On Repeat: 못참겠어(Can’t Help Myself ) – Eric Nam Feat. 로꼬

Today is Wednesday! It’s a really, really wonderful day. I feel supercharged despite the lack of sleep. I can’t help myself. ^_^ Is this a telling reason, or it is?

In actuality, it is. This song is one of the reasons for my really lifted spirit today. This song here is a party; the melody, rhythm, everything about it screams party! And honestly I’m dancing like am imbecile here just listening to it. Eric Nam always delivers in my opinion. He touches my heart with his slow songs and he can make me dance. He did with Ooh, Ooh and again with Can’t Help Myself. I love everything about this particular song even the lyrics. It’s good and wonderfully written if I may say so.  And the MV.. Wow! Just wow! I did wish that the girl was Solar though. I think it would be really adorable just like how adorable they are in We Got Married.

So, yeah, party today because it is a Wednesday. I have great music on loop and I’ll watch a really awesome drama before the day ends. Best of both worlds if you ask me, makes life really awesome!

On Repeat: Need to Feel Needed – Amber 엠버

(Or because you know the ooh, ooh, ooh is cheering me up big time.)

I woke up feeling completely crappy, a common occurrence for the last few months. No, that’s not a common knowledge, but hey, the cat is out of the proverbial bag. The only thing special today is that the running conversation in my head is a little bit on the positive side vs. the complete alternative which goes more like – “hey, you’re slow AF as ever, pick up the pace b*!” And since I don’t feel like being melancholic today (the sort of positive side of me sort of agrees too) why not look for a “pick me up” tune, and here it is:

Here’s another uncommon knowledge – I recently fell completely in love with Amber Liu of f(x). She has this sweet singing voice that’s pretty clear and convincing regarding the feelings it wants to convey and I love it. That aside, I also love her personality – quirky, bubbly and compassionate. Seriously what is not to love about Amber? She can make you cry (with On My Own) and she can make you want to join the party that is Need to Feel Needed. And honestly today, I need a break from the constant moping. Today, I wanna have fun and I’ll be bouncing and bobbing my head to this lovely tune, singing along with all the oohs – that is a matter of fact.

An Unlikely But Fitting Lullaby

It’s been really hard to sleep post sickness (I’m still a bit under the weather and on meds so thankfully I’m always knocked out effortlessly) that I have been using my “lullaby playlist” more often than not for help. A few nights post sickness, as my lullaby plays – on shuffle of course – a song that I didn’t realize I included on the list played and I had to keep still for a few seconds to remember where I heard it before I decided to keep it on repeat and eventually fell asleep in the process. No, it’s not an instrumental and it’s possibly one of the saddest song I’ve ever heard in my life but since I am me, I find it appealing and for some reason helpful because I so want an excuse to cry, that’s how trying things are right now.

The first time I heard this song is on Dream High – the first one, with Wooyoung. Sorry, I just had to sneak that in there, I hope you understand. If I remember it correctly, IU played this in the hospital, I’ll probably re-watch the drama soon, when I can focus completely at home. Yeah, back to the song.. Here it is:

I know, it’s definitely a very unlikely lullaby cause it’s just oh so full of longing for someone but I am longing myself, longing for some peace and comfort and things that I used to have post “series of unfortunate events” that it matches so well. And yes it makes me cry but I need to, I need it. Otherwise how will I let my frustration out? What means, what ways?

In more ways than one I am waiting but unlike the song, I’ll be moving forward to find what I have lost and possibly to free myself of things that’s tying me down. And I’m hoping, on a clear day, what I have lost comes back to me just like when it left.

Spot On: ROSE (Korean ver.) by Jang Wooyoung (장우영)

It’s a beautiful day! Of course it’s not one without a flaw but still it’s beautiful and all about the groove! Wondering why? Well it all has something to do with the release of one of the finest, grooviest and possibly “greasiest” song I have ever heard in a while. I’m pumped and all hyped up which makes this day very beautiful.

I know there’s another why in there somewhere, and possibly a what but please let me try to express into words my intense excitement, my utmost amazement and my never ending admiration for the man – the one, the only, Jang Wooyoung of 2PM and his newly released song, the Korean version of ROSE. Right, now let me catch my breath.

For those who know, by that I mean fellow human beings whose into KPOP, the Japanese version of the same song was released a few months ago and since then I have been wondering: will there be a Korean version and when will it be released? My question was answered and the answer is exemplary and satisfactory at the same time.

First, let’s look at the special clip. I’ve seen it about 20 or so times since the release but let’s see it; one more won’t hurt:

Were you able to handle the awesomeness blooming right before your eyes? I wasn’t, I got sucked up in a vortex of emotions and the whole time I wish I could dance and that I have a lego bowtie. With that said, I wanna add that I really, really love this version and its MV very much. Most possibly, I love it more than I loved the Japanese version. It has this “It” factor and I’m going to try and break it down in a list because that’s the only way I know how:

  1. Musicality – I dunno if that’s the right term but let’s just say it is, shall we? By this I mean the meeting and blending of sounds from different musical instruments that at first glance you would think won’t be that harmonious but surprise, surprise, you’re wrong and it could make sense with proper arrangement; who would have thought? The feel that this song gives me is like that of September of Earth, Wind and Fire – of course less the trumpet and saxophone but it gives that feeling: get on your feet and let loose, get in to the beat and have fun.
  2. Lyrics – Since I am a big fan of symbolism and figure of speech, I absolutely love the lyrics, ab-so-lute-ly! I also love that it’s not just lyrics but a story all in all, that’s very inviting. Another reason for the reference to September of Earth, Wind and Fire is because both has this nonsensical lines (Badi-ya for September and Da Da Da Da Da Da for ROSE) in the lyrics but I don’t think it would be a good package without it, just saying, that is.
  3. Vocals – I love the smoothness of Wooyoung’s voice and the almost cheerleader type backup vocals at the chorus part, adds variety to the song. I know it sounds biased but I believe Wooyoung did a great job on this song, every note, pitch, it sounds wonderful to me.
  4. Choreography – this is another aspect that I really, really adored. I will never get tired of watching Jang Wooyoung dance. That’s a forgone conclusion since I’ve watched him dance live in Hong Kong and he’s a natural. Very light on his feet and mesmerizing. Although there’s a big difference with watching him dance live and on screen, I’d say they captured “some” aspect of his “natural fluidity” in this video.

Sooo, yes, it’s a beautiful day! I have this song in my head and my head is moving with the beat; good things really come to those who wait. ^^

On Repeat: Cookie, Coffee – Vanilla Acoustic

I’m falling in love with K-Indie or I’ve fallen in love with K-Indie, that’s the proper phrase. I have people who are making it hard for me to sleep to thank for the discovery. I’m looking at you people staying down the hall who loves to drink every single night. I guess at some point I am to be blamed because I won’t speak up but the thing is, I know how sharp my tongue could be so in order to save them from me, I’d rather stay quiet and load up my “sleep inducer playlist” with songs to help me sleep. In the process, I discover, I fall in love and ultimately, I sleep better. I guess it’s a win-win kind of thing.

I was checking YouTube last night for some new songs to add to my playlist when I came across this song by Vanilla Acoustic. I adore them, I had a few songs of them already added on my YouTube playlist and I am quite sure that I am going to love anything they throw at me, and I was right, of course. And I seriously love it when I am right. Kekeke

Anyways, the song that I currently have on repeat is by of course Vanilla Acoustic and the title is something really special to me, something I can’t do without – Cookie, Coffee. Well not exactly in that order but I love both just as much as I love this song. I was won over by the first few notes and actually, call me crazy but that first few notes are critical to me. If I didn’t like a song on that first few notes, I won’t listen to it. There are just a certain few songs that don’t undergo that rule, and those few that knows me knows what I am talking about.

Back to Cookie, Coffee, sweet plus bitter, an awesome combination that’s making me extremely happy. Why do I love this song? It gives off this very sweet vibe, so sweet that I feel like I am melting and I like how the singer’s voices blends together, smoothly, like coffee, sugar and cream stirred/shaken together, yum! What am I blabbing about? Listen:

You see, that’s the vibe I am currently having. And thanks to this song, I had the sweetest dream last night that I reminisce whenever I hear this.

On Repeat: 눈부시다 (Dazzling) –스탠딩에그(Standing Egg)

I couldn’t sleep last night, I tried so hard but I couldn’t sleep. No, it doesn’t have anything to do with my phone because I have kept it on silent, I’m very diligent in keeping my phone on silent nowadays during bedtime because I easily get tempted to chat away and yes, that means no sleep for me which means I’ll be really, really grumpy the next day. Well, it’s a different story if I can have my fill of coffee, that is.

So why can’t I sleep? My housemates decided that it’s awesome to have a drinking session at 12:00am. They’re also under the impression that it’s cool to talk at the top of their voices even if they’re just facing each other so yes. I was waving goodbye to sleep when an idea crossed my mind: I can listen to some songs to drown the noise away. I remembered two people mentioned listening to a certain Indie Band to sleep, why not give it a try?

So, this poor soul who’s desperate to sleep resorted to creating a new playlist – a lullaby playlist that maybe later on I will share here, maybe. So far the playlist contains mostly songs from Standing Egg, yes, Standing Egg because I so believe the recommendation and I did fell asleep listening to Little Star not too long ago. That’s not the song I’m listening on repeat now though, it’s something else entirely. Although it’s also by Standing Egg, it’s not the song that I fell asleep to before and the impact is different. I’ll admit I’ve listened to this song before but it was just last night, in that ungodly hour did the song completely captured me.

It could be because I was strangely nostalgic yesterday for no particular reason, or maybe there is – it’s cold. But that’s for me to talk about in another post and not here. Wookay, the song that I’m currently listening to on repeat is 눈부시다 (Dazzling) by Standing Egg. When I first listened to it, it just registered as a sad song, last night though, or this early morning as we are talking 1:00am, it turned me into a mess. It’s not just the melody; it’s the lyrics that I understood mostly, to my amazement before I even looked the whole translation up.

I fell asleep listening to it, with this ache in my heart and I wanna share why. I went deep into the song, as deep as reading between every lines and I felt blue. Here’s why:

I can’t sleep,

The last song goes by again

I should stop; I can’t stop my heart now

Love goes by; followed by goodbye

The memory goes back

You wanted love, I just wanted you

That’s the reason I can’t sleep

It is more than usual not to get any amount of sleep specially when you’re reminiscing, listening to the songs you and the person you loved used to listen to back in the days. But it’s different this time around, you’re all alone but you won’t be able to control your thoughts to go back to that time. Then the realization that what she wanted was simple – a deeper connection, but you can’t and weren’t able to give it because you were not in the same page back then.

Now good bye to love

That time when I saw you,

You looked so dazzling

Now without love

When I looked back at that time,

I was so stupid

You now feel the lost, the pain of falling apart from each other. You see the importance and worth of that person but you can’t do anything anymore. All you can do is look back at what you’ve lost because it’s too late; the damaged has been done or probably the person you loved has had enough, being neglected.

I can’t sleep as the night is going late

I think about you again

I should stop; I can’t stop my heart now

Like this song

Love goes by; followed by goodbye

The memory goes back

You wanted a farewell (breakup), I just sent you away

That’s the reason I can’t sleep

And since you regret your mistake and lost, the more it is going to haunt you, no matter how you beg for it not to. It shall come back to you in any form possible, or mostly in a song. And you’ll remember that you couldn’t do anything, when that person you love asked to walk out of your life but to set that person free. Because only then did you realize – you haven’t been exerting that much effort, you haven’t proven whatever you have said to be real and more than words. But it’s way too late, way too late.

So yes, that’s what I have on repeat right now, a very sad song full of longing and regret resulting to lack of sleep. Almost like the current state that I am into, almost.

Lyrics Source | princess of tea |

On Repeat: This Isn’t It (이게 아닌데) – Taeyang

I have a very soft spot for Taeyang – yes, that’s a declaration because I’ve known about Taeyang before I even started to really pay attention to the Kpop scene. I can still remember how that happened… Year 2010, I was getting tired of the repetitive English songs I’ve been listening to so I asked a good friend of mine who’s in the know of good songs/singers more than I am and Taeyang’s Wedding Dress was one of his suggestion. From that day on, with the first listen, he took a spot in my heart that will belong to him and him alone. Ah, Sol, Taeyang, Youngbae, you got me alright, with that sweet yet melancholic voice of yours, turning me to mush with every listen, all the time, every time.

One thing that I love about Taeyang, he sings sad songs with perfection, the feelings, expression, and every single note, everything about it – absolutely flawless to my ears. Of course it’s a matter of preference and I for one prefer this sort of songs because I am this perpetually brokenhearted girl for no particular reason. Weird right, well that’s me.

Enough with the babbling and more of the music; the song that I currently have on repeat is This Isn’t It (이게 아닌데) by Taeyang who as I said holds a special place in my heart. This song is off his album Rise; released a couple of months ago. I admit I loved most of the songs; alright all of the songs in the album but this song is my favorite, because it’s depressingly good. You can feel the rawness of pain, like the real deal about the lyrics just happened recently, oh the agony! What am I talking about? Let’s read the translated lyrics shall we:

I still love you

I wanted to tell you,

The one who couldn’t take it anymore and

Gave up in the end.

I miss you more than I hate you

I long for you more than I’m sad

Is this not it? Is this not it?

If we bump into each other, what would happen?

Would I hide from you amongst the crowd,

Even if it’s only a waste of insignificant feelings.

I worry throughout the day,

The medicine of time has passed,

But this isn’t it, this isn’t it, this isn’t it.

You may be smiling from happiness now.

You, the person who left hurtful scars more than happy memories,

I miss you more than I hate you,

I long for you more than I’m sad.

Is this not it? Is this not it?

It was so familiar from the start,

More than a long-time couple,

And now it’s nothing but insignificant memories.

I worry throughout the day,

The medicine of time has passed,

But this isn’t it, this isn’t it, this isn’t it.

I tried emptying out my heart that’s filled with you,

Hoping something movie-like would happen to me.

I worry throughout the day,

The medicine of time has passed,

But this isn’t it, this isn’t it, this isn’t it.

Even I feel sorry for myself,

I want to bury this finished love,

But this can’t be it, this can’t be it, this can’t be it.

Isn’t it depressingly good? Every time I listen to this song I get all misty eyed because it’s like I can almost see what’s happening, like there’s this heartbreaking music video in my mind.  Him looking from afar, fighting with himself because he knows both sides of the coin; yet what he feels for the person he used to love is sort of still there, but that’s not it, it shouldn’t be it anymore. cries And Sol’s voice aaaah cries some more it’s full of longing and pain at the same time. And now I’m officially a mess, I believe I can finish that dying scene now, thanks Sol. And here – I hope you will give it a listen:


Lyrics Source | popgasa |

Spot On: 오늘따라(Days Like Today) by 2AM

Real life has become more real than ever that it scares the bejesus out of me. I’m having the busiest, craziest and most toxic week ever – workwise that is and it’s sucking most of my energy and time making it nearly or somehow impossible to do anything else. Well, even if that’s the case, that’s not gonna stop me whatsoever to write a post about my favorite balladeers ever! Nothing can stop me, not happening, not by a long shot!

I’m talking about 2AM of course, and of course only a few people knows about how much I adore this group next to 2PM and FT Island. Anyways, since the announcement that they are making an autumn comeback, I’ve been patiently waiting for updates and six days ago when Jo Kwon posted the teasers thru his IG account (yes, I do have a little as in very little stalking tendencies) I’ve been telling myself that I am definitely going to love this song, no doubt whatsoever – I am right.

The Official MV was dropped October 27, 12:00AM KST (October 26, 7:00PM GST) and I’ve completely fallen in love with it. It’s just so beautiful I’m actually having a hard time to put into words how in awe I am with this MV:

It’s on repeat since last night and I confessed to falling asleep while listening to it because I’m really, really tired but that’s after I’ve listened for about 10 times, imagine how many times more I’ll listen to it if I wasn’t tired and sleepy? I really, really love it so much that I am going to list why:

  1. Awesome MV concept. The concept of the MV is fitting for the song so fitting that it literally just came together, song and MV as one. I’m pointing this out because I’ve seen plenty of MV and some if not most, doesn’t really connect with each other at all. I mean the MV and the song are two different stories but that’s not the case with this MV and I love that. Also the faraway look always gets to me, a proof that you’re lost somewhere on your own.
  2. The subtle tones. I love the colors used in the MV, very subtle and complimenting. Makes it really enjoyable to watch and gets you to immersed with the feels that the song and the MV brings.
  3. Nostalgia, reminiscing, out of the blue happenings. The lyrics of this song hits home at least for me because I always have that day, that sudden out of the blue occurrence, that day when I feel incredibly sentimental for no particular reason. Check the translated lyrics out:

There’s just days like that

Days when I remember so much

It’s not like the weather’s bad

It’s not like I drank

I didn’t listen to a particular song

I didn’t meet anyone

But the spring wind that blows

Through the open windows

Brings you to me

It keeps making me think of you

*Where are you, what are you doing?

Do you think of me sometimes?

Days like this will continue till the day I close my eyes

Days like today, I think of you so much

A lonely wind blows through my heart

Days like today, I miss you so much

Your bright smile flickers before my eyes

Love grew deeper and deeper

I tried to hold it in

But it wasn’t easy

It just grew deeper instead

There weren’t any more ways

We knew it was wrong

So we went our own separate ways

That’s how we let each other go

Repeat *

I don’t think I will forget you

Days like today, I think of you so much

A lonely wind blows through my heart

Days like today, I miss you so much

Your bright smile flickers before my eyes

  1. Pleasing to the ears. I actually haven’t listened to any 2AM song that didn’t please my ears; wait, that’s biased I think but whatever. Seriously though, this is easily a very pleasing song to the ears that even my roommate who doesn’t subscribe to any KPOP group whatsoever likes it. That’s saying something. And their voices, yup am having an eargasm right now.

There’s actually so much more but I am now lost in my own memory lane that I can’t form anything coherent anymore. Ah, one of those days, days like today. I guess this calls for coffee, I have an awesome music to go with it already. I guess I am now ready to enter the confines of my own time and space. Great job 2AM. Oh and is it October 30 yet?

English Lyrics Credit | popgasa |

On Repeat: Sexy Lady – Jang Wooyoung (장우영)

The song I currently have on repeat came out of the blue, though I was somehow expecting it to grow on me one of these days, I didn’t expect it to be this crazy. Sneaky song from a sneakier singer, I’m hooked and am not even a bit embarrassed about it. Why should I be?

The funny part is it’s not really playing; it’s more like on repeat in my head, my filler after I finished saying something or when it becomes extremely quiet. The best parts – I even do the hand and head gestures. Oh dorky day! By lunch it has become my background music as I munch away on my food from charity. Oh wait, that ain’t right; It’s not considered charity if you cooked it, right? Whatever!

Before I get sidetracked and all, let me get to the part where I say that the song I am currently listening to on repeat is Sexy Lady by the man, the one, the only, the handsome, the sexy, *fans self and thinks harder for more adjectives to use but fails* learning(?)  how to love Jang Wooyoung. Why is it unexpected you ask when this is the main track of his first solo album? Because the songs I love from his album 23, Male, Single is in this order 1) Falling Down, 2) Be With You, 3) Could Not Even Start, 4) Only Girl. But as I said, I know this day shall come, and so it did.

I think the main reason this is so inviting today is because I wanted to be awake – desperately awake and this song can really keep you awake along with a mug of coffee. With its techno-ish vibe and Wooyoung’s somewhat sweet raspy voice, it gives this sexy feel that finally caught my ears, and my feet.


On another note, I’ve been spazzing with my fellow YY shipper last night and this morning I found this interesting photos of the man and all I can think of is what Lia and I talk about most of the time: Can I have your clone?

 jwy IMG_2702 IMG_2701

Here’s one more for the go – a picture I’ve been drooling over for a few days now because well, the man is hawt especially when he’s on stage.

 IMG_2663 IMG_2654

And now, I’ll listen to the song some more, before going back to a depressing song to set the mood to make way for an epic break up scene I never thought I’ll write about.

Photo Credit: WooyoungHome, Woogle, fyJangWooyoung

On Repeat: Pull and Pull – 2PM

I’m taking a very, very short break from writing my current project because I have been very distracted. Thank you very much Twitter, YouTube and Facebook for the very distracting feeds that you’re showing on my timeline; you can really take a woman’s time regardless if she doesn’t have much in her hand or what. But then no regrets, I saw what I wanna see and I am indeed thankful. That last word of gratitude is less peppered with sarcasm than the first one or is not containing any hint of sarcasm at all, maybe.

Right so the current song on repeat in my player is Pull and Pull by 2PM off their album Go Crazy! I’ll be honest though that my favorite track off the album is Rain is Falling (비가와; bigawa) mainly because of its sad theme. Yes, I always go for the sad song every time though I did like Pull and Pull as well when I first listened to it. Curious that I’m listening to Pull and Pull instead of Rain is Falling, right? Well, I got curious. Someone mentioned that he likes this song and I am all “why, what’s with that song?” All I can think of is it really gives off that very sexy feel and that’s it. So I checked the translation and what do you know, there just might be more to it than sexiness. And I am lost in my delusional world all over again. Who wouldn’t, I mean, just read along:

Hello Pretty girl
My sweetheart
When I look at you
It’s like a glow world
You dazzle and shine
I can’t even look at you
Except like this

(Get low)
You and I in Slow motion
(Let it go)
However my heart leads me
I can’t wait so I text you first again

(So I just want you girl
Can always be together)
So you can come to me
(So wanna touch you girl
Can always read your mind)
So you can fall for me girl

I’m gonna lay you down
Wanna lay you down
I’m gonna lay you down
(So I just want you girl
Can always be together)

Every time I open my eyes in the morning
I want you to be next to me
When I see you closing your eyes, I want to kiss you
Your perfect face, your soft lips
I’m amazed, oh my god, you’re so beautiful

(Get low)
Every day, I’m in Slow motion
(Let it go)
This makes you angry again
You pull ahead in our conversation but look so calm
So again today, I’ll lay you down just like yesterday

Please know
That I have no choice
Even if I may seem pathetic sometimes

I’m your baby
You’re my lady
I can’t stop

So pull & pull & pull to feel
No push & pull but I love u girl in love

I don’t think there’s any explanation needed anymore as to why someone likes this song, the lyrics speaks for itself; and truly it give me so much hope; not that I’m out of it although of course, most probably, it’s just me.

Lyrics Source | popgasa |