Modern Farmer A React-Cap Ep 3


Missienelly: Hello and we are back. And I’m in charged with today’s episode. My cape is on and I’m ready to laugh with ErlNotEarl. Are you ready?

ErlNotEarl: More than ready, I’m ecstatic! Let’s get going like right now! jumping up and down

Missienelly: So have you recovered from the last episode? I am not and I’m quite thankful that they replay the entire scene again coz now I can relive the scene again and laugh my heart out!

ErlNotEarl: No I haven’t and like you, I am also thankful that they replayed that glorious scene! Oh the hilarious horror! Bravo, Show, Bravo! I need more of this kind of scene writer-nim. MUAHAHAHA.


Missienelly: Bahahaha fingers crossing that the writers heard us! Well, did you notice the drunken ahjusshi? He couldn’t even stand still! I really want to know the level of alcohol in his system.

ErlNotEarl: I did noticed him, his alcohol level is higher than yours Nell, let’s leave it at that. Kekeke. I love the struggle they’re having with the deer, any minute now, it’s gonna break free.

Missienelly: And it did! The wild deer escaped and attacked Mr. Governor! Oh man, reliving the entire scene in slo-mo is fun!!! I’m just glad we are not one of them now.


ErlNotEarl: Poor Mr. Governor but yeah, we knew he’s gonna be attacked but still so fun to watch in slo-mo. To watch okay, I’m with you with not wanting to be one of them. Oh what a wonderful world. Kekeke

Missienelly: Yep, it’s a wonderful world indeed. But drunken ahjusshi recognizes his deer! This is bad! Now who is going to step up and tell the truth?


ErlNotEarl: Hold up, I think MinKi would tell the truth, he admitted that Ggotdol is dead and oh.. Yeah, he pointed at Yoon Hee, MinKi-sshi, what’s wrong with you? Why so jerky? You ain’t a deer buddy, act like a person!

Missienelly: I’m quite disappointed with MinKi. Seriously! I know he’s saving his ass but how could he do that to her? He really deserved that punch! But the flying scene is just… cracks me up!


ErlNotEarl: I’ve seen an uppercut a lot since I watch boxing matches but that is oh so wonderfully executed! WTG Yoon Hee, thank you for cracking us up.

Missienelly: OK, I can’t help but laugh at the portraits of Obama and even Tiger Woods with Mr. Flower. Nice village hall by the way. But MinKi made a good point, they should have lock the gate properly! And he can’t be charged as criminal. It was not intentional!


ErlNotEarl: Mr. Flower is a celebrity, oh my! I want an autograph, too bad it’s dead. The village hall is indeed nice, they seem to be really organize. Oh and I doubt MinKi’s point will be considered, the flower ahjusshi is pretty bent on kicking them out.

Missienelly: And poor Yoon Hee, ended up as victim as well. But really, what ticked me off is this flower ahjusshi! Geez, go home and get your fake permed hair straighten out already! He disgusts me (yes, I’m taking this personally today) but I loved how drunken ahjusshi defended her. Wait a second, does he have feelings for her? Hmmm… Hey, Michael Jackson and Ggotdol! Did you see that, chingu?


ErlNotEarl: He ticked me off too, since the very beginning actually. I have this very bad feeling about him and I think he is after the village head post. I’m unsure about drunken ahjusshi’s feelings though but I love that he pointed out that Mr. Flower is fake anyways. Oh and I noticed Michael yes, I tell you Ggotdol is famous, but he’s gone too soon. I sang that part btw, can’t help it, I see Michael Jackson and I just have to sing one of his song. Kekeke.

Missienelly: What? You think Mr. Flower Ahjusshi is after her post? Whoa… I’ll pay attention to this. BTW, love the headline: A deer defeated by barbarians! LOL. Yes, where did Han Chul go?

ErlNotEarl: That’s one amazing headline! Who, Mr. Ex Intern? There he is at the bus stop, I knew he’ll be the first to ditch MinKi because he doesn’t have that much time, he needs to make better use of it to do the things he had not done.

Missienelly: Aaaah, you’re right. His time is tick tocking faster. So sad. But you know what? The fact that this show uses oldies songs, it just tickled me. What song is this? I recognized it but I don’t know the singer. I’m sure you know this song. But omo, did Han Chul just changed his mind because of this girl? Does this means love struck at first glance? Looks like we got our first couple! pops the champagne. Wait…. Do we ship MinKi and Yoon Hee too?


ErlNotEarl: Yes, I know this song, it’s from 1960s, You Mean Everything to Me by Neil Sedaka, errr, did I just show my geek? And you have no idea how happy I was that he’s finally crossing out one thing out of his bucket list. Congratulations Han Chul-sshi, you’ve fallen in love. Hold on MinKi and Yoon Hee, let’s wait some more.

Missienelly: So who is this girl? Suddenly I have this weird idea. Is she the fatso girl that we saw in earlier episode? Well, I may be wrong. But somehow I have this odd feeling. She keeps on insisting to stay even though she’s not needed. Hmmmmmm… she creeps me a little, Erl.

ErlNotEarl: I dunno who she is but there is something extremely fishy about her and now I wanna take it back, Han Chul, noooo, let’s find someone else for you. She’s too dangerous for you to mingle with. No to creepy pretty girl from the bus.

Missienelly: nods. She’s not for you Han Chul!!! Aaaaah the boys in shorts! This gotta be good! Get your pervy goggle on! Sleeping scene always makes me giggle. I’m hoping to see all them hugging one another, kinda reliving HaiTai and ChunPo moments in Reply 1994. Did you  hear that? Dugun dugun dugun… Someone is definitely, MOST DEFINITELY, in loooooove!


ErlNotEarl: See, and you say I’m pervy, we all have our days you know! I kind of don’t wanna think of Reply 1994, you know I broke my heart badly with that show. I still get teary eyed with the memory of Chilbong. sniff, sniff Anyways, back to Mr. In Love with his flashbacks that makes his heart beats fast. Looks like MinKi is gonna be a party pooper for now cause he’s a light sleeper, just for now anyway, during bedtime.

Missienelly: Hah! I knew it! See, we can’t trust her! What is she? A secret killer? Treasure hunter? What is she???? Hmmmm can never trust this beauty!

ErlNotEarl: I’ll go with treasure hunter, with the map and the circle marks the spot, must be a treasure hunter. Creepy treasure hunter that is. I completely cancel for now, I don’t like her.

Missienelly: Ooooph to inhale and swallow methane gas in the morning! What a breakfast treat! Yuck, but lookie? What happened to Ki Joon?


ErlNotEarl: Oh poor Ki Joon, feasted on by mosquitos and fried under the sun. But it’s his fault anyways, why sleep until 12 pm under the sun and he won’t even apply sunscreen. Now I accept that MinKi has a point. There’s our creepy girl acting all sweet again, such great facade!

Missienelly: Right? She’s a two-faced demon. Too much? Hehehe. Oh hey, am I being too critical or what? I found her foundation to be too much! Or look! She IS up to something!

ErlNotEarl: No you’re not critical, I’m with you on this one, she IS up to something and I feel it’s not good like this flower ahjusshi. Gah, he’s really, really going to do everything he can to kick our boys out of the village; pettiness included.

Missienelly: Yes, MinKi, aja aja hwaiting! You can do it and you can survive without power! Prove him wrong! I do not like this flower ahjusshi.

ErlNotEarl: You and me both. I hate you flower ahjusshi! Wait until I get my hands on you, I’ll do something about your fake perm and you won’t like it. It’s personal now Nell, he bugs me!

Missienelly: Glad you’re on board with me on that hehehe. Wow, another new character added to the show! This gets interesting! But the hair… I disapprove! I bet she’s beautiful! And what, they have illegal immigrants issue too??? Do you have this issue in your country?


ErlNotEarl: This character I approve, she’s mysterious in a good way and yes, I don’t like the hairstyle but since she’s an illegal immigrant then it can’t be helped. But wait, if you are an illegal immigrant you shouldn’t stand out and look suspicious so she shouldn’t be covering her face right? In the Philippines, we do but rare, extremely rare.

Missienelly: Okay, crazy idea! I’m definitely shipping Bul Ja with Ki Joon! This gut feeling of mine says so. The bus ride is so chaotic though! I rather walk than being trapped in that bus! Oh wait, hotteok!!!! I’m cravin’ it!

ErlNotEarl: You too?! No way, I wanna ship them too, badly! The bus? Wae? If it was me i wouldn’t even notice. I usually do not care at all when I take public transport, I’m indifferent that way. No food for me for now please, no more food but that does look delicious. I think the same goes for MinKi because he’s about to spend a handsome amount of money as a startup for their cabbage farm.

Missienelly: Holy cow, a $4000 start up cost isn’t bad though. Think of the return, MinKi! The flying monies!

ErlNotEarl: Well there is the return money but he don’t have the money to begin with so how and what to do now? Those puppies for sale are more fortunate than them.


Missienelly: Puppy!!! Han Chul is definitely sensitive. I think it’s the medicine. But if you notice, he has been hinting his sickness but no one caught on to it. This is sad. I feel bad for our Mr. Ex Intern.

ErlNotEarl: Me too, I’ve been praying so hard that his sickness is isn’t so and that the boys catches on on what’s happening to him. Some sensitivity from the other’s part is not to much to ask right? But I guess this doesn’t apply to them because they took so long to sense that Ki Joon is not with them and is about to experience something…

Missienelly: Oy, the intensity continues… Bul Ja and Ki Joon! I swear Ki Joon tanned face makes him look like an illegal person more so than her! Wow, we are in for the ride! Piggyback with a swollen eye! Runnnnnnnnnnn!


ErlNotEarl: Here’s another valiant knight I mean with just a little bit of hesitation, he piggybacked her and yes, run Ki Joon run. Can you sense that Bul Ja is starting to feel something for him. This I am going to ship really hard, like the way I’m shipping YY Couple.

Missienelly: Yes, I noticed that she noticed herself and didn’t know whether she should place her hand on his shoulder. Awwwwww. Hey, are you laughing as hard as I am though, chingu??? But he saved her so that’s all that matters. Poor him though, that officer refuses to believe him hangeul saram! But the question from MinKi though… How could he said that Ki Joon was caught for stealing something? Aish… But wait, did he steal that hotteok? I missed that part.


ErlNotEarl: Yes, I’m laughing alright, I just picked myself off the floor because I am rolling while holding my belly. He really looked like a foreigner with that tanned face and swollen eyes so yes, sorry Ki Joon. Trust MinKi to think of the worst case scenario. And to answer your question, he didn’t. He pocketed a dollar and he used it to buy the hotteok. Speak of the hotteok, it did play a part to solidify my shipping Bul Ja and Ki Joon, I shall call them hotteok couple and I’m gonna ship them until the end. Kekeke.

Missienelly: Good lord, is Yoon Hee dragging that old grandpa into this sports event too? Okay, they will not succeed in this event. No way. Ooooh, the boys! THE BOYS! Will she lower her pride and ask them?

ErlNotEarl: She doesn’t have much choice that’s why, as she said there’s only old people in the village. Looky, as you said she lowered her pride and approached the boys. I hope she gets them to agree.

Missienelly: MinKi, make a proposition! Use this opportunity to make a deal with her!


ErlNotEarl: Not happening, we’re talking about MinKi here, prideful MinKi. He thinks he paid his debt with being punched and he’d rather eat meat. I love how excited he is to do so too, a meal is better than an olympiad thingy.

Missienelly: Hey, they made a full course meal! The Seoulites did it! Another clue from Han Chul, and no one picks up on it. Uik, dear daddy called! I love Hyuk. In what ever situation he is in, he still put on his big, million dollar smile on!

ErlNotEarl: A meal is not a meal unless it’s full course I say. I’m beginning to see him in a new light and I am curious about his beef with his dad. The smile, oh it’s slowly getting to me.

Missienelly: Omo! What song is this? Hands down, she’s a gold digger! I mean treasure digger! Well, the treasure could be gold! Does she know how to dig? That’s a bad posture!


ErlNotEarl: The song? It’s Take a Look Around by Limp Bizkit, it was used for Mission Impossible. Omo, why do I know this song again? Sorry. It’s fitting though because with the way she’s digging, it’s impossible for her to find anything.

Missienelly: Bahahaha, all her hard digging work gone down to drain. So the treasure is on MinKi’s land?

ErlNotEarl: I think so, cause there’s Han Chul with an upset stomach about to take a dump in it. Better in the wild than the infested outhouse bathroom in MinKi’s inherited house. HAHAHAHAHA. It’s unfortunate that she’s there, holy rabies! That is something she’s not expecting to see.

Missienelly: Bahahhahahha what a luck he has! His rear end and junk exposed to her and all he could said he found the toilet paper?


ErlNotEarl: At least he said something, I wouldn’t be able to say anything if it was me. Oh the embarrassment, the ruined first impression.

Missienelly: OMG what situation had Hyuk got himself and EXSO in? I am curious. I think Erl, he is very protective of his friends. What do you think? Do you get that vibe from him?

ErlNotEarl: He seems to be protective, I can feel that vibe now and I’ve been dying to know how they ended up taking separate ways since the beginning so this is outright teasing for me writer-nim but I won’t complain, this is your story anyways.

Missienelly: Oh HongKi, errr I mean MinKi. Whatever… the voice. We get to hear him singing, Erl!

ErlNotEarl: Yes! Give it to us HongKi, I mean MinKi. Serenade your Noonas here, we love it, we really love it. swoon Right, serenade over and now time to sleep; I’m uneasy with the candles. What if oh, there you go – fire!

Missienelly: Crap! I’m not expecting them to end this episode with fire! Nooooooo!


ErlNotEarl: I know right but aaaah! This is going to be a table turner. I can’t wait to see what’s gonna happen next. I hope they’ll be alright and not badly hurt. No death yet show, please. Just not yet. Here’s hoping the for a good outcome after the fire. Keep it rolling Modern Farmer.

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