[Drama Craze] Currently Watching – Bring It On, Ghost!


It’s summer – hot and humid. I’m in need of a breeze to blow away all this and I think this drama came out just in time. So far, I’m loving it. Of course I’m talking about Bring It On, Ghost!  the drama remake of a webtoon that’s currently helping me endure a really rough summer. And probably the drama I’d be watching over and over if this happens to be the last drama project of one of my favorite idol before he starts Military Service. I’ll be waiting Taec!


So, what’s it about you ask? It’s about a college student moonlighting as an exorcist for hire– Park Bong-pal (Ok Taec-yeon). He happens to have the ability to see and touch ghost. That’s quite new for me, the touch part, not the ghost. He was hired by the adorable ghost Kim Hyun-ji (Kim So-hyun) to exorcise a ghost in a haunted ladies’ school and the rest just snowballed in and she decided to stick with him when she happen to have a glimpse of the day she died when they accidentally kissed. Naturally, she can’t stay around for free and that’s how the ghost fighting duo started, and they shall rid the premises with hateful ghost at the right price. Pretty neat, right, but that’s not all.

screenshot-2016-07-17-10-57-29 lfg6

There’s the comedic side as provided by Choi Cheon-sang (Kang Ki-young) and Kim In-rang (Lee David), Bong-pal’s sunbae also President and Vice President of Ghostnet a mystery club of the university they’re attending. They were present at the ladies’ school and they learned of Bong-pal’s abilities making him a must have member of their club that’s on the brink of being dissolved. Later on, they became sidekicks, working as Bong-pal’s “agent.” I’m seriously getting confused with the actor playing Choi Cheon-sang. I mean seeing him as a college student then a resident doctor (W – Two Worlds) is quite confusing. He’s busy and he’s funny.

Of course there’s the cute bickering of Hyun-ji and Bong-pal. I love the pettiness and their blossoming interest with each other, not sure how that’s going to work but I have at least a few theories or I can read the webtoon, not that I am not tempted to read it now. I also love that through Hyun-ji’s encouragement/presence, Bong-pal is slowly breaking down all of the walls that he has put up because of the whole ghost related abilities and losing his mother.


I’m completely hooked by the flow of the story, the mystery is still in place and my hows and whys are still unanswered and that keeps me interested to sit around and wait to see what’s gonna happen next. I’m quite happy too by Taec’s acting improvement. He improved a lot and it’s really pleasant to watch him alongside Kim So-hyun. All the partiality I initially have because of the age gap has disappeared. Their chemistry is solid and complimentary at the same time.

7bA5e3f AnYBAnH

The show is recommendable and if you got hooked with dramas like Master’s Sun and Oh My Ghost, you are definitely going to enjoy Bring It On, Ghost. Don’t watch alone though if you’re a scaredy-cat, the ghosts they’re fighting are terrifying.


Modern Farmer A React-Cap Ep 12


Missienelly: Ok, we are cruising to episode 12. But let me remind you how disastrous the ending for episode 11 was! MinKi brought the blondie back! Dun dun dun! Yoon Hee’s brother is definitely one happy boy but Yoon Hee herself? She seems confused, angry and disappointed all at once!

ErlNotEarl: I am not happy myself about MinKi bringing blondie to the countryside. Why did he do it? Why is he such a hero?! Wae, wae, wae?! What’s gonna happen to my ship now? This is going to be a major disaster, I can tell. GAH!

mf1201 mf1202

Missienelly: Yes, I do not think this will go well. So let’s get started, shall we?

ErlNotEarl: Yes ma’am. For starters, MinKi just went all thick and asked Yoon Hee if blondie can stay with them. Of course the answer that wasn’t voiced out is no but since she’s a celebrity and Yoon Hee’s brother is a fan, she got to stay for little bro willingly volunteered his room.

Missienelly: Oh geez… his room is kinda messy but I’m actually impressed with MinKi. Making Yoo Na a meal, trying to be responsible for her well being and asking people to keep it quiet. If he ever be with Yoon Hee, she should be very happy because MinKi knows how to care for people.

mf1203 mf1204

ErlNotEarl: I know right! He’s really sweet I mean thinking of blondie’s situation, not asking questions. How can we not fall for him? Yoon Hee’s definitely bothered about it though, so is Hyuk.

Missienelly: Omo omo, this eonnie is fast! She has arrived in Hadurok! I smell trouble cooking on the stove! Can you smell it, Erl?

mf1205 mf1206

ErlNotEarl: I can smell it alright. And look at Han Chul escorting her to psycho girl’s place. Something bad is really bound to happen. Hmmm. Drunken ahjusshi is really thinking of what happened between him and Miyoung. I definitely will be. And his mom, asking questions. Ooooh.

Missienelly: Drunken ahjusshi’s mom is quite fit for her age, and I like her. Wow, yes… she’s back to matchmaking her son with fake eonnie now. This woman is desperate!

mf1207 mf1208

ErlNoteEarl: She’s desperate alright but she’s not gonna go for whom her son likes. Anyone but Miyoung, that’s her words. I like how she gives in good words for her son, she can be a promoter. Kekeke. This eonnie is funny, she entered the room and just look around like she’s surveying a property or something. I agree with her, that’s a curious looking door, let’s open it! Wow, sweet potatoes!

mf1209 mf1210

Missienelly: Such a waste of farmer’s hard work! All those sweet potatoes! She could have at least sell it in the market! Omo, fake eonnie caught on the treasure money! By the way, her voice annoyed me big time! Yes, I’m taking this personal kekeke

ErlNotEarl: The way she mentioned the money, LOL. Now they have to split. Her voice is a bit exotic, bearable for me but you know me, I am weird. Ah, so the goons came back and asked about psycho girl. Figure, how will she find out if not and now we know why she tapped her call. Smart eonnie; not so smart though because psycho girl doesn’t know where the money is yet. Kekeke.

mf1211 mf1212 mf1213 mf1214

Missienelly: LOL this is what karma is about. The money will never be found! Meanwhile, I think Yoon Hee is majorly jealous and annoyed with blondie. But really though, can she be this whiny? I think the blondie is depressed and has no one to turn to but MinKi. Also, did you notice Hyuk’s facial expression? What’s up with that?

ErlNotEarl: She is majorly jealous, too obvious to us. And I mean okay, I don’t really care about blondie but she’s feeling down, where’s the humanity in not trying to understand a bit right? Hyuk? He had that look since MinKi brought her home. I really do think something happened back then. I’m dying to know what these two are hiding from our MinKi.

mf1215 mf1216

Missienelly: Oh yeah, I am dying to know too. Oh hey, where are they going? Are those…. apples? Yoon Hee! Really? Can you lift those boxes? Oh god, I heard bone breaking! Wait, shouldn’t they be taking her to the hospital?

mf1217 mf1218 mf1219 mf1220

ErlNotEarl: Those are indeed apples. I think they’re going to that open market thingy. Is it bad if I laugh so hard because of the way they’re carrying her? OMG! For sure she wouldn’t want to be taken to the hospital anyways. Also, don’t you think the way MinKi is telling blondie what to do very husband-like? I don’t like it. Flower ahjusshi daebak.. HAHAHAHAHA

Missienelly: I’m cracking up laughing at flower ahjusshi! The way he introduce himself to her… and calling her Miss Delinquent. Too cute, regardless!

mf1221 mf1222

ErlNotEarl: And Miss Delinquent is going to take care of Yoon Hee. That’s gonna be awkward and funny. I wanna see that. Just the thought of it makes me smile inwardly. And now I am smiling brightly, goods! I love open markets like this. Oooh, drunken ahjusshi, watcha doin?

Missienelly: Ok, drunken ahjusshi, quit staring at Mi Young. It’s awkward! Wahhhhh, MinKi, quit talking through your nose! It is so weird! But I’m glad their tiny business is doing well! I’m not interested in grasshoppers spit, I rather eat flower ahjusshi’s apples instead!

mf1223 mf1224

ErlNotEarl: Flower ahjusshi sells mushrooms too, yum! I’m craving for some mushroom. Kekeke, MinKi’s voice does sounds weird but it gets the customer. Speaking of talking through the nose, nowadays I’m doing that, not because I want to but it sounds like that. sigh I’m happy they’re all doing good business and I am quite amaze that grasshopper has that many flavor, hmmm. Wait, ah, is that a temple? Is this where Mr. Han is?

mf1225 mf1226

Missienelly: I’m so glad mute ahjusshi is finally talking and taking his pink wig daughter to pay respect to his late wife. This is sad, I wouldn’t know what to do knowing that I’m bowing to my unknown mother for the first time.

ErlNotEarl: It’s a bittersweet moment and I can’t help but sweat a little through my eyes, or must be the medicine, I say it’s the medicine!

mf1227 mf1228 mf1229 mf1230

Missienelly: Need some tissue there? wink Okay, they are making money. Do you think something going to happen again? I sense nervousness from Ki Joon now but look at Hyuk, if he that annoyed with MinKi why can’t he just go home and tend Yoon Hee himself. Urgh.

ErlNotEarl: Yay to earning money! I sure hope nothing happens I mean this money is hard earned money, the amount of time and effort they gave to catch those grasshoppers and all. Please, no. Ki Joon? He’s jealous, that’s for sure especially there’s a new guy around and he speaks the same language as Hwa Ran of course he will be jealous. With Hyuk, I am really dying to know the reason for all this hate towards blondie, what really happened? Speak of blondie, teeheehee. I like this.

mf1231 mf1232 mf1233 mf1234

Missienelly: Well, this is awkward. Yoon Hee laying down like a log and Yoo Na sitting there like a… goodness, I can’t watch this Erl! Only in Modern Farmer!

ErlNotEarl: Like a what? Guard dog? LOL. This is so funny and all the breaking sound. I must be really a sadist cause I’m laughing so hard at this. Just a little scratching. MUAHAHAHAHA. Oooh, I see grandpa, with his “almonds” and ah, yes. Good luck lady!

mf1235 mf1236 mf1237 mf1238

Missienelly: Oh my god, poor woman! She’s the new elder’s victim!

ErlNotEarl: I will not exactly call her poor, she brought it on herself anyways. Why did she come over to the village? She’s causing trouble on herself, like Han Chul. See, so out of it that he burnt his finger even with gloves on. And still going on and on about psycho girl, poor guy. I love Ki Joon’s suggestion.. Kekeke. Yes, rattle him some more, it helps.

mf1239 mf1240

Missienelly: Han Chul may be unattractive physically, but his heart is made of gold. Now I can’t help but giggling at Ki Joon. He’s full of jealousy. If only he asks her… Stop acting immaturely!!!

ErlNotEarl: Wookay, it’s just a crush, whatever Ki Joon; no one believes you here, right Nell? Specially with the way you act. Just confess already! Oh it’s that awkward pair again. Kekeke. I think Miss Delinquent is getting tired already..

mf1241 mf1242

Missienelly: Aish Yoo Na, if you are not used to sitting on the floor, get a chair or switch position! And Yoon Hee has a problem too, can’t she just ask blondie flat out? I’m laughing so hard at the background music. It sure is a battle to go to the bathroom LOL

ErlNotEarl: Both of them just won’t give in. GAH! I’m on the floor now, just a little bit more, a little bit more. HAHAHAHA. And I’m with you with the background music, it’s like an epiphany or something. Like the music in churches during advent season. All the effort not to make a noise was flushed out in the drain, bone breaking. Waaah!

mf1243 mf1244 mf1245 mf1246

Missienelly: I’m still dying here from the background music. Can’t she just go to the hospital? Her bones keep cracking. shudders

ErlNotEarl: I don’t think Yoon Hee will bother with the hospital. But thank goodness she asked for blondie’s help, she really needs it I mean her bones are gonna break some more if not. Excuse me though while I laugh some more. Kekeke.

Missienelly: Wah, Yoo Na can cook!!! She is a wifey material, Erl! I am starting to have much respect for her now. I bet Yoon Hee regretted what she had said about blondie now.

mf1247 mf1248

ErlNotEarl: She seems to be kind and it looks like she had it rough but I still don’t trust her. The wife material, well, maybe, just a little. It takes much to be a real wife, you know that. Nice, back to back food. Actually not really nice, it’s making me really hungry and I just had my tea. And wow, our boys are paying for the meal? Just wow!

Missienelly: Wah, the business must be super good. Oh goodness, I hope Ki Joon is still dreaming. I’m dying of laughter now, he actually did it!!! This is embarrassing, now his immaturity finally showing! He deserves to get yelled!

mf1249 mf1250 mf1251 mf1252

ErlNotEarl: The feeling of the people on that table is diverse. Flower ahjusshi, microphone lady and MinKi are very happy while drunken ahjusshi and Miyoung are both uneasy. And our Ki Joon, he’s irritated to death because of what seems to be sweetness between Bul Ja and Chow Yun Fat. And like you, I really thought it was just happening in his mind; I guess he can’t control anymore, too bad. But I guess we’ll be hearing a confession soon, or I hope because he’s gonna drink with the village folks while the other three opted to go somewhere else. First, there’s Han Chul, poor Han Chul.

Missienelly: Han Chul will never give up on psycho girl, won’t he? gasp here we go with the misunderstanding. I’m dying of laughter here! The poor boy is officially depressed! This could send him to his death bed sooner though… I fear for his health now.

mf1253 mf1254 mf1255 mf1256

ErlNotEarl: This is why you shouldn’t eavesdrop on people. Kekeke. I’m telling you, we are gonna die from laughing because of Modern Farmer. Like you I am really fearing for Han Chul’s health, I mean please, don’t die on us. What’s this, is Yoon Hee fine now?

Missienelly: Wow, she can get up and walk now! Miracle! I think Yoon Hee owes blondie an apology big time, right Erl?

mf1257 mf1258

ErlNotEarl: She does, specially she’s been really nice to her, feeding her son and helping with his assignment. Oh and cleaning the house. Okay, I’m rethinking this, she could be a wife material. Oh here come MinKi and of course with something for blondie.. and Yoon Hee too. Wow!

Missienelly: Awwwww that is very considerate of MinKi. He brought back heat patch and anti-aging cream! Such a good boy!

mf1259 mf1260 mf1261 mf1262

ErlNotEarl: He is even if he teased her. LOL. She’s not so mad anymore that he brought stuff for blondie. Wah, they’re drinking, I wanna join! I want some makgeolli too. Ah, drunken ahjusshi and Miyoung, hihihihi. Yes, Ki Joon, keep on drinking, this will lead to a good thing. ^^

Missienelly: Ki Joon should stop drinking! And mute ahjusshi is back and his voice is so inviting. Maybe, just maybe… microphone ahjumma might fall in for him? Ship ship ship!

mf1263 mf1264

ErlNotEarl: Ship! And see, that’s why you should speak so soon. Kekeke. But that aside, it’s really a happy day for Sang Eun’s dad, thank goodness he can talk again.

Missienelly: Such a great celebration! Can I slap Ki Joon’s head? Really, if he’s curious, why can’t he ask her directly? Ooooh, yes!!! He’s confessing ala chaebol way! Bahahaha that’s ok, I’ll take it!

mf1265 mf1266 mf1267 mf1268

ErlNotEarl: Go ahead, slap him, I’m not gonna stop you. But wow, the wrist grab, I kind of miss that. And a confession finally! It’s fine, I sort of have a thing with rich chaebol confessions because it’s just too embarrassing for them. LOL. Oh I guess I’ll continue lol-ing. It’s pee, not bi, pee!

Missienelly: Oy, pee scene again. I bet that pole is stinks! I’m a bit frustrated with these two, if they like each other, just say it! Mistake and regret? Quit denying the feels!

mf1269 mf1270

ErlNotEarl: Their scenes mostly involves pee, goodness this two, they’re too old for pretense! Don’t waste your time!

Missienelly: Aigoo they are drinking again! We know how this will end! At this rate, she even may get pregnant!

ErlNotEarl: Rosy cheeks are really cute, let them drink. And let them reproduce, it’s in the bible, go forth and deliver! LOL

mf1271 mf1272 mf1273 mf1274

Missienelly: Geez, I thought that was a cool laptop! LOL But isn’t this a scene sweet? Her smile is so priceless.

ErlNotEarl: I saw the same one at Daiso a month ago. I wanted to but it but, oh well. It’s a very sweet scene. I can’t help but smile with her. And now her smile sort of diminished. Why are you there for blondie, MinKi, why? And Yoon Hee, did you just?

mf1275 mf1276

Missienelly: Wow, she’s being so generous, Erl? I would never thought she changed her mind! I’m glad Yoon Hee let her guard down.

ErlNotEarl: Well, it’s all because she had been really good to her when she was in need and because she’s a really kind person. I’m partial to it though. I’d rather look at Ki Joon having a flashback of his chaebol way of confession. Soo cute. And here comes the love interest. Yay! Han Chul though, what to do with Han Chul?

Missienelly: Omo, look at this awkward couple! Bul Ja is here! And she’s literally doing what she was told to do! She is toooo cute!

mf1277 mf1278 mf1279 mf1280

ErlNotEarl: I really love this pair, as in. At time I wish we have more screen time for them. But, what do we have here, weeds? Still? Wow! And Hyuk, what’s wrong really? Speak up!

Missienelly: Look, Hyuk better spill the beans. Why is he mums about it? Is he annoyed that MinKi likes blondie and Yoon Hee eonnie likes MinKi? Is that it? I’m bad at reading expression. Bahahaha they finally realized mute ahjusshi is talking! This village has turned upside down and Han Chul is definitely traumatize now!

mf1281 mf1282 mf1283 mf1284

ErlNotEarl: I don’t think that’s it, he’s not that type of guy. Or at least I don’t see him like that. There’s really something that he’s not letting us and MinKi know. I wish there was more clue. The village has turned upside down? Well we like it that way anyways. Kekeke. But Han Chul, poor child, poor, poor child. And look here, the people that’s making him traumatized. Now we have two evening diggers. sigh

Missienelly: Do we have to go through this again? I mean now Han Chul will definitely thinks these girls are gays! Aish… what are we gonna do with him now?

ErlNotEarl: He keeps eavesdropping, that’s just wrong! He should just show himself. Though for some reason, I keep on thinking of a pepero kiss. LOL. Ahhh, nice sky but blondie and Hyuk together, I don’t feel good, I don’t..

mf1285 mf1286

Missienelly: Stop Hyuk-ah, why are you being so mean? I’m starting to like blondie now! Somebody please stop them from fighting! But I can’t help laughing at MinKi’s dirty look. He looks cuter than angry!

ErlNotEarl: Yoon Hee’s there to stop them cause I don’t think blondie can. She looks guilty and hiding something. If only there’s more clue to work with. I’m dying to know what causes our sweet Hyuk to be so mean.

mf1287 mf1288

Modern Farmer A React-Cap Ep 11


Missienelly: I’m shaking my head. How behind are we, Erl? Mian, real life took a toll on me. But I’m here so let’s catch up!

ErlNotEarl:That’s wookay, I’m in the same situation as you are. These days are busy and  time is passing by so fast. I’m glad that we are back, and I’m so ready to catch up too. Let’s go!

Missienelly: Wookay, let’s recap! The ending from the previous episode, we saw Hyuk standing and watching Yoon Hee and MinKi together. Aish…I felt sorry for Hyuk but I know you aren’t.

mf11 1 mf11 2 mf11 3 mf11 4

ErlNotEarl: I felt a tiny bit sorry for him, will that be enough? But wait, wookay, the feeling is gone. This not a date but looking like a date just erased everything. Hmmmm. Looky, the other three are busy catching grasshoppers and he clearly ditched them. I suddenly missed being in the farm, just a few more weeks.. Oh, my ear! That’s an overly excited voice! Why is the girl with blue and pink wig soo excited? What is it about?

Missienelly: She’s excited for the boys! But do we have to be reminded by fish slapped scene again? Aigoo aigoo… totally unnecessary but I can’t help it… 100,000 views? That IS impressive!!! Do they even know the power of social media? They can get famous overnight without putting any effort!

mf11 5 mf11 6

ErlNotEarl: It would have been nice if they got noticed because they’re good but noticed for being fish slapped? Can we just forget everything about it? It’s not something to be proud of, I agree with Han Chul. And I am with MinKi, let’s just catch grasshoppers!

Missienelly: I guess catching grasshoppers are much more fun! What? This is no vacation, gangster ahjusshi! Hehe, MinKi is the new expert in town. I wonder how Flower ahjusshi feels about that!

mf11 7 mf11 8 mf11 9 mf11 10

ErlNotEarl: They must really have enough time on their hands to come up with such a plan as Weekend Farming. Flower Ahjusshi will be so appalled by him, that I am very sure. He got his wake up call sooner enough though. Of course gangster ahjusshi is the boss. Kekeke. Look who’s passing by? Hmmm..

Missienelly: Hmmmm, I am really curious now to what kind of relationship gangster ahjusshi had with mute ahjusshi. Don’t you, Erl?

mf11 11 mf11 12

ErlNotEarl: Same here Nell, same here. Specially since I can sense some contempt from gangster ahjusshi. Ooooh, Ki Joon looking like a puppy who doesn’t know what to do. I guess he’s not ready to face his love interest. And argh, my heart almost fell. Microphone ahjumma, don’t go around like that. Our Ki Joon, wait, our Ki Joon..

mf11 13 mf11 14

Missienelly: Speaking of Ki Joon here, where is Bul Ja? Aaaaah, is he checking her room? Bad idea, boy.

ErlNotEarl: No, he’s not checking her room, he wants plastic bottles okay. But he did wander around, that’s his fault and now he has to hide in where else but Bul Ja’s closet.

Missienelly: You are myyyyy destinyyyyyyy! LOL

mf11 15 mf11 16

ErlNotEarl: I really love how they use this song whenever someone finds their love interest and it will never grow old. Scratch that, this song is older than you and I. Kekeke. But still, I am going to wait for them to play this when MinKi realized he has fallen in love with Yoon Hee.

Missienelly: I should play this song for you, Erl! Ai, Hyuk’s overload cuteness is cute but rather forceful, don’t you think? If I were Yoon Hee, I wouldn’t let him near that driver seat!

mf11 17 mf11 18 mf11 19 mf11 20

ErlNotEarl: I think he is planning something. Boys usually do the aegyo to get things to be done their way, don’t ask why I know as much, not spilling. But we are not Yoon Hee, we are little devils while Yoon Hee is a kind and sometime gullible woman. And because of that, they took the wrong way. Why do I have the feeling that he’s doing it on purpose?

Missienelly: He is up to something and frankly, to be lost with a woman you love? You get the idea wink. Wow! Drunken ahjusshi is drinking Americano instead of his usual makgeolli! Ooops, never mind, my bad!

mf11 21 mf11 22 mf11 23 mf11 24

ErlNotEarl: He’s a genius! Nice! Now I wanna try it too. Wait, the little girl, what does she wants?

Missienelly: Phone? I bet she’s gonna call her dad! See! I smell trouble here.

ErlNotEarl: I have a feeling that it’s not gonna be pretty but still, I shall wait and see. Where is this place that Hyuk and Yoon Hee finally stopped? See, I knew it’s gonna be a “date”. Aish!

mf11 25 mf11 26 mf11 27 mf11 28

Missienelly: Typical kdrama scene! Always beach, whereas, right? I’m laughing so hard at Yoon Hee though! Did you see her face? Wow, I think he drove them there on purpose! And they are holding hands!!!!! Ship ship ship!

ErlNotEarl: Fine, ship them all you want. And yes they were holding hands because he’s dragging her that is. I don’t wanna spy on them anymore. But look, MinKi and Han Chul are spying on someone’s house? Why?

mf11 29 mf11 30

Missienelly: I don’t know why but I’m liking this! Whose home is this by the way? Blue wig girl? Goodness, is that…. eel? Are we going to see fish slapped reenactment?

ErlNotEarl: Yes, it’s the blue wig girl’s house, they need their instrument back of course and yes, it’s an eel. Isn’t it called an eel slap this time around? Goodness! Don’t tell me she’s gonna give in to the “date,” please don’t!

mf11 31 mf11 32

Missienelly: She sure did! Back to shipping! Kekeke My cheeks are warm, they are having an unintentional date! Sashimi date! Open your mouth, Yoon Hee! Staaaaahppp with the overload cuteness. Hyuk’s plan is definitely working!

ErlNotEarl: And the drinks are out. One thing I learned about drinking soju, one bottle is never enough. It’s not something that you can say no to, you have to have more. Good job Hyuk, nice tactic. It’s something I will definitely fall for too.

mf11 33 mf11 34 mf11 35 mf11 36

Missienelly: Jajaja, I’m dying so hard. This episode is definitely funnier than ep 10! First eel slapped. And now Ki Joon on the roof. How did he get up there anyway? I wonder what he saw that makes him like this!

ErlNotEarl: Yeah, this ep is indeed funny! I love how MinKi said he feels better because it’s an expensive fish. GAH! HAHAHAHA. What did Ki Joon see? Bul Ja taking her clothes off of course. Kekeke. He can’t close his eyes remember. I don’t want to figure out how he got there, I love that he’s up there and denying his feelings. LOL

mf11 37 mf11 38 mf11 39 mf11 40

Missienelly: 6 bottles of soju later, is he in extreme jealous of MinKi? I can pet his hair if Yoon Hee doesn’t wanna kekeke. What? I thought he’s doctor! Just a med student?

ErlNotEarl: I can tell that he is extremely jealous and I don’t want to admit it but it’s kind of cute. What a puppy! Why don’t you go ahead and pet him? He’s probably an intern, on his last sem or something. Ah, they are on that part, the heart to heart part. Poor guy.

mf11 41 mf11 42 mf11 43 mf11 44

Missienelly: Now I’m sad for him. Really am. My turn to get sweaty eyes, Erl. I hope they ends up together. Hyuk is a nice man too.

ErlNotEarl: I’m sad for him too; do you need help wiping your sweat? They end up together? Hmmm, no comment, though I agree that he’s a nice guy, still, no comment.

mf11 45 mf11 46

Missienelly: Little Rockstar is dragging his feet this morning. Mom is playing unscheduled or unintentional date with Hyuk and definitely missing parent’s participation day. Wait, I knew it! He knows how to drive!

ErlNotEarl: Poor kid, he’s chewing his words. Awww. What are they going to do for the kid? Well, why am I not surprised that he knows how to drive? He’s really good at pretending. Kekeke. Here’s another dilemma, Flower Ahjusshi and his little boss.

mf11 47 mf11 48 mf11 49 mf11 50

Missienelly: Well that is because his ugly perm is back!!! I feel bad for him and his wife. The kids are tough cookies! Can he scream any louder than this? Awwww, look at him. Flower ahjusshi is sweeeeeeet after all!

ErlNotEarl: Flower ahjusshi had his moments, okay? How will his wife fall for him if not. Let’s see here though.. Ohh, the bratty girl is bragging about his dad.. Hmmm.. I have a very bad feeling about this though. I’m worried for our little rockstar, I hope Yoon Hee reaches on time. Wow, the first class is Min Gook’s dad? Let’s see this. Aww, soo cute, and they managed to entertain the kids. Nice!

mf11 51 mf11 52 mf11 53 mf11 54

Missienelly: That was fun and Min Gook is a happy boy. Omo, here comes our handsome drunken ahjusshi! Wait, did he just do a nose slide with that phone? Bahahaha

ErlNotEarl: Drunken ahjusshi with his Makgeolli and Americano mix. I have an urge to do that nose slide, kekeke, just an urge; not gonna try. See, I knew it! Eun Woo’s dad is not gonna make it and he couldn’t even notify the poor kid earlier. Stupid dad!

mf11 55 mf11 56 mf11 57 mf11 58

Missienelly: slaps forehead facepalm Drunken ahjusshi! Neo jjeongmal daebak! Look at Eun Woo’s face, poor girl. Wait wait, MinKi to the rescue! Asa! Rock n Rolllllll! School of Rock moment lol

ErlNotEarl: Well what else can he teach but the art of makgeolli? That was so funny though, I laughed so hard. I knew MinKi will move forward. Go MinKi, go! Rock and Rolllll!!! Wait, Yoon Hee and Hyuk reached the school too.

mf11 59 mf11 60 mf11 61 mf11 62 mf11 63 mf11 64

Missienelly: Bahahaha I feel sorry for Yoon Hee but MinKi saved the day! Did you notice Hyuk covering MinHo’s ears when she explained where they were the night before? Kekeke kyeopta.

mf11 65 mf11 66

ErlNotEarl: I did notice that, MinHo doesn’t seem to mind. And he’s quite happy because of MinKi hyung who promised to go on a picnic with him. One more thing that I noticed is Hyuk being petty and calling MinKi sly. The poor guy doesn’t have any idea what he’s talking about though and that makes me wants to smack him in the head to wake up from his trance or something. Still nurturing his feelings for this girl. Oooh, this hurts.

Missienelly: Oooph my eyes. I can’t stand her hair color! I swear MinKi should stop taking her calls! But I do want to hear her story. She seems lonely and sad…

mf11 67 mf11 68

ErlNotEarl: I’m quite curious too and I have this feeling that it’s because of her why the guys didn’t get to debut. GAH, my eyes are starting to water, too much blond, and all white background, who thought of this concept?! I do feel bad for blondy, being forced to go to an underground party something. Hmmm. Now it’s my ears. Kids wailing, not too pleasant to the ears.

Missienelly: Poor child but I love how drunken ahjusshi taking the child’s side.

mf11 69 mf11 70 mf11 71 mf11 72

ErlNotEarl: Me too. I love how he’s comforting her. There’s more to him after all. I guess if you drink all the makgeolli you’ll find good stuff on the bottom. Kekeke. Oh, sweet moment, yes! I feel better now. This is a date, I declare this a date. And our heroine is really grateful to my hero. He’s shiny!

Missienelly: This is NOT a date! Wait, what..? Intentions? Oh my, is this her way of finding MinKi’s heart? How can we not like MinKi, right Erl?

mf11 73 mf11 74 mf11 75 mf11 76

ErlNotEarl: Indeed, how do we not love him? One more thing that I love is the subtlety of Yoon Hee’s question, classy yet sincere. But I don’t think it’s just “after service” as MinKi calls it, I think there’s more to it, more than her being his first love. He just don’t know how to name it. Now this, I know how to call this ahjusshi – Makgeolli-holic!

Missienelly: Mi Young-ah, please helps us understand what happened to your marriage. Oy, look at his pink cheeks giggles

mf11 77 mf11 78

ErlNotEarl: Yeah, please let us know your story so we can hate or pity you accordingly. LOL. That’s so mean, well I am mean most of the time so, whatever. Errr, is it wrong if I don’t really pity her? I do love how forgiving drunken ahjusshi is, he really is an oppa material.

Missienelly: Don’t worry, I still don’t feel sorry for her, Erl. She did it to herself. And she cheated on drunken ahjusshi. Wait, they slept together?

mf11 79 mf11 80 mf11 81 mf11 82

ErlNotEarl: I think they did, and now I know the meaning of drunken ahjusshi’s dream! Kekeke. Wait, does microphone ahjumma own a makgeolli bar or something? This is a mystery I need to break. Wow! Kimbap! I want some, I shall make some, soooon! Wait, what is wrong with our Ki Joon, why is he staring blankly to nothing in particular?

mf11 83 mf11 84

Missienelly: With Ki Joon? He’s traumatize after cornering himself in Bul Ja’s closet. He can’t get over her body! Ya MinKi, where are you going???

mf11 85 mf11 86

ErlNotEarl: Probably realized there’s no turning back, that he is indeed in love with Bul Ja. I want to slap MinKi hard. Why is he going there? What about MinHo’s picnic? The boy will be disappointed. And where is he taking blondy? Annoying! This is not though, Yoon Hee’s little bro wrapping a gift for Sang Eun.

Missienelly: Sang Eun? Is that the blue wig girl’s name? Hah, we finally know! Omo, what’s with the long, sad face, uri MinHo?

mf11 87 mf11 88

ErlNotEarl: Yes, we finally know and we finally confirmed that Yoon Hee’s little brother feels “something” for her. Uri MinHo? I can think of 2 reasons: 1st, because MinKi hyung didn’t join the picnic. 2nd, because he thinks MinKi hyung might not come back anymore. Expectations, Here’s another person with an expectation, Sang Eun. Not gonna happen though. Wow, gangster ahjusshi farming! Nice!

mf11 89 mf11 90 mf11 91 mf11 92

Missienelly: I bet the money is going to be where the gangster ahjusshi is farming! Oh my, bandmates reunite?

ErlNotEarl: The money? You mean what psycho girl is looking for? Let’s wait and see. OMG, they are bandmates! We’re gonna get answers to our questions, yay!

Missienelly: Aaaah now we know, our speculation is right all along. Yes, now we get his flashback from the past! Damn the hair!

mf11 93 mf11 94 mf11 95 mf11 96

ErlNotEarl: I had to not think of the hair, I know only a few gentle who can pull off long hair you know. Aww, that’s a tough choice to make, it’s heartbreaking. And, yeah, I am kind of sweating to my eyes. Maybe that’s why he lost his ability to speak. From shock.

Missienelly: That’s tragic, awwww the tears. Sang Eun heard it, nooooooo! But why is she running away?

mf11 97 mf11 98

ErlNotEarl: Tragic indeed. Sang Eun’s probably shocked about the truth and more. Oh, she’s still alive. Kekeke. Where is psycho girl going today? Did she just realized it’s tough to work two jobs?

Missienelly: I thought she’s given up on digging, apparently she is not. Omg, her call is being traced! Bad eonnie! Bad bad bad!

mf11 99 mf11 100

ErlNotEarl: Bad but good. Wow! that was easy! But it also makes me think that the world is a really dangerous place. Too many crazy people. Like me. Kekeke. Dad finally found Sang Eun. I still don’t get how she understand dad’s sign language. I have this perplexed look that I can’t wipe off. But ah, poor girl.. Thinking it’s her fault..

Missienelly: To know her mom died after giving birth to her? I pitied her for thinking it is her fault. So is that how mute ahjusshi lost his voice? Awwww girl, please don’t cry.

mf11 101 mf11 102

ErlNotEarl: I guess so but wait, he’s talking now, he can talk again! Sang Eun is finally get to know about her mom, who happen to be incredibly supportive of her husband who has longer hair than her.

Missienelly: Can’t help but laughing to that! So weird! Wait, I thought she’s pregnant. Isn’t this hard work delivering food like that?

mf11 103 mf11 104 mf11 105

ErlNotEarl: That’s really hard work and judging by the size of her belly, she’s gonna deliver anytime soon. Oh the pain, I haven’t been pregnant but I can imagine the pain. So sad, really, really sad. And Sang Eun’s dad, living with all the guilt. This ep is filled with sad, from sad father-daughter to sad little boy. Sorry, let me change that, anxious, expectant little MinHo? He’s waiting for MinKi to come, refused to go inside until he comes back. Awww. And he’s back, but wait, is that? ARGH!

Missienelly: Yeah, that was indeed very sad. Well, Erl, THAT is miss blondie. facepalm Whyyyyyy, MinKi?

mf11 106 mf11 107 mf11 108 mf11 109

ErlNotEarl: That’s the question, why does he have to bring her there?! MinKi you stupid oaf!

Modern Farmer A React-Cap Ep 10


ErlNotEarl: We’re back, yes, we are! And boy I didn’t expect Ep 9 to end that way; that was really something, don’t you agree Nell?

Missienelly: Yes! I was screaming on top of my lungs! I was worried and anxious for them. This girl has too many bad luck. I can’t believe I’m actually feeling bad for her…

ErlNotEarl: I know we never did think that much of psycho girl but I am curious if she managed to escape or what. Shall we begin? Let’s go?

mf10 1 mf10 2

Missienelly: Yes, I wanna know if she is able to escape. Let’s go!

ErlNotEarl: Wookay, we go back a bit to Han Chul dropping Hyuk’s precious Americano, yes, that box with BEANIST printed on it. Sorry I got a bit distracted, coffee does that to me. If you want to keep me happy, give me some coffee. Anyways, the frugal goon asked if he can have it and from there, the chaos begun. Run psycho girl, run for your life!

Missienelly: Remind me to get coffee for you next time giggles. I thought Han Chul did a good job distracting the goons but ya know, he could have done it better. I’m glad she got away though.

mf10 3 mf10 4 mf10 5 mf10 6

ErlNotEarl: Thank heavens Han Chul’s effort was not in vain and  she managed to get away but the goons got the plate number. What to do? Oh hey, Yoon Hee, can I have some of that cash you have? Why do I have a feeling she’s gonna lend that to our MinKi who’s body currently seems soulless. HAHAHAHAHA. I can’t, I just can’t.

Missienelly: When I saw that stack of money, I knew she was going to give it to him. I’m glad that she has that intention but hey, MinKi is once again bashing her down. Aish…

mf10 7 mf10 8

ErlNotEarl: That, I think is one of the most epic group picture ever. Oh goodness, I can’t breathe, I can’t! I’m dying!

mf10 9 mf10 10 mf10 12 mf10 13

Missienelly: Love that lip stain on Ki Joon’s face. This group picture is wanjeon epic, Erl! I couldn’t hold myself too, the best scene eva! Look at those money, I’m happy they finally make money in this town. Ack! What the…? No, no, no!

mf10 11

ErlNotEarl: What?! All that hard earned money and it’s just going to that car?! Poor boys, I guess it’s one of those days, bad days. One mountain after another.

Missienelly: It just not meant to be, Erl. I seriously think they are all born with no luck.

mf10 14 mf10 15

ErlNotEarl: They are just having a bad phase, luck will come soon. Am keeping my fingers crossed. Oh, drunken ahjusshi practicing for the three steps and one bow but wait, this place is familiar, it’s Mi Young’s place right? See, there she is. Aww, her dad’s caregiver is quitting! I understand though, but really, I somehow feel sorry for her.

Missienelly: Hey, I have an idea! Drunken ahjusshi can step in! He doesn’t have much  to do but drinking anyway! Have I not tell you enough how handsome he is? Now him in apron is way handsome!

mf10 16 mf10 17

ErlNotEarl: Wookay, if drunken ahjusshi quits drinking I might bring him home with me. He’s just so sweet.

Missienelly: Am I reading this right? IF he quits drinking, you’ll bring him home? Wae? I thought you want a drinking buddy, Erl.

ErlNotEarl: A can of beer after a hard days work is different with countless bottles of makgeolli everyday, if you know what I mean. Wow, so psycho girl went to get her money, like a gangster. She wants her money now, eonnie, she doesn’t have time to argue. And lookie, there’s the reason why, these goons are quick.

mf10 18 mf10 19

Missienelly: Actually, the goons are smart! I would not think of getting the plate numbers! But this eonnie, me likey! Love her fighting spirit!

ErlNotEarl: I know right, she has loyalty, yay for loyalty! The little girl is demanding, I find her cute though. What do you think Nell?

mf10 20 mf10 21

Missienelly: She’s definitely cute. But I have a feeling she is going to be a pain in the butt. Ooooh, the boys are back. And they are broke!

ErlNotEarl: MinKi, aish, why are you so petty? She wants to help, don’t be like that. Just make up with her already.

Missienelly: Pride, Erl. Pride. No one wants to say sorry first.

ErlNotEarl: Oh well, even Chicago sang “Hard to Say I’m Sorry” I get that point. Yoon Hee’s really jealous; I can smell her jealousy from here. If only MinKi can stop being so dense for a minute..

mf10 22 mf10 23 mf10 24 mf10 25

Missienelly: Now I’m confused. Is she developing some kind of feeling for MinKi? Is she OVER with MinHo’s dad?

ErlNotEarl: I think so too, plus that’s old news already. Here comes the hero, he just gained 100 points for worrying about her. I am seeing psycho girl in a different light really.

Missienelly: All I can see it is after all he did for her, she better give him something “something” in return!

mf10 26 mf10 27

ErlNotEarl: That’s bound to happen, I’m ready for it. The more I see drunken ahjusshi drink that makgeolli, the more curious I get about the taste. Too bad I can’t find it here, I’m so tempted to make it myself, maybe one day. Nice, Flower Ahjusshi with MinKi’s car and I agree with drunken ahjusshi, is there a need of a sports car in a farm?

Missienelly: I still have a bottle of makgeolli in my fridge. You wanna? It is sweet and yum! There is a need for a sport car! It is called showing off to people!

ErlNotEarl: That sounds inviting! Well, showing off my behind! Oh no, what just happened? Noooo!! But it’s funny, yes!! Of all the places to land really. HAHAHAHA

mf10 28 mf10 29

Missienelly: How in the world…? I don’t get the logic, can a ciggie bud lit up fire just like that?

ErlNotEarl: It’s vague but i’ll take it. Kekeke. I knew he’s just sleeping. He was really drunk already, his face was so red. Kekeke. The problem now is who’s gonna do the three steps and one bow? Just Yoon Hee? Hmmm…

mf10 30

Missienelly: Nothing happened to him so of course he was just taking the advantage of a comfort bed hehehe. At this point, Yoon Hee should ask flower ahjusshi, no?

ErlNotEarl: Flower ahjusshi wants out too. And he’s smart to bait MinKi who definitely thinks the cabbages comes first, he will really do everything for his farm. Nice!

Missienelly: I think so. The cabbages are his gateway to go back doing what he loves the most. To sing.

mf10 31 mf10 32 mf10 33 mf10 34

ErlNotEarl: And he sings so well, such a lost if he can’t continue, don’t you think? He and Yoon Hee look so cute; the two of them, bickering like an old couple. Awww, me likey.

Missienelly: Hehehe nods. I have no objection in that.

ErlNotEarl: That’s a first, I like that you do not object to that. I’m partial to this, but I find it touching that Mi Young went to visit drunken ahjusshi.

mf10 35 mf10 36

Missienelly: Touching? You do? I have no comment on her. I don’t know, am just not favoring her after what she did to drunken ahjusshi. I rather focus on Yoon Hee and MinKi.

ErlNotEarl: How long are they gonna do this? Am getting tired along with Yoon Hee and MinKi, I want to hate him but that smile is just so cute, it’s not fair! How do I completely hate thee, MinKi, please let me know the ways.

mf10 37 mf10 38

Missienelly: If someone make me do this, I will kill that person!!! But I don’t get it, why do you hate MinKi? In the end, he got what he needed! Just bow properly, MinKi! That is gross but you just hafta… LOL

ErlNotEarl: Well she’s a woman, he should have some consideration, and that’s why I wanna hate him for going so fast. She must be really tired for her to apologize like that. She’s cute, they are cute. Cuteness overload in a split second and my heart goes dugun dugun. Waaah, Nell, I melt. I’m a puddle of goo.

mf10 39 mf10 40

Missienelly: I can’t help but giggling on her Mickey jacket though wink. But MinKi is just tooooo cute! But look who’s whiny now lol. Ooooh look at this. Is this a date?

mf10 41 mf10 42 mf10 43 mf10 44

ErlNotEarl: Yes, this is a real date. Suddenly everyone is so sweet. Psycho girl is getting mellow with Han Chul, Yoon Hee and MinKi are sleeping while leaning on each other. Love. And drunken ahjusshi is secretly drinking makgeolli while listening to a farm lecture, wait, that’s not love related, right Nell?

Missienelly: It is love on another level, Erl. You and I won’t understand it. Well, maybe you do…

mf10 45 mf10 46

ErlNotEarl: If we’re talking wine then yes, I do. Ah, the taste of a five year old wine, oak with a bit of nuttiness, yum! HAHAHA, I love the dedication of Flower Ahjusshi’s sister, she’s making a new menu too. I find the names really funny.

Missienelly: I actually find her really pretty! I love her sweet feature. Sorry, off track… menu? Mushroom coffee? wrinkles nose how’s that taste like? Oooh, drunken ahjusshi bringing business is great! He said it, he drinks Americano like water!

mf10 47 mf10 48

ErlNotEarl: I knew he will do something like this. I drink coffee like water. Kekeke. Awesome, an expo of some sort! This reminds me of the expo happening here. It’s always fun to look around, not for my pocket though. I try my best to pass by the books but I always end up buying. Anyways, enough of me and my books, did MinKi just said they’re going to sell grasshoppers and pea puffs?

Missienelly: MinKi is diversifying himself. Making money the easiest but hardest way! I’ll definitely support his idea kekeke

ErlNotEarl: He’s changing, little by little. Something seems to be bothering MinHo our little rockstar. What could it be?

mf10 49 mf10 50

Missienelly: Must be bully issue in school again! This needs intervention! Stat!

ErlNotEarl: Nell, the wig is blue! It’s blue! I love blue. And I guess people are copying MinKi’s expression: gwenchanayo, gwechanayo! I have a bad feeling about this broadcast though. I dunno why but…

mf10 51 mf10 52

Missienelly: Gwenchana, gwenchanayo! What could be wrong, silly?

ErlNotEarl: I didn’t expect this; her father, the girl wearing a blue wig right is the owner of the guitar! Goodness, so is he really in a band with the gangster ahjusshi? Nelly, oh em! This is something I didn’t see coming!

Missienelly: Omo, the minute mute ahjusshi flipped his hair! Aaaah my eyes! What song is this, Erl? C’mon, you know this! Ok MinKi, let’s hear it! I missed your singing!

mf10 53 mf10 54

ErlNotEarl: Nope, I do not know the song. Yes! I’m happy. Kekeke. I like this version of the OST, acoustic, very relaxing. But ah, he’s there! Her father came!

mf10 55 mf10 56

Missienelly: And on that note, you’re finally human! I suddenly feel better that  you don’t know this song kekeke But what in the world here? Her father came with a dead fish! Ack!!!!!! Fish slapped! What a disaster and all caught on tape! That was not a pretty sight!

mf10 57 mf10 58 mf10 59 mf10 60

ErlNotEarl: pretends not to notice the comment Indeed it’s not, but it’s funny. HEHEHEHE. Yes, what’s wrong with Flower Ahjusshi’s picture? Kekeke. His wife says he’s really cute. I believe this saying applies: beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

Missienelly: Shaking my head. I have nothing to say. If that’s what she thinks of him… Just get a room already! Or a house hehehe

ErlNotEarl: They have a house, it’s a few steps away. Omo, microphone ahjumma, don’t speak so soon. You might regret it.

Missienelly: She might! Is there a candidate in mind?

mf10 61 mf10 62

ErlNotEarl: Well, not really but, maybe, just maybe. Let’s wait a bit more. Now am really dying to know what went wrong; there seems to be a story behind his strong dislike of her daughter being an idol of sort. Who’s that woman? Could it be his wife?

Missienelly: Maybe he doesn’t want his daughter ends up like him? Maybe that woman, his wife, left him because of him? We need more stories here. Ahh the kids!

ErlNotEarl: Omo, a little love triangle? Wow! But our little rockstar is still down, what seems to be the problem?

mf10 63 mf10 64

Missienelly: I can’t help but laughing at the kids! Foreign mom and harabeoji dad! I feel sorry with Min Gook. I can relate to him tsk tsk tsk. My dad was older when he had me so people always thought him as my grandpa. So I don’t blame Min Gook for being ashamed of his parents.

ErlNotEarl: Awww, but it’s not nice to judge a book by its cover. I feel bad for the boys but they look so funny, fish slapped! AHAHAHAHA. I must be really sick!

Missienelly: Seriously though, I rather take kimchi slap! At least you can eat them kekeke. Now that’s sick! But ya, MinKi… Get your face clean up first! Oy.

mf10 65 mf10 66 mf10 67 mf10 68

ErlNotEarl: Nice, MinKi is no longer an ahjusshi to our little rockstar, he’s a hyung now! But ah, this is the reason why he’s down. Poor kiddo.

Missienelly: He needs a father. What if MinKi introduce himself as MinHo’s father? Hmmm? Good idea, Erl? Jjakamman, is she out on money hunting again?

ErlNotEarl: That’s an awesome idea Nell, I like it. Scratch that, I love it! I don’t think she’s out of money, just keeping tabs on it. That’s a bad way to open a conversation MinKi, it’s like you’re opening a can of worms, don’t go there!

mf10 69 mf10 70

Missienelly: You know he will… Just look at him.

ErlNotEarl: And the conversation was over before it really started. Goodness! Not so long ago he was so afraid of grasshoppers, now MinKi is happily catching them? He changed a lot.

mf10 71 mf10 72

Missienelly: He is a farmer now! Look, he rather catch grasshoppers than farming? Get to work!

ErlNotEarl: Oh, why is gangster ahjusshi in there? Hmmmm.. And it seems the boys don’t know about his debt. How did he accumulate that much debt anyways? Don’t you find it bizarre Nell?

mf10 73 mf10 74

Missienelly: Bizarre on what? Bizarre on how did MinKi accumulate that much debt OR bizarre on why gangster ahjusshi is in the village? The boys know nothing about it, pretty sure MinKi doesn’t want to bother his friends.

ErlNotEarl: It is bizarre both ways. Awww, Flower Ahjusshi is down because of what his son told him.

Missienelly: To be honest, he looks late 40s. How old is this actor actually? quick running to Google Oh my god, he is my husband’s age!!! He is not even 40, Erl!!! He needs to do something with his hair!

mf10 75 mf10 76

ErlNotEarl: Hair makeover as suggested by Hyuk? Let’s see how this goes.

Missienelly: I’m dying to see the final product! How… AWFUL it will be! Even the hairdresser said “she will do her best!” I can’t…

ErlNotEarl: Same here, I just can’t. I agree with Han Chul, I mean there’s no spaghetti but there’s a very stylish salon? Only in Modern Farmer!

Missienelly: Only in Modern Farmer! Ok, I’m ready for this makeover!

ErlNotEarl: HAHAHAHAHA, I can’t, I just can’t. It’s not even close to Do Min Joon’s look.

mf10 77 mf10 78

Missienelly: I just had a WTF moment with that hair! My tummy hurts from laughing but I noticed something on him! His dimples!!! That is his winning trade!

ErlNotEarl: Oh the dimples. KEKEKE. Pretty sure we will eventually have a bad stomach ache from watching Modern Farmer. Ewww, ramen bar? Just ewww.

Missienelly: Ramen popsicles, Erl! Who would have thought! She’s brilliant!!! Look at drunken ahjusshi’s face! The elder is so smart, pretending to sleep!

mf10 79 mf10 80

ErlNotEarl: It’s brilliant but sigh Flower Ahjusshi so insensitive. Poor Yoon Hee. She’s upset; I can feel it from here.

Missienelly: I want to slap him now! Really, I was just about to be nice and easy on him! Now his karma got him back. He does look like a crazy grandpa! LOL

mf10 81 mf10 82

ErlNotEarl: Why is the kid not telling his mom about the school event? I’m dying to know.

Missienelly: You know the drill. He’s been father-less all his life, I’m sure Yoon Hee never said a word about his dad whereabout. The kid is being thoughtful.

ErlNotEarl: Awww, such a sensitive little kid. He just doesn’t want his mom to be upset. Awww. Wait, I’m sweating through my eyes. Let me just say this, I love how MinKi gets the kid to talk, MinHo is really comfortable with him. He trusts his MinKi hyung.

mf10 83 mf10 84

Missienelly: Wipe your sweat, Erl. It’s a man-to-man talk.

ErlNotEarl: This is such a touching scene. MinKi comforting Yoon Hee and I feel for her, I really do. And Nell, I really don’t like it but the triangle is really on.

mf10 85 mf10 86

Missienelly: I’m crying for Hyuk! He just had to be there!!! Waeeeee?


mf10 87 mf10 88

Modern Farmer A React-Cap Ep 9


ErlNotEarl: Ep 9! Can you feel my excitement Nell? That ending makes me want more, more, more! More of the cuteness of Bul Ja and Ki Joon that is, the pair that we are shipping together. What do you think?

Missienelly: I so want them to be together! His eyes were sparkly, and he appeared to be surrendering his feelings to her without even confessing to her so… Yes, I’m totally shipping these two.

mf9 1 mf9 2

ErlNotEarl: Let’s go then, let’s join the post photo shoot snack time. Ki Joon’s reaction, oh so priceless. And his way of trying to make sense of what he currently feels, boys! Why do I love the denial stage?

Missienelly: I just love the way he feeds his mind with all those bs reasonings!!! I wanna know how far he will deny his own feeling until he totally give up and accept it.

mf9 3 mf9 4 mf9 5 mf9 6

ErlNotEarl: I’ll be waiting with you, Nell. Look who’s back? Covered in blood and bee stings but happily boasting that he now has a girlfriend, ah Han Chul, you’re hopeless.

Missienelly: Yes, he is hopeless, hopelessly in love, but the boy is happy! She said  yes and that’s all that matters now.

ErlNotEarl: Those words are right – for now. Goodness, is it going to be a nightly performance in the field then, to save their children? I admire their dedication.

mf9 7 mf9 8

Missienelly: They are determined to save them – hard work equals money, Erl. Aja, boys!

ErlNotEarl: Work hard so they can play harder, yeah, I guess that’s about right. Girl in pink wig is now officially their manager? Daebak! But her father is going to be a big problem, just look at him dragging his daughter by the ear.

Missienelly: Her worst nightmare once again, how could she ever get away from her dad? I’m convinced her dad was once a musician as well and after he went through in the past, including losing his voice (perhaps?), he does not want his daughter to suffer like he did. Come to think of it, the boys are having a hard time as musician so more so for her dad to say no.

mf9 9 mf9 10

ErlNotEarl: That makes sense but still, aren’t parents supposed to support their child’s aspiration and dreams? Oh well. Waah, and they stayed up all night when there was an easy solution. I can’t believe this day will come, me praising Flower Ahjusshi. Gomawoyo!

Missienelly: Yes, they stayed up all night long tending to their babies. Flower ahjusshi is the new McGyver! As much as I wanna praise him, Erl… He could have shared his expertise sooner! He made the boys suffer!

ErlNotEarl: Well, he’s not a natural giver, it depends on his mood. Have you tasted grasshopper before, Nell? I did, tastes like chicken. Yum!

Missienelly: Are you kidding me???? NO! I will never eat grasshopper! Yuck!

mf9 11 mf9 12 mf9 13 mf9 14

ErlNotEarl: What?! It’s tasty. I’m quite adventurous when it comes to food. Ah, Ki Joon-sshi, just accept it already okay, enough with the waitress from when you were still studying excuse. You luurve her, take it easy on yourself. I so love the background music along with the flashback, btw. Reality that’s the title and I do hope Ki Joon accepts the reality. LOL

Missienelly: The best part is his facial expression! Ki Joon is the man of many faces! I just love watching him. Wait, what? Catching grasshoppers in the field?

ErlNotEarl: That looks fun, I wanna join them. Just look at how happy MinKi is. He’s just soooo cute. Let’s take him home Nell, please, let’s take him home!

mf9 15 mf9 16 mf9 17 mf9 18

Missienelly: Go right ahead, Erl… I wanna take Ki Joon home but the boy is such a coward!

ErlNotEarl: Stupid kid, running away from love! If it was me I won’t avoid it. Kekeke. Oooh, MinKi is finally getting his spaghetti thanks to Yoon Hee. Waah, she’s falling in love, I’m waiting for this. YAY!

Missienelly: The kid is in denial. Deep denial. Again with the face! Oy, now I wanna eat spppaghetti! MinKi is one lucky boy! Ooops, here comes her love interest!!! Hyukkkk!

mf9 19 mf9 20

ErlNotEarl: I’ll pretend I didn’t see anything. Kekeke. See, she stutters; even Hyuk can tell there’s something suspicious about Yoon Hee making/cooking spaghetti.

Missienelly: Hyuk is a sensitive man, love the way he tease her even though it hurts him. Spaghetti looks delicious but MinKi left!

mf9 21 mf9 22

ErlNotEarl: Nooooo! You insensitive puppy, don’t go to that blondie! She worked hard for your meal! Jjebal!

Missienelly: He doesn’t know Yoon Hee made spaghetti though… But even if she said something, I have a feeling MinKi will still go to blondie. Look at Yoon Hee’s face… tsk tsk tsk

ErlNotEarl: Awww, Yoon Hee is upset. Look at what you’ve done MinKi. Oh and Hyuk, my heart is breaking for him even if I don’t really want it to.

Missienelly: I would feel better leaving her with Hyuk. Look at him, he cares for her feeling so dearly… Ei MinKi, can I slap your head?

ErlNotEarl: What? No! He’ll realized soon enough Yoon Hee is meant for him. There, you got dumped well and good. Let’s move on already, I’ve had enough with Han Chul and this psycho girl.

Missienelly: Me too! Can I FF their scene? I’m not interested in her at all! She has no idea how precious Han Chul is… Grrrr

ErlNotEarl: She’s definitely clueless alright. These grasshoppers are really epic, one guy fell for a girl who catches grasshoppers the other got dumped because of it. Grasshoppers are something.

Missienelly: Epic! I love MinKi’s ringtone! He ran to her, Erl! And puppy is down…

ErlNotEarl: That was so hard to watch. Ani, I know I don’t like blondie but he went all the way and didn’t even eat for nothing? GAH!

Missienelly: sigh I just can’t. Now he’s upset, Yoon Hee is upset. Wow… this episode just tearing my heart a little today. Oooooh my couple! He’s confessing! Yay! Ouch!

ErlNotEarl: That’s the thing, if you just told her before that you really like her, that you mean it then you won’t get smacked like that. Oh that moment. My heart hurts. I know who I’m shipping but ah, Hyuk. Wae, wae, wae?

Missienelly: But I like these two, Erl. Just kiss her already!!! I think Hyuk just doesn’t know how to be serious… He should at least give her a back hug!

mf9 23

ErlNotEarl: I like them too alright, I just don’t want them to be together as in “together.” Why do I find it funny that all three of our boys are down so early in the morning? They’re back having canned foods again. Yay, no ramen!

Missienelly: I do too! All with different problems, that includes Hyuk! Look at him, tummy ache because he had too much spaghetti. That’s it, I’m making spaghetti with vegan meat sauce for lunch! Such a great advice, auntie!

mf9 24 mf9 25 mf9 26 mf9 27

ErlNotEarl: Vegan meat sauce? One day, if we meet, I’ll eat vegan everything with you. I agree with Yoon Hee’s aunt, the more you fight like that the more it is possible for you to fall in love with each other. I am sure. Continue!

Missienelly: Of course! The further you get, the longing for the perfect love is stronger. Oh hell, who am I kidding.

ErlNotEarl: Yeah, who are you kidding? What is this, Drunken Ahjusshi dreaming of Mi Young? Hmmm, I think they will really get back together; sooner rather than later.

mf9 28 mf9 29

Missienelly: The sign is pointing at it. But I want him to play hard to get… She hurt him so badly. I just realized, all the men in this drama are suffering from love. Right?

ErlNotEarl: Love is pain, according to one of the songs I know that is. This psycho girl is more like a gangster really, now she’s wanted because of her regular customer. More complications but strangely, I don’t care. I’d rather watch Flower Ahjusshi cook some jjigae. That looks so delicious, now I’m hungry.

mf9 30 mf9 31

Missienelly: Hehe I had jjigae last night. Don’t be jealous! wink Yes, I don’t care about her and her situation at this moment. OMG who is this on the news??? LOL what the hell…?

ErlNotEarl: I’ll try not to be jealous, promise. HAHAHAHAHA. That’s what you call an eyebrow nightmare. Three steps one bow protest? That’s new to me, but it’s for a good cause so they better go. Yoon Hee, the boys are a better option than Drunken Ahjusshi and Flower Ahjusshi, don’t you think so too, Nell?

mf9 32 mf9 33

Missienelly: Erl,  am still distracted by ahjumma’s brows! giggles Yes, she can rely on the boys more so since they aren’t biased. But look how closed MinKi stand next to her?

ErlNotEarl: Really close but Yoon Hee is really angry with clueless MinKi. Omo! What happened to their cabbage farm? It’s all covered with weeds; now I understand why Flower Ahjusshi is insisting for them to cover it with plastic. That looks like a lot of work, pulling weeds in a wide farm.

Missienelly: Urgh, my back screaming already. I wonder how their back feel like? I don’t think I could do it. I’m spoiled, aren’t I?

ErlNotEarl: I won’t be able to do it too. Look at them work, I really admire their dedication. But yeah, it has no match to these weeds, the more you pull them, the more they come back. Why do I find this funny though? I think I am sick.

mf9 34 mf9 35 mf9 36 mf9 37

Missienelly: Nah, I don’t think you are sick. They are funny! I’m laughing at them too. And I love the way they motivate themselves! Too bad, 4 days later… they are defeated by the weeds!

ErlNotEarl: At least they lasted for 4 days, I won’t make it by the 2nd day, I tell you. Flower Ahjusshi is very techy, oh em! Very professional, he’s a farming doctor! Daebak!

Missienelly: He said he’s an early adopter LOL. Just listen to him MinKi, put some money and get plastic already!

mf9 38 mf9 39 mf9 40 mf9 41

ErlNotEarl: He heard you, he’s making some money. Ah, to part with his car, MinKi is really now all about farming. But I don’t approve with gambling, not with grandpa. Haven’t they seen him play that game on the Olympiad? Bad idea.

Missienelly: Ahjusshi, this is an open top car and cut them some slack, will you? I just realized, if the car works, why did MinKi run to the town to see blondie? scratches head Yeah, big mistake playing with grandpa! Gwenchana? Bite your tongue hard, MinKi! He said eight go! LOL

mf9 42 mf9 43 mf9 44 mf9 45

ErlNotEarl: See, what did I tell you? sigh Yoon Hee is eating ramen. sigh I never thought that day would come when I’ll be sick from seeing ramen. Aigoo. MinKi, don’t you dare ask for spaghetti, it’s your fault that you didn’t have some in the first place, you left.

Missienelly: We can never get enough of ramen! It’s our staple food!

ErlNotEarl: Hah? I haven’t had ramen in a month now. Goodness, Yoon Hee is all over the place. The scent of jealousy is all over but MinKi, aaaah! Why are you so insensitive?

mf9 46 mf9 47

Missienelly: But why must she bring blondie into this conversation though? She’s overboard!

ErlNotEarl:Because she’s the reason why he left? Oh no, Han Chul is getting worst! I mention every now and then that he’s dying but, this is so sad.

Missienelly: Snap, and his out of med! Eottokajo? No one knows his condition!

ErlNotEarl: I hope they find out soon, before it’s too late. Seems like Yoon Hee and MinKi are not making up anytime soon. Time for Hyuk to make his actions? You like that Nell, don’t you?

Missienelly: Yes Hyuk, make a move! But it hurts me that no one is taking his confession very seriously! He’s sincere, Yoon Hee ah! Sincere!

ErlNotEarl: He made a wrong move, that’s why. What a coincidence, psycho girl and Han Chul riding the same bus to Seoul. Hmmm, I think she’s sorry about what she did. I still don’t like her but there is a certain reason why she’s acting like that after all.

mf9 48 mf9 49 mf9 50 mf9 51

Missienelly: I’m glad that Han Chul remain mum throughout the trip. He’s a cry baby but he stay true to her words. Good boy! Whatever she is thinking though, dreaming of slapping and putting her down with awful words, is so me! I wish I could just spit out whatever I have in mind but I’m too chicken out…

mf9 52 mf9 53

ErlNotEarl: I won’t be able to say anything in her face too so, yeah.. Oh, the girl with a pink wig is offering a part time job. I wonder what kind of part time job it is…

mf9 54 mf9 55

Missienelly: Performance on her vlog? Hmmmm? Oh hell no! HELLLLL NO!

ErlNotEarl: HAHAHAHAHAHAH. OMO! I can’t, I just can’t! This is so funny!

mf9 56 mf9 57 mf9 58 mf9 59

Missienelly: I cannot believe this! Did you see Ki Joon’s face? So much pain! Well, they all look in pain! For the money, boys! MONEY!

ErlNotEarl: I am at the point of crying too, from laughing! Bad idea psycho girl, why are you visiting him, you’re gonna get caught! Run away, now, ruuuuunnnnn!

mf9 60 mf9 61 mf9 62 mf9 63

Missienelly: For once, I thought she’s smart! Geez, where is her brain?

ErlNotEarl: I dunno, maybe it got lost in her stash of sweet potatoes? Han Chul is really, really, getting worse, he needs to be hospitalized, awww. I thought so; they’re at the same hospital. And no, don’t drop the coffee, Hyuk wants that!

mf9 64 mf9 65

Missienelly: I fear for him. Writer-nim, they wouldn’t kill him would they? But too late, he dropped the coffee! Just act normal han Chul! Aish!

ErlNotEarl: Ahhhh, what was that? What just happened? Noooo! Can I close my eyes please! Ahhh, he’s a hero. But I don’t wanna be your hero, I don’t want to be a good man.

Missienelly: He’s at the end of his life, he got nothing to lose now! Run psycho girl, run! He’s back to playing hero!

mf9 66 mf9 67 mf9 68 mf9 69

Modern Farmer A React-Cap Ep 8


 Missienelly: Okay, we are going on full speed now. I have my tea ready and I am ready to rock n roll with Modern Farmers! Ok, boys… Make us laugh from 3, 2, 1…. GO!

ErlNotEarl: Nice, I’m having tea myself and I just can’t wait for another ep, I am so excited yet dreading at the same time.

 Missienelly: Don’t dread it, Erl. So, do you remember what I asked you on the previous episode? Is this the beginning of a triangle love between MinKi-Yoon Hee-Hyuk?

 ErlNotEarl: I don’t want to believe it, but it sort of is. I mean the look that Hyuk gave Yoon Hee, the way Yoon Hee looks at MinKi. Heck, I think it is a square! But then there’s a big difference with loving someone and feeling sorry and wanting to protect someone. Just saying, that is.

 Missienelly: Well, I will leave it up to MinKi and let him sort of his feelings. But I really love how MinKi expressed his love towards blondie. He’s the man who wants to protect her, which we both know Yoon Hee desperately needed. I feel sad for Yoon Hee. I wonder if the man she loves or once loved know about MinHo.

mf8 1 mf8 2

 ErlNotEarl: I refuse to believe it’s love, I wanna be blinded here. He just want to be responsible about what he’s done to her, how she’s staying in the limelight for him, at least that’s what he knows and thought of. Moving on, there’s an emergency and awww, what’s up with Mr. Flower?

Missienelly: Omo, omo, omo… the trouble is back!!! But is this the work of that psycho girl? For once, I pitied Flower ahjusshi. These plants are like children to him. I am sad for him, I know how it feels when everything you planted get ruined overnight. 

mf8 3 mf8 4

ErlNotEarl: I don’t think it’s psycho girl’s work, she’s digging for goods but not to sell. I agree with Yoon Hee that this is the work of professionals, I do hope they get caught and fast, to avenge Flower ahjusshi and his “children.” Oh and yeah, I dunno how to keep plants alive. Look at that, I love how organized this village is, there’s gonna be nightwatchmen, ehm I mean night patrols from now on which of course makes Han Chul uneasy.

Missienelly: Did someone say nightwatchmen? Where’s my Il Woo-ssi? winks See, what did I tell you? Han Chul is just so dumb and slow he finally realized what he did with that psycho girl. I hope he walks away just to figure out how to tell them, not to escape from the situation. Kekeke, him and psycho girl are now dubbed as specialized robbers. LOL

ErlNotEarl: Nah, he’s blinded; he’s gonna warn her and save her from being caught. He’s really not lucky though, when he reached her temporary house, she’s already gone according to grandpa who is drying some nuts. Why do I feel suspicious about them? Could it be..

mf8 5 mf8 6 mf8 7 mf8 8

Missienelly: Han Chul ah, haven’t you learned already from your almond experience with grandpa? Good god… LOL

ErlNotEarl: Why do you even bother to ask? We’ve established that he is dumb most of the time. Kekeke. Though really, grandpa makes me laugh so hard, he’s too frugal. HAHAHAHA.

Missienelly: Hmmmm now Hyuk is stuck in love triangle too? Oy, if another love triangle pops up, I’m gonna pull my hair! Can’t keep up!

mf8 9 mf8 10

ErlNotEarl: And here I thought Flower Ahjussi’s sister likes MinKi, all good though. I don’t want another triangle, circles, I want circles! Or period, like something you should put between Drunken Ahjusshi and Mi Young. What do we have here though, her turn to explain?

Missienelly: I do not think explaining what she went through in her life has something to do with drunken ahjusshi. I really hope he man up and won’t forgive her. Hahahaha it’s raining piss again! This drama just…

mf8 11 mf8 12

ErlNotEarl: But she’s crying, men are very weak when it comes to women’s tears. It’s the same spot, I think that spot is Yoon Hee’s uncle’s bathroom. Their reactions! Oh Lord, this is killing me really, goodness this drama!

Missienelly: Ding dong deng! Stupid Han Chul! He will be dead on these farmers’ hands!

ErlNotEarl: He’d rather he die than his love interest, dang dumb Han Chul! Can we just skip this part please, so frustrating.

mf8 13 mf8 14 mf8 15 mf8 16

Missienelly: Oh believe me Erl, I so wanna FF too! Hmmmm… Judging how Yoon Hee suddenly turn off the tv and get angry, this pianist dude must be her ex!

ErlNotEarl: Must be MinHo’s dad yes. And I have a feeling he’s not even aware of what he’s done or he’s just a jerk who doesn’t care. Aww, sweet, go MinKi, go MinKi go! He’s sensitive, my MinKi is sensitive!

mf8 17 mf8 18

Missienelly: MinKi hopped on! Awwwww I just can’t! It’s hard to ship them two, Erl. MinKi’s baby face and our very own Miss Korea! Andwae!

ErlNotEarl: Dwae, dwae! Hold on tight Yoon Hee, just do it! If it was me I sure will hold on tight. And just look at how he’s trying to cheer her up. I love you Hongki, I mean MinKi.

mf8 19 mf8 20

Missienelly: As much as I hate to say it but this is why I love MinKi more and more. He’s wise, right? What…? Twenty-seven years old? He’s too young to be in this age? The way he compliment her beauty, so cute! Ahjumma power!

ErlNotEarl: He is really wise and let’s not think of his age, we both know he’s younger than that. I’m loving the cuteness, puppy, noona is melting.

mf8 21 mf8 22 mf8 23 mf8 24

Missienelly: He sure tried hard to entertain her! Uhm, did I see a hint of smile on his face? The boy is enjoying the free hug, isn’t he? But there is no love, more of friendship I see. It sure hard to ship them like this, Erl.

mf8 25

ErlNotEarl: He gave it his best shot and come one, don’t kid me, you like it when he smiles too. Kekeke. I’m actually enjoying it too, if I can I’ll give him a free hug anytime he wants one.. Yoon Hee looks like she’s enjoying it too anyways. I’m shipping them, there’s something in there, I shall ship them! Wait though, he spotted the thieves! Omo, omo!

Missienelly: C’mon, get them! Be a man, MinKi! Yoon Hee, get off and quit staring! Our poor puppy is hurt! He better not get amnesia! LOL ahjumma, she’s definitely worried and concerned of him. Bahahhaha MinKi’s face, I just can’t!

mf8 26 mf8 27 mf8 28 mf8 29

ErlNotEarl: Holy rabies, the puppy! Nooooo! And I don’t like amnesia too, please writernim no amnesia, please! It’s so sweet that she cried, awww, I knew it, she cares, she really cares. That’s a start. MinKi is just too cute, really cute. Can I take him home, please, can I, can I? He wants spaghetti, I can give it to him, easily.

mf8 30 mf8 31 mf8 32 mf8 33

Missienelly: Sorry, I’m more senior than you. I get to take MinKi home giggles. C’mon, can he be more realistic, where can you get spaghetti this early in a crappy town? But now that he mentioned it, na do baegopa! I wanna eat some Korean food too! Aish!

ErlNotEarl: Well he’s just being honest, he was asked what he wanted and he answered honestly. Well, even if I’m hungry, I can’t because I am now having my tea, no food allowed after tea. This is fun, kure Han Chul-sshi, you brought it upon yourself you little dumb tiger you.

Missienelly:Yes, Han Chul. Tell them the truth. LOL thieves pretty eyes! That should work! C’mon, psycho girl, you can do it!!! But wait, I thought he only saw the eyes, so how could he tell the rest of the face? Am I missing something?

mf8 34 mf8 35 mf8 36 mf8 37

ErlNotEarl: Excuse me while I laugh at everyone’s reaction to this sketch session. HAHAHAHAHA. I just can’t! I can’t! And I might be missing something too, too distracted by the shiny eyes from a romantic comic.

Missienelly: Right? That looks more like a manga drawing!

ErlNotEarl: Indeed. What’s this idea? More patrol and CCTV?!

mf8 38 mf8 39

Missienelly: CCTV on the farm? Wow, isn’t this a bit too much though? I’m disappointed with these ladies. Flower ahjusshi is right. Glad drunken ahjusshi is there to cool him off. Hey, the cabbages sprouted really well. Oh wait, what just happened here? Bahahaha who would steal those tiny sprouted cabbages?

ErlNotEarl: That is indeed not good, they could have asked somebody before they took those juicy apples. The deers ate them, not stole. Must be delicious. I feel for MinKi though and the boys. They work so hard, really hard. What to do now? Stay guard for a whole night, keep a speaker like what our Drunken Ahjusshi said? What is this brilliant idea that Hyuk has?

mf8 40 mf8 42

Missienelly: I have an idea! Why don’t they fence up their territory? What the hell, where did they get their stuffs? Hyuk’s brilliant ideas shaking my head. Aigooooo Erl, I know this song!!!! Sweet Child of Mine by Guns N Roses! Playing for their babies? Oy, that’s an electric guitar! Where do you get the power? Facepalm, this drama… Do they think we are stupid?

mf8 42 mf8 43

ErlNotEarl: It’s too huge to install fences, it’s gonna cost money. Wow, you know the song, yay! I was thinking the same, these seedlings are their baby but where does the power come from? Oh well, let’s just overlook that and enjoy how hot the boys are with the instrument, shall we? Oi, Han Chul, asking for a date. That’s an improvement! Sure is something if you know you’re dying I think.

Missienelly: Han Chul never gives up, isn’t he? Jjakkamman, is she falling for MinKi? She’s falling hard, eh? Wow, that’s a gallon of coffee! I will be wired!

mf8 44 mf8 45 mf8 46 mf8 47

ErlNotEarl: I think she’s falling for MinKi, ah this is painful, she likes him, he likes someone else and someone else likes her. Ouch! MinKi though, yah! Why are you so petty?! But that coffee, it looks so sad, wae? Coffee should be happy looking! Look at Ki Joon, hiding from love. One of this days I tell you, you will be chasing her and not the other way around.

Missienelly: Happy looking coffee? You’re weird, Erl. Hahaha they left their drums in the field? Wait wait wait, mute ahjusshi lost his voice to singing? Seolma, maybe he was once a musician too? He looked back… Yes, yes, I think he was musician too. Maybe, with gangsta ahjusshi? Do you see where am I going there, Erl?

mf8 48 mf8 49

ErlNotEarl: They are really gonna play all night for the seedlings, oh wow! that’s a concert I want to attend. I see where you’re going and I’m with you with your hunch, and the way he touched the guitar case, was he a guitarist? Are we going to find out the mystery behind the chance given by gangsta ahjusshi? Han Chul is sneaking away, playing hookie to go on that date with psycho girl, good luck but not really.

Missienelly: But Han Chul, you already confessed! How many times do you need to confess to her?

ErlNotEarl: I know right? But let’s see. Where are they going? Oh, MinKi and Yoon Hee are at the back. I think MinKi’s adopting the country expression. Kekeke. Wait, is MinKi’s hands on her thigh or am I getting overly delusional here? But the view, wow, the view! It made MinKi stop with his whining.

mf8 50 mf8 51

Missienelly: Yes, yes… I saw that too. His hand was on her thigh! Must be unintentional, right? Wait, what song is this? Ok Erl, spill it!

ErlNotEarl: It’s Bang Bang by Jessie J, Ariana Grande and Nicki Minaj. Why do I know this song again? I’m a bit embarrassed. Yay, my favorite place ever, coffee shop! Coffee, give it here, here!

Missienelly: Iced Americano? Eeeeew! Shut up flower ahjusshi, let your kid sister work there! I swear, if I get to meet him in person, I’m gonna strangle him!

mf8 52 mf8 53

ErlNotEarl: Take it easy, Flower Ahjusshi is not so bad, he has his moment. I can’t get over MinKi’s expression when he made his first sip, wow, he’s so like me! Coffee, I love coffee! Wait, are they exchanging glances, Mi Young and Drunken Ahjusshi?

Missienelly: What glance? Did I miss it? Oooooh is that… Couple T? I have always want one! Maybe we should do that, Erl! One for you and one for me! Wae, we can be couple too, no? Distance couple hehehe! Wahhhhh, I have never been on this kind of train before! So pretttttty!

mf8 54 mf8 55

ErlNotEarl: Alright, let’s do that. I’ll wear one for and with you, just don’t chose that color or the print. Kekeke. Indeed it’s a fancy train. Me likey! But why do I have a feeling this is not gonna end good?

Missienelly: Gotta give a prop to Han Chul! He is terrible at dating but his effort is admirable! I still don’t like her though. Okay, she owe him twice now! Look at her… He’s too good for her! The fudge! He’s bleeding all over! Now I forgot what I wanna say! LOL

ErlNotEarl: He is really too good for her I mean. That look though, makes me wanna sing: I keep bleeding, keep, keep bleeding love. Kekeke. She forgot what she wanna say too, or maybe she feels bad, gotta give props that she does know how to feel bad for someone. Dang it, this customers thinks they’re in a bar or something? Wait, seolma, are they…

mf8 56

Missienelly: OMG, for the first time I know what the song you sang! Bleeding Love by Leona Lewis! pats shoulder The robbers!!!! Wait, look at drunken ahjusshi’s face! He’s to the rescue! What’s wrong with these men? Omo the fight! This is so wrong, Erl! So wrong!!!!! LMAO x1000000000!!!!

mf8 57 mf8 58 mf8 59 mf8 60

ErlNotEarl: He’s a neighborhood oppa, why is that familiar? And lookie, MinKi to the rescue of his noona! What’s wrong with the background music, argh! It’s a fight but it’s so epicly funny! Show, you are so awesome! The eye contact, oh gracious, that’s the pair of eyes that we are looking for!

Missienelly: I still haven’t recovered from the makeout scene! Yes, MinKi! Catch them! Let’s go! I so hope they will get caught! Oh shit, the candy bars! Mortal kombat grandpa!!!!!!

mf8 61 mf8 62

ErlNotEarl: It’s hard to breathe, it’s difficult. LOL! They messed with the wrong grandpa, we both know how much he loves his choco bars! And with that, the thieves ended behind bars. Wait, aren’t you supposed to smile at customers? Right Nell?

Missienelly: Uhm duh of course she has, she’s the owner of the cafe! I would walk away if she served me coffee with a long face! Bahahaha look at Han Chul, he is so happy! Omo, runnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn!

mf8 63 mf8 64

ErlNotEarl: Oh God, bees!!! Nooooo!!

Missienelly: Gwenchana? Mwo gwenchana, Han Chul-shi? Aish!

ErlNotEarl: What the hell kind of question is that?! Sorry, she is making me soooo mad right now, I just wanna get my hand on her hair. But Han Chul, saying “I love you” awww.

mf8 65 mf8 66

Missienelly: He needs to wake up from this dream, I tell you. Goodness, this kid… So rude! Did she just call drunken ahjusshi country bumpkin? Seriously, I love these writers! This drama is so hilarious! Wahhhh pepper spray!

ErlNotEarl: Yeah, she’s rude but she’s cute. Kekeke. Cut her some slack, she’s from the city and now she’s staying in the country, she must be having a hard time. Right, I love the writers too! Writernim, saranghaeyo! The pepper says bodyguard, I almost spilled my tea. HAHAHAHA. Drunken Ahjusshi is a hopeless romantic I tell you and ah, I think they are going to start over.

Missienelly: We have too much of these two in this episode, eh Erl? How can he be so smooth after head banging and stinging bees? SMH

ErlNotEarl: I have this strong urge to hit forward, I mean it, I really do! So tired of these two Nell. Oh storytelling with MinKi, he thinks he’s the hero. But he’s so cute, I just can’t. Sorry, I’m  biased. 

Missienelly: Kurrae, kurrae MinKi. Your ego is high MinKi you said yes to spaghetti! Oooh picture time! Asa watch out Ki Joon, makeover time!!!!

mf8 67 mf8 68

ErlNotEarl: Noooo, nooo, take it back, no to spaghetti. Yes, he made it, he recovered. Phew, for a second I thought… I love taking photos, this is good! As expected, she’s a beauty! Reminds me of Shin MinAh. Look at Ki Joon, how is it? You like what you see?

mf8 69 mf8 70

Missienelly: Right? He is smitten and salivating! Look at his face! ROFLMAO Erl, are you laughing as hard as me???? This is definitely wedding picture worthy! His smile is so creepy though! LOL

mf8 71 mf8 72

ErlNotEarl: I’m dying, I might die from laughing really, this show is so awesome. We hear du gun du gun again, OMO! Ki Joon is soo in love! And so am I, I love this show! I <3 Modern Farmer!

mf8 73

Modern Farmer A React-Cap Ep 7


Missienelly: Okay, sorry for the delay. RL can be a pain, right? But don’t sweat, we are back and ready to watch another Modern Farmer episode. Are you ready, Erl?

ErlNotEarl: Yes, we’re back and I agree with you my dear Nell, RL can be a real pain but it’s all good, we got dramas to cure that pain and we got Modern Farmer. And I am so ready to begin this ep.

Missienelly: Good, let’s recap on episode 6. Yoon Hee decided to greet MinKi’s mom instead. But why is he refusing to walk into the house? Omo, is that his sister? Goodness, now I know why he wouldn’t want to get into the house. Another case of cheating here. Tsk tsk tsk

mf7 1 mf7 2

ErlNotEarl: This is something that I will never understand, what’s the fun in cheating anyways? Why settle down if you’re gonna cheat? Wae, wae, wae?! And I guess realization always comes in the end, when it’s too late. sigh But yeah, no wonder MinKi refuses to go in and there he goes, walking out of the door.

mf7 3 mf7 4

Missienelly: Hey MinKi, eodiga? Oh my god, the photo on the cassette. It is Hyuk’s mom! It’s funny that he previously said he was going to visit his dead girlfriend aka his mom! Oh Erl, he is breaking my heart! This guy is so charming!

ErlNotEarl: I didn’t quite see this coming but, the pain, my heart. My eyes, I think I’m sweating through my eyes. Hold on, lemme do something about it. wipes with tissue Back, so is MinKi and yes, he’s not so bad…

mf7 5 mf7 6

Missienelly: See, see he ain’t bad at all…. This boy is so wise and caring. Yoon Hee is definitely touched by MinKi’s gesture for changing the bulb. And she probably had a moment there… Look at her face! It is like she suddenly falling in love or something lol

mf7 7 mf7 8 mf7 9 mf7 10

ErlNotEarl: I bet she finds him shiny, maybe she sort or wanna take back the immature remark earlier. Let my ship sail. YAY!

Missienelly: You mean SHINee? giggles Aiii…I suddenly feeling mellow and touched by MinKi’s gesture for giving money to his deongsaeng. And yeah, help yourself with the money hehehe

ErlNotEarl: I knew he doesn’t treat his deongsaeng badly, it’s not her fault. And although he shows he doesn’t care about his mother, in truth, he does. Ah, my MinKi. Kekeke.

Missienelly: Yes, he does. I’m glad he has good heart. Oy facepalm, what are we gonna do with Han Chul? He is a goner!!!! He’s creeping her out now! This man has no shame!

mf7 11 mf7 12

ErlNotEarl: Well, he’s dying remember? It’s his last chance but I do agree with you that what he’s doing is creepy. Not cool dude. Like MinKi delivering veggies, not cool too. Kekeke. I thought they’re done though. Oooh, he’s asked to cover for the singer who couldn’t come. Yay! I like this, I like this! Come on, give it to us!

Missienelly: C’mon, please say yes! You know you wanna sing, MinKi!!! Hahahaha, look at Yoon Hee clapping for him. Hey, at least he got ONE fan, right?

mf7 13 mf7 14

ErlNotEarl: He got three! There’s you and me and Yoon Hee! Lookie, he’s gonna sing! The outfit is dreadful but never mind, the voice, that’s important. The voice…

Missienelly: Forget about that crappy outfit but aaaaaaaah, what a voice! Saranghae HongKi! I mean, saranghae MinKi!!! Geez, I’m dead the minute he hits that high notes! Honestly, my jaw is on the floor with Yoon Hee now.

mf7 15 mf7 16

ErlNotEarl: I melt, OMG, I melt! My jaw is on the floor too! Goodness, that voice and the look on Yoon Hee’s face. Sorry gf but I think she’s falling for him. She even praised him. But the bickering has to tone down a bit, really but I guess MinKi has a point. That hard earned money gone to waste.

Missienelly: Money is important but her ankle is twisted again! Quit yelling, Yoon Hee! Gasp! Did you notice? He did not drop her! Shame on you, Hyuk!

ErlNotEarl: I noticed alright, I wasn’t blinking! He carried her all the way to where the truck was parked. MinKi, you’re the man! That’s right make her shut up for once!

mf7 17 mf7 18

Missienelly: No matter how cute they are, I’m still shipping her with Hyuk. So we are divided now. Take a look at this, I have no words for Han Chul now! facepalm

ErlNotEarl: I am so tempted to just skip this part altogether. Such a goner really and to peep into her room? Of course we both know where the girl is – treasure hunting!

Missienelly: Someone really need to show her how to shovel properly!!! Geez, wae is he so dumb???? Who in the right mind would be farming at this wee hour? Aish! If I can slap his head I would!

mf7 19 mf7 20

ErlNotEarl: He’s done for, period! All the excuses he’s giving her to cover the whole picture. Someone please pour Han Chul a bucket of ice water for him to wake up, please!

Missienelly: LOL ice bucket challenge kdrama style!Btw, I so want her to get caught now! Why is Han Chul so freaking dumb? I had enough of him, Erl. He is definitely blinded by her! Can’t he senses her chicken voice tone? Yes, take the sweet potatoes home! If you won’t, I will!

ErlNotEarl: Me too, I love sweet potatoes. Kekeke. Oh, they’re back in the truck. I really want to be Yoon Hee right now. But she seemed to be really upset or shaken. Must be because of MinKi showing his manliness.

mf7 21 mf7 22

Missienelly: Well, I think noona can’t get over her money. So sad. Look at her banging her head left and right! Oi Hyuk, that’s one ugly hair clipper!

ErlNotEarl: She’s just tired, and confused. That’s what I think it is. I agree about the pin, it’s tacky! Oh no! Yoon Hee needs a bathroom, too much ice coffee apparently! I’m gonna die from laughing. Oh God! Though I have to admit I love that MinKi gave her a piggyback ride!

mf7 23 mf7 24 mf7 25 mf7 26

Missienelly: Bahahahaha did it do to you too Erl if you had too much iced coffee? I don’t drink it so I wouldn’t know! OMG I am still laughing! Korean drama and their forever bathroom humor!

ErlNotEarl: I’m never into iced coffee, I love my coffee really hot and I’ve never had that kind of reaction ever. Kekeke. But hey, she’s saved! There’s the washroom, courtesy of Yoo Na!

mf7 27 mf7 28 mf7 29 mf7 30

Missienelly: This girl definitely loves herself a lot! So many photos of her! I don’t like her hair color. It’s too orange-y! And no highlights! Fuggly! Awwwww, Yoon Hee finally realized the hair clipper. Will she know who put clip it on to her hair?

ErlNotEarl: Don’t get me started with the hair. I love her hair in the Master’s Sun but here? Hideous! And why can’t MinKi say anything about them being cabbage farmers? There’s nothing to be shy about it. The clip; let’s wait and see.

mf7 30l mf7 31

Missienelly: Errrr, what’s with the sudden rage, Yoon Hee??? I smell jealousy!!!

ErlNotEarl: Well, I probably would be angry too since she sort of treasure being his first love, remember the cassette tapes that she kept all these years and he outright denied that she’s his first love.

Missienelly: Oh yeah, i remember those flashbacks. Hmmmm did you smell something between Hyuk and blondie? Did Hyuk do something and give EXSO’s dream up for this little blonde? What do you think?

ErlNotEarl: I smell something yes and there’s this under lining sarcasm in his words and I love it. I love double meanings lately all thanks to someone I’ve been stalking. Kekeke. Back to Hyuk and blondie though, I think Hyuk discover something about the president and blondie, just a speculation but, let us wait and see.

mf7 32 mf7 33

Missienelly: Wait, who is your new stalking victim? winks Goodness, have we all forgotten about Ki Joon and Bul Ja??? Bahahaha How long have they been buried underneath those piles of fertilizer bags??? Wow, Hwa Ran can definitely scream!!! Look at her face! Ki Joon, did you look at her face?

ErlNotEarl: Like you have no idea. winks I want them to be buried there forever! Kekeke. She can definitely scream and thank heavens we now know her real name. I have a feeling he didn’t look because if he did, he’ll be mesmerized.

Missienelly: I have this feeling blondie is doing something illegal or she was pressured by someone. I don’t know, maybe we will find out later…Look at her face, she suddenly looked distance the minute that elevator door shut. Hmmmm

ErlNotEarl: I do feel something terrible is going on, could it be the president? Hmmm, me and my speculations. MinKi sensed something too I think because there he goes, ditching Yoon Hee and Hyuk to return to her apartment.

mf7 34 mf7 35

Missienelly: Traitor! MinKi, aren’t you the driver? I can’t trust Hyuk!!! Andwae, I can’t trust him driving alone! Oh my god, he’s torturing me! What kind of man is he??? He can’t drive!!!!!! I just can’t!

ErlNotEarl: And he said he’s smart, kekeke. That is so funny! Do it again. Look at Yoon Hee’s face, oh goodness!

mf7 36 mf7 37

Missienelly: Yoon Hee’s terrified face was priceless! LOL. Now we are back with these boring couple. Urgh, I don’t know why MinKi likes blondie so much. They bored me to death. Next scene, please.

ErlNotEarl: I don’t feel any spark at all, him and her together, so bland. Ack, I don’t really like bland. But ah, so that’s how they started, this is interesting, makes me wonder…

Missienelly: Aaaah, he once had a big dream, ya? I really want to know what went wrong with him and EXSO.

ErlNotEarl: I’m dying to know what went wrong. MinKi, have some courtesy will you, will it hurt you to answer the phone? Just let Yoon Hee know you’re busy with that boring girl! Well, I think I have to give this to Hyuk; he is indeed smart, he thought of a way for them to get home and called a driver! And Mr. Driver thought Hyuk is Yoon Hee’s husband, hmmm..

mf7 38 mf7 39

Missienelly: LOL he is happy when he heard the word nampyeon! And Yoon Hee is just something else… Oy, I’m totally shipping them! They look good together!

ErlNotEarl: I know you would. I’ll ship MinKi and Yoon Hee though, there’s just so much spark there for me to set aside that is. Forget about bland blondie, I’ll erase her if I can. He doesn’t deserve my sweet MinKi.

Missienelly: Can’t they cook their own ramen? LOL orabeoni got a slave! Wait, do you think Yoo Hee’s deongsaeng likes the pink wig girl?

mf7 40 mf7 41

ErlNotEarl: Apparently they can’t, poor souls. Don’t you find it funny that the girl with a pink wig just bypasses Han Chul like every time? Hyuk is so lucky I mean having a slave; that’s something. And look at the way she looks at him while he drinks. Yoon Hee’s little brother? Hmmm, maybe.

Missienelly: Hands down, I really love this drama!!!! Did you see how she poke fun at her own self? Lee Honey? Han Hyo Joo? LOL this drama is the greatest if I haven’t said enough already. Aigooooo, MinKi is back. Wait, wow… microphone ahjumma is running away with yet another gossip to spread! Her laugh is super hilarious!

ErlNotEarl: I was laughing so hard it’s so difficult to breath. I love this show, I know I said that before but I really love this show! Well about time for MinKi to come back and boys, please, don’t ask any more questions, nothing happened because the girl is bland. Period! Bul Ja and Ki Joon however, now that’s sizzling! Go microphone ahjumma, spread the good word, they’re married! Kekeke.

mf7 42 mf7 43 mf7 44 mf7 45

Missienelly: Sorry Ki Joon, no one will believe you! Hahahaha… wahhhhhh, their babies sprouted overnight!!! Asa, Hae Chul did not overwater them!!!! Urgh, Mr. Flower is forever bashing these boys down. C’mon, give them some slack and get happy with them! Aaaoooph!

ErlNotEarl: I won’t listen to any explanation either even if i know what really happened. Kekeke. They are meant to be and that’s it. I’m happy that Han Chul didn’t murder their babies, and Mr. Flower, please, I agree with Nell, let the boys enjoy their achievement, they’re not use to farming, you should give them credits when it’s due.

mf7 46 mf7 47 mf7 48 mf7 49

Missienelly: Who sing this song? I’m starting to love this OST!

ErlNotEarl: A guy from Infinite, I know you know who he is, Nam WooHyun and the title is When Love Comes. It’s growing on me too, very groovy. HongKi released an acoustic version btw. Look at them happily watering their babies, that looks so fun. I wish I can grow something too.

Missienelly: WooHyun? Aaaah me wuvs him hehehe. Wait, what kind of nut is that? How are they so tasty that it tasted like premium bacon? Oy, Flower ahjusshi! It’s not fried, it’s roasted you fool! shaking my head

mf7 50 mf7 51

ErlNotEarl: What is a Pea Puff? Hmmm, maybe it does taste good. We will never know until we try one, don’t you think? Oh so that’s the reason why Mi Young moved back to the countryside, her business went bankrupt. Little girl, try to understand your mom please. Poor Mi Young, her sighs can split a rock I tell you. Wait, she sees Drunken Ahjusshi, I refuse to call him by his proper name sorry. No, don’t come near him, noooo!!

Missienelly: So what’s the deelio…. OMG staaaaahppppp! He’s peeing all over and on himself now! Eeeeewww, wash your hand, drunken ahjusshi! I’m not a big fan of this girl, Erl. I don’t know, he hurt him badly.

mf7 52 mf7 53 mf7 54 mf7 55

ErlNotEarl: Same here but I think Drunken Ahjusshi still has feelings for her or something. sigh That flashback, the taro leaves. melts

Missienelly: I think first cut is the deepest but who knows… he may still have feelings for her. Awwwww, lookie… drunken ahjusshi is jjinja jjinja romantic. Can someone do that to me too when it rains? Oh yes, I’m so glad he told her that! Eeeeeeewwwww, this drama really! It’s raining pee all over, Erl!

ErlNotEarl: I’m happy he said it but I know it’s just letting her know how hurt he was. GAH! I’m lost for words! It’s raining pee! HAHAHAHAHA.

mf7 56 mf7 57 mf7 58 mf7 59

Missienelly: Awwwww Yoon Hee and her flashback. Is it for money or is it because of MinKi?

ErlNotEarl: It’s because of MinKi, kyaaaah! She’s beginning to see him as a man and not a kid. But oy, I guess we can say she lost her mind for a moment. They must really loved those pea puffs I mean look at those faces. And now Yoon Hee’s back to seeing him as an immature guy. Hah! Auntie’s hungry, will she comes out?

mf7 60 mf7 61

Missienelly: Oh my, auntie needs to get out from  her cave. Her tummy is grumbling! One lesson she needs now: accepts the fact that she’s a bad cook. Period. Omo, did she just steal the boys’ nuts? Wait, that did not come out right! LOL. Look at their faces though. Covered in black ashes!

ErlNotEarl: It will take some time for that to sink in okay, let her nurse her wounds. And she did steal them, that’s right. Cute faces full of black ashes nonetheless. Why do I find the name of the cows to be really not fitting. LOL.

mf7 62 mf7 63 mf7 64 mf7 65

Missienelly: Hey, leave my cows alone! She caught on with the hairclip! Aigoooo I’ll be so dead if Hyuk come that close to me! C’mon Yoon Hee, don’t you like that he is your husband?

ErlNotEarl: That was cute, I’ll have to give you that but, yeah, you know already. Wait, she has a blog, nice. What’s the address, I wanna follow. There’s something suspicious though…

Missienelly: You in stalker mode, Erl! Who is that she’s checking? Her husband? MinHo’s appa?

ErlNotEarl: Must be, because look at how shocked she was when her younger brother came in and how forcefully she closed her laptop. Careful, I know someone whose laptop died that way.

Missienelly: And the laptop is still dead cries Wookay, I had enough. Hae Chul is so clingy!!! Look at her face… I’m sorry girl, you’re definitely dead or your treasure hunt search is ruined!

ErlNotEarl: I just can’t, I gave up, I’m lost for words.

mf7 66 mf7 67

Missienelly: Isn’t that gangsta ahjusshi? Awwwww, these two are tending to their broken hearts over soju. G’awwwdd, after that mature speech, how can he just screamed at grasshopper? MinKi failed as a man! Period. Yes, uri nampyeon is back and jealous!

mf7 68 mf7 69 mf7 70 mf7 71

ErlNotEarl: Yes, that’s gangster ahjusshi, he wants his money of course. I was actually disappointed when he screamed, I mean that was all fancy talk and such, I was falling. Yoon Hee is looking at him as if he’s shining and then aaaah! Curse you grasshopper! You ruined MinKi’s moment!

mf7 72 mf7 73 mf7 74 mf7 75

Missienelly: Is this… seolma, is this the start of a love triangle? Do we want a love triangle, Erl?

ErlNotEarl: I don’t like it but I think it is the start and I don’t think we’ll be in the same ship, not at all. I don’t want this triangle but Modern Farmer is gonna give it to us whether we’re ready or not.

mf7 76 mf7 77

Modern Farmer A React-Cap Ep 6


ErlNotEarl: Episode 6, woohoo, we’re doing our best to catch up with Modern Farmer and we are loving it, right, Nelly? The humor, the boys, the villagers, they have all grown on me and I want more!

Missienelly: Yeah, I want more too! Currently I’m watching 12 dramas and lately, I have been looking forward to Modern Farmer more and more. That’s the truth!

ErlNotEarl: 12? That many? And here I am watching only this show. Anyways, are you ready? Let’s go?

Missienelly: So, so ready! Let’s go crazy with them!

ErlNotEarl: Wookay! Let’s rewind for a bit to Hyuk sewing little Minho’s bag, while Yoon Hee sleeps in a sitting position without anything to lean on, I haven’t tried that. How about you Nell?

mf6 1 mf6 2

Missienelly: I don’t think I have. But listen, forget about her! I’m distracted by Hyuk and his puppy eyes. Awwwwww, my heart  breaks and lookie lookie. He wanted to put her to bed! How sweet! Omo! What the….? Gosh this drama is just too much!

ErlNotEarl: I know right, just when my heart starts to hurt and I begin to melt, aaaah.. How can he drop her like that? HAHAHAHAHA.

Missienelly: That was a hard drop! And he complained how heavy she is? Oh geez…. He is failing big time! Not cool, Hyuk! Not cool!

mf6 3 mf6 4

ErlNotEarl: It’s not cool but it’s funny. Kekeke. Ahh, Mr. Flower is playing hard to get, it seems they have to slave away some more in his farm before he teach them his secret, thankfully his mother is kind, although she can’t shut her trap; she gives them food all the time.

Missienelly: I like microphone ahjumma and regardless of her big mouth, Mr. Flower should be lucky to have her as his mom. But you’re right, he is playing hard to get. I hate him for torturing our boys. H.A.T.E!!!

ErlNotEarl: Just look at it this way, nothing comes for free in this world. Aw but look, Ki Joon now knows how to apologize. I think we will be shipping this pair together, am I right Nell?

Missienelly: You’re  more forgiving than me! Anyway, I’m totally shipping them, Erl. We must. They are match made in Ha Doo Rok Ri hehehe. Oh my god, I don’t think I can watch this! Oh my god! Is this really happening????

mf6 5 mf6 6

ErlNotEarl: It’s happening alright and I like what I’m seeing and that goes for microphone ahjumma too. Oh my God, the whole village will know about this I tell you! Is it bad if I laugh at that?

Missienelly: In my mind, it makes sense but in ahjumma’s head, they are totally making out in the field!!! Look at his “help me” face!!! I’m with you, Erl. I’m laughing so hard and I don’t feel bad about it! Just enjoy it, Ki Joon-ah!

ErlNotEarl: Look here though, I really don’t get this, I mean kids, seriously! Isn’t it enough that he doesn’t know his dad? sigh

Missienelly: Sorry, I can’t help but looking at his jiggly tummy! But yeah, mean kids are everywhere and I do not like them. Period.

mf6 7 mf6 8

ErlNotEarl: Same here. Hmmm, I think MinKi has had enough of Han Chul talking and thinking about Soo Yun all day. He can’t stand it anymore.

Missienelly: The man is drunk in love. And he needs a little push. I’m a bit annoyed with him too. He needs to man up a bit! Just confess already!

ErlNotEarl: Yes, man up Han Chul! And come on boys, just ask him already why he doesn’t have that much time. You’re too slow. Wait, MinKi sees little MinHo nursing his feelings under the shade of a tree.

Missienelly: Rock star! But look at his sad face…. tsk tsk tsk

mf6 9 mf6 10

ErlNotEarl: I feel sorry for the kid. Aww so cute, MinKi’s gonna help little MinHo to get even. I know you’re not pro violence but these kids are asking for it.

Missienelly: But I admired MinHo’s courage to go back and revenge. Most kids wouldn’t. I wonder what trick MinKi taught him.

ErlNotEarl: That we shall see. It’s fun though, I dunno why but I have this feeling that MinKi is seeing himself in MinHo and I love it, I really do.

Missienelly: Hah, I think the same way too. Especially with MinKi being the only child…

ErlNotEarl: I wouldn’t know the feeling of an only child though.. Here comes one of the boys, Ki Joon. I guess all the venom has been sucked out of those lips. Kekeke. Of course the whole village knows the news about them kissing. Kekeke

mf6 11 mf6 12

Missienelly: And they are now married and she’s ready to pop their precious baby! LOL

ErlNotEarl: Oh the glorious speed of humours. As speedy as the person who took Yoon Hee’s brother’s boxing gloves. I wonder where could it be, hmmmm..There they are! Wow! Done professionally huh? Well done MinKi, well done!

Missienelly: Yes, well done MinKi! Rockstar and Big Belly made up!!! Yipppppeee! I’m just gonna close my eyes on that little rock!

mf6 13 mf6 14

ErlNotEarl: I thought I was the only one. Kekeke. Oh, oh, Yoon Hee’s worried about his son. And there he is with MinKi. Of course he happily runs to his mom and look at how happy that swollen little face is. I think I’m falling more in love.

Missienelly: Hey, I’m a mom. I would be worried too!

ErlNotEarl: I know you would, it’s worth worrying about. See, what did I say? He really does see himself in MinHo, he was in the same situation when he was young. And he has a point, MinHo is a kid, he needs to feel and be like a kid and be protected. I just got teary eyed, that was so wonderfully said MinKi.

Missienelly: MinKi may be childish but he said all the right word. Deep down Erl, this guy is very wise. So, so wise.

ErlNotEarl: And now I have all the reason to ship him with Yoon Hee. Lookie, little MinHo apologizing. Aww, my heart, it’s the hormones Nell, I blame it on the hormones, I am tearing up here.

Missienelly: Pffffh, you’re hormonal, aren’t ya? MinHo is really cute tho.

ErlNotEarl: A bit yes, otherwise the moon must be full. HAHAHAHA, this show is giving me a split personality really. Good heavens, I haven’t felt like this since Flower Boy Ramyun and this is just so awesome. That flying kick! GAH! LOL

mf6 15 mf6 16

Missienelly: LOL did ya see his face???? WHAT A FACE! Good job Yoon Hee!

ErlNotEarl: I did, I saw the face. Yoon Hee is the woman! Great news, the boys are finally getting their farming training. FINALLY!

Missienelly: Eeeeeeeewwwwww, I wouldn’t taste the dirt! Han Chul deposited his gems there! Yuck yuck yuck! But Flower ahjusshi is just too much! Really too much. Just teach them already!

ErlNotEarl: But wait, there is a village meeting and wow, they’re advance now, through SMS. Nice! What’s the meeting about though?

mf6 17 mf6 18

Missienelly: They are advanced! I don’t know what is the meeting is about. Let’s find out!

ErlNotEarl: Ooooh, so he’s the last bachelor… Err, is that a big thing?

Missienelly: Bahahahaha. Small village problem! They take every little thing dead serious! I agree with drunken ahjusshi, who would wanna move there? Omo! Omo omo omo, I would fall for that pic too!

mf6 19 mf6 20

ErlNotEarl: Am I bad if I find it funny that he has a history of getting dumped? Yeah, I think so too. I know, I’m a borderline sadist. But really, I don’t think it’s going to work, she out of his league.

Missienelly: You are truly a sadist, Erl. I don’t even think that way… Be positive for once! Jjaebal, he is our last bachelor on earth! LOL

mf6 21 mf6 22

ErlNotEarl: Alright, let’s say he has a 2% chance, will that be enough? But oh, so they have no choice but to help because they need a house for their seedlings. Hmmm, this is going to be fun, I think. But bah, MinHo is not allowed to speak to his hero Ahjusshi. Wait, don’t you find it weird that he is being called an Ahjusshi?

Missienelly: Weird? Nah, he is definitely ahjusshi since he’s a few years younger than Yoon Hee.

ErlNotEarl: But he doesn’t look like an Ahjusshi. OMO! Han Chul pretending to be a girl for the blind date training? First the “moob” and now this? I just can’t!

Missienelly: He is the perfect girl! LOL Did you see the way he sit??? So girly!

mf6 23 mf6 24

ErlNotEarl: I know right, I can’t even sit like that for more than twenty minutes! I find it so funny that they’re using If originally by Bread as the background music, oh em, I can’t breathe! His favorite sport is digging! I didn’t know that was considered a sport.

Missienelly: I don’t get it! Why? That is NOT a sport! Pst, I don’t know that song.

ErlNotEarl: Holy Mother, how will the boys succeed with a manly man like that and wait, isn’t underwear supposed to stick to your butt or something? I don’t get it.

mf6 25 mf6 26

Missienelly: Gross! But what the hell is wrong with his face??? Why so red?

ErlNotEarl: It’s because of the uncountable bottles of makgeolli he consumed gf. Oh, he managed to be decent. Alright, I agree with you Nell, Drunken Ahjusshi looks handsome.

Missienelly: He clean up gooooooood! See, told ya so! He is handsome! Ooooph, that hair! I wanna mess with his hair!

mf6 27 mf6 28

ErlNotEarl: I was expecting you to say that, you and hair really. Kekeke. Ewwww, Nell, just ewww! shudders Grandpa what were you thinking?

Missienelly: All my hairs are standing now! That is just…. I give up!

mf6 29 mf6 30

ErlNotEarl: I’m with you. Ooooh, who is MiYoung? And why is Drunken Ahjusshi calling her in the familiar form? How come he knows her?

Missienelly: Friend? Neighbor? Cuz?

ErlNotEarl: The way she calls him Oppa, hmmm.. Completely suspicious. By chance, an ex girlfriend? What do you think, Nell?

mf6 31 mf6 32

Missienelly: Dun dun dun! Perhaps!!!! Something bad must have had happened for drunken ahjusshi omma to get this pissy!

ErlNotEarl: I think so too, let’s wait and see. So today is the real start of the training for our boys. Wow, so ADEQUATELY is the real deal with planting cabbages. I need to remember that. Oh wait, I can’t really make anything grow, I don’t know how to. Every plant I planted perished within a day; never mind, forget it.

Missienelly: Its about freaking time!!! Finally they are doing farming 101! You can’t grow anything, Erl??? Hehehe, now I feel better! I have a green thumb! Woohooo!

ErlNotEarl: It’s one of my flaw. I’m not proud of it but I mostly just never mind. Mr. Flower’s sister took a fancy at our boys, and it’s extremely noticeable. Kekeke. But Mr. Flower is too much to point it out, come on, cut the girl some slack.

Missienelly: I like her and I know she has her eyes on uri MinKi. My hunch says so. Agree? I don’t think anyone would dare going out with her. Look at her oppa!

ErlNotEarl: The boys said it themselves too. Ah, I think we’re gonna find out what’s the deal about Drunken Ahjusshi and MiYoung. They asked the right person. Microphone Ahjumma is going to talk about it, she’s won’t be able to stop herself.

Missienelly: Kekekeke she can’t keep any secrets! Urgh, look at Mi Young’s younger hair! Horrible! Wait, so…. Flower ahjusshi was interested in Mi Young too??? What the hell…. this drama better not go makjang on us!

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ErlNotEarl: I think so too, and I am hoping for this drama to not go into that direction. Oh, I know that line, I know that line! Love means never having to say you’re sorry; it’s from that 1970 Novel turned movie Love Story. Waah! Drunken Ahjusshi so romantic, I melt.

Missienelly: Erl, is there anything that you don’t know??? Your brain is a database of all things mushy romance! That’s a compliment!

ErlNotEarl: Kekeke. There are things that I don’t know, but the mushy romantic things was from that time when I used to be a hopeless romantic, that girl is long gone. Drunken Ahjusshi is romantic, awww, he really sent her to college, he’s so kind. But aaaah, how could she. sobs

Missienelly: My poor, handsome, drunken ahjusshi! I’m laughing so hard how they describe his broken heart feeling… So poetic!

mf6 35 mf6 36

ErlNotEarl: I know right, this drama never cease to amaze me. Oh, an upgrade! Canned foods! It’s better than ramen right, Nell? I think it’s better than ramen and ramen is actually better than Yoon Hee’s aunt’s cooking.

Missienelly: Way better! You can get bloated from eating ramen all the time! Omo, she’s gonna make dinner! Hmmm I wonder what crazy dish she will prepare for the boys!

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ErlNotEarl: You and I both. Whatever it is though, I can smell disaster. I wonder how Drunken Ahjusshi’s date really looks like in person, I don’t believe the photo. Everything can be photoshopped nowadays.

Missienelly: Definitely photoshopped! Who is it? Who is it?????? OMG! Hot damn!!! What happened??? OMG she’s snorting like a pig on her first date!

ErlNotEarl: I can’t help but to laugh. Oh Lord, I knew it! The woman is completely different from the photo, not even a slight similarity.

Missienelly: She said pictures can be deceiving! Oh my god! This drama is hilarious!

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ErlNotEarl: Writernim, I really love what you’re doing here, please continue! Nice! That looks fun, I wanna join the boys. Let’s play in the water too. Let’s go Nell, let’s go!

Missienelly: Errrr, you go right ahead. I don’t like to get wet!

ErlNotEarl: Wae? Getting wet is good. But wait, I didn’t expect that to happen. Goodness MinKi, why is it that you and Yoon Hee’s interaction always turns into a disaster?

mf6 43 mf6 44

Missienelly: Lovers quarrel? OMG! He is so silly!!!! He chased her like a silly kid! Cho, cho cute tho!

ErlNotEarl: Really cute but, ah, what a mess! Oi, the girl with the pink wig, what did she just call Hyuk? Oraboni? Nice! And she said she’s invited for dinner. Gah, why am I dreading it?

Missienelly: She’s crushing so hard on Hyuk! Shut up, Han Chul! Okay, I’m so ready to know what she prepared for dinner! Fusion cuisine!!! Hey, that is something!

mf6 45 mf6 46

ErlNotEarl: Fusion cuisine should be fun but, sorry not sorry, that looks awful! Awww, so this is why nobody bothered to speak. Oh the drama! But I am sick, I know that now because I am laughing at this. Kekeke.

Missienelly: Awwwwwww now I feel bad. She’s crying so hard! But it’s about time someone tell her the truth! She needs to know how bad her cooking is! If she wants to get mad, she should get angry with her husband. But in a way though, he is protecting her. He loves her too. Aish… I’m torn if I’m her. I don’t wanna hear the truth.

ErlNotEarl: The truth shall set thee free, milady. I guess Drunken Ahjusshi’s mother is more hurt than him that’s why she did that but poor Drunken Ajusshi. We finally get his story but I never did thought that it’s really sad. So sad.

Missienelly: Yeah, to be cheated by the woman he once loved. It is hurtful. I feel bad though that drunken ahjusshi had to go through another date because of his mom.

mf6 47 mf6 48

ErlNotEarl: He’s caught in the middle. Poor Drunken Ahjusshi. Wookay, I know it is MinKi’s fault that Yoon Hee sprained her ankle but I’ll sprain mine too if he’s gonna drive for me. Kekeke. And to sit between cute boys, I vote a yes please!

Missienelly: I so wanna trade places with Yoon Hee right now! To feel warmth from two hot studs… Bloody lucky gal!

ErlNotEarl: She’s lucky alright. I wish I was her. There is something about this song and its singer; I have this feeling in my belly that there is really something about it. Hmmmm.

Missienelly: Wait! Could it be her mother?

ErlNotEarl: Her mother? Hmmm, what if? So organic is not the thing anymore, where are they gonna leave all this veggies? Do you want them Nell?

mf6 49 mf6 50

Missienelly: Organic is overrated! But yeah, I’ll take them hehehe

ErlNotEarl: I knew you would. Yah, Han Chul-sshi, that’s too much water; the plants are gonna die! Snap out of it! But he has a point anyways, just go and confess! If it was me and I was dying I would definitely go for it, am gonna die anyways so just do it!

Missienelly: I so wanna kill him! He’s drowning those seeds! Ya, just confess already!

mf6 51 mf6 52

ErlNotEarl: I think he heard us, look at him go. Wow! I love this kind of scene, well I like that it’s happening to these two anyways – Ki Joon and Bul Ja, just date already.

Missienelly: I just love the flashback “kisseu” again! They are meant to be together.

ErlNotEarl: Really meant to be. So nice of MinKi for helping Yoon Hee, even if he wants half of the profit. Well it’s better than taking it back to the village right? And look here, he used to play in this club; the posters, wow! I’m as amazed as Yoon Hee.

Missienelly: The club owner is fangirling over MinKi a bit too much! LOL

ErlNotEarl: I fangirl on him like that I think. Kekeke. Han Chul watching the psycho girl, I don’t like your girl of choice but just make a move already, will you?

mf6 53 mf6 54

Missienelly: Yeah, there is nothing we can do at this point. The man is blinded by her beauty! So sad! The rejection is too funny! Stop Han Chul, she said no so just accept it! C’mon, staaaaaap! Oy, he’s that desperate, eh?

ErlNotEarl: From one broken heart to another, here’s Drunken Ahjusshi giving himself a pep talk about what happened last night. How convenient that he ran into MiYoung again, is this fate? Are they gonna fall in love once more? Am I still making sense?

Missienelly: At this point, I’m not sure she will fall for him. She has to care for her dad. Oh wait… she’s jealous! Mi Young is jealous drunken ahjusshi is going out on a date with miss piggy! God, she’s a pig, right Erl? snorts

ErlNotEarl: Definitely a pig, a drunken one too. Soju during the day? Oh Mary, I don’t think I can do that. Drunken Ahjusshi is really enduring everything for everybody’s sake.

Missienelly: Hey, I thought you’re pro at drinking! I salute drunken ahjusshi. His endurance is stronger than mine!

mf6 55 mf6 56

ErlNotEarl: I can handle my alcohol just fine but I don’t have alcohol for breakfast, thank you very much! Where is MinKi stopping by? Who is in that house, wait, wait, don’t throw the box. Ow, poor puppy. Is this his mom? Oh goodness, I think it’s his mom. This is unexpected.

Missienelly: Gasp, I thought his mom is dead! Oh my… He still loves his mom. I wonder what next episode will bring for us!

Modern Farmer A React-Cap Ep 5


ErlNotEarl: I’m back – we’re back and still pretty much hooked with Modern Farmer, is that right Nelly? We’re pretty behind but it’s all fine; not spoiled one bit because I’ve been dodging spoilers like a pro soccer player. Plus am really in love with the show’s slapstick humor that not many people are in to, but oh well right? What say you Nelly?

Missienelly: I’m 100% deeply hooked with Modern Farmer. I had a good laugh with the last 3 episodes and I am expecting for more teary laughs!

ErlNotEarl: So do I. Shall we go down to business then, let’s go?

Missienelly: Go! Go! Go!

ErlNotEarl: Alrighty! I have a question, how much is the alcohol content of makgeolli for Yoon Hee to think that our boys are weaklings to pass out because of it? No, it’s wrong to ask you, I’ll Google it. Kekeke.

mf5 1 mf5 2

Missienelly: Uhm… yeah. As much as I wanna try it, I’m not a drinker. So I can’t help ya with that 😛

ErlNotEarl: And that’s why I’ll ask Mr. Google. Kekeke. Ah, Hyuk, are you trying to sing that lines because I sure did sing it in my head. sings: No ye nun ko ip Sorry, I got carried away. Turns out he’s just joking (?) and look at how flustered Yoon Hee is. Noooo, don’t fall for him, what about uri MinKi?

Missienelly: Nah, she’s a single mother. Her priority NOW is her son and family. She won’t be falling for MinKi or Hyuk that easily. But with that in mind, I will keep shipping for Hyuk and Yoon Hee for now!

ErlNotEarl: Yeah, there is that, sorry and just getting way ahead of myself here. I’ll ship MinKi and Yoon Hee though. 😀 But aish, they are feeding the cows together, isn’t that sort of a date, ish, in my twisted way of thinking?

mf5 3