Modern Farmer A React-Cap Ep 12


Missienelly: Ok, we are cruising to episode 12. But let me remind you how disastrous the ending for episode 11 was! MinKi brought the blondie back! Dun dun dun! Yoon Hee’s brother is definitely one happy boy but Yoon Hee herself? She seems confused, angry and disappointed all at once!

ErlNotEarl: I am not happy myself about MinKi bringing blondie to the countryside. Why did he do it? Why is he such a hero?! Wae, wae, wae?! What’s gonna happen to my ship now? This is going to be a major disaster, I can tell. GAH!

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Missienelly: Yes, I do not think this will go well. So let’s get started, shall we?

ErlNotEarl: Yes ma’am. For starters, MinKi just went all thick and asked Yoon Hee if blondie can stay with them. Of course the answer that wasn’t voiced out is no but since she’s a celebrity and Yoon Hee’s brother is a fan, she got to stay for little bro willingly volunteered his room.

Missienelly: Oh geez… his room is kinda messy but I’m actually impressed with MinKi. Making Yoo Na a meal, trying to be responsible for her well being and asking people to keep it quiet. If he ever be with Yoon Hee, she should be very happy because MinKi knows how to care for people.

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ErlNotEarl: I know right! He’s really sweet I mean thinking of blondie’s situation, not asking questions. How can we not fall for him? Yoon Hee’s definitely bothered about it though, so is Hyuk.

Missienelly: Omo omo, this eonnie is fast! She has arrived in Hadurok! I smell trouble cooking on the stove! Can you smell it, Erl?

mf1205 mf1206

ErlNotEarl: I can smell it alright. And look at Han Chul escorting her to psycho girl’s place. Something bad is really bound to happen. Hmmm. Drunken ahjusshi is really thinking of what happened between him and Miyoung. I definitely will be. And his mom, asking questions. Ooooh.

Missienelly: Drunken ahjusshi’s mom is quite fit for her age, and I like her. Wow, yes… she’s back to matchmaking her son with fake eonnie now. This woman is desperate!

mf1207 mf1208

ErlNoteEarl: She’s desperate alright but she’s not gonna go for whom her son likes. Anyone but Miyoung, that’s her words. I like how she gives in good words for her son, she can be a promoter. Kekeke. This eonnie is funny, she entered the room and just look around like she’s surveying a property or something. I agree with her, that’s a curious looking door, let’s open it! Wow, sweet potatoes!

mf1209 mf1210

Missienelly: Such a waste of farmer’s hard work! All those sweet potatoes! She could have at least sell it in the market! Omo, fake eonnie caught on the treasure money! By the way, her voice annoyed me big time! Yes, I’m taking this personal kekeke

ErlNotEarl: The way she mentioned the money, LOL. Now they have to split. Her voice is a bit exotic, bearable for me but you know me, I am weird. Ah, so the goons came back and asked about psycho girl. Figure, how will she find out if not and now we know why she tapped her call. Smart eonnie; not so smart though because psycho girl doesn’t know where the money is yet. Kekeke.

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Missienelly: LOL this is what karma is about. The money will never be found! Meanwhile, I think Yoon Hee is majorly jealous and annoyed with blondie. But really though, can she be this whiny? I think the blondie is depressed and has no one to turn to but MinKi. Also, did you notice Hyuk’s facial expression? What’s up with that?

ErlNotEarl: She is majorly jealous, too obvious to us. And I mean okay, I don’t really care about blondie but she’s feeling down, where’s the humanity in not trying to understand a bit right? Hyuk? He had that look since MinKi brought her home. I really do think something happened back then. I’m dying to know what these two are hiding from our MinKi.

mf1215 mf1216

Missienelly: Oh yeah, I am dying to know too. Oh hey, where are they going? Are those…. apples? Yoon Hee! Really? Can you lift those boxes? Oh god, I heard bone breaking! Wait, shouldn’t they be taking her to the hospital?

mf1217 mf1218 mf1219 mf1220

ErlNotEarl: Those are indeed apples. I think they’re going to that open market thingy. Is it bad if I laugh so hard because of the way they’re carrying her? OMG! For sure she wouldn’t want to be taken to the hospital anyways. Also, don’t you think the way MinKi is telling blondie what to do very husband-like? I don’t like it. Flower ahjusshi daebak.. HAHAHAHAHA

Missienelly: I’m cracking up laughing at flower ahjusshi! The way he introduce himself to her… and calling her Miss Delinquent. Too cute, regardless!

mf1221 mf1222

ErlNotEarl: And Miss Delinquent is going to take care of Yoon Hee. That’s gonna be awkward and funny. I wanna see that. Just the thought of it makes me smile inwardly. And now I am smiling brightly, goods! I love open markets like this. Oooh, drunken ahjusshi, watcha doin?

Missienelly: Ok, drunken ahjusshi, quit staring at Mi Young. It’s awkward! Wahhhhh, MinKi, quit talking through your nose! It is so weird! But I’m glad their tiny business is doing well! I’m not interested in grasshoppers spit, I rather eat flower ahjusshi’s apples instead!

mf1223 mf1224

ErlNotEarl: Flower ahjusshi sells mushrooms too, yum! I’m craving for some mushroom. Kekeke, MinKi’s voice does sounds weird but it gets the customer. Speaking of talking through the nose, nowadays I’m doing that, not because I want to but it sounds like that. sigh I’m happy they’re all doing good business and I am quite amaze that grasshopper has that many flavor, hmmm. Wait, ah, is that a temple? Is this where Mr. Han is?

mf1225 mf1226

Missienelly: I’m so glad mute ahjusshi is finally talking and taking his pink wig daughter to pay respect to his late wife. This is sad, I wouldn’t know what to do knowing that I’m bowing to my unknown mother for the first time.

ErlNotEarl: It’s a bittersweet moment and I can’t help but sweat a little through my eyes, or must be the medicine, I say it’s the medicine!

mf1227 mf1228 mf1229 mf1230

Missienelly: Need some tissue there? wink Okay, they are making money. Do you think something going to happen again? I sense nervousness from Ki Joon now but look at Hyuk, if he that annoyed with MinKi why can’t he just go home and tend Yoon Hee himself. Urgh.

ErlNotEarl: Yay to earning money! I sure hope nothing happens I mean this money is hard earned money, the amount of time and effort they gave to catch those grasshoppers and all. Please, no. Ki Joon? He’s jealous, that’s for sure especially there’s a new guy around and he speaks the same language as Hwa Ran of course he will be jealous. With Hyuk, I am really dying to know the reason for all this hate towards blondie, what really happened? Speak of blondie, teeheehee. I like this.

mf1231 mf1232 mf1233 mf1234

Missienelly: Well, this is awkward. Yoon Hee laying down like a log and Yoo Na sitting there like a… goodness, I can’t watch this Erl! Only in Modern Farmer!

ErlNotEarl: Like a what? Guard dog? LOL. This is so funny and all the breaking sound. I must be really a sadist cause I’m laughing so hard at this. Just a little scratching. MUAHAHAHAHA. Oooh, I see grandpa, with his “almonds” and ah, yes. Good luck lady!

mf1235 mf1236 mf1237 mf1238

Missienelly: Oh my god, poor woman! She’s the new elder’s victim!

ErlNotEarl: I will not exactly call her poor, she brought it on herself anyways. Why did she come over to the village? She’s causing trouble on herself, like Han Chul. See, so out of it that he burnt his finger even with gloves on. And still going on and on about psycho girl, poor guy. I love Ki Joon’s suggestion.. Kekeke. Yes, rattle him some more, it helps.

mf1239 mf1240

Missienelly: Han Chul may be unattractive physically, but his heart is made of gold. Now I can’t help but giggling at Ki Joon. He’s full of jealousy. If only he asks her… Stop acting immaturely!!!

ErlNotEarl: Wookay, it’s just a crush, whatever Ki Joon; no one believes you here, right Nell? Specially with the way you act. Just confess already! Oh it’s that awkward pair again. Kekeke. I think Miss Delinquent is getting tired already..

mf1241 mf1242

Missienelly: Aish Yoo Na, if you are not used to sitting on the floor, get a chair or switch position! And Yoon Hee has a problem too, can’t she just ask blondie flat out? I’m laughing so hard at the background music. It sure is a battle to go to the bathroom LOL

ErlNotEarl: Both of them just won’t give in. GAH! I’m on the floor now, just a little bit more, a little bit more. HAHAHAHA. And I’m with you with the background music, it’s like an epiphany or something. Like the music in churches during advent season. All the effort not to make a noise was flushed out in the drain, bone breaking. Waaah!

mf1243 mf1244 mf1245 mf1246

Missienelly: I’m still dying here from the background music. Can’t she just go to the hospital? Her bones keep cracking. shudders

ErlNotEarl: I don’t think Yoon Hee will bother with the hospital. But thank goodness she asked for blondie’s help, she really needs it I mean her bones are gonna break some more if not. Excuse me though while I laugh some more. Kekeke.

Missienelly: Wah, Yoo Na can cook!!! She is a wifey material, Erl! I am starting to have much respect for her now. I bet Yoon Hee regretted what she had said about blondie now.

mf1247 mf1248

ErlNotEarl: She seems to be kind and it looks like she had it rough but I still don’t trust her. The wife material, well, maybe, just a little. It takes much to be a real wife, you know that. Nice, back to back food. Actually not really nice, it’s making me really hungry and I just had my tea. And wow, our boys are paying for the meal? Just wow!

Missienelly: Wah, the business must be super good. Oh goodness, I hope Ki Joon is still dreaming. I’m dying of laughter now, he actually did it!!! This is embarrassing, now his immaturity finally showing! He deserves to get yelled!

mf1249 mf1250 mf1251 mf1252

ErlNotEarl: The feeling of the people on that table is diverse. Flower ahjusshi, microphone lady and MinKi are very happy while drunken ahjusshi and Miyoung are both uneasy. And our Ki Joon, he’s irritated to death because of what seems to be sweetness between Bul Ja and Chow Yun Fat. And like you, I really thought it was just happening in his mind; I guess he can’t control anymore, too bad. But I guess we’ll be hearing a confession soon, or I hope because he’s gonna drink with the village folks while the other three opted to go somewhere else. First, there’s Han Chul, poor Han Chul.

Missienelly: Han Chul will never give up on psycho girl, won’t he? gasp here we go with the misunderstanding. I’m dying of laughter here! The poor boy is officially depressed! This could send him to his death bed sooner though… I fear for his health now.

mf1253 mf1254 mf1255 mf1256

ErlNotEarl: This is why you shouldn’t eavesdrop on people. Kekeke. I’m telling you, we are gonna die from laughing because of Modern Farmer. Like you I am really fearing for Han Chul’s health, I mean please, don’t die on us. What’s this, is Yoon Hee fine now?

Missienelly: Wow, she can get up and walk now! Miracle! I think Yoon Hee owes blondie an apology big time, right Erl?

mf1257 mf1258

ErlNotEarl: She does, specially she’s been really nice to her, feeding her son and helping with his assignment. Oh and cleaning the house. Okay, I’m rethinking this, she could be a wife material. Oh here come MinKi and of course with something for blondie.. and Yoon Hee too. Wow!

Missienelly: Awwwww that is very considerate of MinKi. He brought back heat patch and anti-aging cream! Such a good boy!

mf1259 mf1260 mf1261 mf1262

ErlNotEarl: He is even if he teased her. LOL. She’s not so mad anymore that he brought stuff for blondie. Wah, they’re drinking, I wanna join! I want some makgeolli too. Ah, drunken ahjusshi and Miyoung, hihihihi. Yes, Ki Joon, keep on drinking, this will lead to a good thing. ^^

Missienelly: Ki Joon should stop drinking! And mute ahjusshi is back and his voice is so inviting. Maybe, just maybe… microphone ahjumma might fall in for him? Ship ship ship!

mf1263 mf1264

ErlNotEarl: Ship! And see, that’s why you should speak so soon. Kekeke. But that aside, it’s really a happy day for Sang Eun’s dad, thank goodness he can talk again.

Missienelly: Such a great celebration! Can I slap Ki Joon’s head? Really, if he’s curious, why can’t he ask her directly? Ooooh, yes!!! He’s confessing ala chaebol way! Bahahaha that’s ok, I’ll take it!

mf1265 mf1266 mf1267 mf1268

ErlNotEarl: Go ahead, slap him, I’m not gonna stop you. But wow, the wrist grab, I kind of miss that. And a confession finally! It’s fine, I sort of have a thing with rich chaebol confessions because it’s just too embarrassing for them. LOL. Oh I guess I’ll continue lol-ing. It’s pee, not bi, pee!

Missienelly: Oy, pee scene again. I bet that pole is stinks! I’m a bit frustrated with these two, if they like each other, just say it! Mistake and regret? Quit denying the feels!

mf1269 mf1270

ErlNotEarl: Their scenes mostly involves pee, goodness this two, they’re too old for pretense! Don’t waste your time!

Missienelly: Aigoo they are drinking again! We know how this will end! At this rate, she even may get pregnant!

ErlNotEarl: Rosy cheeks are really cute, let them drink. And let them reproduce, it’s in the bible, go forth and deliver! LOL

mf1271 mf1272 mf1273 mf1274

Missienelly: Geez, I thought that was a cool laptop! LOL But isn’t this a scene sweet? Her smile is so priceless.

ErlNotEarl: I saw the same one at Daiso a month ago. I wanted to but it but, oh well. It’s a very sweet scene. I can’t help but smile with her. And now her smile sort of diminished. Why are you there for blondie, MinKi, why? And Yoon Hee, did you just?

mf1275 mf1276

Missienelly: Wow, she’s being so generous, Erl? I would never thought she changed her mind! I’m glad Yoon Hee let her guard down.

ErlNotEarl: Well, it’s all because she had been really good to her when she was in need and because she’s a really kind person. I’m partial to it though. I’d rather look at Ki Joon having a flashback of his chaebol way of confession. Soo cute. And here comes the love interest. Yay! Han Chul though, what to do with Han Chul?

Missienelly: Omo, look at this awkward couple! Bul Ja is here! And she’s literally doing what she was told to do! She is toooo cute!

mf1277 mf1278 mf1279 mf1280

ErlNotEarl: I really love this pair, as in. At time I wish we have more screen time for them. But, what do we have here, weeds? Still? Wow! And Hyuk, what’s wrong really? Speak up!

Missienelly: Look, Hyuk better spill the beans. Why is he mums about it? Is he annoyed that MinKi likes blondie and Yoon Hee eonnie likes MinKi? Is that it? I’m bad at reading expression. Bahahaha they finally realized mute ahjusshi is talking! This village has turned upside down and Han Chul is definitely traumatize now!

mf1281 mf1282 mf1283 mf1284

ErlNotEarl: I don’t think that’s it, he’s not that type of guy. Or at least I don’t see him like that. There’s really something that he’s not letting us and MinKi know. I wish there was more clue. The village has turned upside down? Well we like it that way anyways. Kekeke. But Han Chul, poor child, poor, poor child. And look here, the people that’s making him traumatized. Now we have two evening diggers. sigh

Missienelly: Do we have to go through this again? I mean now Han Chul will definitely thinks these girls are gays! Aish… what are we gonna do with him now?

ErlNotEarl: He keeps eavesdropping, that’s just wrong! He should just show himself. Though for some reason, I keep on thinking of a pepero kiss. LOL. Ahhh, nice sky but blondie and Hyuk together, I don’t feel good, I don’t..

mf1285 mf1286

Missienelly: Stop Hyuk-ah, why are you being so mean? I’m starting to like blondie now! Somebody please stop them from fighting! But I can’t help laughing at MinKi’s dirty look. He looks cuter than angry!

ErlNotEarl: Yoon Hee’s there to stop them cause I don’t think blondie can. She looks guilty and hiding something. If only there’s more clue to work with. I’m dying to know what causes our sweet Hyuk to be so mean.

mf1287 mf1288

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