Feelings You Refuse to Feel

Feeling warm, feeling free,

feeling feelings not meant to be.

Feeling cool, feeling good,

feeling like this never should.

All to giddy, all too glad,

like everything’s in fast forward.

Pretty smiles, yes those smiles,

could take you to a thousand miles.

Those smiles, the miles,

words screaming to stop – rewind.

Do you really want those feelings again?

Did you not suffer enough back then?

It’s those feelings again,

those feelings you refuse to feel.

Almost true, barely ever there;

and could make you go through hell.

Yes, those feelings, almost true,

hitting you out of the blue.

But never lasting for eternity,

and could cause you to fail utterably.

Thus you close your eyes and turn away,

barely shaking what’s creeping in;

determined to brush that seed, the uncertain,

those feelings you refuse to feel.


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