I Thought of You

I thought of you.

For a brief moment,

for a short while,

I let you in my mind.

Rapidly, like running water,

all those memories flow.

The laughter, the silliness,

the unbelievable comfort,

surprising similarity

that draws me to you

and you to me.

Yet, it’s not enough;

these couldn’t replace a touch,

a warm lingering embrace

that can’t pass through this box.

You need that badly,

like a flower needing rain,

and I can’t stand to watch you wither,

no, not anymore.

Thus I let go,

with so much difficulty,

like a mother watching her child

grow lightning fast.

It was painful yet you won’t know,

there’s no way that I would show.

I’ll stand again, and then someday,

maybe I’ll stop thinking of you.

I Listen, You Can Share Your Thoughts With Me