He Had to be With Her

Standing at that crossroad,
he made up his mind.
He arrived at that conclusion,
he had to be with her.
Carefully like a knight in armor,
about to go to war,
he prepared for what’s to come,
aware of the consequences, the outcome.
And like a knight madly in love,
he sought his damsel prior the fight.
To make sure she’s safe from harm,
As he flung himself into danger abound.
It was perilous, that’s an understatement,
for it was more a dying moment,
being down to that very last breath
the result of wrath unleashed.
He was shattered,
for he is no knight, just a boy.
A boy wanting a chance at things,
life, love and everything.
Still he managed to keep the façade,
mask the turmoil boiling inside,
The pain, the suffering he has to bear,
the result of receiving a cold shoulder.
Yet it was just for a moment,
just until their eyes met.
And knowing she’s suffering as much as he was,
the tears just fell, still he had to be with her.

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