Modern Farmer A React-Cap Ep 1


ErlNotEarl: So this is finally happening, like finally. For the love of our dear Hongki, I am going to be joined by a very good friend to do a react-cap, short for reaction recap that is. It’s not a secret that I adore Hongki I mean just check out my headers, he’s all over my place. But before I blabber some more, let me introduce my good friend Missnelly, who will be with me in doing this crazy and fun react-cap.

Missnelly: Hello! I’m happy to be here! Thanks for considering me as your React-Cap partner. I finally have someone to squee over Hongki. Thanks to you, I am officially a stalker too. Hongki, nice Halloween outfit you got there!

ErlNotEarl: You’re my one and only Hongki squee partner, you’re always welcome. Yay to stalking Hongki. So without further ado, let dive into it, shall we?

Missnelly: Let’s! I’m excited for this show. The premise. Hongki. The premise. And Hongki. Can you feel my excitement? 🙂

ErlNotEarl: Oh, I do feel your excitement alright, it’s seeping through my screen. Well the moment the show started, my hope was really high! I mean I’m that girl who has high respect for Kurt Cobain and them quoting him it was just wow, you got me show! I believe in what Mr. Cobain said: Life is better to burn out than fade away.

Missnelly: No matter how excited I am, I never put all my hopes in one basket. I always begin my show with skeptical in mind. I don’t know, I prefer it this way.

ErlNotEarl: I bet you do, but you know me, I have high hopes. The opening scene is actually familiar, drunk band members going to their next performance. Sorry, my college life was filled with bands, bands, bands. It’s hilarious how they say step on the pedal when there’s none. And that part where Minki was floating in the air with beer and all, pretty nice editing. Unbelievable that he seems to be not hurt but, it’s a show alright. Would have been a shining moment if not for Mr. Beefy Guy worried over her girl getting hurt; RUN BOYS RUN!

Missnelly: Oh my god, that was awesome! Did you see his face? His drunken face? He was drunk yet still looking very pretty! I’m telling ya, only idol can pull this perfect drunken look! That Mr. Beefy Guy though… My eyes were locked on his guns! Whoa! That’s a show stopper! It did to me!

ErlNotEarl: Hongki is always pretty, end of story. kekeke. On to the venue, fangirls all worried, I can see us doing that, right chingu? Look at his face here, how he snapped out of it. Game face on! His lines here, I’ve heard it so much before, I mean from friends who were in a band and by the tone I already have the hunch that they disbanded. And I was right.

Missnelly: Have you seen me fangirling over my bias? Wait, you have and I have seen you too. Hehehe. Anyway, this is the part I didn’t get it at all. I was too slow to pick  up that they were disbanded already.

ErlNotEarl: I kinda caught it because of the background music, it has this far away feel. It’s sadder and sadder to see him playing on his own and him thinking that he has become a loser. But he kinda does especially when he picked a fight with the school girls.

mf 1 mf 2

Missnelly: Yes, it is sad to watch him alone on that stage. However, the fact that he still wants to be a singer deserves a big round of applause. But I’m with you, the minute he picked a fight with those nasty high school girls, I see loser all over his face.

mf 3 mf 4

ErlNotEarl: It’s hilarious yes, but sad too, what he became.

Missnelly: I wonder what went wrong, actually. We were introduced to him as a drunken master. So did he ruin his shot for stardom?

ErlNotEarl: I think there is more to it than the show let us see. It’s kinda holding something out for us to really stay tuned. Well we are going to anyways, for the love of Hongki. Now here is another sad thing, Han Chul the intern. He looks sick, sick of doing his job and sick as in not physically well. Oh and I noticed what he used to mix the coffee, I’m guilty of doing the same, using the sachet to mix my coffee at the office. kekeke

mf 5 mf 6

Missnelly: My head is spinning at the word coffee. You know me and my relationship with coffee. We simply don’t get along well. Han Chul looks lifeless to me. Why bother going to work if his heart and soul is not in the office? If it is up to me, I would just quit the job.

mf 7 mf 8 mf 9

ErlNotEarl: There’s definitely a reason, we’re going to find out soon. We’ll get to the bottom of this. There’s another member, Ki Joon, trying to pass the exam to be a government official. I don’t really get that? Do you chingu?

Missnelly: I don’t either.

ErlNotEarl: Either way, he’s nowhere near passing if his score is 34. LOL. And look, a pity party!

mf 10 mf 11

Missnelly: He doesn’t have the government officer material. Look at his face! I can’t take him seriously!

ErlNotEarl: I won’t take him seriously. I just wanna watch him drink some beer. Yeah, I know you oppose drinking that much but sometimes, it’s really needed.

Missnelly: But you end up with the same shit once you sober! Pardon my S word, it has to be released!

ErlNotEarl: No worries, that’s mild, it’s fine. But you know, I doubt though that they can cheer each other up, they’re all hostile. Just take Han Chul giving Minki an advice then Minki bites back. Boys.

mf 12 mf 13

Missnelly: But that’s what they do best!

ErlNotEarl: Yes, boys shall be boys. Oh and this is a scene I was expecting, Han Chul paying the tab. Poor intern.

Missnelly: The poorest of them all!

ErlNotEarl: Why did he touch an old wound anyways, somehow he deserves it.

Missnelly: Well… It’s hard to forget.

ErlNotEarl: Indeed, it’s hard to forget. Looky, bills scattered all over, this I will never see in real life and you know why. Oh and I’ll never see gangsters too, am too scared to take any loan, I’m a chicken.

Missnelly: I’ve seen gangsters chasing after another group of gangsters. I was probably less than 5 years old. Pretty surreal feeling now that I’m thinking of it. I will take a loan. Only the legal kind, of course 🙂

mf 14 mf 15

ErlNotEarl: Spoken like a true blue accounts person. Here comes the water torture. Btw, I heard that scenes took hours to shoot and uri Hongki such a pro, no complains at all. I love him.

Missnelly: Hours? Oh my goodness, poor Hongki! All I care is his beautiful hair! Am I sick or what?

ErlNotEarl: Ah yes, poor Hongki and his hair. We are a bit sick, that’s established. kekeke. Back to Hongki, I mean Minki being immersed in water, poor baby. But wait, the gangster leader seems to be mesmerized by his guitar, hmmmm. I sense a connection..

mf 16 mf 17

Missnelly: Really? What connection? It is just a guitar, right?

ErlNotEarl: It’s not just any guitar I think, the way he holds it, the caress, it means something. Could it be his? I bet it’s his; I’ll keep a closer eye on this one.

Missnelly: How? I don’t get it. I thought it reminded the gangster leader of his past where he once a guitarist too.

ErlNotEarl: No, there’s this something in his eyes. And why suddenly change his mind if it’s just a reminder? Even his gangster followers noticed that. Ah, there’s a call, love the ringtone, it says too much. Yes baby, to me you’re a champion.

Missnelly: Kekeke I laughed so hard at the ringtone! Classic!

ErlNotEarl: We love classic! Here’s a place I’m scared of. Funeral Home where nasty tempered Grandma Kim is. I wonder, if I die, will there be people to come and see me for the last time? Just a thought, hmmm… Moving on, Grandma Kim has no flowers so in comes Tae Hee with the brightest idea ever, borrow from the other family, that’s a good idea right?

mf 18 mf 19 mf 20

Missnelly: Seriously, that was the ABSOLUTE BEST idea one can thought of! Tae Hee is my super hero! It’s gonna get toss away, so why not sharing the flowers! Make a whole lot of sense!

ErlNotEarl: It does, I loved that her aegyo won the ahjusshi over! Yes to aegyo! Then she runs over Minki breaking his precious sunglasses, I laughed so hard at that scene, his expression, too cute.

Missnelly: His expression was the bomb, yo! He was well composed on the Bride of the Century, I’m so glad he is more looser in here.

mf 21

ErlNotEarl: This is, I think, an improved version of Jeremy. And the look on his face when he found out he has this 400,000 square feet of land as inheritance, and out comes the crocodiles tears. Too bad the price is too cheap for him to sell.

mf 22 mf 23

Missnelly: Urgh, typical gold digger crocodile tears. But I couldn’t help but laughing when he found out the real value of the land. Nothing comes easy in life, Minki!

ErlNotEarl: Life is sure not easy, it isn’t. Especially if you’re a dishwasher but what do you know, one comment from the boss and he has a life turner! Cabbages! kekekeke. I love how he made an extensive research right away and boom, smooth sailing here I come. Thus the farming begins, now to gather help. First stop Mr. Intern. And oh no, he’s dying.

Missnelly: You think he’s dying? I think it was some kind of mistake. Someone must have accidentally switched his record with a terminally ill patient.

ErlNotEarl: I’m uncertain regarding that, the doctor doesn’t seem to be a quack and it’s the first time I’ve watch a show that lets you know of a possible death on the first ep, how about you?

Missnelly: Yes, it is my first time too and am already in denial. I don’t know you yet! You aka Mr. Intern that is.

ErlNotEarl: Maybe I haven’t watched that much drama, oh well, too many dramas, too little time. Btw, I loved this version of Knockin on Heaven’s Door, it’s good.

Missnelly: So far it is working…

mf 24 mf 25 mf 26 mf 27

ErlNotEarl: He’s pretty down to hear any sort of BS so it’s a no for Mr. Intern, nope, no cabbage farming for him, thank you. Next on the list, of course, is Ki Joon who was not convinced as well. At this point I was thinking he’s gonna do it alone but that’ll be absurd so, yeah; never mind.

Missnelly: I thought Minki would have giving up on the idea of farming. I actually have no faith on him.

ErlNotEarl: Well luckily they changed their minds. And I actually love that Mr. Intern gets to knock the daylight out of his abusive boss, thumbs up to you Mr. Intern! And Ki Joon, yeah, good decision child. Forget the exam, just grow cabbages!

Missnelly: Hehehe. It was hard imagining the boys getting rich from growing cabbages. We shall see how modern farmers they will be…

ErlNotEarl: Which is a good thing, so the team is almost complete; they’re gonna be cabbage farmers, hurray! But of course you can’t live Seoul without making a promise to your love interest and let me tell you, I paused for 5 minutes on that scene because Hongki is just soo cute and adorable this noona’s heart melted like an ice cream.

mf 28 mf 29

Missnelly: D’awwwwww. I did think he looks super cute!

ErlNotEarl: Now here’s the last member whom Minki despise – Hyuk and aww, I think he has daddy issues.

Missnelly: But he’s the member I have been looking forward to know!

mf 30 mf 31

ErlNotEarl: Am curious about him too but he seems to be so carefree for my liking. He sees Han Chul and in the end…

Missnelly: The boy said yes to farming without blinking his eyes!

ErlNotEarl: And it’s back to how it started, all four of them together. This is going to be really interesting. Can’t wait to see the next ep.

Missienelly: I was feeling lukewarm by the end of it so am glad I didn’t put that much hope, yet, into Modern Farmer.

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