Modern Farmer A React-Cap Ep 11


Missienelly: I’m shaking my head. How behind are we, Erl? Mian, real life took a toll on me. But I’m here so let’s catch up!

ErlNotEarl:That’s wookay, I’m in the same situation as you are. These days are busy and  time is passing by so fast. I’m glad that we are back, and I’m so ready to catch up too. Let’s go!

Missienelly: Wookay, let’s recap! The ending from the previous episode, we saw Hyuk standing and watching Yoon Hee and MinKi together. Aish…I felt sorry for Hyuk but I know you aren’t.

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ErlNotEarl: I felt a tiny bit sorry for him, will that be enough? But wait, wookay, the feeling is gone. This not a date but looking like a date just erased everything. Hmmmm. Looky, the other three are busy catching grasshoppers and he clearly ditched them. I suddenly missed being in the farm, just a few more weeks.. Oh, my ear! That’s an overly excited voice! Why is the girl with blue and pink wig soo excited? What is it about?

Missienelly: She’s excited for the boys! But do we have to be reminded by fish slapped scene again? Aigoo aigoo… totally unnecessary but I can’t help it… 100,000 views? That IS impressive!!! Do they even know the power of social media? They can get famous overnight without putting any effort!

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ErlNotEarl: It would have been nice if they got noticed because they’re good but noticed for being fish slapped? Can we just forget everything about it? It’s not something to be proud of, I agree with Han Chul. And I am with MinKi, let’s just catch grasshoppers!

Missienelly: I guess catching grasshoppers are much more fun! What? This is no vacation, gangster ahjusshi! Hehe, MinKi is the new expert in town. I wonder how Flower ahjusshi feels about that!

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ErlNotEarl: They must really have enough time on their hands to come up with such a plan as Weekend Farming. Flower Ahjusshi will be so appalled by him, that I am very sure. He got his wake up call sooner enough though. Of course gangster ahjusshi is the boss. Kekeke. Look who’s passing by? Hmmm..

Missienelly: Hmmmm, I am really curious now to what kind of relationship gangster ahjusshi had with mute ahjusshi. Don’t you, Erl?

mf11 11 mf11 12

ErlNotEarl: Same here Nell, same here. Specially since I can sense some contempt from gangster ahjusshi. Ooooh, Ki Joon looking like a puppy who doesn’t know what to do. I guess he’s not ready to face his love interest. And argh, my heart almost fell. Microphone ahjumma, don’t go around like that. Our Ki Joon, wait, our Ki Joon..

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Missienelly: Speaking of Ki Joon here, where is Bul Ja? Aaaaah, is he checking her room? Bad idea, boy.

ErlNotEarl: No, he’s not checking her room, he wants plastic bottles okay. But he did wander around, that’s his fault and now he has to hide in where else but Bul Ja’s closet.

Missienelly: You are myyyyy destinyyyyyyy! LOL

mf11 15 mf11 16

ErlNotEarl: I really love how they use this song whenever someone finds their love interest and it will never grow old. Scratch that, this song is older than you and I. Kekeke. But still, I am going to wait for them to play this when MinKi realized he has fallen in love with Yoon Hee.

Missienelly: I should play this song for you, Erl! Ai, Hyuk’s overload cuteness is cute but rather forceful, don’t you think? If I were Yoon Hee, I wouldn’t let him near that driver seat!

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ErlNotEarl: I think he is planning something. Boys usually do the aegyo to get things to be done their way, don’t ask why I know as much, not spilling. But we are not Yoon Hee, we are little devils while Yoon Hee is a kind and sometime gullible woman. And because of that, they took the wrong way. Why do I have the feeling that he’s doing it on purpose?

Missienelly: He is up to something and frankly, to be lost with a woman you love? You get the idea wink. Wow! Drunken ahjusshi is drinking Americano instead of his usual makgeolli! Ooops, never mind, my bad!

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ErlNotEarl: He’s a genius! Nice! Now I wanna try it too. Wait, the little girl, what does she wants?

Missienelly: Phone? I bet she’s gonna call her dad! See! I smell trouble here.

ErlNotEarl: I have a feeling that it’s not gonna be pretty but still, I shall wait and see. Where is this place that Hyuk and Yoon Hee finally stopped? See, I knew it’s gonna be a “date”. Aish!

mf11 25 mf11 26 mf11 27 mf11 28

Missienelly: Typical kdrama scene! Always beach, whereas, right? I’m laughing so hard at Yoon Hee though! Did you see her face? Wow, I think he drove them there on purpose! And they are holding hands!!!!! Ship ship ship!

ErlNotEarl: Fine, ship them all you want. And yes they were holding hands because he’s dragging her that is. I don’t wanna spy on them anymore. But look, MinKi and Han Chul are spying on someone’s house? Why?

mf11 29 mf11 30

Missienelly: I don’t know why but I’m liking this! Whose home is this by the way? Blue wig girl? Goodness, is that…. eel? Are we going to see fish slapped reenactment?

ErlNotEarl: Yes, it’s the blue wig girl’s house, they need their instrument back of course and yes, it’s an eel. Isn’t it called an eel slap this time around? Goodness! Don’t tell me she’s gonna give in to the “date,” please don’t!

mf11 31 mf11 32

Missienelly: She sure did! Back to shipping! Kekeke My cheeks are warm, they are having an unintentional date! Sashimi date! Open your mouth, Yoon Hee! Staaaaahppp with the overload cuteness. Hyuk’s plan is definitely working!

ErlNotEarl: And the drinks are out. One thing I learned about drinking soju, one bottle is never enough. It’s not something that you can say no to, you have to have more. Good job Hyuk, nice tactic. It’s something I will definitely fall for too.

mf11 33 mf11 34 mf11 35 mf11 36

Missienelly: Jajaja, I’m dying so hard. This episode is definitely funnier than ep 10! First eel slapped. And now Ki Joon on the roof. How did he get up there anyway? I wonder what he saw that makes him like this!

ErlNotEarl: Yeah, this ep is indeed funny! I love how MinKi said he feels better because it’s an expensive fish. GAH! HAHAHAHA. What did Ki Joon see? Bul Ja taking her clothes off of course. Kekeke. He can’t close his eyes remember. I don’t want to figure out how he got there, I love that he’s up there and denying his feelings. LOL

mf11 37 mf11 38 mf11 39 mf11 40

Missienelly: 6 bottles of soju later, is he in extreme jealous of MinKi? I can pet his hair if Yoon Hee doesn’t wanna kekeke. What? I thought he’s doctor! Just a med student?

ErlNotEarl: I can tell that he is extremely jealous and I don’t want to admit it but it’s kind of cute. What a puppy! Why don’t you go ahead and pet him? He’s probably an intern, on his last sem or something. Ah, they are on that part, the heart to heart part. Poor guy.

mf11 41 mf11 42 mf11 43 mf11 44

Missienelly: Now I’m sad for him. Really am. My turn to get sweaty eyes, Erl. I hope they ends up together. Hyuk is a nice man too.

ErlNotEarl: I’m sad for him too; do you need help wiping your sweat? They end up together? Hmmm, no comment, though I agree that he’s a nice guy, still, no comment.

mf11 45 mf11 46

Missienelly: Little Rockstar is dragging his feet this morning. Mom is playing unscheduled or unintentional date with Hyuk and definitely missing parent’s participation day. Wait, I knew it! He knows how to drive!

ErlNotEarl: Poor kid, he’s chewing his words. Awww. What are they going to do for the kid? Well, why am I not surprised that he knows how to drive? He’s really good at pretending. Kekeke. Here’s another dilemma, Flower Ahjusshi and his little boss.

mf11 47 mf11 48 mf11 49 mf11 50

Missienelly: Well that is because his ugly perm is back!!! I feel bad for him and his wife. The kids are tough cookies! Can he scream any louder than this? Awwww, look at him. Flower ahjusshi is sweeeeeeet after all!

ErlNotEarl: Flower ahjusshi had his moments, okay? How will his wife fall for him if not. Let’s see here though.. Ohh, the bratty girl is bragging about his dad.. Hmmm.. I have a very bad feeling about this though. I’m worried for our little rockstar, I hope Yoon Hee reaches on time. Wow, the first class is Min Gook’s dad? Let’s see this. Aww, soo cute, and they managed to entertain the kids. Nice!

mf11 51 mf11 52 mf11 53 mf11 54

Missienelly: That was fun and Min Gook is a happy boy. Omo, here comes our handsome drunken ahjusshi! Wait, did he just do a nose slide with that phone? Bahahaha

ErlNotEarl: Drunken ahjusshi with his Makgeolli and Americano mix. I have an urge to do that nose slide, kekeke, just an urge; not gonna try. See, I knew it! Eun Woo’s dad is not gonna make it and he couldn’t even notify the poor kid earlier. Stupid dad!

mf11 55 mf11 56 mf11 57 mf11 58

Missienelly: slaps forehead facepalm Drunken ahjusshi! Neo jjeongmal daebak! Look at Eun Woo’s face, poor girl. Wait wait, MinKi to the rescue! Asa! Rock n Rolllllll! School of Rock moment lol

ErlNotEarl: Well what else can he teach but the art of makgeolli? That was so funny though, I laughed so hard. I knew MinKi will move forward. Go MinKi, go! Rock and Rolllll!!! Wait, Yoon Hee and Hyuk reached the school too.

mf11 59 mf11 60 mf11 61 mf11 62 mf11 63 mf11 64

Missienelly: Bahahaha I feel sorry for Yoon Hee but MinKi saved the day! Did you notice Hyuk covering MinHo’s ears when she explained where they were the night before? Kekeke kyeopta.

mf11 65 mf11 66

ErlNotEarl: I did notice that, MinHo doesn’t seem to mind. And he’s quite happy because of MinKi hyung who promised to go on a picnic with him. One more thing that I noticed is Hyuk being petty and calling MinKi sly. The poor guy doesn’t have any idea what he’s talking about though and that makes me wants to smack him in the head to wake up from his trance or something. Still nurturing his feelings for this girl. Oooh, this hurts.

Missienelly: Oooph my eyes. I can’t stand her hair color! I swear MinKi should stop taking her calls! But I do want to hear her story. She seems lonely and sad…

mf11 67 mf11 68

ErlNotEarl: I’m quite curious too and I have this feeling that it’s because of her why the guys didn’t get to debut. GAH, my eyes are starting to water, too much blond, and all white background, who thought of this concept?! I do feel bad for blondy, being forced to go to an underground party something. Hmmm. Now it’s my ears. Kids wailing, not too pleasant to the ears.

Missienelly: Poor child but I love how drunken ahjusshi taking the child’s side.

mf11 69 mf11 70 mf11 71 mf11 72

ErlNotEarl: Me too. I love how he’s comforting her. There’s more to him after all. I guess if you drink all the makgeolli you’ll find good stuff on the bottom. Kekeke. Oh, sweet moment, yes! I feel better now. This is a date, I declare this a date. And our heroine is really grateful to my hero. He’s shiny!

Missienelly: This is NOT a date! Wait, what..? Intentions? Oh my, is this her way of finding MinKi’s heart? How can we not like MinKi, right Erl?

mf11 73 mf11 74 mf11 75 mf11 76

ErlNotEarl: Indeed, how do we not love him? One more thing that I love is the subtlety of Yoon Hee’s question, classy yet sincere. But I don’t think it’s just “after service” as MinKi calls it, I think there’s more to it, more than her being his first love. He just don’t know how to name it. Now this, I know how to call this ahjusshi – Makgeolli-holic!

Missienelly: Mi Young-ah, please helps us understand what happened to your marriage. Oy, look at his pink cheeks giggles

mf11 77 mf11 78

ErlNotEarl: Yeah, please let us know your story so we can hate or pity you accordingly. LOL. That’s so mean, well I am mean most of the time so, whatever. Errr, is it wrong if I don’t really pity her? I do love how forgiving drunken ahjusshi is, he really is an oppa material.

Missienelly: Don’t worry, I still don’t feel sorry for her, Erl. She did it to herself. And she cheated on drunken ahjusshi. Wait, they slept together?

mf11 79 mf11 80 mf11 81 mf11 82

ErlNotEarl: I think they did, and now I know the meaning of drunken ahjusshi’s dream! Kekeke. Wait, does microphone ahjumma own a makgeolli bar or something? This is a mystery I need to break. Wow! Kimbap! I want some, I shall make some, soooon! Wait, what is wrong with our Ki Joon, why is he staring blankly to nothing in particular?

mf11 83 mf11 84

Missienelly: With Ki Joon? He’s traumatize after cornering himself in Bul Ja’s closet. He can’t get over her body! Ya MinKi, where are you going???

mf11 85 mf11 86

ErlNotEarl: Probably realized there’s no turning back, that he is indeed in love with Bul Ja. I want to slap MinKi hard. Why is he going there? What about MinHo’s picnic? The boy will be disappointed. And where is he taking blondy? Annoying! This is not though, Yoon Hee’s little bro wrapping a gift for Sang Eun.

Missienelly: Sang Eun? Is that the blue wig girl’s name? Hah, we finally know! Omo, what’s with the long, sad face, uri MinHo?

mf11 87 mf11 88

ErlNotEarl: Yes, we finally know and we finally confirmed that Yoon Hee’s little brother feels “something” for her. Uri MinHo? I can think of 2 reasons: 1st, because MinKi hyung didn’t join the picnic. 2nd, because he thinks MinKi hyung might not come back anymore. Expectations, Here’s another person with an expectation, Sang Eun. Not gonna happen though. Wow, gangster ahjusshi farming! Nice!

mf11 89 mf11 90 mf11 91 mf11 92

Missienelly: I bet the money is going to be where the gangster ahjusshi is farming! Oh my, bandmates reunite?

ErlNotEarl: The money? You mean what psycho girl is looking for? Let’s wait and see. OMG, they are bandmates! We’re gonna get answers to our questions, yay!

Missienelly: Aaaah now we know, our speculation is right all along. Yes, now we get his flashback from the past! Damn the hair!

mf11 93 mf11 94 mf11 95 mf11 96

ErlNotEarl: I had to not think of the hair, I know only a few gentle who can pull off long hair you know. Aww, that’s a tough choice to make, it’s heartbreaking. And, yeah, I am kind of sweating to my eyes. Maybe that’s why he lost his ability to speak. From shock.

Missienelly: That’s tragic, awwww the tears. Sang Eun heard it, nooooooo! But why is she running away?

mf11 97 mf11 98

ErlNotEarl: Tragic indeed. Sang Eun’s probably shocked about the truth and more. Oh, she’s still alive. Kekeke. Where is psycho girl going today? Did she just realized it’s tough to work two jobs?

Missienelly: I thought she’s given up on digging, apparently she is not. Omg, her call is being traced! Bad eonnie! Bad bad bad!

mf11 99 mf11 100

ErlNotEarl: Bad but good. Wow! that was easy! But it also makes me think that the world is a really dangerous place. Too many crazy people. Like me. Kekeke. Dad finally found Sang Eun. I still don’t get how she understand dad’s sign language. I have this perplexed look that I can’t wipe off. But ah, poor girl.. Thinking it’s her fault..

Missienelly: To know her mom died after giving birth to her? I pitied her for thinking it is her fault. So is that how mute ahjusshi lost his voice? Awwww girl, please don’t cry.

mf11 101 mf11 102

ErlNotEarl: I guess so but wait, he’s talking now, he can talk again! Sang Eun is finally get to know about her mom, who happen to be incredibly supportive of her husband who has longer hair than her.

Missienelly: Can’t help but laughing to that! So weird! Wait, I thought she’s pregnant. Isn’t this hard work delivering food like that?

mf11 103 mf11 104 mf11 105

ErlNotEarl: That’s really hard work and judging by the size of her belly, she’s gonna deliver anytime soon. Oh the pain, I haven’t been pregnant but I can imagine the pain. So sad, really, really sad. And Sang Eun’s dad, living with all the guilt. This ep is filled with sad, from sad father-daughter to sad little boy. Sorry, let me change that, anxious, expectant little MinHo? He’s waiting for MinKi to come, refused to go inside until he comes back. Awww. And he’s back, but wait, is that? ARGH!

Missienelly: Yeah, that was indeed very sad. Well, Erl, THAT is miss blondie. facepalm Whyyyyyy, MinKi?

mf11 106 mf11 107 mf11 108 mf11 109

ErlNotEarl: That’s the question, why does he have to bring her there?! MinKi you stupid oaf!

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