Memories has been clouding me lately;
thoughts of what used to be,
Pretty places, happy faces,
turning all sour and bitter sweet.
Where am I standing now,
is anybody holding my hand?
Is there ever someone who cares,
or is all wishful woes and pleas?
You used to be the sun shining brightly;
the rain gently caressing my face.
The wind that’s tossing my hair,
the earth that keeps me standing still.
What went wrong, who’s to blame?
There’s like 21 questions and counting.
Was I selfish, was I vain,
or is it more of the silly nothings?
You never really said goodbye,
which keeps me wondering why?
You left promising you’d come back,
But maybe it’s just to shut me up.
Whatever happens, life goes on,
counting all my silly questions.
Maybe waiting, maybe not;
the answers would really say a lot.
Until that day, I’ll keep all these,
dark, cloud like memories.
Pretty places, happy faces;
turning all sour and bitter sweet.

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