Modern Farmer A React-Cap Ep 4


Missienelly: Ja ja ja, we are now on episode 4. I loved episode 3 so, so much! The boys were hilarious. The whole villagers were funny as well. My hate towards Mr. Flower is growing, of course. But put that aside, are you ready Erl for episode 4?

ErlNotEarl: I’m soooo ready! Even got tea and some nuts to keep me company though I have this feeling that it’s a bad idea but oh well. Go crazy is my newest mantra. Mix with it with hilarious and voila, let’s go! Oh and I am with you with hating Mr. Flower, I hate him!

Missienelly: Good! We are on the same page on hating Mr. Flower! So let’s take a step back and recall on the last episode. The show ended with fire! I knew something bad would happened to them but fire??? I really was not expecting fire! These boys are clumsy, aren’t they Erl? But hey now, I’m distracted by their shorts!

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ErlNotEarl: I actually got an inkling when the electricity was cut and they said they’ll use candles, but I brushed it aside because I was thinking they’re not the type to wriggle around so much in bed, right? But ah, yes, they’re really clumsy yet so fine in those shorts. Oh I got my perviness up again, sorry. But I’m lucky am seeing this even if their not. Teeheehee.

Missienelly: Speaking of luck, can’t they get a break? It is purely accident IMO but getting scolded by Mr. Flower? Where is the sympathy? Where is the love? Oh c’mon, not Yoon Hee too! I’m loving MinKi’s fighting spirit against the boys! He is ONE determined man (behind that cute face)!

ErlNotEarl: Mr. Flower will always hate, I expect nothing from him but that. Yoon Hee though, eonnie, please give them another chance. I applaud at MinKi, he’s showing great leadership alright and I have this feeling that the debt that he has is connected to them not being able to debut or something but let’s wait and see.

Missienelly: Okay Erl, you will be proud of me!!! I know this song!!! The eye of the tiger!!! Gotta applaud MinKi’s spirit! Geogjeongma, geogjeongma Yoon Hee-ssi!

ErlNotEarl: But you missed the song before that, I love that song, Speak Softly Love from The Godfather. Kekeke. Yay to the agreement, our boys are safe for now and I think we can work on shipping Yoon Hee with MinKi sooner. But before that what is wrong with this ahjusshi? I can’t even. Injury from  playing a game?

Missienelly: What? Damn, I completely missed that song! Seriously, he must be a game addict to sprain his finger!

ErlNotEarl: How can that be? I mean I am a game addict too, well that’s before I discovered that life can be really busy hardcore gaming gets neglected; but I never sprained my fingers to the point of bleeding. Anyways, ah, yes, I am expecting our heroine to take our boys in. She’s just very kind like that.

mf4 5 mf4 6

Missienelly: Yoon Hee and her heart of gold! Bahahahaha Look at Hyuk and his discovery of dead moths! And don’t you just love Ki Joon cute reaction and yell back that he could hear it all? Gwenchana gwenchana! Oh geez, Han Chul’s flashback in the field! Oy… what are we gonna do with them?

ErlNotEarl: What are we gonna do with them? We’re gonna love them and try to feed them and make sure they end up with the rightful girl, not some thug-like, field digging two faced girl like this fake muralist.

Missienelly: Ok Erl, if we ever meet one day, we must try drunken ahjusshi’s new recipe! Rice and makgeolli!

mf4 7 mf4 8

ErlNotEarl: That? Call, I think I can manage that. I dunno about you though. Kekeke. Loved his reasoning, he’s killing two birds in one stone, very creative drunken ahjusshi, here’s three claps for you. No claps for shaddy girl, nothing for you at all.

Missienelly: Oooooh her past! She is NOT an easy girl to deal with and she switched talking to satori! This girl is from Busan! We must know her past to know what she’s up to in this village!

mf4 9 mf4 10

ErlNotEarl: From Busan? day dreaming, swoony Wait, sorry, I blanked out for a bit with the mention of Busan. She’s not easy alright, just by the way she threatened the eonnie she’s talking to you can tell. Oooh, MinKi is whiny, am I sick if I find him cute while whining? Aigoo, those clothes!

Missienelly: That is Busan accent, Erl winks Aigoo aigoo aigoo… These rockers in ahjumma pants! So fashion forward! NOT! Bahahhaha the Kang Yoon Hee he remembered is long gone!!!! I just loved the way she nagged at them. But look at Hyuk, he keeps on smiling! Hmmmmmmm

mf4 11 mf4 12

ErlNotEarl: I laughed because MinKi said he’s not gonna wear those clothes even if he died but ended wearing them anyways.I laughed some more with Yoon Hee’s words, it’s like she’s dumping salt on MinKi’s wounds and completely tarnishing, no, that’s wrong; it’s like she’s obliterating the memory of his precious first love. Kekeke. I feel like Hyuk is getting attracted or something. I don’t wanna say it yet but, ah, maybe it might come.

Missienelly: Hey, she actually can draw!!!! Not bad! But what’s up with the attitude?

ErlNotEarl: I think your A can draw better than her, and it’s going to be detailed dinos, it’s going to be really lovely. Her attitude, she’s hostile, I refuse to see beyond that. If there’s something that I liked seeing it’s the boys with the wheelbarrow with Han Chul refusing to walk. Ah, the boys saw her and Han Chul, our poor Han Chul. She recognized him and hurriedly walked away.

mf4 13 mf4 14

Missienelly: Ahhhhh reliving the humiliation! I feel bad for Han Chul, his image is flushed down in the toilet. Along with his manhood! LOL

ErlNotEarl: If only we can turn back time to save his face. Kekeke. Who am I kidding, I laughed so hard on that part, I wanna keep it. Gah, I still laugh at the thought. Mian Han Chul-sshi. But in my defense I’m not the only person amused about it, the others are too. If only they understand what Han Chul really means, if they can only see behind the lines. Also, if they just know what’s the real deal between Ki Joon and Bul Ja, the character I am falling in love with.

Missienelly: So, are they going to do this sports event thingie? I smell disaster. I don’t know if I can watch this. The resentment from the villagers is too strong! Look at their faces, full of rage!

mf4 15 mf4 16

ErlNotEarl: They don’t have any choice but do it anyways, them doing the sports thingy is why Yoon Hee took them in in the first place. I am going to watch it, because it’s going to be a fun disaster, I love comedic horror. LOL. Seriously though they gave such a bad first impression that I’m not sure how they’re gonna turn things around. But compared to how angry the villagers are at Sang Doo Rook Ri’s village head, their resentment towards the boys are mild. Well how can you not hate that village head, lobbying really and using your widowed sister?!

Missienelly: Now I get it why they are so angry at Sang Doo Rok Ri village head.I think it is best to have these young blood join forces with the villagers to get their pride back, right? What could be wrong with that, right?

ErlNotEarl: It’s the best option that they have plus if they really wanna win, they have no other choice. Now if only MinKi can stop being so whiny about everything, that boy really. Aish!

Missienelly: Whiny MinKi is forever cute! But aiiii MinKi, did he have to say that??? Has he forgotten that he needs their help in order to stay back? Lookie lookie, his naughty finger is up to something!

ErlNotEarl: He just can’t shut his mouth sometimes. And that pride really, like he didn’t do anything wrong. And he wants to be fed after he caused trouble, oh the boy really. So funny when he ran away with  the watermelon though, so childish and petty oh and naughty. But who is this kickass boy about to kick MinKi’s ass?

mf4 17 mf4 18

Missienelly: Yoon Hee’s unrelated brother! facepalm It seems that MinKi get punched or kicked in nearly every episode! But now we know why Yoon Hee is being like this. She had to peel her angelic image to care for her family.

ErlNotEarl: Because he’s being such a pest, a cute pest. kekeke. Awwww, that’s so sad, the weight of the world on her shoulder and more. Fighting Yoon Hee, you can do it. MinKi on the other hand I doubt. Whine about everything, whine about the washroom!

Missienelly: I think of Song Jae Rim when MinKi said bidet. What is in MinKi’s head? Really I’m frustrated, can’t he connect the dot why this competition is THAT important to the villagers? Even this kid gets it! And I loved how he told MinKi to be mature! Ouch!

ErlNotEarl: The boy is really something, like her mom. As for MinKi well he is simple minded, he’s just clueless but look at him melting, he actually helped the kid with his performance, not bad my puppy, not bad at all.

Missienelly: How can you be tired from painting that wall? Aha! A said “the baddddddd girl.” See Erl, this is why we can’t trust her! Now we know what she’s up to!

ErlNotEarl: She’s treasure hunting alright because she had a tip from her customer at the bar. Five Million Dollars? OMO! That’s a lot of money! I want it!

Missienelly: I hope the boys will find the money before she does! That’s exactly how much they need, right?

mf4 19 mf4 20

ErlNotEarl: It’s more than what they need, more than enough. They can release an album, MinKi can pay his debt, Han Chul can get a second maybe third opinion. Oh, sorry, I went a bit overboard did I? Anyway, her disbelief of the “Oppa’s” story flew out of the proverbial window when she witnessed thugs taking him away to interrogate in a dark alley for the said money.

Missienelly: Ooooh, yes Han Chul could get surgery if needed too! Ha Doo Rok Ri = Hard Rock? Wow! We must speak English with Korean accent now, Erl. This is the way to go! Woookay?

mf4 21 mf4 22

ErlNotEarl: I  guess so, that’s the way to go and I am more than “Wookay” with that. Kekeke. Looky, this is a scene that I imagine you do with A all the time, it’s sweet. But hmmm, I smell something fishy. By chance Hyuk…

Missienelly: Omo! Is Hyuk in love with Yoon Hee? Look at that smile!!!! Look at the way he look at her!

mf4 23 mf4 24

ErlNotEarl: I can feel he is falling for her and oh no, I think I am too. Why is that? Why is he suddenly looking really shiny in my eyes? Noooo, I can’t be confused, think of MinKi, think of MinKi!

Missienelly: For 5am, it is extremely bright there! Hahahha, like a robot, he bowed to Yoon Hee’s kid brother! Look at all of them, avoiding from a proper breakkie meal! After that lonely crab dish, I would say no to her cooking too!

ErlNotEarl: I doubt it’s 5am, 5am where I am currently it’s possible. Every summertime the sun rises early in here so, yeah, I see the possibility but there. I don’t think so. I laughed when I saw that robot bow, I mean he’s younger than him, LOL. I second not having a proper breakfast, holy rabies, you mentioned the dish and I just, shudders she’s pretty but she sure doesn’t know anything about a proper meal.

Missienelly: She’s Korean’s Stepford Wife minus cooking ability! Morning makgeolli meeting? Shall we join him, Erl?

ErlNotEarl: Call! Can you handle it? Kekeke. I hate this girl really, ARGH! So fake, this two-faced b**ch. Drunken ahjusshi has an appointment with us already, me and Nell are joining his makgeolli meeting, move! Sorry, I lost myself in the moment like MinKi I guess. See, I knew he’s not that bad. If a kid can say he trust him, he’s definitely not bad. And ah, yes, I knew he’ll find it in him to apologize.

Missienelly: Geez, this fake permed hair ahjusshi wants the post! I knew he is up to something! But MinKi is adorable when he apologizes to Mr. Flower. I’m glad he put his guard down and talk to all villagers. He is putting effort to it. I’m proud!

mf4 25 mf4 26

ErlNotEarl: I think Yoon Hee replaced him, if I remembered it correctly. He wants the post back. Our MinKi has grown up, he’s shiny again. Phew, I’m glad, really glad. I don’t want about Chilbong moment please, I can’t stand it. I’m proud of him too and I bet the other boys will be proud of him too. They’ve been as productive as MinKi. They’re done digging, yippee!!

Missienelly: Did they really dig the whole field by themselves? Awwwww Han Chul and puppy! Ack, Han Chul!!!! What are you thinking????? OMG OMG OMG! shudders

mf4 27 mf4 28

ErlNotEarl: Let’s say they did, kekeke. Han Chul, Hotteok’s new mom. Eww though, just ewww. I can’t! And of all the rotten timing, the girl he “fell in love at first sight with” saw him again, with yet another embarrassing moment! It’s sad but it’s just so funny, I’m dying! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.

Missienelly: A said “Eeeewww that’s gross!” Holy crumb, this drama is too hilarious! Erl, did you notice I(heart)U sign on HanChul’s shirt? Just right on his swollen nipple?

mf4 29 mf4 30 mf4 31 mf4 32

ErlNotEarl: I am out of breath, wait; time out. Let me catch my breath first. exhale inhale I think I’m wookay now. Really Nell, OMG! This show is so awesome, I laughed for a good five minutes before I could move forward and then I laughed some more with the next scene. The swollen breast, oh my. I did notice the I <3 U print and GAH. Oh there’s our MinKi, awww.. He managed to convince them to come. Good one MinKi, I wuv you.

Missienelly: So apparently, the entire villagers know Mr. Flower’s intention. But look at Yoon Hee, not a slight shock nor fear that her post may get taken away. I like her overall attitude. I rather have her as my village head.

ErlNotEarl: At least he knows his priority, I’ll give flower ahjusshi that. And you are right, Yoon Hee is just so cool, she takes care of the matter at hand one after the other, I like that. I love the improvement of the team, they just might stand a chance, don’t you think?

Missienelly: Yeap, I think they will win this tournament! Wait, has Mr. Flower soften up his image? Wait a sec, instead of the crazy psycho Soo Yeon, how about we ship Han Chul with Sang Eun instead? And I see MinKi with Soo Yeon! Am I crazy?

mf4 33 mf4 34

ErlNotEarl: I bet he did, it’s about time too, to unity! Yes, you’re going crazy. Nope, I don’t like the last pairing, I am starting to see the spark with MinKi and Yoon Hee kurigo, I thought we are shipping them? Or you have Hyuk and Yoon Hee in mind?

Missienelly: Hyuk and Yoon Hee in mind. That is my vote now. That uh uh uh uh really cracks me out!

ErlNotEarl: I know right, how does she understand him? It’s just so bizarre. I love the girl’s fighting spirit, I think I’ll agree to that shipping, Han Chul and Sang Eun, that’s good I think. Hyuk and Yoon Hee, no comment.

Missienelly: Wow, this is the first episode ended without major disaster! What do you think of this episode so far?

ErlNotEarl: It’s great, I really had a good laugh and we different sides of our characters and I am looking forward for more. I <3 Modern Farmer!

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