Modern Farmer A React-Cap Ep 2


ErlNotEarl: Here we are once more, I’m still with my very good friend Missnelly and boy am I so psyched about this episode. I so want to see how these city boys would fare as farmers. I’m so ready to see them fail, sorry not sorry, LOL. How about you chingu?

Missnelly: The first episode was lukewarm for me. I’m dreading it with this episode but I’m here for Hong Ki. But really, I’m secretly hoping this show will take off… Please writer-nim, DO NOT fail me!

ErlNotEarl: Let’s keep our fingers crossed and hope for the best. What are we waiting for, let’s do this! fist pump Okay, so let me backtrack a bit when Hyuk joined the group of wannabe farmers. I was thinking somewhere in the next ep there’s going to be a brawl or something close to that and there it is! cheering Fist fight, fist fight, fist fight!

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Missnelly: Nah, he can’t fight with Hyuk! The man left his 6 figures career to help him!

ErlNotEarl: Yeah, yeah, you’re right, not really gonna happen, he ended up accepting that Hyuk has to tag along. Btw, isn’t the name of the village cool or what? Hadurok, oh yeah!

mf2 3

Missnelly:  Hmmmmm I guess it is cool. I don’t put too much thought into it, chingu.

ErlNotEarl: Well, you know me, obsessed with details. I liked the legend, or make up legend that MinKi told too, and the way that they illustrated it – jjang, but I wanted a doe to be the highlight. Oh wait, a doe has no antlers. Never mind, the deer will do, the deer with a shiny golden medal.

mf2 4 mf2 5

Missnelly: I just can’t with the deer and his shiny gold medal. Only in Modern Farmer!

ErlNotEarl: Definitely only in Modern Farmer. Loved the disbelief shown on the boys’ faces when they finally reached MinKi’s land, well 400,000 square feet is something alright; it is vast. I wish I have something like that too, especially if cabbages just fall from the sky and plant itself into it, and oh and turn into money afterwards. I definitely want that land.

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Missnelly: Sorry, it ain’t happenin’, girlfriend. We are meant to work our butt off. Yes, I’m a party pooper. Get back to work!

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ErlNotEarl: I knew you would rain on my parade, Miss Wake Up Call. Right, I’m awake and back to work and seeing something seriously unexpected in the house MinKi inherited – a hostile wild deer living inside, not outside the house. It’s a disaster and they must be all hungry though only Ki Joon voiced out his hunger, and the fastest solution MinKi suggested is to make some ramen. It is easy to cook but where to find it?

mf2 12 mf2 13 mf2 14 mf2 15

Missnelly: Convenience store! Where else, right?

mf2 16 mf2 17

ErlNotEarl:  Right, so begins the scavenger hunt for a convenience store but looky what they found first. MinKi’s old school and oh, down in memory lane. And wow, first love during elementary grade, amazing! I mean amazingly advance.

mf2 18 mf2 19

Missnelly: When a boy is in love… Aaaaah. And her flawless image!

ErlNotEarl: And he’s so valiant, saving his first love! Wow, such an awesome boy!

Missnelly: Bravo! Awesome boy with awesome first impression!

ErlNotEarl: Then we see Yoon Hee, chingu, it’s your heroine! Now we know who she really is and she’s having fun, well that looks fun, chasing a piglet. Have you tried that? I did.

mf2 20 mf2 21

Missnelly: She is my heroine! My dimple heroine! I’m a city girl, remember? The closest farm animal I had was ducks which later ended up as meals! Urgh… My tainted memory lane tsk tsk tsk. But hey, the closeup on that piglet though… So, so cute!!!

ErlNotEarl: Mian, I forgot. I grew up near a farm so, yeah, I tried lots of things involving farm animals. And I had a taste of your tainted memory. Back to your heroine who seems to be some kind of a local government official by the way she speaks of a gathering something, kinda vague but I have this feeling in my belly.

mf2 22 mf2 23

Missnelly: I thought she was just super friendly, I didn’t get the hint, chingu.

ErlNotEarl: There’s this certain air of friendly authority around her, my belly says so. Ooops, oh-oh, the boys haven’t found anything or anywhere to eat and when they asked a little kid they found out a horror – there’s no store in the village whatsoever! The place they can find one is about forty minutes away by bus, oh bummer!

Missnelly: It is hard to believe there isn’t any in the village! HARD.TO.BELIEVE!

ErlNotEarl: It is very hard to believe but it’s the truth. They spotted some apples nearby and I have a bad feeling about them pilfering;  they’re gonna get caught I tell you. But I have to admit the apples do look delicious.

Missnelly: Yes, and I’m a fan of sagwa!!! Those apples do look delicious!

mf2 24 mf2 25 mf2 26 mf2 27

ErlNotEarl: See, as predicted they were caught and oh mama, that’s one sharp shovel! They are so dead once the ahjusshi catches them.

Missnelly: I screamed with MinKi! Can’t help it when the apple in his hand slashed to half!

ErlNotEarl: Run for your lives boys! And yes, that’s it, I like what I am seeing now, guys washing their clothes! I would like to see something like this every day.

mf2 28 mf2 29

Missnelly: Oy miss pervy you!

ErlNotEarl: Can’t help it, sometimes the perviness comes out, it can’t be helped. Awww, nice, a greenhouse and look at the flowers, I love flowers. And here comes the flower boys, in their underwear! Oh goody, show you just made my day!

Missnelly: I’m still baffled by the ahjumma’s look! She is fit to be her son’s wife!

mf2 30 mf2 31

ErlNotEarl: Who wouldn’t I mean just look at the contrast. MUAHAHAHA. Excuse me, let me pick myself up from the floor okay, I’m laughing so hard.

Missnelly: Four grown men running around village in their boxers. Hmmm mmmm, if you’re not laughing hard, something is wrong with you.

ErlNotEarl: No, nothing’s wrong with me, I’m completely fine compared to this drunk gentleman. I wonder how drunk he is. Come to think of it, we haven’t seen him completely sober to begin with.

mf2 32 mf2 33 mf2 34 mf2 35

Missnelly: Nope, he’s been like that since the funeral time! I know he’s not good looking but my eyes must be crossed today… He’s kinda hot! Drunken hot mess HAWT!

ErlNotEarl: He is? I  didn’t notice, I’ll check later. Oy, here comes the boys and now there’s two ahjusshi’s chasing them. Oh wait, make that three since someone accidentally spills Mr. Drunkard’s makgeolli.

mf2 36 mf2 37

Missnelly: ROFL the whole villagers should chase them! They are bound to do something ridiculous anyway!

ErlNotEarl: WAAHAHAHAHAHA, save me, I can’t breathe! Oh em, just look at them all soaking wet covering their fronts with sacks, it’s a farm alright; it’s a freaking hilarious farm!

Missnelly: Seoulites in the village! The new title of this show!

ErlNotEarl: That’s a good one chingu, that’s a very good title as good as MinKi’s reaction when he learned the woman on the motorbike is his first love, gah, how do you describe it? I can’t think of anything coherent right now; comedy gold, can we say comedy gold? What was he expecting?

mf2 38 mf2 39 mf2 40 mf2 41

Missnelly: “Maldoandwae’ plastered all over MinKi’s face! Bahahaha!

ErlNotEarl: Why isn’t he happy to know she’s the village head? That’s a good thing right? Is he expecting much more than that? As for me I was expecting my first love to go to hell and take his friends with him.

Missnelly: The image he had of her was a gentle, ladylike lady and to finally meet her in such situation with her in that ahjumma pants (which by the way I want a pair so  badly now!), it’s a turn off!

ErlNotEarl: God, his expectation is really high, oh mo. MinKi-sshi, life never goes the way you want it to; it takes its own course.

mf2 42 mf2 43

Missnelly: Yes, sadly but that’s the truth! For example, his career! His luck exited his life a long time ago.

ErlNotEarl: Exactly and good job Yoon Hee, give the boy a good scolding, he deserves it.

Missnelly: But she is too funny though. No matter how much she scolded him, I find her cute! And when he found out she’s a single mom? His crushed heart shattered to pieces! LOL

ErlNotEarl: Poor guy, though it’s really hard to tell if I’m sorry for him or what, I wanna think about it some more but, errr.. What is the identity of this dish? Is it floating crab in clear soy sauce with chili? I’m scared to eat it judging by how it looks.

mf2 44 mf2 45

Missnelly: I had to cover my face for a minute there. Yuck! I have no clue what this godly mom is trying to do. Kill her family? No one will survive with that soup!

ErlNotEarl: I would definitely not eat that, never! Yoon Hee didn’t, she got away with the “I’m full” excuse and now look: another person down in memory lane scene! Cute and the kid who dedicated the song is just so romantic for his age. Cassette tapes, those were the days. Do you still have any of your cassette tapes from back then chingu, I still have some and the player of course.

Missnelly: I do, I have a box full of tapes! Surprise, I can be quite sentimental! But how I wish I have someone recording beautiful songs for me. Yeah, too late now.

ErlNotEarl: Never too late, maybe you can ask your better half.. keke. Good luck with that. smirks Aww, this made me sad suddenly. Mr. Ex Intern, I so wish he won’t die. Writer-nim please, let him live.

Missnelly: I know, jjaebal writer-nim. Do not let US down!

ErlNotEarl: I agree, jjaebal! Wait, what just happened? Oh this is fun: who has the strongest pee, only boys can have this competition. Ki Joon is a firefighter, MUAHAHAHAHA. Only they are peeing at the wrong place.

mf2 46 mf2 47 mf2 48 mf2 49

Missnelly: The look on the villagers!!!!! Poor Yoon Hee, getting scolded by her own people! But if I ever get to meet Ki Joon in person, I will shake his hand (after he washes his hands, of course!) and personally congratulate him on his powerful urine stream! LOL

ErlNotEarl: Say what now? Look who’s getting her perviness up by a level. gives a side glance Right so they had no other choice but to go home but the wild deer is still in the house and our boys end up sleeping in the car, such a pity. They look down casted – MinKi is trying to pick up himself with looking at his girlfriend’s (?) pics while Mr. ex Intern takes his medicine. My heart hurts for him especially when he said he hasn’t experienced falling in love yet and he’s dying. Where’s the humanity?!

mf2 50 mf2 51

Missnelly: Life is unfair. Is he a virgin? Even worse!

ErlNotEarl: Please don’t let him be a virgin, waaaah! No, just please NO! It’s the morning after, first time I see someone put sun protection cream before farming, never saw that when I used to come and work on my grandma’s farm.

Missnelly: Seoulites!

mf2 52 mf2 53

ErlNotEarl: Yup, city boys! And see how they just sat in the middle of the field, mobile phones in hand to look up how to grow cabbages, seriously, I am about to die from laughing, HELP!

Missnelly: Hey, you gotta bless the smartphones! But look at their enthusiasm! Jjang!

ErlNotEarl: But cabbages don’t grow with enthusiasm alone. Three hours later and nothing, absolutely nowhere near plowing the field. This is just too funny. They saw a tractor and thought of borrowing it but the person driving it is the ahjusshi who’s greenhouse they trashed so yeah, never mind.

mf2 54 mf2 55 mf2 56 mf2 57

Missnelly: Seriously, how can they have not have a single plan on how to farm? MinKi should have just swallow his pride but instead, Hyuk did it! Even though he failed, he did it with a smile! I like that spirit!

ErlNotEarl: And you like him. Well in the end because the other band members all wanted to go back to Seoul, MinKi had no choice but swallow his pride and borrow a tractor from Yoon Hee noona, the village head.

Missnelly: nods I do like Hyuk and his million dollar smile! But believe me, I would walk away with them in this situation. MinKi is not convincing at all!

ErlNotEarl: I would but I probably will be back to watch him fail, I’m evil that way. kekeke. MinKi is absolutely clueless about farming; he’s driving Yoon Hee and me crazy? How about you chingu?

Missnelly: I think he thinks he can do it all without a single help from the expert. The city pride is killing me and yes, he is driving me crazy!

ErlNotEarl: Well he can’t and thank goodness Yoon Hee was there to help; otherwise nothing will happen at all.

Missnelly: She has a heart of gold. She is the village head, I think she will do anything to help MinKi even though she is annoyed with him.

ErlNotEarl: I think so too, she’s just too nice like that. Oh noes, the deer, Mr. Flower escaped from his cage. Why do I feel uneasy?

mf2 58 mf2 59

Missnelly: Ggotdol-ahhhh! What a name! But oh no!!!

ErlNotEarl: See, this is why I am uneasy, poor Mr. Flower.

Missnelly: OH.MY.GOD!!!! How can a deer escape from its cage? Unless someone didn’t lock it… And I do not expect the deer to be dead this soon. Now I see why there’s another deer in the picture.

mf2 60 mf2 61

ErlNotEarl: Am I sick if I find it funny and sad at the same time that they’re hiding the dead Mr. Flower?

Missnelly: Not sure, chingu. But I would do the same too! Even though it is not entirely my fault…

mf2 62 mf2 63 mf2 64 mf2 65

ErlNotEarl: It’s still alive, Mr. Flower is still alive. Well it’s dying but oh man, Yoon Hee’s reaction.

mf2 66 mf2 67

Missnelly: May Ggotdol rest in his deer land in peace. Amen!

ErlNotEarl: Amen and I don’t know if their idea to replace Mr. Flower is brilliant or what, I can only smell more trouble, hilarious trouble.

Missnelly: It is trouble. The wild deer is no Mr. Flower! Five of them against one deer! Ack!

ErlNotEarl: That’s so funny though, MUAHAHAHAHA. Holy rabies, the governor came and he wants to see Mr. Flower right away. Dear, dear, the deer they brought looks frighteningly not suitable to meet the governor at all.

Missnelly: I cringed for the deer! Save the poor animal’s life!

ErlNotEarl: Or save the people’s lives, I think that’s suitable. HAHAHAHAHAHA. I will have to admit it was epic how they used Louis Armstrong’s What a Wonderful World as background music with all the chaos happening. It was so awesome because it’s not wonderful at all, oh my, I’m laughing so hard my roommate thinks I finally lost it.

mf2 68 mf2 69 mf2 70 mf2 71

Missnelly: Best scene ever! Whoever decided on this song, he or she has really good sense of humor!

ErlNotEarl: He or she has an awesome sense of humor alright. Now I’m so looking forward to the next ep. Modern Farmer; you’ve awakened me from my stupor, thank you.

Missnelly: Okay, I gotta admit that this episode  has elevated my impression on Modern Farmer. I’m definitely looking forward for the next episode! Bring it!

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