[Day 23] All in a Day’s Surf (List 5 of your favorite website.)

This is a tough one, I blinked a couple of times and squint through the screen to make sure it’s a five and unfortunately it is; it definitely is. At this point I started asking why just 5, WHY?! Well, as I don’t have any choice and it is the challenge, so be it!

Below is five of my favorite website currently:

1. Beyond Kimchee – this is one of the first sites that I got Korean recipes from. The steps are easy to follow, detailed procedure with very good photos plus the way Holly writes is completely entertaining. My all time favorite among the recipes posted on her site is Korean Fried Chicken.

2. Aeri’s Kitchen – another site for Korean recipes, complete with easy to follow videos as well as photographs. My favorite recipe is heart shaped rolled egg.

3. Couch-Kimchi – they binge on Asian Drama and I binge with them, especially with post about the latest in the Korean Drama scene.

4. Scattered Joonni – Fastest recapper ever! I’m very thankful to her site most especially because she recapped The Heirs, my drama crack of the year.

5. The Problematic of the Unproblematic – I swear, there never is a time that I check this site that I don’t crack up, as in literally laughing out loud because of their squeecap and witty articles. One of the most entertaining sites I’ve seen in years.

Of course you don’t see Google and Wikipedia in there but I don’t consider that as a favorite, these sites are necessity!

Those are my 5 favorite websites currently, how about you; can you list 5 of your favorite website?

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