Modern Farmer A React-Cap Ep 10


ErlNotEarl: We’re back, yes, we are! And boy I didn’t expect Ep 9 to end that way; that was really something, don’t you agree Nell?

Missienelly: Yes! I was screaming on top of my lungs! I was worried and anxious for them. This girl has too many bad luck. I can’t believe I’m actually feeling bad for her…

ErlNotEarl: I know we never did think that much of psycho girl but I am curious if she managed to escape or what. Shall we begin? Let’s go?

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Missienelly: Yes, I wanna know if she is able to escape. Let’s go!

ErlNotEarl: Wookay, we go back a bit to Han Chul dropping Hyuk’s precious Americano, yes, that box with BEANIST printed on it. Sorry I got a bit distracted, coffee does that to me. If you want to keep me happy, give me some coffee. Anyways, the frugal goon asked if he can have it and from there, the chaos begun. Run psycho girl, run for your life!

Missienelly: Remind me to get coffee for you next time giggles. I thought Han Chul did a good job distracting the goons but ya know, he could have done it better. I’m glad she got away though.

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ErlNotEarl: Thank heavens Han Chul’s effort was not in vain and  she managed to get away but the goons got the plate number. What to do? Oh hey, Yoon Hee, can I have some of that cash you have? Why do I have a feeling she’s gonna lend that to our MinKi who’s body currently seems soulless. HAHAHAHAHA. I can’t, I just can’t.

Missienelly: When I saw that stack of money, I knew she was going to give it to him. I’m glad that she has that intention but hey, MinKi is once again bashing her down. Aish…

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ErlNotEarl: That, I think is one of the most epic group picture ever. Oh goodness, I can’t breathe, I can’t! I’m dying!

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Missienelly: Love that lip stain on Ki Joon’s face. This group picture is wanjeon epic, Erl! I couldn’t hold myself too, the best scene eva! Look at those money, I’m happy they finally make money in this town. Ack! What the…? No, no, no!

mf10 11

ErlNotEarl: What?! All that hard earned money and it’s just going to that car?! Poor boys, I guess it’s one of those days, bad days. One mountain after another.

Missienelly: It just not meant to be, Erl. I seriously think they are all born with no luck.

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ErlNotEarl: They are just having a bad phase, luck will come soon. Am keeping my fingers crossed. Oh, drunken ahjusshi practicing for the three steps and one bow but wait, this place is familiar, it’s Mi Young’s place right? See, there she is. Aww, her dad’s caregiver is quitting! I understand though, but really, I somehow feel sorry for her.

Missienelly: Hey, I have an idea! Drunken ahjusshi can step in! He doesn’t have much  to do but drinking anyway! Have I not tell you enough how handsome he is? Now him in apron is way handsome!

mf10 16 mf10 17

ErlNotEarl: Wookay, if drunken ahjusshi quits drinking I might bring him home with me. He’s just so sweet.

Missienelly: Am I reading this right? IF he quits drinking, you’ll bring him home? Wae? I thought you want a drinking buddy, Erl.

ErlNotEarl: A can of beer after a hard days work is different with countless bottles of makgeolli everyday, if you know what I mean. Wow, so psycho girl went to get her money, like a gangster. She wants her money now, eonnie, she doesn’t have time to argue. And lookie, there’s the reason why, these goons are quick.

mf10 18 mf10 19

Missienelly: Actually, the goons are smart! I would not think of getting the plate numbers! But this eonnie, me likey! Love her fighting spirit!

ErlNotEarl: I know right, she has loyalty, yay for loyalty! The little girl is demanding, I find her cute though. What do you think Nell?

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Missienelly: She’s definitely cute. But I have a feeling she is going to be a pain in the butt. Ooooh, the boys are back. And they are broke!

ErlNotEarl: MinKi, aish, why are you so petty? She wants to help, don’t be like that. Just make up with her already.

Missienelly: Pride, Erl. Pride. No one wants to say sorry first.

ErlNotEarl: Oh well, even Chicago sang “Hard to Say I’m Sorry” I get that point. Yoon Hee’s really jealous; I can smell her jealousy from here. If only MinKi can stop being so dense for a minute..

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Missienelly: Now I’m confused. Is she developing some kind of feeling for MinKi? Is she OVER with MinHo’s dad?

ErlNotEarl: I think so too, plus that’s old news already. Here comes the hero, he just gained 100 points for worrying about her. I am seeing psycho girl in a different light really.

Missienelly: All I can see it is after all he did for her, she better give him something “something” in return!

mf10 26 mf10 27

ErlNotEarl: That’s bound to happen, I’m ready for it. The more I see drunken ahjusshi drink that makgeolli, the more curious I get about the taste. Too bad I can’t find it here, I’m so tempted to make it myself, maybe one day. Nice, Flower Ahjusshi with MinKi’s car and I agree with drunken ahjusshi, is there a need of a sports car in a farm?

Missienelly: I still have a bottle of makgeolli in my fridge. You wanna? It is sweet and yum! There is a need for a sport car! It is called showing off to people!

ErlNotEarl: That sounds inviting! Well, showing off my behind! Oh no, what just happened? Noooo!! But it’s funny, yes!! Of all the places to land really. HAHAHAHA

mf10 28 mf10 29

Missienelly: How in the world…? I don’t get the logic, can a ciggie bud lit up fire just like that?

ErlNotEarl: It’s vague but i’ll take it. Kekeke. I knew he’s just sleeping. He was really drunk already, his face was so red. Kekeke. The problem now is who’s gonna do the three steps and one bow? Just Yoon Hee? Hmmm…

mf10 30

Missienelly: Nothing happened to him so of course he was just taking the advantage of a comfort bed hehehe. At this point, Yoon Hee should ask flower ahjusshi, no?

ErlNotEarl: Flower ahjusshi wants out too. And he’s smart to bait MinKi who definitely thinks the cabbages comes first, he will really do everything for his farm. Nice!

Missienelly: I think so. The cabbages are his gateway to go back doing what he loves the most. To sing.

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ErlNotEarl: And he sings so well, such a lost if he can’t continue, don’t you think? He and Yoon Hee look so cute; the two of them, bickering like an old couple. Awww, me likey.

Missienelly: Hehehe nods. I have no objection in that.

ErlNotEarl: That’s a first, I like that you do not object to that. I’m partial to this, but I find it touching that Mi Young went to visit drunken ahjusshi.

mf10 35 mf10 36

Missienelly: Touching? You do? I have no comment on her. I don’t know, am just not favoring her after what she did to drunken ahjusshi. I rather focus on Yoon Hee and MinKi.

ErlNotEarl: How long are they gonna do this? Am getting tired along with Yoon Hee and MinKi, I want to hate him but that smile is just so cute, it’s not fair! How do I completely hate thee, MinKi, please let me know the ways.

mf10 37 mf10 38

Missienelly: If someone make me do this, I will kill that person!!! But I don’t get it, why do you hate MinKi? In the end, he got what he needed! Just bow properly, MinKi! That is gross but you just hafta… LOL

ErlNotEarl: Well she’s a woman, he should have some consideration, and that’s why I wanna hate him for going so fast. She must be really tired for her to apologize like that. She’s cute, they are cute. Cuteness overload in a split second and my heart goes dugun dugun. Waaah, Nell, I melt. I’m a puddle of goo.

mf10 39 mf10 40

Missienelly: I can’t help but giggling on her Mickey jacket though wink. But MinKi is just tooooo cute! But look who’s whiny now lol. Ooooh look at this. Is this a date?

mf10 41 mf10 42 mf10 43 mf10 44

ErlNotEarl: Yes, this is a real date. Suddenly everyone is so sweet. Psycho girl is getting mellow with Han Chul, Yoon Hee and MinKi are sleeping while leaning on each other. Love. And drunken ahjusshi is secretly drinking makgeolli while listening to a farm lecture, wait, that’s not love related, right Nell?

Missienelly: It is love on another level, Erl. You and I won’t understand it. Well, maybe you do…

mf10 45 mf10 46

ErlNotEarl: If we’re talking wine then yes, I do. Ah, the taste of a five year old wine, oak with a bit of nuttiness, yum! HAHAHA, I love the dedication of Flower Ahjusshi’s sister, she’s making a new menu too. I find the names really funny.

Missienelly: I actually find her really pretty! I love her sweet feature. Sorry, off track… menu? Mushroom coffee? wrinkles nose how’s that taste like? Oooh, drunken ahjusshi bringing business is great! He said it, he drinks Americano like water!

mf10 47 mf10 48

ErlNotEarl: I knew he will do something like this. I drink coffee like water. Kekeke. Awesome, an expo of some sort! This reminds me of the expo happening here. It’s always fun to look around, not for my pocket though. I try my best to pass by the books but I always end up buying. Anyways, enough of me and my books, did MinKi just said they’re going to sell grasshoppers and pea puffs?

Missienelly: MinKi is diversifying himself. Making money the easiest but hardest way! I’ll definitely support his idea kekeke

ErlNotEarl: He’s changing, little by little. Something seems to be bothering MinHo our little rockstar. What could it be?

mf10 49 mf10 50

Missienelly: Must be bully issue in school again! This needs intervention! Stat!

ErlNotEarl: Nell, the wig is blue! It’s blue! I love blue. And I guess people are copying MinKi’s expression: gwenchanayo, gwechanayo! I have a bad feeling about this broadcast though. I dunno why but…

mf10 51 mf10 52

Missienelly: Gwenchana, gwenchanayo! What could be wrong, silly?

ErlNotEarl: I didn’t expect this; her father, the girl wearing a blue wig right is the owner of the guitar! Goodness, so is he really in a band with the gangster ahjusshi? Nelly, oh em! This is something I didn’t see coming!

Missienelly: Omo, the minute mute ahjusshi flipped his hair! Aaaah my eyes! What song is this, Erl? C’mon, you know this! Ok MinKi, let’s hear it! I missed your singing!

mf10 53 mf10 54

ErlNotEarl: Nope, I do not know the song. Yes! I’m happy. Kekeke. I like this version of the OST, acoustic, very relaxing. But ah, he’s there! Her father came!

mf10 55 mf10 56

Missienelly: And on that note, you’re finally human! I suddenly feel better that  you don’t know this song kekeke But what in the world here? Her father came with a dead fish! Ack!!!!!! Fish slapped! What a disaster and all caught on tape! That was not a pretty sight!

mf10 57 mf10 58 mf10 59 mf10 60

ErlNotEarl: pretends not to notice the comment Indeed it’s not, but it’s funny. HEHEHEHE. Yes, what’s wrong with Flower Ahjusshi’s picture? Kekeke. His wife says he’s really cute. I believe this saying applies: beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

Missienelly: Shaking my head. I have nothing to say. If that’s what she thinks of him… Just get a room already! Or a house hehehe

ErlNotEarl: They have a house, it’s a few steps away. Omo, microphone ahjumma, don’t speak so soon. You might regret it.

Missienelly: She might! Is there a candidate in mind?

mf10 61 mf10 62

ErlNotEarl: Well, not really but, maybe, just maybe. Let’s wait a bit more. Now am really dying to know what went wrong; there seems to be a story behind his strong dislike of her daughter being an idol of sort. Who’s that woman? Could it be his wife?

Missienelly: Maybe he doesn’t want his daughter ends up like him? Maybe that woman, his wife, left him because of him? We need more stories here. Ahh the kids!

ErlNotEarl: Omo, a little love triangle? Wow! But our little rockstar is still down, what seems to be the problem?

mf10 63 mf10 64

Missienelly: I can’t help but laughing at the kids! Foreign mom and harabeoji dad! I feel sorry with Min Gook. I can relate to him tsk tsk tsk. My dad was older when he had me so people always thought him as my grandpa. So I don’t blame Min Gook for being ashamed of his parents.

ErlNotEarl: Awww, but it’s not nice to judge a book by its cover. I feel bad for the boys but they look so funny, fish slapped! AHAHAHAHA. I must be really sick!

Missienelly: Seriously though, I rather take kimchi slap! At least you can eat them kekeke. Now that’s sick! But ya, MinKi… Get your face clean up first! Oy.

mf10 65 mf10 66 mf10 67 mf10 68

ErlNotEarl: Nice, MinKi is no longer an ahjusshi to our little rockstar, he’s a hyung now! But ah, this is the reason why he’s down. Poor kiddo.

Missienelly: He needs a father. What if MinKi introduce himself as MinHo’s father? Hmmm? Good idea, Erl? Jjakamman, is she out on money hunting again?

ErlNotEarl: That’s an awesome idea Nell, I like it. Scratch that, I love it! I don’t think she’s out of money, just keeping tabs on it. That’s a bad way to open a conversation MinKi, it’s like you’re opening a can of worms, don’t go there!

mf10 69 mf10 70

Missienelly: You know he will… Just look at him.

ErlNotEarl: And the conversation was over before it really started. Goodness! Not so long ago he was so afraid of grasshoppers, now MinKi is happily catching them? He changed a lot.

mf10 71 mf10 72

Missienelly: He is a farmer now! Look, he rather catch grasshoppers than farming? Get to work!

ErlNotEarl: Oh, why is gangster ahjusshi in there? Hmmmm.. And it seems the boys don’t know about his debt. How did he accumulate that much debt anyways? Don’t you find it bizarre Nell?

mf10 73 mf10 74

Missienelly: Bizarre on what? Bizarre on how did MinKi accumulate that much debt OR bizarre on why gangster ahjusshi is in the village? The boys know nothing about it, pretty sure MinKi doesn’t want to bother his friends.

ErlNotEarl: It is bizarre both ways. Awww, Flower Ahjusshi is down because of what his son told him.

Missienelly: To be honest, he looks late 40s. How old is this actor actually? quick running to Google Oh my god, he is my husband’s age!!! He is not even 40, Erl!!! He needs to do something with his hair!

mf10 75 mf10 76

ErlNotEarl: Hair makeover as suggested by Hyuk? Let’s see how this goes.

Missienelly: I’m dying to see the final product! How… AWFUL it will be! Even the hairdresser said “she will do her best!” I can’t…

ErlNotEarl: Same here, I just can’t. I agree with Han Chul, I mean there’s no spaghetti but there’s a very stylish salon? Only in Modern Farmer!

Missienelly: Only in Modern Farmer! Ok, I’m ready for this makeover!

ErlNotEarl: HAHAHAHAHA, I can’t, I just can’t. It’s not even close to Do Min Joon’s look.

mf10 77 mf10 78

Missienelly: I just had a WTF moment with that hair! My tummy hurts from laughing but I noticed something on him! His dimples!!! That is his winning trade!

ErlNotEarl: Oh the dimples. KEKEKE. Pretty sure we will eventually have a bad stomach ache from watching Modern Farmer. Ewww, ramen bar? Just ewww.

Missienelly: Ramen popsicles, Erl! Who would have thought! She’s brilliant!!! Look at drunken ahjusshi’s face! The elder is so smart, pretending to sleep!

mf10 79 mf10 80

ErlNotEarl: It’s brilliant but sigh Flower Ahjusshi so insensitive. Poor Yoon Hee. She’s upset; I can feel it from here.

Missienelly: I want to slap him now! Really, I was just about to be nice and easy on him! Now his karma got him back. He does look like a crazy grandpa! LOL

mf10 81 mf10 82

ErlNotEarl: Why is the kid not telling his mom about the school event? I’m dying to know.

Missienelly: You know the drill. He’s been father-less all his life, I’m sure Yoon Hee never said a word about his dad whereabout. The kid is being thoughtful.

ErlNotEarl: Awww, such a sensitive little kid. He just doesn’t want his mom to be upset. Awww. Wait, I’m sweating through my eyes. Let me just say this, I love how MinKi gets the kid to talk, MinHo is really comfortable with him. He trusts his MinKi hyung.

mf10 83 mf10 84

Missienelly: Wipe your sweat, Erl. It’s a man-to-man talk.

ErlNotEarl: This is such a touching scene. MinKi comforting Yoon Hee and I feel for her, I really do. And Nell, I really don’t like it but the triangle is really on.

mf10 85 mf10 86

Missienelly: I’m crying for Hyuk! He just had to be there!!! Waeeeee?


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