I look at you from afar,

As you laugh and smile,

Looking lovingly at him –

Who should have been me.

It should have been me,

The person making you glow.

It could have been me,

The person loving you so.

Often, I wonder, is it because I came too late,

That I lost the chance to be your date?

Would it be different if I came on time,

Or was it all in my mind?

I know, I shouldn’t be asking,

Fate has decided things for us.

More so for me, who’s paying a price –

To make the right choice, take the right path.

But still, I can’t brush that longing,

The feeling of wanting you.

Can’t help wishing to be beside you

Though it’s not meant to be.

Thus I look at you from afar

As you smile lovingly at him,

That I would forever wish was me,

Me telling you: you’re mine.

I Listen, You Can Share Your Thoughts With Me