[Day 19] I Had a Dream (What is your dream job and why?)

I feel like singing with the title but I can’t think of anything else (translation, I’m lazy to come up with something) so let it be. The challenge for today is somewhat in between a “beauty pageant” question and a question that’s been asked since elementary grade to college: what is your dream job and why? I think I wrote an essay about this in elementary grade and high school, of course there were different answers, the reason I’m not completely sure or maybe because I’m really fickle, go figure.

Thinking about it now, I think the essay that I wrote back in high school is my real dream job, although I chose a very different path from it. Thus we arrive to my answer:

My dream job is to become a journalist, somehow it was inspired by my little writing stint for the school newsletter and my being captivated by writing (I’ve regarded paper and pen as my best friends, silent witnesses of the turmoil happening from within a teenager transitioning into adulthood.) I was so fixated that I was always watching the news back then, even reading out loud just so I get my pronunciation polished. It was carved on the deep crevices of my mind that I am going to be a journalist and I gave my mother various reasons as to why:

1. It’s a passionate way to display patriotism, as the tag line of one of the most know TV Network in my country goes: In the service of the Filipinos; gets to me all the time.

2. Travel opportunities all over the country or maybe abroad if there’s an interesting piece to cover.

3. It’s a field where learning is infinite (at least that is how I see it.)

Sadly, in the end as I mentioned, I chose a different path, mostly because I got scared and my mother deeply opposed it stating the hazard of being a journalist in our country and I believed her, because I’ve seen it, it’s all over the news. If you look it up, the Philippines is listed as one of the “ten deadliest countries” for journalist (source: Wikipedia) and that is indeed saying a whole lot.

That is my dream job, how about you? What is your dream job and why?

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