Robocop, A Feast For the Eyes

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I went to the movies today, a treat of my newest roommate who is working at VOX Cinema, the cinema right next our apartment building; yes, I live right next to the mall, isn’t that awesome. We ended up watching Robocop out of all the movies at my roommate’s suggestion and as agreed. Because I am pretty much me, I had to take photos, here are the few that I took outside of the cinema:



Of course there’s the mandatory popcorn, I went all Enrique Geum and opted for the sweet kind, CARAMEL!

Right, so what about the movie, how did I feel about it? Here’s a review, my impression and general opinion about Robocop. Again let me just say that this is my impression and opinion, a product of my scattered mind:

What’s it about?

Robocop is one of those movies that has been remade since I can remember, from the big screen to TV series, name it and it has been done. As for this version of Robocop, it’s about Alex Murphy, a detective of the Detroit area who in an attempt to bust an illegal gun buying thingy gained an enemy that is influential and has police officer backing, by that I mean his own colleagues and even their chief, isn’t that common or have we not seen that in most of the movies of this genre?

To cover up their illegal doings, they devised a way for Officer Murphy to meet his demise, which could have been successful, had it not for some big shot corporation, a multinational conglomerate that runs under the name OmniCorp.

OmniCorp supplies the US soldiers, the robot kind that are being used on overseas operations. They have long wanted to market their product in the US itself but a law prevents such to materialize. The argument is that robots are unfeeling and that is a problem. With this the geniuses behind the corporation thought to create a robot who is part human, or putting a human inside a robot and they found the perfect candidate through Alex Murphy whom after his attempted murder was rendered almost bodiless.

The attempt was great until Alex Murphy went about solving his own “murder”. Everything was overturned and politics and other aspect got involved assuring a chaotic conclusion that almost cost Detective Murphy to be “shutdown” forever.

Initial Reaction

I find Robocop entertaining. Progress through technology has always fascinated me to no ends. I always believed that in the nearest future, cars are going to fly and more. So the concept of robots as soldiers are sort of “cool” to me, I just hope that they can judge accurately. They didn’t really show it on screen, or maybe because it was censored or something (I am in the UAE, censorship are tight here, like TIGHT) but I could just imagine the poor boy carrying a knife as a weapon who got slaughtered by a hundred bullets I think, they wasted plenty of ammo in this movie it’s ridiculous, I mean one shot is enough right but hey, what do I know?

General Picture

In general, I found the storyline a bit too simple for my own liking, at least for my own liking, most of my roommates liked it and I liked the visual effects, it was well done and put together just that the story fell a bit short. It lacks that certain something, some depth, yes, that is, the depth. Can you imagine a very quick acceptance after such a difficult ordeal, I couldn’t. He broke down for a bit fine but I still think it’s not enough. He has somehow a little control over himself but still, I want more of the emotion, more bypassing of the system and the life he is supposed to live from then on. It would have been also nice if they had shown a bit more of his family’s situation, I mean his wife and son because that could have shown a deeper story line, but I guess action doesn’t really open a room for drama, not even for a little bit.

That aside, it is a feast to the eyes especially the part where they had this simulation and Murphy went head to head with all those robots, that was wicked, awesome and beautifully done. I also liked that scene when he sort of reenacted his “accident” and what he did next, that is a great way of serving revenge, in a sweet bullet shower. Retaliation at its finest.

Another thing that I liked is a few “dashes” of comic relief courtesy of Jay Baruchel, the marketing guy. Man that dude is really funny but I have to admit I was a bit taken aback by his facial hair. I like his boy next door look better. I hope he got rid of that beard after this movie.

Snap Shot’s That I Barely Sneaked Taking:

Yes, I know, you’re not supposed to take any pictures inside the movies or take out your camera phone because they’ll mistake you as one of those thousands of people recording the movie to put out on the internet or sell it, I am well aware of that but I am stubborn, thank you. I sneaked these lame photos before I was asked not to, and I stopped because I don’t want to cause my roommate any trouble.



And here’s my roommate and yes that’s the name of Jay, harhar.



If you are into watching a movie that uses lots and lots of ammos with robots driving crazily or awesomely, this movie is for you. But say you are like me who looks more on the content other than the visual, I won’t be recommending this to you but still, this is but my opinion, maybe you’ll find it otherwise.

I give this movie 6 out of 10, and I think, well if I feel like it, this won’t be my last movie watching at the cinema.

Yay, I Can See!

And I am back and feeling much better. I’m finally seeing clearly again after a long time, no more headache too, this is such an awesome and sweet feeling. It hurts my pocket a bit but I don’t care, I need this. I had to take a short break from writing because I can’t manage the headache after work anymore and I can’t sneak blogging at work lately because the business is picking up its phase and there’s a lot going on so the absence. But now I’m feeling better all thanks to this:


I still can’t decide if the frame looks great on me but the lense is surely rocking, ah the clarity is so welcome, I haven’t seen clearly in a year in my old glasses thus I feel so overjoyed; yup, I am shallow like that. I’m gonna be catching up with everything now, there’s tons that I need to finish and I feel so great that I can finally focus and finish things without stopping halfway to nurse a headache. Also, I could get to really appreciate this, truly:

Now that is priceless, thus I refuse to drown on being broke for a top of the line or expensive eyeglasses, it’s worth every single cent.

Liebster Award Take 2 & 3


Pretty big title right, well it is a big deal for me that is why. After the surprise of the first nomination, there are two other unexpected nominations that followed and seriously, I am speechless. One nomination was already awesome for me but to get two more, WOW! I don’t know where and how to begin thanking you guys, Snow and Hyuk Ahjussi Devoted Fan.

Okay so before I turn all weepy and whatnot, here are the rules of the Liebster Award.

1. Each nominee has to link back the person who nominated them.

2. Answer 10 questions which are given to you by the nominator.

3. Nominate 10 other bloggers who have less than 200 followers for this award.

4. Create 10 questions for your nominees to answer.

5. Let the nominees know that they have been nominated by going to their blog and notifying them.

Now for my answer to Snow’s question:

1. Who is your favorite K-ent actor and actress?

This is difficult, very difficult, I can’t decide. I like plenty of actors and actresses but I do have to admit that I’m currently mooning over Yoon Si-yoon.

2. Talking about favorites, what are your favorite movies, TV serials, actors and actresses outside Kdramaland?

This is easy enough, my favorite movie outside Kdramaland is One More Chance, it’s a Filipino Movie leaning more on melo, but it’s a good melo, I think I watched it more than 15 times but I still cry every time. TV serial would be Trueblood, although I’m a little disappointed that they’re straying way too far away from the book lately, especially on season 6. My favorite actor is Alexander Skarsgard, please do not judge me, actress Sandra Bullock.

3. If your life were a drama, which one would it be?

Hmmm, another difficult question; I guess I would go with Flower Boy Next Door, I’m Go Dok-mi in the making.

4. Dramas or novels? Why?

Dramas and novels, though I have to admit I haven’t been reading much lately because I’m too occupied with dramas. I like dramas because of the dreamy actors and actresses plus soundtrack. Novels because it makes my imagination work more, more brain workout, more feelings explored and later written as poems.

5. Which color do you like the most and why?

I am in favorite color transition currently. I used to favor blue, then red and now it’s purple. Either way these colors has one thing in common, it’s colors of goodbye or sadness.

6. Your dream cast for a drama: main leads as well as second leads.

Oh, this is going to be fun. Well there’s Yoon Si-yoon, Lee Min-ho, Sung Joon and Lee Seung-gi for the actors, for the actresses Ha Ji-won, Shin Min-ah and Jun Ji-hyun. That’s one smoking drama, because I say so.

7. What is the best thing about blogging in your opinion?

For me, the best thing about blogging is that you have a specific and special place where you can be yourself and talk about what it is that you really want and meeting or talking to people who share the same interest as you are.

Here are the questions from Hyuk Ahjussi Devoted Fan:

1. What is your favorite movie? – from any country

My all time favorite is My Sassy Girl, 2ndis One More Chance.

2. What is the most wonderful thing that happened in your life?

Most wonderful, hmmm, I’m a moment to moment person so this is kind of tough for me. But I guess I could say it’s knowing that I am important to my siblings, way more than I expected and it’s not because of financial matters, it’s more on emotional. That’s all the love I need for now.

3. What are you doing right now other than answering this question?

Uhm, I’m currently having some tea, might work on my review after this.

4. If you were given USD 10,000 what will you do with that money? Please don’t save it.

Tour parts of Asia namely Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, and of course South Korea then go for a two week adventure on the provinces of the Philippines. I’ll start with Baguio then Cagayan, Boracay, Davao oh and Palawan.

5. Android or iPhone?

Hmmm, Blackberry. Seriously the Z10 is awesome! I want to buy myself one but for now I’m stuck with iPhone.

6. Do you have someone you want to punch at this current moment?

Yup, but I’m not gonna give in.

7. Express yourself in 3 words

Complex, obsessive and loner

8. Express your k-drama crush in 3 words.

Dreamy, adorable and dazzling.

9. What is your favorite Korean phrases?

Maldoandwae, jugeullae? Michyeonabwa.

10.Coffee or tea or milk?

Coffee, tea and milk. I prefer coffee but I also drink tea and if I can’t sleep, I drink milk.

Now for my set of questions:

1. Something that you couldn’t do without.
2. Somewhere you desperately want to go.
3. If you are to write a story or drama, what is it going to be about?
4. 10 random things about you.
5. Cola or juice?
6. Pen or pencil?
7. Pillows or stuff animals/toys?
8. Describe your dream get away.
9. If you could go back in time and talk to your old self, what would you talk about?
10. If you can change something about yourself, what is it?

Here are my nominees:








Now to notify them. I hope they have fun answering this questions. Again, I thank Snow and Hyuk Ahjussi Devoted Fan for the nomination, sorry if I took so long to answer the questions.

Malversation, An Interesting Word With a More Interesting Meaning

I failed to post my word of the day yesterday, which I somehow don’t feel bad about because today’s word is a new word to me, well the word is new but the meaning is not so much. I was actually discussing something near this word’s meaning a few days back with a friend, well sort of friend. I am his child’s Godmother so yes, we are friends then. Here’s my word of the day as suggested by my ever smart dictionary app:

malversation mal-ver-SAY-shun

noun. 1: misbehavior and especially corruption in an office, rust, or commission 2: corrupt administration


The city council impeached the mayor for administrative misconduct and malversation, charging that he has used his office primarily for personal gain.

Further information about the word of the day (source: Merriam-Webster App for iPhone):

The form “mal-” is often a bad sign in a word, and “malversation” is no exception. In Middle French, “mal-” (meaning “bad,” from the Latin word for “bad,” “malus”) teamed up with “verser” (“to turn, handle,” from the Latin verb “vertere,” “to turn “) to create “malverser,” a verb meaning”to be corrupt.” This in turn led to the French noun “malversation,” which was adopted by English speakers in the mid-16th century. Some other “mal-” words that entered English from Middle French are “maladroit” (“inept”), “malcontent” (“discontented”), and “maltreat” (“to treat badly”).

Right, so what’s our discussion about? Well it has something to do about politics, yes, politics and I am glad to know that I am not alone in my views on politics. What’s my say on it? It’s something that makes good people go bad, unintentionally. I say unintentionally because I know that not everyone that enters politics has it in their mind to make use of the governments fund or to further deprive the people, there are those few who enters politics in a strong hope to make a change but fails in the end. Why do I think so? Well because of the people around them starting from the advisers to the higher ups and before they know it, they are doing the same thing that they promised not to do, by that time it’s too late to turn back and by that time, everything turns into a tragedy.

I do hope that in time, the necessary changes comes, in the near future mayhaps. Once the government has been rid of malversation, people like me would have a better say and view on politics and maybe finally stop questioning the system governing us.

Weekend Song Obsession: Titanium

And it’s my weekend again and like a usual weekend, I sort of devote today to house chores, rest and if possible, catch up with some of the dramas. Well I covered the chores and some of the rest but I can’t bring myself to watch some dramas because I am obsessing with this:

I’ve been playing this over and over in different version thanks to Soundcloud, I was even singing to it as I take my hour long bath. Sorry, that’s an overshare but either way, it does stress how forgone my obsession is and I have a feeling it’s gonna continue on until later. Oh well, let’s have a break from dramas then plus there’s no episode 14 of My Love From Another Star this week anyways.

Here’s another proof that I am currently obsessing with this song, surprisingly I had the guts to upload me singing it at soundcloud, you’re welcome to listen at your own risk. I won’t take responsibility for your bellyache if you laugh so hard because of it.

Anyways, Annyeong, I’m just passing by and while I’m at it, I would like to say Happy Lunar New Year everyone!

[That Word This Saturday] Stymie

I had to smile when I read my word of the day. I literally stood in front of the bathroom mirror to practice saying it; I think it took me 10 tries not to smile. The word I am thinking of is so far apart in meaning from this one. Anyways, here’s my word of the day:

stymie STYE-mee

verb. to present an obstacle to : stand in the way of


Progress on the project has been stymied by lack of funds.

Further information about the word of the day (source: Merriam-Webster App for iPhone)

Golf was being played in Scotland as early as the 15th century, but it wasn’t until the 19th century that the sport really caught on in England and North America. It was also in the 19th century that the word “stymie” entered English as a noun referring to a golfing situation in which one player’s ball lies between another ball and the hole on the putting green, thereby blocking the line of play. Later, “stymie” came to be used as a verb meaning “to bring into the position of, or impede by, a stymie.” By the early 20th century, the verb was being applied in similarly vexing non-golf contexts.

So it is golf related; I think I’d be able to use it while watching the golfers from the balcony. Lately it has been fun to watch, plenty of cute guys and gals. I’m just somewhat stopping myself from buying a yellow binoculars ala Go Dok-mi because hello, wide open spaces, I don’t want to embarrass myself.

That’s a new and interesting word there; stymie. Now all I have to do is not to confuse it with steamy, because it’s not a hot word at all.


This was surprising, and as I replied to Airlia’s comment, I am not expecting this; thus, it makes me overjoyed, thank you.

Now the purpose of the Liebster Award is to encourage writers of new blogs and explore more of this world of blogging. I started blogging (somewhat committed) last October 1, 2013 (well at least that’s when I first posted an entry) and so far, I’m having fun and still can’t get over the fact that people are actually reading my post; I’ll never ceased to be amazed. Then now, this nomination, wow; yes, that’s all I’ve got to say: WOW! This here is a huge encouragement to continue.

Right, with this nomination, I need to give out the same too. Here are the rules for the Liebster Award:

1. Each nominee link back the person who nominated them.

2. Answer 10 questions which are given to you by the nominator.

3. Nominate 10 other bloggers for this award who have less than 200 followers.

4. Create 10 questions for your nominees to answer.

5. Let the nominees know that they have been nominated by going to their blog and notifying them.

Okay, so the rules are listed now let me make my way to it. I would like to thank Airlia for the nomination, I really appreciate it.

Next, my answer to Airlia’s 10 questions:

1. What’s the story behind the name of your blog?

Ah, that. It’s not much a story as it’s me knowing myself well, somehow. I know that I am not gonna be able to write about a single thing in particular, mostly it’s going to be random, about anything and everything at the same time, thus the name: a mix of anything and everything.

2. If there was one mythical or fictional creature you’d get to keep as a pet, what would it be?

A Pygmy Puff, a purple colored one.

3. Tell us your quote of the day.

For my quote for today, read it here.

4. What’s your biggest dream?

To be a linguist; just kidding, although I do wish I was. My biggest dream is to be an awesome writer.

5. What’s your biggest fear?

Having no one who understands me, I mean not even one person; that’s scary.

6. Who is your favorite person in the world?

Hmmm, that would be my brother, Jan Michael.

7. If you get the chance to be a part of a different culture, which one it would be?

This is a vague question for me. Does it have something to do with ethnicity or something? But either way, I love being Asian, so if I was to be part of a different culture, I’d still want it to be Asian, at least from East or South East Asia.

8. If you were given the chance to travel the world, but not see or contact any family or friends during the trip. Would you go?

If it is beneficiary and if it is just a short trip then I would, those are the conditions well actually I am applying that now. I call my parents every two weeks because International Long Distance charges are expensive and they rarely put credits to use the internet so, not much of a choice.

9. You have a magical ability or a super power, what is it and why?

Mind reading – I blame I Hear Your Voice and Lee Jong-suk for that. Okay, seriously, it would be a good personality development means is all I am saying.

10.  You are writing your life story, what’s the first line?

She wandered fearlessly to the night, or so she thought.

Now, here are my nominees:











And my questions for them nominees:

1. What is your motivation to continue blogging?

2. What is your favorite blog post, one that you have written?

3. How do you spend a typical weekend?

4. What has been your biggest blogging challenge so far?

5. What is that moment in your life that you regret the most?

6. What are your favorite and least favorite drama clichés?

7. Do you post under your real name? Why or why not?

8. Who is your ultimate bias?

9. Are you a coffee or a tea addict?

10. What is your idea of a perfect drama?

Lastly, I need to notify my nominees. I do hope they have fun answering my questions.

Time, Never Enough

I never thought that day would come, that day when I’d finally say something in this context: my time is not enough. Shocking; even I can’t believe myself that I’m saying that but I do, and my time is definitely not enough. How did I realize it? It happened last Friday, which is my off day. It’s a whole day off, a WHOLE day but it felt like it passed by in a snap, alas, it was over before I knew it and I didn’t even get to do everything that I want to and I have this big plan in my head. Right so here’s what happened and what I was really planning on doing:

The original plan is to finish the house chores and then catch up on the dramas, I still have plenty of dramas that I have to watch, then there’s also those currently airing that I am up to date with. Simple right, it is simple, but it never happened although I did get to watch those currently airing dramas but I didn’t get to the marathon part. Why? Well, first there was the matter of cooking which is important and which is something unavoidable because I am not at home where my mother prepares the meals or if not her, it’s my father. Then there’s the laundry, again it is important and unavoidable and the same goes with cleaning and sweeping the floor, you know, the basic.

One more thing is I had a quite long conversation with my parents; they are visiting my aunt’s place because it’s the feast day of our town’s patron saint – Saint Anthony Abbot. My cousin lend her iPhone to them and I got to see two of my aunts from my father’s side of the family and a few cousins. I was a bit envious with all the food they’re consuming and of course because I wasn’t present again but things can’t be helped. After that conversation, I had a talk with my 2nd brother regarding budgeting and the latest things at home, how’s the situation; I love having him as a brother because I can worry less, I know he can take care of everything although of course the support is ever present.

By the time I finished my conversation with my bother it’s already evening, I prepared my lunch for the next day, took a bath and went insane for a bit and decided to move to the other room. Yes, in the last minute I decided to change rooms. A housemate of mine moved out because her husband came from the Philippines thus making the space she used to occupy empty. I’ve been thinking since she moved out if I should move to her space or what and in the end I did, and it took a lot of work. Until now, I still couldn’t believe that I was able to move those beds around on my own, yay Iron Girl! Well not really, my back still aches, I am definitely getting old.

Around 12am I finished moving and tidying up; everything was arrange as neatly and organized as I could and I was all exhausted. Even if I still want to watch at least an episode or something, I can’t really feel that happening so I cleaned up and went to bed because Saturday is already a working day and I hate being late to work. I fell asleep contemplating how time was too short, it was not enough.

Still, I’ll still try, things will work out somehow. Or I can always take a week or so of local leave if ever. Now that’s a thought, hmmm; might work though I’m not really sure. There’s too little time and there’s plenty of dramas, I now believe those words, completely, it is accurate and appropriate indeed.

An Unexpected Milestone

100 posts, yes, that’s right, you’re eyes are not playing with you; that’s what I was telling myself after seeing the WordPress notification. One. Hundred. Posts. I still can’t believe I posted that much, did I really? How? Seriously, I can’t help but smile.

In all honesty, I didn’t think I’d be posting regularly or this much. I’ve created blog after blog and my willingness to write last only a few weeks and then I’d disappear altogether leaving the blog all hollow and empty, yup, I’m all lazy like that. And no, I won’t say I don’t feel any laziness nowadays because I do, I fail to post what I want to post sometimes like before, the only difference is I feel guilty knowing  I didn’t write anything on those days that I said I would. Bizarre right; where did that came from? I dunno either. Or maybe I know but I didn’t think it would be such a great motivation. I owe it all to being a former agent.

Another unexpected thing is that I am actually having fun blogging, which I didn’t quite experience before, well maybe because I didn’t really write anything much in my previous blogs or something, whatever. I really don’t have any idea as to why but I am finding it fun and I think the fact that I didn’t expect it just adds so much more to that joy. Somehow when these thoughts crosses my mind I’d think my wish to preserve what I have learned while working as a call center agent took me such a long way without me knowing or realizing it.

Ultimately, I got to reconnect with the old me, the aspiring poet in me which I also think as an achievement because I thought I’ve lost that side in me through the years and I’m thankful that it’s still there, and it is now out in the open again. And somehow, sometimes, I feel like I’m the old me again, finding poetry in everything happening around me, from the flying birds that I see to the flowing water.

It’s not just writing too, it’s designing as well. Who would have thought that I’d be into photo editing at this age and really enjoy it? True I love taking photos but before being hooked with blogging, I never designed anything at all and it’s quite a revelation for me that I have it in me to design something; it’s amazing and extremely interesting.

So yes, one hundred post; in almost 4 amazing yet not so perfect months. I am not promising that I’ll be posting a hundred more, but one thing I know is I won’t be stopping anytime soon;  because I’m rather like a gambler, sort of winning and somehow can’t get to stop.