I’ve cut myself unknowingly,

Too trusting that I won’t bleed;

Too numb to feel, to know of –

The leech stuck in my being.

I was oblivious – I always was

Until the numbness faded,

Until my vision cleared,

Regrettably not in time to save me from the Styx.

Still, I resurfaced to see the damage;

To see myself deteriorating away,

To see everything all blurry,

Yet not a chance I’ll let out my fury.

Instead I picked my broken pieces,

Whatever it is that can be saved,

And walked away, head held high,

On that really hot summer day.

With every step all I wish is this –

Hopefully, in time, there would be peace.

Hopefully, that place to rest will show itself,

A place where I shall start mending and living once again.

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