[Day 16] Pets, Ahoy! (If you’ve owned pets, list them here. If you never did, list pets you would like to have.)

Ah, pets, we love pets, by we I mean my brothers and I. Growing up, there never was a period of time that we haven’t had any, it has always been part of our household. I can still remember, how my mother would scold us whenever we try to let a pet sleep inside the house, and how we never pay attention and still let it in only to be scolded once more in the middle of the night because the pet won’t quit making noises, wanting to get out. We always drive my mother insane about pets because we were weird kids, then and now. How weird you may ask, well we used to give burial rites if ever a chick, duckling or a puppy dies complete with a small cross and flowers and the crying of course. Yup, we were those kids and  that is one of my fondest childhood memory.

Today’s challenge is for me to list all of them pets that I had. Here it is:

*Dogs – I think I’ve raised 5 of them, since I was a kid. One particular dog I won’t ever forget, he used to bring my slippers every time he sees me coming home from school. I cried when it died because of an accident.

*Cats – I had one, it’s the family cat. She’s insane though. Whenever I put her on my lap, she puts her claws out, turning my lap into a scratching post.

*White Mice – although my mom gave it away because she said it more a pest than a pet.

*Gold Fishes – they died after 6 months.

*Tiger Fishes – sadder because they lasted almost 4 months just.

Those are the pets that I have taken care of. How about you, have you had any pet?

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