Here I Am, There You Were

It started with a hi,

and everything just passed by.

Time seemed to stand still,

like it lost its free will.

Long talks, silly stories,

giggling constantly in delight.

Sweet smile, mischievous one,

drives me crazy all the time.

Everything is magical,

like being kissed for the first time,

I feel so darn whimsical,

dreaming that this is all mine.

Wake up – back to reality;

things cannot seem to be.

Those pretty smiles, even the silly ones,

it wasn’t really meant for me.

No matter how much I want it,

no matter how much I need it,

things aren’t written for me,

hard to realize but you see –

here I am, there you were,

two worlds great distance; apart.

Here I am, there you were,

there’s this someone holding your heart.

So I’ll just let things be,

content on dreaming of you and me,

treasuring those words and efforts,

remembering here I am, there you were.

I Listen, You Can Share Your Thoughts With Me