeps anywhere? You’re right Nell, this girl is really something. What is Han Chul doing though? Noooo, back out, abort! Don’t do it!

mf5 42 mf5 43

Missienelly: Soooo divided! Too late for Han Chul though, curiosity won over him! Now shoo, Han Chul, shoo! Run and hide again! I bet he won’t be washing his hands now!

ErlNotEarl: I can see him doing that actually. Look at that goofy face. I so love how MinKi and Hyuk rile Han Chul, carry on boys, rain on his parade! I suddenly miss my college Oppas, they’re exactly like that.

Missienelly: Guys like to that, don’t they?

ErlNotEarl: They do, they surely do. Waaah, Ki Joon is now the talk of the town, of everyone, what did i say? That Microphone Ahjumma really is fast. No, we need to think of a better name for her. Omo, the news says he already has a child with Bul Ja? Wow!

Missienelly: But I’m dying from laughing over here. I like her as Microphone ahjumma! She is a chatter! But you know, the more Ki Joon denies it, the more rumors he will hear. Sorry Ki Joon ah, you just have to go with it for now.

ErlNotEarl: That is for sure, the more you deny, the more people will believe it’s true. Poor MinHo, this I don’t really get, I mean, why bully another person? I was 100% anti-bullying when I was still at school.

mf5 44 mf5 45

Missienelly: I actually don’t get it at first until later… But something is wrong though. Yoon Hee is asking them to drop the topic? Why? There must  be something she is fear of and I hope we will see how she tackle this bully issue on the next episode!

ErlNotEarl: I think it’s more of self blame, especially it is established that she’s a single mom right? You know how kids bully those other kids without a complete set of parents, like they’re not sad as it is. Sorry, I got carried away. The girl with a bad haircut though, so this is her part time job. Nice, me likey!

mf5 46 mf5 47

Missienelly: She sings really good. If I’m not mistaken, she is a singer. Most of her songs are Indie-like songs though… I adore her pink wig!

ErlNotEarl: She does have a nice voice and I love the pink wig and indie, indie is good. Behind you, your dad is behind you! OH EM! The second hand embarrassment.

Missienelly: Can I just slap her dad? Seriously! He’s overprotective but I get it. He is her dad and mom at the same time. Another story we have yet to discover. Where is her mom?

mf5 48 mf5 49

ErlNotEarl: That’s the question that I want an answer. This, I’ve done this before, drunk myself to oblivion. Sorry Nell, that was ages ago though, college days. Sometimes it’s just the best nurse ever, even Yoon Hee approves.

Missienelly: It’s a waste of money and youth… Oh well, I have an old soul.

ErlNotEarl: My soul is older than yours, it even sing songs older than myself. Hyuk reminds me of Chilbong so much, this is bad. He’s so nice and sensitive to comfort this idol wannabe girl. See, she’s falling for him too.

Missienelly: Second Lead Syndrome is in the air, Erl! I’m not sure if she’s falling for him, but she’s definitely touched by his sweet gesture.

ErlNotEarl: I’m afraid of this, I’m very afraid. And look at this, he can sew, my heart is already breaking. sigh Why is it that I am not ready for this road to come, not this early I mean. How about you Nell?

mf5 50 mf5 51

Missienelly: He’s a doctor and a surgeon (maybe?) so he should know how to sew. I’m ready to watch them falling in love but not ready to get my heart hurts for them. Sigh.

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