My LSS cum Acceptance

Cryptic title right, I think so too but who cares, I’m bad at titles and I know very well about that. Title aside, I’ve been having a battle with myself lately. I’m in denial and I am having this inner struggle if I’m going to accept the truth and be free or just continue hiding in my closet. That thought was processed for a week, yes; I needed a full week to process if I’m going to let you know of my current dilemma and that I have come to accept the inevitable (I just so hope my close friend is not reading right now.)

This is it, the moment of truth. I have an ICOMYM, I know it’s not such a big deal because after all, it’s not as if I am going to go as far as to cross a country to stalk the kid or something, well maybe the web is an enough means of stalking (LOL) still, it’s not so bad (that’s me consoling myself.)

It kind of started a few months ago, while my obsession of Korean Drama was at an all time high that I finish a series after the other; back when I devour one whole series in more or less three days (that is if it’s a 16 episode series) I came across with a particular series with an awesome soundtrack and me being me, I had to download it, it all started there. I noticed the voice right away, it stands out. It has this unexplainable quality that can melt you or break you depending on the melody, but I didn’t really pay much attention because, after all, I haven’t completely embraced K-pop, I was just watching K-dramas (trust me to reason with myself.) Thus, as I said, I didn’t pay attention only to fall deep in the end.

I heard that voice again mid October; he sang one of the songs on the OST of “The Heirs” my official drama crack of the year.  It got me really curious, who is the voice behind the song, who is that guy? I guess everyone knows what a person like me would do in this situation, ask your best friend, I mean everybody’s best friend: Google.

A few clicks and URLs later, I found out who the guy behind the voice was and I was surprised to know that he was one of the actors of that particular series with an awesome soundtrack that I downloaded; and he’s only 23! Well, I brushed that last detail aside. Turns out he’s in a band named F. T. Island as a lead singer. More clicks later, earphones plugged in (I love how dramatic and rebellious it looks) I listened to one song after the other and lo, I was hooked! I think I listened to the band’s song the whole day but I didn’t get tired of it. I can’t explain how appealing his voice is, it’s husky, melodic with angst, and it really stands out, not to mention the songs are actually good, melody and all.

One particular song really hit me hard and I have been singing it in my head for more than a week now and I am admitting that I have a fever, the K-pop fever and the first band that I am into is F. T. Island all because I was hypnotized by Lee Hong Ki’s voice (not to mention his looks) and as I have mentioned, I admit to having an ICOMYM and I guess it’s all fine, there’s nothing so bad about it.

Here’s my current LSS, I hope you enjoy it as much as I do:

[Day 13] Erl’s Music Chart (Name the top 10 songs you listen to right now)

Ah, songs, this here is getting interesting as it goes. When I first read the challenge list I was kind of happy that there is a song question because I love music, I have a song for my every mood – the theme song of my life. Who says I can’t have my own OST, if the K-Dramas and movies that I’m watching has one, I must have one too and I’m putting my foot down on this one! *fist pump* Back to the challenge list; as I said, at first I was happy, that is before I realized something, did it say something about top 10? Enter dilemma: this is going to be difficult especially if and only if I categorize it by language and I’m not sure if that is something to be proud of or what. I basically have songs on my playlist in four (4) languages: English, Filipino (Tagalog,) Korean and Thai, of course that’s not the order because it’s all mixed up but still, top 10? Difficult, very difficult well until I fully paid attention to the last part that says “you listen to right now,” and like the idiot that I am that just had an epiphany I told myself, “Ah, so that part was there, I should have opened my eyes as wide as it would allow.” So that being settled, here are the top ten (10) songs on my current Music Chart, in order:

1. Serendipity – 2Young

2. Madly – FT Island

3. Fight the Bad Feeling – T-Max

4. I Will Promise You – Jang Geun Suk

5. Today – Sung Joon

6. Jaywalking – Sung Joon

7. Moment – Changmin (2AM)

8. Bite My Lower Lip – Esna

9. A Thousand Years – Sungha Jung’s Guitar Cover

10. Wrecking Ball – Jun Sung Ahn’s Violin Cover

If you would pay attention and if your current Korean drama crack is The Heirs/The Inheritors then you would notice that most of the songs and my number 1 song are from the OST and nope, I am not embarrassed. (LOL)

There you have the Top 10 of my current Music Chart. How about you, can you name the top 10 songs you listen to right now?

[Day 8] The Tube Fuels My Addiction (Name any television show you’re addicted to)

Err, I have a confession to make: we do not have a television at home. Come to think of it, it’s been a year since I watched something on an actual television, which only means that my laptop has been working diligently to entertain me, I should be more patient with it (it took me that long to realize that I’m an abusive user, go figure!)

The lack of television didn’t really have any impact at my current home, my roommates and I all have our own laptops, and we all watch TV shows online which is convenient because we do not watch the same shows, plus if it is on an actual TV, there would be a huge problem because of the time-slot (irregular shifts people, irregular, odd shifts) and that is why not having a TV is fine (having no Internet connection is worst!)

Today’s challenge is to name a show that I am addicted to, which made me think, which one of them? I am sort of easily hooked on TV shows, well mostly TV series from TrueBlood to Winx Club. I can imagine some of you wrinkling their foreheads or raising an eyebrow. Yep, huge gap but hey, I think I have more than 10 persons in me what with my mood swinging from left to right; my mom addressed this as the “frustrated writer syndrome.” Her sense of humor is not bad sometimes.

So, TV shows, hmmm. I don’t know about TV shows but I am currently hooked with Korean Drama series. That’s what I have been watching lately and I like most of them (I mean it) so I guess I would just have to name which one I am currently watching (more on obsessing about that is.)

I am currently addicted obsessed with The Heirs/The Inheritors or One Trying to Wear the Crown, Withstands the Weight – The Heirs (I dunno about you but I think this has got to be one of the longest title ever!) It’s a good drama, wait scratch that, it is an almost good drama, let’s say it’s average on my standard but why am I obsessed to the point that I would wake up very early on my off day just to watch it first thing in the morning? A very few friends know the answer: because of Lee Min-ho. Yep, I’m finally letting it out in the open, I’m a Lee Min-ho fangirl (slight) and yes I watched all of his TV series. Why? He’s a very good actor; he’s the only actor I know that can act with his eyes, ah those eyes, I’ll happily drown in those eyes! I read a comment I think it was at Dramabeans’ or maybe at Joonni’s (these are my favorite Korean drama recap/review sites) if he was an American actor he should insure his eyes like some American celebrities (e. g. Jennifer Lopez’ butt) and I definitely agree.

Back to the series, as I said, it is average on my standard because there were parts that are really dragging, and some characters are really giving me a hard time, to quote girlfriday, it’s making me bipolar. And some scenes frustrates the daylight out of me although if you try to justify and read between the lines it’s acceptable but still, can we get it simplified?

Thankfully it picked up its phase last week and ended with a scene that practically broke my heart, made me cry and turned me into a puddle of mush mainly because Lee Min-ho was crying (why are they making Lee Min-ho cry?) I assume the next episode is going to be a good one, or I’m keeping my fingers crossed. But in case it’s not, I’ll still get to watch Lee Min-ho so whatever!


Lee Min-ho as City Hunter

That is my latest addiction obsession. How about you, what’s the television show that you’re addicted to?

[Day 7] Travel the World, I Want to Travel Around the World (If you could visit 3 different countries where would you go and why?)

This is one of my favorite questions out of the 30. Given the chance, I would travel, definitely. In fact, once I am done with my responsibilities, I plan to save every penny I could and use it to finance that adventure. My destination is actually already planned, so I’ll just chose the top 3 in the list. The following is the 3 different countries that I wish to visit in no particular order:

1. Greece, particularly Athens. I was obsessed with Greek Mythology my whole High School years to the point that I was mostly always on top on exams about it. I wrote a few poems about the Underworld, the contents I couldn’t recall anymore, and I’m afraid it would be forgotten forever because my composition notebook has been washed away by a flood two years back. Some of the places that I wanted to see in Greece: the Parthenon, the Acropolis, Temple of Hephaestus. Also, since I like their salad, I would like to try their other dishes.

2. Italy. There are plenty of places here that I want to see and on top of my list is Juliet’s house in Verona. As some may know, William Shakespeare is my hero and Romeo and Juliet is the first tragedy that I read. Other places I want to visit in Italy: the Leaning Tower of Pisa, the Coliseum and more. Also I want to taste their gelato, and have a cup of coffee in one of their cozy cafes.

3. South Korea. I could say a lot of things as to why but my very few friends who most probably (I hope not) read this would say it is all because of Lee Min-ho, which is incredulous of course. Kidding aside I want to visit South Korea because I want to see Jeju Island. The photos and the scenes of some of the Korean Dramas that I watched that was shot at Jeju Island is so beautiful, I want to see it in person. Further, since I fell in love with Korean food, I wanna try their authentic dishes direct from the source and I also wish to see their historical places and tourist attractions particularly Namsan Tower.

That’s 3 out of the 20 countries that I wish to visit, did you want to go to those places too? If not which country do you wish to visit and why?

More of the Holidays: Just Shut Up Already, Have Some Ramen!

I’m extremely thankful for the holidays, because it means I’ll have time to sit still without being disturbed at all (that includes my almost beloved iPhone.) Since the number of series that I have accumulated without me noticing it (lesson learned: read thoroughly before downloading,) I have quite a number to watch, not to mention those that I haven’t finished yet (still not done, I hope to finish it sooner.) Thus, I found myself arranging my pillows in a very comfy way, stuff toy in hand, a bottle of water on my improvise side table and this thoughts in mind: “let the Korean Drama marathon begin!” Here’s what I watched:


Title: Shut Up Flower Boy Band (Shut Up and Let’s Go) Genre: Teen, Romance, Music; Broadcast Year: 2012; Total Episodes: 16; Cast: Sung Joon, Lee Hyun-jae, Yoo Min-kyu, Kim Min-suk, Jo Bo-ah, Jung Eui-chul, Lee Min-ki, Kim Jung-min

Summary: Joo Byung-hee (Lee Min-ki) is the crazy, free-spirited leader and vocalist of the popular underground rock group, Eye Candy. Joining him is Kwon Ji-hyuk (Sung Joon), chic Lee Hyun-soo (Kim Myung-soo), playboy Kim Ha-jin (Yoo Min-kyu), silent Jang Do-il (Lee Hyun-jae) and baby-faced Seo Kyung-jong (Kim Min-suk). When their delinquent-ridden school is forced to close down, they debate whether it’s even worth returning to high school at all. However, due to an outside confrontation with their new school’s current ruling band, Strawberry Fields, Eye Candy decides to attend Jungsang High out of spite so they can rule the school once again.

Shut Up Flower Boy Band is an atypical music drama – gritty, relentless and highly stylized to the punk sentiment, but always with heart.

I was disoriented when I started; mostly because the handheld camera was being turned upside down and it was so dark, kinda reminds me of the teens doing the documentary of The Blair Witch Project, and I’m not into horror, I rarely or never watch horror may it be film or series. Also, I was thinking this is centered on teeners (I mean teenagers, allow me to invent terms please) and I’m only familiar with one actor which is Sung Joon (I pitied his character so much in Lie to Me) but I told myself give it a few minutes before I watch something else (I did mentioned I had plenty to chose from) and so I did.

After being disoriented for a few minutes came the decision ender scene, a band rocking a catchy, melodic rock song. I can never say no to a series with rock or alternative bands/songs in it, never happened. So I found myself watching one episode after the other until the very end. And all I can say is it’s worth every minute of it. Why? Because:

  1. The story is engaging in the sense that the characters grows continuously. It’s like watching a flower bud bloom; it makes you wonder how it is going to turn out. It’s the same with this drama, with every change, you’ll wonder how the characters will follow and having experience some of the events on this series once upon a time, I completely relate with the adjustments they had to go through to fit in.
  2. Friendship was portrayed in a very deep sense, as deep as willingness to sacrifice what you value most for the sake of a friend no matter how much that decision could hurt you in the end. Now that’s beautiful. I have but a few friends, and I haven’t experienced anything like that much when it comes to friendship that’s why this aspect appeals to me.
  3. A gathering is not a gathering without food, in this drama it is ramen. You’ll see several scenes where they are eating ramen: after a confrontation, to spend more time with a girl or just plain they are hungry. Food means togetherness, no matter how simple it is.
  4. The story is realistic and is happening now. You’ll find plenty of the characters nowadays, broken family, teeners who spend more time with friends because no one is home. Teeners that engage into fist fights (I’ve seen some of those once upon a time,) get in trouble with their teachers and some being favored by teachers. Teeners trying to find a way to enjoy, a “past time” may it be good or bad.
  5. The love story aspect is not overrated, rather refreshing although the conflict of loving someone who’s in love with someone else while someone else is also in love with you is somehow ambitious to me. (I don’t want to explain myself.)
  6. The songs are awesome, in fact, one of the songs (Jaywalking) is my LSS for a few days now, I even downloaded it and it’s on repeat on my iPhone as of the very moment. The lyrics are simple yet appealing, the melody: awesome (I feel so.)

There still too much to mention on why I fell in love with this series, but words are not enough to describe it. If you haven’t seen it please do so. You won’t regret it. Make sure you have some Kleenex at hand too, you might shed a tear or two.

On a different note, I didn’t know Sung Joon could sing so well. Here’s another song from the OST:

Drowning in Tea, is it a Scandal?

I am currently under the weather, the desert winter is almost here and the change has triggered my sinusitis, ah my Achilles heel! I can withstand fever but this? Noooo, somebody save me please! It doesn’t help that I have to work and make dozens of phone calls to clients to confirm purchase orders and check collections. Great Mother, I’m so doomed!

During these times, I find myself being comforted by tea, yes tea, thank the heavens for tea! Doesn’t matter if it’s Earl Grey, English Breakfast, Chamomile, Spearmint or Black Tea as long as it has lots of honey and freshly squeezed lemon I’m all for it. It’s something that a Chinoy friend of mine advised me to drink whenever I’m this obnoxious and I never thought I’d find it not just useful but delightful as well. The introduction didn’t just help with the sickness but also made me fall in love with tea (though not as much as I love coffee.) Tea makes these times bearable, more than any medicine could.

Enough of tea and my uncomfortable nose (not to mention aching forehead and dropping eyes) I was greatly saddened by what I’ve seen on a Social Network site last night. The whole masses are feasting their eyes on a clip that is supposed to be for private viewing. And honestly, I do not understand the fuzz. If it was a regular citizen would there be so much of an uproar if ever they filmed themselves while being intimate with someone they love? I don’t think so. True they are famous in both the TV and Music Industry of my homeland but still, why does it always slip from the minds of the general public that they are also humans.

We, as human beings has things that we do in private that not even your closest friends nor your parents knows. There’s no need to broadcast, it’s private. Is that so difficult to understand? It was indeed unfortunate that the hard drive containing their private moments was stolen and has fallen into the hands of perverted people who does not understand and respect the meaning of privacy. I hope that the person gets captured and cured, for only mentally disturbed and envious people will raise such a ruckus to be noticed.

I hope that more people try to understand how the involved persons feel. I hope that they would realize that they also have dirt in them. And I hope as a fan that my other fellow fans would endure this ruckus and remain supportive of our Idol. Hang in there Chito Miranda, i hope that you find your comfort somewhere just like I’m finding mine on drowning in tea, from a fan somewhere in the United Arab Emirates desert.