If It’s Not You

It has been forever,

It feels like it too.

It has been forever

Since I let you go;

Or so you thought.

And while you might think that,

There was never a day

That I never thought of you.

Hasn’t been a minute

That I didn’t miss your smile,

And your eternal clumsiness.

The minute I open my eyes,

I count, remember the number of days

Since I let you walk out of my life.

Though that didn’t destroy me,

It left a hole never to be filled.

Not unless it’s you, only you.

And I have been waiting,

What other choice do I have?

When I’ve been bewitched, blinded;

And the fact that I know if it’s not you

It’s not gonna be enough.

0 comments on “If It’s Not You

  1. missienelly says:

    Oh gosh, you just described my daily life! Are you stalking my mind? But seriously though… well said, well written Erl!

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