[Drama Craze] Currently Watching – Bring It On, Ghost!


It’s summer – hot and humid. I’m in need of a breeze to blow away all this and I think this drama came out just in time. So far, I’m loving it. Of course I’m talking about Bring It On, Ghost!  the drama remake of a webtoon that’s currently helping me endure a really rough summer. And probably the drama I’d be watching over and over if this happens to be the last drama project of one of my favorite idol before he starts Military Service. I’ll be waiting Taec!


So, what’s it about you ask? It’s about a college student moonlighting as an exorcist for hire– Park Bong-pal (Ok Taec-yeon). He happens to have the ability to see and touch ghost. That’s quite new for me, the touch part, not the ghost. He was hired by the adorable ghost Kim Hyun-ji (Kim So-hyun) to exorcise a ghost in a haunted ladies’ school and the rest just snowballed in and she decided to stick with him when she happen to have a glimpse of the day she died when they accidentally kissed. Naturally, she can’t stay around for free and that’s how the ghost fighting duo started, and they shall rid the premises with hateful ghost at the right price. Pretty neat, right, but that’s not all.

screenshot-2016-07-17-10-57-29 lfg6

There’s the comedic side as provided by Choi Cheon-sang (Kang Ki-young) and Kim In-rang (Lee David), Bong-pal’s sunbae also President and Vice President of Ghostnet a mystery club of the university they’re attending. They were present at the ladies’ school and they learned of Bong-pal’s abilities making him a must have member of their club that’s on the brink of being dissolved. Later on, they became sidekicks, working as Bong-pal’s “agent.” I’m seriously getting confused with the actor playing Choi Cheon-sang. I mean seeing him as a college student then a resident doctor (W – Two Worlds) is quite confusing. He’s busy and he’s funny.

Of course there’s the cute bickering of Hyun-ji and Bong-pal. I love the pettiness and their blossoming interest with each other, not sure how that’s going to work but I have at least a few theories or I can read the webtoon, not that I am not tempted to read it now. I also love that through Hyun-ji’s encouragement/presence, Bong-pal is slowly breaking down all of the walls that he has put up because of the whole ghost related abilities and losing his mother.


I’m completely hooked by the flow of the story, the mystery is still in place and my hows and whys are still unanswered and that keeps me interested to sit around and wait to see what’s gonna happen next. I’m quite happy too by Taec’s acting improvement. He improved a lot and it’s really pleasant to watch him alongside Kim So-hyun. All the partiality I initially have because of the age gap has disappeared. Their chemistry is solid and complimentary at the same time.

7bA5e3f AnYBAnH

The show is recommendable and if you got hooked with dramas like Master’s Sun and Oh My Ghost, you are definitely going to enjoy Bring It On, Ghost. Don’t watch alone though if you’re a scaredy-cat, the ghosts they’re fighting are terrifying.


From There to Here: Unboxing My Purchase from KPOPMART.com

Or my obnoxious way of saying I stopped denying and resisting the urge to splurge.

So, yeah, I guess the title says it all – this is an account of my unboxing whatever it is that I bought from KPOPMART.com and yes, it is an online purchase and international and my first time to try international online purchase ever. inhale, exhale Sorry, I think I just let my inner “Dexter” out, I got so carried away yeah, where was I? Ah, online purchase. But first how did I find KPOPMART? That’s easy, Google. I wanted to find another site that offers Kpop goods other than Yesasia and voila, my best friend Google suggested KPOPMART. And before I know it, there’s no turning back.

Maybe you’ll ask what’s the difference between Yesasia and KPOPMART and what made me proceed with the purchase, well the answer is the price is relatively cheaper isn’t that a deciding factor? For me it is, it always is. Kekeke. Anyways, let’s proceed with the “accounting” not the one that involves numbers, thank you; I’m done for the day with that one. So, I ordered the following on the 16th of December 2014:


On the 29th of December I received a shipment notification:

20141229_105421 20141229_105226

On the 5th of January 2015 I received this:

IMG_3400 IMG_3402 IMG_3403 IMG_3404

Comments? Of course there would be some! Read on:

  1. KPOPMART’s site is very easy to navigate, very user friendly and organized! I love the last part very much because I’m a bit on the OC side so, yes, that’s why I’m giving them a gold star for the site layout.
  2. They accept various payment methods – PayPal, Western Union, or Bank Wire, convenient right?
  3. You can download your invoice and their format is very straightforward – all the details of your transaction are entered right to the last letter or number. Ain’t that cool?
  4. Awesome customer service. Yeah, KPOPMART’s customer service support is really something, they reply to emails promptly, very polite and patient, and they know how to set the expectations of the customer in a way that won’t aggravate them in anyway. Three gold stars for the customer support team.
  5. Notifications! Yup, they make sure you are updated with the status of your order. Isn’t that great? No need to wonder so much what’s happening because you’re well informed.
  6. Very secured packing and timely shipment. Considering that I ordered my items during holiday season, it came within almost 21 days or so; that’s something! Plus I got my package in a very, very good condition all thanks to their very secured packing.


I will definitely buy from KPOPMART again and soon, like really, really soon!


Five GOLD stars

On Repeat: Sexy Lady – Jang Wooyoung (장우영)

The song I currently have on repeat came out of the blue, though I was somehow expecting it to grow on me one of these days, I didn’t expect it to be this crazy. Sneaky song from a sneakier singer, I’m hooked and am not even a bit embarrassed about it. Why should I be?

The funny part is it’s not really playing; it’s more like on repeat in my head, my filler after I finished saying something or when it becomes extremely quiet. The best parts – I even do the hand and head gestures. Oh dorky day! By lunch it has become my background music as I munch away on my food from charity. Oh wait, that ain’t right; It’s not considered charity if you cooked it, right? Whatever!

Before I get sidetracked and all, let me get to the part where I say that the song I am currently listening to on repeat is Sexy Lady by the man, the one, the only, the handsome, the sexy, *fans self and thinks harder for more adjectives to use but fails* learning(?)  how to love Jang Wooyoung. Why is it unexpected you ask when this is the main track of his first solo album? Because the songs I love from his album 23, Male, Single is in this order 1) Falling Down, 2) Be With You, 3) Could Not Even Start, 4) Only Girl. But as I said, I know this day shall come, and so it did.

I think the main reason this is so inviting today is because I wanted to be awake – desperately awake and this song can really keep you awake along with a mug of coffee. With its techno-ish vibe and Wooyoung’s somewhat sweet raspy voice, it gives this sexy feel that finally caught my ears, and my feet.


On another note, I’ve been spazzing with my fellow YY shipper last night and this morning I found this interesting photos of the man and all I can think of is what Lia and I talk about most of the time: Can I have your clone?

 jwy IMG_2702 IMG_2701

Here’s one more for the go – a picture I’ve been drooling over for a few days now because well, the man is hawt especially when he’s on stage.

 IMG_2663 IMG_2654

And now, I’ll listen to the song some more, before going back to a depressing song to set the mood to make way for an epic break up scene I never thought I’ll write about.

Photo Credit: WooyoungHome, Woogle, fyJangWooyoung

Until Then – An Ode to 윤시윤

It’s like a door shuts on my face,

Like being doused with cold water.

I literally paused to collect myself,

But all I could think of is –

“Why the lack of farewell?”

True it’s a great show of consideration,

You mentioned “every man has to go”

But still this nagging won’t falter,

Nor the sadness that steadily swells –

“Why, oh why did you quietly go?”

That’s two years away from the lime light,

Two years without seeing you in an act,

Two years of following a mandatory fact,

Two years. Two. Long. Years.

That I hope to pass by in a flash.

I supposed “re-watches” could fill the void,

Even those ones that I was all annoyed.

Of course let’s not forget those I’ve enjoyed,

Watching you as a baker, a designer – flower boy;

That was all worth “squeeing” for.

Of course there’s those few songs you sang,

A few, oh so rare music videos,

And not to mention fan made ones;

I’ll get to hear you, I’ll get to see you,

Though a repeat, not a new one.

Mooning over photos’ another option,

Drowning in all the cuteness,

Squealing with all the hotness,

Easily interchangeable and pulled off

Depending on you holding some food and not.

Right, I’m finally sober, I kinda saw a light,

Well a vision of an all manned up you that is.

A glimpse of something that’s yet to come,

Until then I’ll pray for your good health,

Until then, until you come back – I’ll be waiting.


Bride of the Century Ep 1

A chaebol meets and fell in love with a poor girl without knowing it, clichéd right? How about adding a ghost on top of that, do you know what you are getting? Trouble, yes, trouble because it’s going to be engaging no matter how clichéd it is. Those are the ingredients in the cooking pot labeled Bride of the Century and so far, I’m loving this mixture.

Mood Setter: Stay by Cueshe [audio http://www.gimiklive.com/pidoy/MP3/Cueshe/Cueshe%20-%20Stay.mp3]

The show opens with a group of gossiping women peeping on walls made out of paper, there’s another disadvantage of walls made of paper, one should really think plenty of times when deciding to build a house; just kidding. Anyways, they are each saying how pitiful the girl is and that she won’t even survive her first night. That’s the moment that the curse that false to the first bride of the first son of the family was mentioned. Inside the room, the groom is also talking about the same thing although by the way he’s talking; it shows that he doesn’t believe such thing. Ohhhhh, it’s ‘the haunting’ thingy and the ghost is supposedly the ‘owner’ of the ‘house’ though I can’t really say if all those were true, you know, tongue in cheek, “rumors has it.”


Then enters Lady Choi, well I guess she is also Lady Choi here like on her old days as a “Mugakshi” though not quite as bad ass. She gives instruction that no one is to disturb the newly wed. Queue weird noises, gushing winds, in short, scary sound effects, yes, yes, it is predictable but I am falling for it. The groom is seen fainting, the lights turning into Christmas lights cut to the bride running in the woods or something like that while the groom organize a search party and finally, the silhouette of a lady with long black hair in long flowing black dress. She chases the helpless and frightened bride to a cliff and a screamed was heard, the next thing seen is a shoe on the edge of the cliff.


Move on to present day, to a seafood diver hauling her catch of the day, she have a good haul by the smile plastered on her cute face. As she sits by the shore she sees a red coat, a pair of red shoes and its owner, a woman who jumped off the cliff. She dives in to save her and as she swims to take her to safety queue scary sound effects; the woman in white was briefly shown to be in a black flowing dress, oh nos, it’s the ghost not of girlfriends past but the ghost from a long time ago. She’s somehow taken a back but managed to take the woman to the shore.

As she was about to give her CPR, the woman started breathing again and even complained that she took so long to save her. What an interesting ghost we have here. Apparently she’s broken hearted because her lover loved someone else – cheated of her, despite of his promise to love only her for the rest of his life. She called the diver who saved her a girl with a grade school kid’s body; which is far from the thanks that she was expecting. Unexpectedly for two people meeting each other for the first time, they had a conversation about love, and they each have a good point about it I must admit, it was quite entertaining. The woman, now draped in a red coat gave her ‘savior’ her bracelet saying that it’s all she has, that it’s a lucky charm that brings love and that she, the diver is not to take it for granted because it is going to change her life. The woman then disappeared with her red shoes that are hot off the shelf not after she gave her a word of encouragement: “fighting!” leaving Doo-rim – that’s what grandma called her; dumbfounded.

Grandma and Doo-rim owns a seafood restaurant by the sea, Doo-rim goes to deliver somewhere I’m guessing the construction site in the vicinity. The said site is facing some decline and an inevitable halt because the payment of the workers is not on time and they are resisting, well I would too if I was in their shoes. The gentleman whom the ‘site supervisor’ is reporting relayed that they should be receiving funds from Taeyang Group in the near future; thus he asked for them to bear with the company until that time.

He receives a call from Yi-kyung oh wait, she looks uncannily like Doo-rim. She’s on her way to the airport and by her response to her brother it is certain that she’s meeting an important person thus the need for not making mistakes.

Seen driving her scoter is Doo-rim, on delivery duty. ‘Oppa’ is still on the phone apparently worrying because it has been a while since her sister has seen the person she’s meeting. He asked her to make the meeting a little less awkward. As Doo-rim gets off her scoter, she saw some bricks falling directly on helmetless gentleman. She ran, pushed him aside thus the bricks landed and broke on her helmeted head. The gentleman was stunned at the wonder girl who saved her but mostly because she looks like her sister. They asked each other if they are okay all the while he has this look of disbelief on his face. He got to ask if she needs to go to the hospital once he somehow came to his senses but she says she’s fine, she has extensive martial arts training; hearing that he gave his card with an assuring “if anything is wrong, you can reach me at this number.”

As Doo-rim runs to hand out her delivery, he got a call from his sister, he relayed what happened, that he saw someone that looks like her. She asked if there’s a secret to her birth that she’s not aware of like does she have a twin sister separated from her as a baby. I’ve seen that story before; a typical melo. She was assured that he is okay and he is coming home early. He was approached and asked to eat lunch at a restaurant but he opted to eat with the workers; it turned out to be a good thing, it brought him closer to his employees.


At the airport the reporters are gathered awaiting the arrival of a very handsome guy that is an understatement; let me wipe my drool… Done! He stops in front of Yi-kyung and she hands him a bouquet as a sign of welcoming him back. He is Kang-joo and he is one cold good looking bad ass that came home after studying abroad and apparently he’s displeased about the ruckus about his coming home.


As they drive somewhere he asked his Roo-mi about something he had instructed her, she hands him a box that he gave to Yi-kyung. Inside it is a necklace that he wants him to wear. They end up in I assume a Japanese restaurant. She’s just eating salad because she doesn’t eat sushi which Kang-joo is unaware of. She says the Salmon salad is good enough, salmon and caviar is edible to her. She asked what his likes and dislikes are. She also expressed that she can really feel that they are engaged now since they are eating together and he even gave her a gift thus she wants them to get to know each other better. Kang-joo opted to be a royal ass by asking if she didn’t see the list that his mom has prepared, they don’t need to waste time getting to know each other. Taken a back she asked if he isn’t tired, he should have went home since he just arrived and his parents are probably waiting for him. At that precise time, she found out the true reason why he invited her for lunch – to close a deal with President Kaneko, the president of JR Group. She also understand why he gave the necklace – Eternal Love, it was designed by President Kaneko’s deceased husband. The moment she saw it and upon learning that he proposed to Yi-kyung with it, like her deceased husband, she cancelled her previous appointment and signed with Kang-joo’s company.


Yi-kyung was outraged knowing that she was used like a puppet which he agreed, she is his puppet. Since their marriage is a business deal and not out of love. Weirdly, even if he’s behaving like an ass I can’t help but swoon a bit, Lee Hong-ki is adorable but he looks good enough to eat as Kang-joo. He walks out with his staffs, leaving her to brood and walk in another direction only to be stopped by Kan-joo’s brother – Kang-in with girlfriend Leann in tow. She tells him she had lunch with his brother who just got back. She leaves the pair treating them coldly.


Kang-joo does a company inspection, staffs in tow. First, he axed the idol group as image models of the company; next he fired the customer service staff for smoking, that’s a busy work day for someone who just got back home I say. At Yi-kyung’s house, Yi-kyung’s mom is having a fit because of her daughter getting all worked up for being treated like a puppet. She orders her to hold it in even if she feels wronged. She says that their company is in money trouble, investors had all withdrawn and Taeyang Group is their last hope for the company not to shut down. My, it is indeed a business deal kind of wedding; all of their hopes are invested on this one too.


Knag-joo finally reached home; one of those historic homes, so beautiful. He’s all smiles as he greets the house help who are excited to see him home. He sits down for tea with his parents and let me just say that I love the tea set, it looks so elegant and all, I suddenly have this urge to buy one. Back to the family afternoon tea party, his dad praised him for closing the deal with JR Group. As it should, his mom doesn’t see him working right away as a good thing while his dad imparted wise words, keys to success. The talk then shifted to his brother, obviously the family’s ‘black sheep’. He hasn’t called, his phone is turned off, and it could be he hasn’t been home in a while too. Kang-joo assures his parents that his brother would go home in his own accord one day.


At Yi-kyung’s house, there’s another tea party going own. The talk is about the construction site, has the issue been resolved and all that. Oppa – Yi-hyun asked if her sister’s airport encounter went well. Instead of going to the details, she asked about the girl that look likes her, how much they resemble. Shift to the county side, Doo-rim took off the “lucky bracelet” calling it a piece of crap, I have a bad feeling she shouldn’t have done that. She goes to sleep beside her grandma, the bracelet seen on top of the table, I can feel trouble a-brewing.


At Kang-joo’s house, Kang-joo lights a candle. He’s in front of an altar having a flashback of his young self, knocking from inside a locked room; another mysterious thing, why was he locked and why is he all dirty?  On his way out, he meets the house help. She was surprised that he’s not yet asleep; he should be tired because he just got back. He bid the help good night and walks away. Additional mystery: the house help noticed that he goes to that altar the moment he gets home, what’s with that?


Somewhere near the sea, Doo-rim is doing an awesome job at sales talking to some Monster fanatics. They ordered everything that she recommended and even gave 30% discount, yeah! She then goes to give her lodge money; I’m guessing it’s a cooperative thingy where each members take turns in receiving money, something like that. The shop owner, who is also in charge of keeping the “members” money, gave her some cosmetics, I get this feeling that she’s up to no good; it’s just a feeling. I’ll wait and see.


At Yi-kyung’s house, her room specifically, Yi-kyung is still stewing, she checks her phone, there’s this message. She takes a deep breath and wonder aloud how important is Choi Kang-joo to have the right to treat her badly. Mom checks on her, she doesn’t looks so good, what is troubling her? The scene fades to reveal an old spectacled guy seeing a client off; once she disappeared, he ran inside the “temple” to rest. I figure he’s a psychic, he feels the disturbance and the ghost appeared as he opens his eyes, the same one from the beginning and at the beach and she is gliding down on him and stopped once they are face to face. She went down to business saying she’s out of time. A woman is to come once she leaves and he is to reveal everything to her, let her know everything she wants. What a bossy scary ghost!


True enough, a woman came – Yi-kyung’s mom; she mentioned of her daughter’s upcoming wedding, the psychic assumes that she wants to know about the future of the bride and groom. He asked for their date of birth so she hands him an envelope not with the date of birth but with money. She said she knows that he takes care of Taeyang Group family using the lunar and solar cycle. What is the significance of this meeting?


By the sea side, Doo-rim is selling coffee and cup ramen.  She meets the customers from the restaurant earlier. The girls are talking about how hot Choi Kang-joo is while Doo-rim doesn’t have the slightest idea who he is. They gave her the details and as they were doing so, one of the girls noticed that she looks like someone, like Kang-joo’s fiancée. They were interrupted by customers who ordered coffees but wouldn’t pay. A bad idea as they ended beaten up by Doo-rim to the cheering of the passers by.


At home, she finds that most of the bills increased. As she counts her earning, she wished that she could earn as much as she earned that night again. Grandma brings snacks, Doo-rim’s favorite sweet potato, they ate it with kimchee and let me just say that scenes like this always warms my heart, it reminds me of those days with my own grandma, may she rest in peace.  She mentioned that once she gets her lodge money, she will take grandma to the hospital for a checkup, but grandma won’t budge. She recollects that she got sick when Doo-rim’s parents died and she won’t be going to any hospital until they come back. Doo-rim, feeling grandma’s sadness cheered her up with promises of good life once she makes lots of money; she says grandma has to live long to enjoy everything. They closely watch grandma’s favorite drama on their beat up tv.


The next day, my fear about the shop owner who’s in charge of collecting the cooperative’s money materialized, she ran away taking Doo-rim’s hard earned money with her. Everyone is distressed. Doo-rim drives off to the bus station but Bong Sook is nowhere to be found. She walks lifelessly, hopeless because of what happened. When she reached home, she sees grandma passed out on the floor.


At the hospital, the doctor says that grandma needs surgery as soon as possible. Poor hardworking Doo-rim, how wronged you must be feeling, how desperate you must be. Grandma wakes up, having the same sentiments that I have, she promised that she will find that woman once she gets out of the hospital but Doo-rim insist that she can earn the money again, all she need is for grandma to be healthy so grandma should rest, she is such a sweet grandchild.


At the Choi house, Daddy Choi is playing a classic sad song, seen on the table is a picture of a woman in a wedding dress, who could she be? Outside, Mommy Choi sees Daddy Choi; she tells Daddy Choi that she knows he doesn’t want to live in this house but it’s his mother’s last wish for them to stay there. And revelation, the woman in the picture is Daddy Choi’s first love and I can sense that Mommy Choi is jealous of her; does it make sense that you are jealous of a dead person?  Hmmm. She says if he wants to get rid of the house, he should start with the picture first.


At Kang-joo’s office, one of his assistants reminds him that it’s already late; Mr. Workaholic seems to not mind staying at the office, he sends him home. In a restaurant somewhere, Yi-kyung’s ‘friends’ are admiring the necklace that Kang-joo gave her. Roo-mi says it’s as expensive as an apartment in Gangnam, but it’s just natural for the future daughter in law of Taeyang Group to receive something like it. There’s this air of animosity between Yi-Kyung and Roo-mi; I am guessing, Roo-mi is in love with Kang-joo, its clichéd and predictable but who says that premise can’t be reused. They irritate one another and Roo-mi went as far as telling Yi-kyung that her perseverance is unbelievable in a very insulting way.


In the bathroom, Yi-kyung goes head to head with Roo-mi asking why she was chosen and not her. Turns out Roo-mi is the daughter of the Attorney General who investigated Taeyang Group’s money laundering case a year ago not to mention Yi-kyung parents wanted her to marry into Taeyang Group though that’s not enough reason for Roo-mi to give up. She grew up with Kang-joo and plans to stick around like gum in a shoe; she warns Yi-kyung to be careful because she might take her place. Yi-kyung is not the least shaken, she plans to do everything for the wedding to take place because their company’s future depends on it, she won’t let the opportunity pass her by. They insult each other some more, Roo-mi riled her for being a true to form puppet. She walks out with the last words; a reminder that she has to attend Kang-joo’s officially joining the company party.

Day of the party, Yi-kyung is dolling up, she’s remembering the time when Kang-joo called her his puppet and her mom’s words that the marriage need to work out for their sake. I can tell the wheels on her head are turning and I don’t think she’s up to something good.

At the party, a little boy hands a note and a box to Yi-hyun; he asked the boy “where is the noona who gave the box” the boy mentioned that she left. He panicky makes his way to Yi-kyung’s mom handing the box and the note. It’s from Yi-kyung, asking for some time to think; she’s returning the necklace “to hold on to her last bit of pride.” Right after they finished checking the note and the box the Choi family approached. Daddy Choi says he doesn’t see Yi-kyung, Yi-kyung’s mom came up with some excuse though I don’t have any idea what it was, I wasn’t shown.

From the party, the scene shifted to Yi-kyung’s house, mom desperately calls out to what seems to be an empty house. They go to her room and found it empty. She breaks down agonizing “what would happen to her Yi-kyung?” Yi-hyun comforts her saying he will find her, he will make sure that she is found.

Kang-joo’s mom calls Yi-kyung’s mom showing pictures of Yi-kyung taken by paparazzi. Ah, so the excuse was a case of appendicitis, too bad it was thwarted by the paparazzi. It was not published; thankfully, Taeyang Group cleans up “nicely” though Kang-joo’s mom gave an ultimatum – a family dinner to be attended by both parties and if Yi-kyung fails to attend, they would have no choice but to reconsider the marriage.


At her office, Yi-kyung’s mom is having a fit; the detective doesn’t have any news of Yi-kyung’s whereabouts and the dinner is right in front of their noses; breaking the engagement is not an option due to the current state of their company, a complete chaos is about to break if Yi-kyung is not found. Yi-hyun mentioned that what they need is to get pass the dinner date that was set, they can buy some time if ever.


At Doo-rim’s house, she is currently on the phone with a money lending agent, she’s annoyed that she needs to make a down payment when she is trying to borrow money, well I agree, that doesn’t make any sense. She remembers that grandma is waiting for her; she grabs what she can and rushed out of the house.


Yi-hyun drove to Grandma and Doo-rim’s restaurant; he was told that the restaurant is closed for the day. Cut to Doo-rim checking what I am guessing to be lottery numbers; she didn’t win. She puts her hand on her pocket and the bracelet fell down; she recalled the words that the woman she saved said that the bracelet is a lucky charm. She puts it on saying she’s gonna give the lottery one more try. She checks her money and found the card that Yi-hyun gave her.


Flashback to Yi-hyun saying if something goes wrong to give him a call; after having a few minutes of argument with herself, she decided to give him a call. At that exact moment, Yi-hyun sees her, she lies trough her teeth saying she’s in serious pain because of the accident only to panic when he said he is coming like right now. The girl is a terrible liar. Yi-hyun approached her asking if they can talk.


As they sit in a park somewhere, he asked if she can put her hair up, Doo-rim shaken up insist that the injury is internal. Yi-hyun having not much time stands up and put her hair up. He can’t believe how much Doo-rim resembles her “missing” sister. Doo-rim thinking that she’s been caught lying comes clean that she needs money because something came up, she even apologized. Instead of making a fuzz, Yi-hyun said that he needs her to be the fiancée of Taeyang Group’s Choi Kang-joo to Doo-rim’s surprise.


At Taeyang Group’s mall, Kang-joo and staffs are seen entering and employees are bowing in respect, he passed by a woman, wait, isn’t that our resident ghost? He somehow sensed it and he turned around but Miss Ghost is gone, in her place is a mall’s employee.



This is unexpectedly entertaining. It’s nice to see Lee Hong-ki stepping out of the box, you know being an adorable cute cutie to a hawt one, well in my opinion that is. So far I am very much intrigued, I have so many questions that I want to be answered like who is this ghost, why is she killing the first bride, is Yi-kyung and Doo-rim twins or something, why do they look alike, what’s the issue with Daddy Choi why did Yi-kyung left and so on. Another thing I am curious about is the bracelet that brings love, if the ghost that gave it to her takes the life of the first brides, is it some sort of talisman thingy much like Queen In-hyun’s Man? Hmmm.

Also, I can’t help but love the contrast in character of Yi-kyung and Doo-rim; seeing that Doo-rim is about to step on Yi-kyung’s place, I can’t help but wonder what’s going to happen and how it is going to affect Kang-joo and everyone around her in general. It’s going to be so fun.

Roo-mi successfully irritated me as she should, although I do hope that she gets over her unrequited love for her own good, life is too short to be too clingy to a guy that doesn’t notice you at all, it’s another thing if you know that he also has the hots for you but in her case, I don’t see any sparkle, or I refuse to see any.

So far I am entertained, and I hope it continues to entertain me.

[K-Drama Review] Me Too, Flower!

I’ve been mooning over Yoon Shi-yoon lately, because I want to, har har. That being said I decided to watch those dramas that he was casted in. After Flower Boy Next Door, I opt to watch Me Too, Flower and yes, it has something to do with the inclusion of the word “flower” to the title because flower equals beautiful, that’s the logic; at least the Korean Drama logic and indeed it was beautiful.

What the babble’s about?

Cha Bong-sun (Lee Ji-ah) is a police officer with a bit of unplaced angst, a hint of rebellion and a need to be loved, in every possible way. When she was not promoted as a Sergeant, she staged a protest that caused her to take some counseling from Park Tae-hwa (Jo Min-ki) a wealthy psychologist that she finds irritating specially he’s been asking things she’s been avoiding to face for so long. As she is leaving his office, she almost had an accident that adds to her initial irritations.

At work, she was assigned a new patrol partner, Jo Ma-ru (Lee Gi-kwang). They were tasked to respond to an incident report from Perche, a high end fashion store owned by Park Hwa-young (Han Go-eun). She sees Seo Jae-hee (Yoon Shi-yoon) who is working as a valet parking attendant. Unbeknownst to her, it is just a cover, he is actually the co-founder of the store. The initial irritation just adds up as they had a real accident that cause him to be fired from his job. He goes to the police station to tell her that he was fired and demanded she find a job for her. The tension between them is obvious that it goes to say that he is about to shake her already shaky world while trying to find his own closure from his shady past.

Initial Reaction

I find this drama extremely interesting, well I know it has to do with me mooning over Yoon Shi-yoon but aside from that, the story line is great, as per my opinion, makes me want to have my own shrink for all those time that I feel like I am losing it, harhar. The characters are believable in a way that you feel with them: like I sympathize with Bong-sun’s being all reluctant to forgive her parents whom she thought abandoned her. I understand Jae-hee’s wish to protect Hwa-young and her son because he feels responsible for her husband’s death. I can somehow accept Hwa-young’s being obsessive with Jae-hee because she needed someone to hold on to after her husband’s tragic demise. I love Dr. Tae-hwa, and as I already mentioned,  I wish he was my shrink. Ma-ru is another character that I am fond of, the way he’s hesitant to pursue his love interest is interesting and I am somewhat sad that he lost his chance. I can also relate to Kim Dal (Seo Hyo-rim) her wanting to have it all and be loved.

Oh so engaging!

Initially, it was all about me watching Yoon Shi-yoon, yes that shallow but hey, fangirls are fangirls and nope, I’m not ashamed about it. Though I have to admit I am happy that this drama turned out to be good and engaging. Here’s why:

1. Cha Bong-sun in all her shiny layers. It’s amazing how she doesn’t want to accept at first that there’s something wrong with her, how she covers her thoughtful and sweet self with angst and roughness because she’s afraid and she haven’t experienced love yet she overcame everything and found a love to last her days no matter their differences.


2. Seo Jae-hee and his quest to do right plus self forgiveness. I love the way Yoon Shi-yoon gave life to this chatacter, it’s good, no great well actually awesome. The different emotions he showed are so tasteful it’s unbelievable. It’s such a joy to watch. I like how he was lonely and how it is self inflicted, how he wants to be responsible about something that he didn’t entirely did on purpose.

3. We found our missing pieces. That’s exactly what I think while watching the love story between Bong-sun and Jae-hee flourish, beautifully. True it was a long road but it was filled with sweetness and everything else. I was happy that in the end, they accepted each other’s differences.


4. Kim Dal wants to be loved. For a person who lost her once charming life, it is but expected that things would turn out awry and quite frankly, somewhat acceptable. True she’s a pain and annoyingly cute at that but you have to admire a person who knows what she wants.


5. Jo Ma-ru, baby calculating his way to love. This is sad,  because in doing so he missed his chance, not that he really has one anyways still, he continued to take care of his Bong-sun noona and even stepped up for her when she was falling apart over her break up.


5. Tae-hwa the shrink for all needs and purposes. Having a shrink I guess is a real love hate relationship. He prods and tells you things you don’t want to hear; makes you realize what it is that’s troubling you, comforts you on your meltdown. Yup, I need a shrink. LOL


Yet, I was weary, I was!

A good drama also makes you weary, that I think is part of it that can’t be denied. It would have been better if it wasn’t there but let’s face it, it’s required, well sort of. Here’s the source of my weariness:

1. Hwa-young, the obsessed feeling victimized woman. At first I was entertained, truly I am. I thought this character was dignified and all, that was until she showed her true colors. What’s with being clingy and using emotions as means of blackmail and keeping a person close to you for your own purpose and gain? That’s not loving at all, if it was then pigs can fly is what I think.


2. Overly pushing and pulling to the point of exhaustion and self destruction. The first and second time was adorable and bearable but the last few was too much for my own liking, make up your mind people; break up if you really mean it. Well maybe they need to prolong the agony, these guys are masochist, not the other meaning and by these guys I mean Bong-sun and Jae-hee.

3. Jae-hee’s noble idiocy and partiality. Why do I say partiality, well he was partial with everything; first his feelings then his true status and lastly his “obligation” to Hwa-young. He could have revealed it all in one time but he had to be partial and turn things complicated. I guess that was needed to prolong the drama but still, I just wish he muster enough courage to tell Bong-sun everything right away. Then there’s noble idiocy; this is a part that can’t be omitted I think, somehow I was expecting something like this to happen but I didn’t like that it took a long airing time, it was difficult to watch, so frustrating.


4. Bong-sun’s allergy to riches. Well it’s more on she thinks less of herself, initially it was fine, but the longer it drags the more I get sick of it because come on, it’s not his mistake if he is rich, the only mistake I see there is he took so long to let her know.

Oh Those Melodies

Anyone who watches Korean Dramas knows the importance of the OST, these are a must. It adds to the attraction of the drama and I have to say Me Too, Flower’s OST is good, extremely pleasant to the ears. Here are some of the songs that I kinda listen to even after I finished watching the drama:

Seo Yeon (서연) – Love is You (ft. Blue Marble)

[audio http://dc504.4shared.com/img/1607289426/6c2bccf4/dlink__2Fdownload_2FgzrWRqpZ_3Ftsid_3D20140214-30000-f2b3b9e0/preview.mp3]

BB Boys – L. O. V. E.

[audio http://dc476.4shared.com/img/1029630026/9b6b5d0f/dlink__2Fdownload_2FzvuBA-qx_3Ftsid_3D20140214-31338-50ace7a0/preview.mp3]

Oshima Mai feat. Levela – You

[audio http://dc465.4shared.com/img/1029971365/d8220498/dlink__2Fdownload_2F9ec_5FbHjb_3Ftsid_3D20140214-32221-a40a34e/preview.mp3]

Beast – Dreaming

[audio http://dc436.4shared.com/img/1010632772/5520f16d/dlink__2Fdownload_2FXMVQT0w8_3Ftsid_3D20140214-32412-9a009630/preview.mp3]

Worth Capturing

Some of those scenes that I liked and as it says: captured. Let me note: spoiler alert, maximum level I guess, or yeah, maximum level. I got all excited with screen caps, sorry.


First meeting; the tension and sparks are pretty obvious.


They met once more and their fates are sealed.


Do you like me? The answer is pretty obvious right?


Uhm, this pretty much is here because I want it to be here. ^^


This is a fangirls dream.


This is why you shouldn’t provoke her, poor Jae-hee; you brought it on yourself though.


He tries to bribe her, look how things turned out. Lesson: don’t mess with her.


She’s not suffering from depression according to Ma-ru, that’s what she’s happy about.


Frenemy, indulgent frenemy.


It started as a dare, Ma-ru had such rotten timing, I wanted mooore of the naughty.


This is why she’s too clingy on him, he’s awesome with the kid too.




Hallucination, first clear sign that you’re falling.


I laugh so hard watching this part; it would have been better if she just walked straight but she has to try and avoid them, thus the chaos.


Ex bf meets “current” bf and since they kissed, they’re not strangers anymore.


Ma-ru Darth Vader.


This is called ROFL.


He gets them to talk, and talk they do.


The reason she’s so angry is because she’s beginning to fall for him hard.


At first it was just to stop her but I guess her brain stopped working at the same time mine did thus it turned into a make out session.


“Window Shopping”


You’re prettiest when you’re drinking doesn’t really sound as a compliment. ^^


Adorable Father’s Day.


Coolest “Fangirl” ever!


He went out of town for some business and she’s worried cause it was said that it’s a sick leave at work. Girlfriend finally had the guts to move forward, accept her feelings only they don’t even know their phone numbers which does not make sense because of all the skinship.


He came back, he missed her and wants to keep seeing her. He’s her “Oppa” and she’s so happy she can’t hide it.


“I’ll let you know about him if you have lunch with me,” says the shrink who hates eating alone.


He said she can lean on him thus she poured her heart and they share their fears of living alone.


Bong-sunnie’s aeygo monster moment.


The “can you please tell me what I want to hear and take my side” moment.


Calm before the storm, first dinner together.


Before and after identity revelation.


That story explains so much about you.


The cutest and sincerest apology.


“I know you, you know her but I didn’t know you’re dating” or “it’s a small world after all and guys are petty” moment.


“I’m drunk, I had an accident and I think I am bleeding, I need Officer Cha!” says the adorable drunk puppy on the street.


More of the cute drunk moment because I can’t help it. Oh and he said she is not supposed to go home, awe-some!


Face off.


I wanna give you a hug or two!


He delivers pizza and brings hot packs because he’s sweet like that. ^^


“I got used, I can’t decide what to do, I need consultation!” says the rude girl in 10 inches high heels.


Hurting ourselves because we’re masochist like that.


This is why she’s so afraid.


The moment of truth, thank you USB!




How about some consultation my dear cousin?


He’s keeping her warm.


I love how mom is happy she found someone to care and love her just the way she is.


Love me, that’s all I ask of you.


Somehow I want more than that but since she’s a patient, that would do, oh hugs, more hugs.


Formal greeting.


Take it down!


Cuddling, more cuddling!


I could say that regardless of those wearying points, I was satisfied with Me Too, Flower and if I have time, I would re-watch it again, not just for Yoon Shi-yoon but for something more like the shrink advises and all the craziness.



9 out of 10

I’m In The Mood For: Lee Hong-ki’s Songs

I’ve been listening to songs by FT Island since morning, because I just can’t get enough of Lee Hong-ki’s voice specially today. His voice is so awesome to my ears it’s illegal, not to mention he looks abso-bloody-lutely adorable it’s ridiculous! I mean how soulful can this be:

Then there’s this too:

Of course some of their songs just wanna make you move it:

There’s also this re-donk-cilous song off the Heirs ost

So yes, I am in the mood for Hong-ki’s and FT Island’s songs, just because I’m giddy and everything else.

I Need Romance 3 [Ep 1 & 2]

A challenge that I wanted to take on this year is to write something about a live drama, a recap of sort. And before it was aired I had my eyes on I Need Romance 3 honestly because of Sung Joon, because I adored him since I first saw him in Lie to Me. Another thing is this is a Noona Romance, I love noona romances! Maybe because I am a noona myself, LOL. Seriously, it’s appealing and I’m entertained, the episodes ends before I know it.

Episode 1: The Girl Who Resembles Shing Shing

The show opens with a seven year old pigtail haired little girl walking under the first snow fall of the year on her way to meet the male narrator, whom she said looked like a sweet potato, because he’s ugly. Typical of a seven year old, well at least I think so.

He (the baby) grew up in Shing Shing’s house. When he turned one, she said he got uglier, turned into a cooked sweet potato, that’s why she always covers his face. Seriously I don’t believe her for a bit because she smiles at him cutely while he sleeps on her lap.

On the next frame we see Sweet Potato all grown up, his name is Joo Wan (Sung Joon) he just came back to Korea after 17 years of being abroad. He’s quite the romanticist, especially as he narrates about the smart, innocent and kind Shing Shing from his memory all the while looking at the girls around.

Next we see Shing Shing or Shin Joo-yeon (Kim So-yeon) with her officemates, giggling like school girls while talking about  Jung Hee-jae’s (Yoon Seung-ah) hour long kiss-a-palooza with her boyfriend and how they had to move from one alley to another to avoid an audience. No, she and her boyfriend can’t afford a motel, we asked that, yes I am including myself, and because if they do go anytime they want to, it’s gonna cost half of their paycheck and he’s still studying for his civil service exam. Their suggestion made me wish I was working for their team, they say let’s fund your motel fee, take it from the company dinner money, awesome!

Joo-yeon gets a call from her mom, informing her that Sweet Potato has returned to Korea, he does music, and that makes her say “he grew up a total delinquent”. Meanwhile Wan is being picked up at the airport by his manager. He informs him  where he is to stay and details of his schedule which he brushed off. He asked for the key and drove away, not before giving his dos and don’ts. I love that he’s such a badass.

On the other hand, Joo-yeon is sort of whining about what her mom is asking her to do, to house Wan for a year. When her officemate mentioned her boyfriend, she lights up, that’s a good excuse! She calls her mom asking for Sweet Potato’s number saying she’ll meet him, NOT.

We then see Wan at the beach, looking extremely proud of himself, with a sweet smile on his face. He promised Shing Shing he’ll return and he has. He didn’t say it but I think deep inside he’s saying something like ain’t I cool?  He gets a message from Shing Shing asking him to call her which of course he does. They bantered, he asked why is she speaking informally to him. When he asked if she remembers his face, she doesn’t but she points out “I remember it’s ugly.” I completely oppose! She asks where he is and he goes all sentimental mentioning if she remembers that they went to see a giraffe on a snowy day. She’s not a bit interested and went down to business, she doesn’t want to house him for a year, she has a boyfriend, and they are “active” and it’s going to be uncomfortable to all of them. Poor Wan could only ask why she hates him which she replied with “first, because you’re ugly and second, my mom received her salary from raising you. With that money we were able to live.” In short she doesn’t want to be reminded about that time. She went all out by saying she dislikes it to the point that she’s disgusted. That’s gonna bruise, I’m telling you. She said something like, you get the gist right, don’t bother me. She’s about to hang up only Wan asks wait. He said he missed her. Her conscience hit her a bit then she hangs up. I hate that sad look on Wan’s face, come here puppy, I’ll gladly adopt you!

Next scene, we see Joo-yeon in all her Marketing Director at a Home Shopping Channel glory with her team. They’re about to go on air in five minutes and she’s giving last minutes instructions, she wants good close-ups of their products. Her teammates are all nervous but she’s all like “it’s gonna sell, wait.” Of course it did sell, like hotcakes.

There’s a cutie, wait, who is he? He is Kang Tae-yoon (Namgoong Min) Joo-yeon’s sunbae. This scene is cute: she shush her teammates not to be too proud and giddy saying they are to start negotiating for next season’s product and if they look so happy they won’t get the deal but she goes off to his sunbae’s office and bragged about her achievements. Yup, I’m convinced she’s though, not really. They’re pretty close alright because he patronizes her, playfully. He said she should go to the outside stairwell to see Lee Jung-ho (Alex Chu). She runs out, only to come back to ask “how do I look now?” which I think she shouldn’t have bothered to do because she knows she’s pretty. Right.

She goes to see her Jagiya, throws her arms around him and then the smoochie. He asked her out for dinner because he has something to say, I wonder what.

Back at the workplace, at the mention of dinner her officemate Lee Woo-young (Park Yu-hwan) said he saw her boyfriend at a jewelry shop in Cheongdamdong. I am really amazed at this people’s closeness. He was picking up her mom’s pendant from repair, sweet child, and he saw PD Lee looking at a “two-ring love” necklace. The guys went all hoity-toity except for Lee Min-jung (Park Hyo-joo). According to her “marriage isn’t a happy ending, it’s a train ticket to hell.” Of course I don’t have any idea what she’s talking about and I don’t want to give it a try at the moment.  Hee-jae searched the web for the necklace, that’s one expensive jewelry I’d say. They are all sure it’s going to be a proposal.

Wan did end up attending the photo shoot as scheduled. A woman was fuzzing about his clothes saying it’s perfect. She is Oh Se-ryung (Wang Ji-won) and he know him as Allen. He asked her what does disgusted mean? I knew it’s gonna bother him. He said someone said that word to him and she can’t believe that there’s a person who would dare say those word to the great Allen Joo. She asked who and he admitted a person he used to like from a long time ago. Conclusion, first love.

We cut to Joo-yeon having “the dinner” she looks expectant though the atmosphere is pretty tensed. Then we see Wan, with his musical instruments all nostalgic. Turns out Shing Shing taught him music. Back at the restaurant, Joo-yeon decided to break the silence and asked what is it that the boyfriend wants to say to her. He drops the bomb, “let’s break up.”

We see a flashback of young Joo-yeon and little Wan playing the piano. She’s asking what feeling does the music gives. Joy, happiness, then pain. Little Wan can’t explain pain so she sites an example – him falling off a bike and hurting his knees and elbow. She said that’s pain. Little Wan’s argument makes sense, he says that’s physical and she explains there are times when your heart hurts too and the difference from physical pain but it’s unexplainable. “Where’s the heart?” I love scenes like this, curious child, cute! The next question is what is sadness.

At the dinner fiasco, Joo-yeon orders ice cream. It’s the now almost ex boyfriend’s turn to be jumpy “I said let’s break up, why aren’t you asking why?” She doesn’t want to know. You can sense that she’s been there before and she has no intention of  holding onto a guy who asks her to “break up.” They had that logical discussion about it’s not whether you could catch it or not, it’s the feelings that matters. Sadly, she said it’s not important to her, something like feeling. The now ex boyfriend walks out.

We hear Wan’s voice saying sadness, continued by young Joo-yeon. “Sadness is when you break up, your heart hurts, at that time the pain grows deeper. There’s something that gets welled up in your heart and you call that sadness.” Somewhat accurate. Young Joo-yeon also explained the reason behind a break up. I’m wondering if that’s an appropriate thing to explain to a child, just saying that is. We hear Wan’s voice saying Shing Shing raised him and taught him how to play the piano.

At the restaurant Joo-yeon continues to eat her ice cream while contemplating or more on convincing herself. “There’s no reason to be sad or hurt, a relationship coming to an end is natural.” Then we see the reason why she turned out to be what she is now.

 Flashback to her first heartbreak, she thought that the sky was collapsing. It’s the same with the second time. We see her leaning on a wall of rock, crying. Saying she can wait, while the guy is insistent on letting go with the lamest excuse that you’re too pretty. Argh, men! She goes inside the house but changes her mind and ran back, shouting she’s willing to wait, only he’s not there anymore. She sees him, the back he didn’t want to show her. He was pigging out at one of those street food eatery. How sad is that she’s falling apart and he’s having his fill of fish cake. The agony!

That’s the eye opener for her. “Love and break ups are just playing with emotions.” I won’t comment on that one, or does it show that I somewhat agree? We see an interview of a younger Se-ryung, saying something about the increase of the price of gold and selling three couple rings. She has some guts to thank his exes for her loot that she’ll use the money well. We feel that Joo-yeon has some grudge with her once thought of friend; she doesn’t want to give up on love because she’s scared to be like her.

Next we see her with a new boyfriend, who takes her to a motel, this by far is the worst I think. She asked to break up and the guy has the nerve to say something like “fine, let’s break up, but before that let’s have one for the go.” We learn that he’s her fifth relationship. That’s how she ended up like what she is now, not shedding any tears even on a break up, no passion towards a relationship.

She was on her way out when she was stopped at the counter, her ex boyfriend didn’t pay the bill. She got irritated because the Cashier stopped her and not his ex, she saw the situation. She realized she should have left first. She paid for the bill, and she was surprised to see how expensive it was.

We see her walking down the street thinking about having and wanting so many things to say but didn’t because she knows there’s only one reason for break-ups – the passion of dating has ended. That and third party, oops, I wasn’t supposed to say that. Too late though, couldn’t resist. And the first snow fell, it’s like adding fuel to the fire.

 Cut to Lee Woo-young updating his twitter account, posting selcas of him under the first snow. He’s still at the office, and hoping to get home before the snow builds up. He sees a post by the production staff – “with PD Lee Jung-ho who just ended his relationship.” He messaged  Hee-jae, currently making out with her boyfriend at a motel, it’s that time of the month. Min-jung, looking at her own twitter account through her laptop, saw the post. Apparently it’s a group chat, each asking what happened, and Woo-young is providing the info since he took the extra mile to call the production staff. There was one grumpy guy while this is going about, Hee-jae’s boyfriend of course it was just for a bit, and the make out session  commence.

Next we see Min-jung chatting with someone she met on the Internet, okay, that still happens. They’ve know each other for 6 months now. He wants to meet her in person. She’s playing with fire saying it’s the first snow day of the year, should they meet? She said where she lives and said they should meet at the Design Hotel. She’s skeptic if he would bite then she received a reply saying that the Sky Lounge Bar there is nice. Her reply is “we know each other as well as we should, dating is annoying and marriage is worst. I like being alone the best, and I don’t like being bothered. I don’t want to cross fates with anyone either. Isn’t that right?” I was really thinking it was a no, until she added: “when you arrive and check in, please send me your room number.” She say Chateau Margaux would be a good choice of wine. Eyeball it is!

Back to Joo-yeon about to cross the street, when her phone vibrates, it’s Sweet Potato calling. She answered with a crisp “why?” He says it’s snowing, people are saying it’s the first snow of the year. He wants to meet her. To which she replies that it’s the kind of day to be with someone you love. He says he know what the word “disgusted” means now. She said since he knows, he shouldn’t be calling her. He said it seems like she changed a bit and he’s been thinking how did she turned out to be  that kind of woman. He repeats her words earlier, that she has someone she loved saying that was a lie because if she had someone she loved, if she were receiving love then she would be a person that cherishes memories better. He also said “that’s why if you really had someone that you are dating, then it’s better to break up with him, because it’s not real love.” Ouch! He said they will meet soon whether she like it or not because he’s a type of person who keeps promises. He looks at a post it with an address written on it then said “I said that I would come find you. See you later Shing Shing.” How sweet can you get?

We see Joo-yeon in the middle of the street, at the pedestrian crossing, I’m used to this, I’ve seen this scene a lot lately. She looks up sadly while the song Don’t Cry by Lee Hyori plays on the background.

She goes to Tae-yoon’s house more on she barge in. She said she came because she had no place to sleep in. He said “at this time? What if I was with a woman?” She’s all bratty saying “I know you don’t have a woman.” He asked if she wants to drink water, though I don’t see the point in asking because she went straight for his fridge and took out a bottle of wine, proceeded to his cupboard to take glasses. He checked the wine she took out and asked if she have any idea how expensive that wine is? He was about to put it back in the fridge when she said she got dumped and asked what he thinks. He offered the bottle, “let’s drink.” This guy is growing on me, hmmm.

So they drink, and watch some home shopping channel, I’m guessing a rival channel of sort, and she thanks him for helping her forget that she got dumped. He’s a sweetie too, omo! As they continue to watch they took turns on criticizing the products shown.

The next day, Joo-yeon’s team members are all alert and when announced that she’s coming Min-jung asked what her mood is like. She enters and greeted the team with a warm “Good Morning!” She has invitations to a designer’s 2nd year anniversary brand launching celebration. She says it’s a team night out, they should have a great time and it is a club party. Woo-young not surprisingly is in the know that the party is amazing because Allen Joo is the DJ. She doesn’t have any idea who he is. Her teammates said he’s a genius composer, number nine on the Billboard Charts. He wrote “Now and Forever.” Her expression says “what the hell are they talking about?” Getting deeply hooked at this point.

 We see them at the entrance of party, they posed with the designer, checked the collection, then moved to the dance floor. Allen Joo or Joo Wan is at the platform DJ-ing, lots of people are dancing the night away including Joo-yeon. He sees her and recognized her to be Shing Shing; he leaves the platform to approach her. Min-jung is asking her teammates to dance some more but Joo-yeon and the rest of the gang wants to rest for a bit and have some drinks. Wan comes in, he was staring at Joo-yeon which Woo-young noticed. They swoon and posed prettily until Hae-jee noticed that he’s looking at their team leader. Min-jung said she heard she broke up with the PD, Hae-jee said it’s the time for her to be hurting from the break up. She on the other hand, doesn’t wish to be that.

 Wan is on his way to where they were standing in a distracting orange coat. He was stopped by Se-ryung, offering him a drink that he took while looking at Joo-yeon’s direction. The group saw what happened, Min-jung said “Oh Se-ryung must be really hot.” Hae-jee agreed saying she has a large golden personal network which Min-jung corrects that it’s a “bed” network. She said that she was famous at school, known as “cup ramen” because she sends text messages to the boys at her school asking “do you want to come and eat cup ramen with me?” She said Joo-yeon knows too because they went to the same school. Se-ryung sees Joo-yeon saying she almost didn’t recognize her, Woo-young said the necklace she’s wearing is the necklace the PD bought. She told Allen/Wan that Joo-yeon is her friend, they were classmate from high school until college. She corrected her that they were classmates but they’re not friends. She was all sharp saying she should speak correctly. She agreed that they used to be friends, now it’s a classmate whose face she knows. I sense a cat fight. They exchanged sharp words and she calls her easy, then turned to Allen/Wan to ask if he knows what the word “easy” means? He can’t believe that Shing Shing has changed this much thus he concluded that she’s just a woman who resembles her. Se-ryung asked if Joo-yeon is happy living so stiffly, she said she wanted to ask her the same thing. Se-ryung calls Allen/Wan Jagiya and say she thinks Joo-yeon wants to know if he’s happy dating her. He kissed her on the forehead, Joo-yeon snickered, and said “be very happy” she leaves. Wan asked Se-ryung if she did something wrong to that woman. She replied with a flat “I know right.” She continues with she lives life with difficulty, Shin Joo-yeon. He was shocked, he asked what did she just say the woman’s name was. Shin Joo-yeon. He can’t believe that woman is Shing Shing.

 Joo-yeon get in a taxi as Wan runs after her. We see her all teary eyed. Wan is trying to catch his breath. In his head he said “that woman is Shing Shing.”

Episode 2: Nobody Loves Me

 It’s a photo shoot, followed by an interview. Wan was asked when and how did he started composing? We learn that he started when he was 15, that after immigrating when he was 9, he realized the world of music. He made and admired his songs eventually, he looked for singers to sing his songs, that’s how he became a producer. The interviewer points that he lived in the US for a long time but his songs has a Korean feel to it. He answered that the first instrument he learned to play  was the piano, he learned from someone who sits besides him. He didn’t learn how to play as in pressing the keys rather that person taught him how to express emotions with music. It’s all thanks to that person. The next question was predictable – is it a woman and he smiled shyly, but answered yes. He was asked if he’s going to meet her and he said probably he’ll be meeting her soon.

 Flashback to their earlier conversation, he narrates Shing Shing is not the Shing Shing that he knows. She was unfamiliar and cold. More flashbacks, back at the party as Joo-yeon was about to leave, Wan stops her and asked if there’s a person in there that made a mistake to her, why is she so twisted? Joo-yeon asked if he knows her. She tells Se-ryung to lend her the man, I might ask the same thing if it’s possible. She’ll explain why she’s twisted. She ask Wan if he wants to leave with her, since it seems he’s so curious about her. He’s in denial, saying she’s irresponsible. She says “worry about your own life” and walks out. As seen on Episode one Se-ryung mentioned that that woman is Shin Joo-yeon. Wan let’s it sink in, “that woman was Shing Shing.”

 Wan is getting out of a taxi on wait, it’s Joo-yeon’s house. He walks nostalgically as he stops in front of the house’s gate, we fade to a flashback. Little Wan is crying outside young Joo-yeon’s house. She asked Sweet Potato “what’s wrong, why are you crying?” He hands her his tooth; not really sure but it sure looks like one, he’s bawling and insisting she hold on to that and I guess I am correct because she said “why should I keep this dirty thing?” Beats me. He says he have to go to the US and he doesn’t have any thing to give her, it’s not a vacation and he may not come back. She ask “and so”, he said if she keeps it, he’ll come to get it back. Aww, cute, stop crying now okay, I’ll give you some candy. She calls his name, and asks him to listen, saying “your heart hurts right now, you’re sad. In times like this, don’t get angry and yell, you have to speak your heart.” He calms down and says while sobbing “I’m moving to the US, I’ll miss you, Shing Shing.” She said it’s right, they won’t be seeing each other anymore. Little Wan says he’ll come back, definitely. She concedes, wipe his tears and said “be sure to come back, let’s be sure to meet again Sweet Potato.”

At present, we see Wan as he gathers some courage to dial Joo-yeon’s number; she’s out drinking to oblivion, sort of. She saw who’s calling she sneered at the phone, she reminded him that she told him not to call her, “why haven’t you deleted my number?”She’s saying even if he misses her, she’s not an easy woman to meet. She said it was hard for her to raise her. She says things like in the past she trembles because she’s scared that he might get hurt or that he may refuse to eat and so on that doesn’t make sense to me especially since she’s so sweet in all the flashbacks. On the other hand, while Joo-yeon is ranting on the phone, Wan thinks that she was not a friendly woman at all, “she’s a woman who’s made a habit out of hurting people.” A woman who just opens her mouth and venomous words come out. Before he could say anything, she hung up.

He’s walking on her neighborhood, she saw her at the alcohol place that she’s in. She’s drunk but she wants to drink 1 more bottle. The owner asked if she’ll be okay. She said she’s fine, wicked, she don’t get drunk. The owner said it’s cold, she should go home. He enters the place sits in front of her, she asked if she lives in this neighborhood, he didn’t answer and just ordered a bottle. She said she didn’t ask him to sit, did he follow her. She said she kind of liked him, his DJing was very good, she even claimed to be a fan. She said what her officemates told her about him. All the while he was thinking she is full of herself, she lies too. He asked if she heard the song, she said of course, “I’m a fan.” He said if you’re my fan, you should know my name. She said his stage name –Allen Joo.

He asked if her personality has always been like that. She ask what about it, she remembered about the party incident and ask him is that why he’s asking. She said his first impression of her is not good, she said she’s quite bad. She asked what’s the point of living as a good person, “if you are kind, you’ll be blessed.” she doesn’t believe that. He points out at least she won’t be drinking alone at this hour because someone would be by her side. She said so that his reason for sitting with her, because she’s pitiful and lonely. It’s a chilly winter night and she’s drinking by herself without a lover or friends. She admitted that he’s right, nobody loves her but she’s alright, because she’s alone in the world anyway.  She continued with “even when we’re together, wer’e on our own. I wasn’t born to be loved. I was born to eat and live well on my own. Also I REALLY like being lonely.” Ouch. He asked if she was always like this. She said something like “of course not, I realized it as I live” that is the universe’s secret, except herself, everyone’s a stranger. He asked isn’t it hard to live believing that. She said not at all but her logic doesn’t make sense even to her. The expression on Wan’s face as she ask her if she has people who loves her is killing me, it’s like he’s asking “can I save her?” She said she told him earlier, nobody loves her, still, she’s alright. I’m not convinced, well I’m not alone. She gets up to leave.

 She’s walking to her home, Wan is on puppy mode, following her. She drunk talks saying “what’s the reason for me to live kindly? That’s all a trap that people set up to stab you in the back. Living like this is so easy and comfortable, it’s not going the way I want it anyways.” she enters the gate and as she’s about to enter her passcode, she stops and says she should be careful, that she should be in her right mind even if she’s drunk. She shouldn’t let anyone see her passcode. She ends up saying it out loud anyways, and Wan can’t help but stifle a laugh. He tried it out just in case and laughs to know that it’s the passcode alright, he closes the door then sighed.

Inside she turns the TV on and we get a flashback of her and PD ex asking her if she’s not tired, he turns the TV off, he drinks wine and they make out, “drink and relax.” She opens her fridge and remembers what he said, what kind of fridge has only ginseng and water. He’s stacking the fridge with ginseng drink, he stated she hasn’t eaten a meal at home, she said she can’t make a rice serving for one, there’s the issue of spoiling and food going to waste. He said let’s eat together from now on.

Then we see her drinking ginseng and looking at her ring. We hear the PD’s voice “how are you going to come up with an excuse for this?”he’s looking at her couple rings, she has five. She said that’s not all of it. He asked why is she not throwing those away, what’s the reason. She said there’s a woman who sells them, should they sell it and travel? He said throw or sell them, what’s her reason for keeping them? Her reply is “whenever I see them, I think: how many times have I failed at love and when will I be able to meet my true love, even if I keep on  failing and fills this glass up, don’t give up on love.” He asked how many more times will she try and they agreed that she’ll stop at five but now there’s 6 rings on that wine glass. Aish. As she holds the wine glass she repeats her mantra “except myself, everyone is a stranger. In the end they become strangers.”

 Her teammates came with food and drinks, Woo-young asked “don’t you think she’ll open the door?” Hae-jee is worried because the last bus of the night has already left. She opens the door and they had one of the coolest unplanned pajama party ever. They talked about her break up which she just brushed off, what’s the use, they already broken up anyways. They tried to be logical about it with comparisons to tree, flower and such. Hae-jee of course has a different argument that they reject because the kind of guy she’s talking about doesn’t exist. All men has no soul, they said they haven’t seen one with it. Then Min-jung remembered about her chatmate. She was about to give the details when she remembers Woo-young was there. He’s cool with it, he heard things like what she’s a bout to say before. He says he’s really fine, he’s completely adjusted. He asked if it’s a one night stand story. Min-jung said it’s a one night stand that might not just be a one night stand.

On the next frame we see Min-jung preparing for the eyeball, she receives a message, the picture of Room 2169 at the Design Hotel. Hae-jee asked isn’t that dangerous, she said no, definitely not! She has kept a watch on him for 6 months. She gave his credentials, said she confirmed his educational background and hobbies. On top of that, he’s three years younger than her. The name she gave is Lee Woo-young which makes the real Woo-young choke on his wine, “You used my name?” It’s not only that, she said she’s 27, Joo-yeon doesn’t believe that he fell for it, Hae-jee thinks she doesn’t have a conscience. What’s funny is Min-jung thinks her physical age is 27, Woo-young objects,saying he’s sure she meant her mental age. She won’t concede because if she use the lighting correctly she can pass as 22 years old. Hoel. She has a conscience unlike what they think, she only tricked him by 9 years. She said 10 minutes.. the bed.

The next day, we see Wan meeting with Se-ryung at a cafe. They talked about Joo-yeon. He said it seems like she didn’t have a good relationship with her. She denies that by saying she likes her. He asked “you like a woman who was so rude to you in public? Why?” She tells her their story, that they used to be so close, they’re in the same class in high school, they even went to the restroom together. But she stole her first love. She calls herself a “Bad. Woman.” and said that she understand why Joo-yeon was like that to her. He asked if she apologized, she said no, they just stopped being friends. No questions asked, no blaming their friendship just ended. She confessed that she would have felt better if she slapped her, but her just ending it that way made it scarier. He asked her why did she did that, she didn’t answer, she just gave the reason why she like Joo-yeon. Because she’s prideful.

 There’s a ruckus at Joo-yeon’s workplace, the result of the “new business plan” is announced. Her team didn’t win any place and they stayed up all night for a month. She said that the standards of the company is low and that the plan that won is not a lasting plan. Tae-yoon, the Director heard her and she was called to his office. She’s being bratty saying she’s been in the company for 9 years, she knows better. He offers to take on her project with a revision that they should have a Style Director. We see her team at a restaurant planning the scouting of a Style Director, Min-jung mentioned Oh Se-ryung, she’s also a Style Director. She said put her in the list, work is work. PD Lee came and she leaves first, not without passing PD Lee to say “eat well.” Awkward.

 They begin working on the project, they were all busy and pulling up all-nighters. We see Hae-jee falling asleep standing while waiting for her boyfriend. He gives her a foot spa, said she hasn’t slept in 4 days. She’s optimistic and competitive, she wants to keep up with her seniors. She asked her boyfriend to pass the civil service exam soon for them to realize their plans.

Next day we see the team moving to an awesome office to the envy of the winner of the business plan contest. Woo-young runs in with bad news, PD ex has resigned, and they’re getting a new PD, by Min-jung’s reaction he’s bad. Joo-yeon calls PD ex but his phone is switched off. Woo-young mentioned that he resigned and went for a vacation. She runs out and calls him while driving, she left a voice message that she’s on her way to his home.

We see Se-ryung giving direction to Wan, wait where are they going? Joo-yeon reached PD ex’s house, rings the bell a couple of times, she’s impatient and punched in the passcode when the door opened. She barged in; once inside she asked what the heck is he doing, why is he acting unsophisticated, did he turn up his resignation because they broke up? She said they are one team and she’s not the only one going to be affected by his resignation. He asked “what about you, are you acting cool for other people’s sake? You’re only talking about work even now.”

 Outside we see Se-ryung and Wan getting off the car. Oh no, it’s the same house! She thanks Wan for dropping her. He said it’s a man’s house again. Inside the ex lovers are talking seriously. He said he can’t be like her, like nothing happened, he can’t do that. He’s uncomfortable when he sees her. She said what she feels finally, that it’s not true that there’s nothing wrong with her, she’s not fine, she’s not okay. She’s about to cry when Se-ryung enters. I smell trouble brewing. She looked at her while Se-ryung looks at PD Lee and said “you haven’t left yet?”

 Wan is driving his car when he noticed that Se-ryung left her phone, it is ringing. Back at PD ex’s house Joo-yeon approaches Se-ryung, “it was you? This time too, it was you?” She said that’s right, “what are you going to do?” She pulled her necklace, the same necklace that PD ex brought and threw it. Wan sees the ring pendant. Se-ryung asked Joo-yeon what is she doing, what do you think? She slaps her, we see a flashback of Se-ryung with Joo-yeon’s first love, in her head, she says when her first love ended because of this girl the thing that hurt her the most wasn’t the man cheating on her, or the change of love, nor was it the man who betrayed her. It hurt because she was her friend. We see more flashback showing their closeness, they were discussing about kissing. And them jumping over the school wall.

Back to the present, the slapfest begins. We hear Joo-yeon’s voice that she stopped believing in friendship since then, because it hurt too much, she couldn’t even confront Oh Se-ryung. She slaps her some more and it turned to a cat fight with Wan and PD ex pulling them apart.

 Joo-yeon and Wan leaves PD ex’s house, she realized that moment that “if it is something to fight about  you should fight about it and once you decided to fight, you must win.” Wan is staring at Joo-yeon in his head he thinks she doesn’t have a sense of responsibility, what am I supposed to do with her. The disappointed about his first love is too evident in his face, I’m observing. He asked her did she really have to throw punches, she didn’t pay attention, all she cares about is she thinks she got hit more. Did you ask them to count? She didn’t want to lose. She can lose to everyone in the world except her. She eyed Wan’s car and ask if it’s Oh Se-ryung’s. Before he could answer she approached the car and started kicking it. Wan finally understood and run toward the car to stop her but he’s too late, she had successfully severed one of the side mirrors. She’s about to go for the other side. Wan blocked him but she pushed him away, as she was about to kick the mirror, he ran to her, holding her in the process, they rolled and fell on the ground with Joo-yeon on top of Wan. Staring magic moment, stay that way, I’m fine with it. She hurt her palm, it’s bleeding. Wan gets her attention, he declared that she’s heavier than he thought. Why don’t she examine her wounds after standing. He asked if she has any idea how fast his heart is beating. Something else is running in her mind and it shows on her face. He said because she would destroy the other mirror too, his heart was beating so hard. She said his girlfriend is cheating on him, actually he’s supposed to be the one to destroy the side mirror, not her, why did he stopped her. He finally got to say that the car is not hers but his. Oh the horror! She asked why is he telling her too late. He asked if she gave him a chance. He said these matters are usually handled by law. But he’s reminded she doesn’t really like to follow the law she’d rather resolve matter using her fist. I have to give it to Joo-yeon, she’s a quick thinker, she showed her wounded palm to Wan saying “I got this wound because of you.” She said it is called a “two way mistake” in Korea. There’s something like that? I still have a lot to learn. She said because they both did something wrong, they can just settle it with words. He said to be fair shouldn’t he smash her side view mirror too? She blocks him, asking him not to. Wan asked for her car keys if she doesn’t want him to destroy her side view mirror. She asked why the car key. She did gave it to him but she let her have a piece of her mind, she’s not an easy woman. He said to follow him. She’s worried that he might take him to the police station or something. She said to just settle it with money. He looks her intently, she finally got it that he meant business, she said she’ll go. But where are they going?

 He takes her to the Pharmacy, he asked the pharmacist if the wound can be treated there, the pharmacist said it’s a DIY and gave them what would be needed. At this point she’s relieved and confused. There’s no voice over  but I get the feeling she’s asking why is he being nice to me? He asked her to pay for their purchase. He said the injured person is supposed to pay for the medicine, that’s what he learned in Korea. She asked who thought you such weird things. You’ll be surprised if you find out dear, just wait.

  He treated her wound at a park, as he applies the medicine, she tries not to winced in pain. He said he’s doing it gently, “does it hurt?” She replied it’s endurable. He asked if she’s the kind of woman who can’t say she’s hurting? She said to someone she doesn’t know well, she don’t need to over-exaggerate her pain. He asked, “how about your heart, your boyfriend cheated on you, right? You’re heart, is it okay?” She said it ended the moment she left that house, 20 minutes ago. He tells her he was a wild troublemaker when he was young. He always fell down and hurt himself. Flashback of young Joo-yeon treating little Wan’s hand. She says he should ask his mom money for the medicine, her allowance is limited. We hear her saying that the person who gets injured is supposed to pay for the medicine. I thought so. As she puts medicine on his wound she asked if it hurts. He denies it, and said apply the medicine properly. She knows it’s hurting though. He keeps on denying it doesn’t because he’s a man. He can endure those kind of things. She said, “Sweet Potato, do you want to become an attractive man?” He said he was always attractive. She explains that what’s really attractive is admitting that you’re in pain when you are and being honest about it. Not being conscious of other people, just being who you are. He asked her if being like that is attractive to her. She said yes, that’s attractive. She said that is more attractive than pretending to be a man. And because he wants to be attractive to Shing Shing, he said it hurts and ask if he’s attractive. She said he is totally attractive. Back to Wan, putting bandage to Joo-yeon’s wound. He said every time he got hurt, the person who treated him say those words, “it is more attractive to admit you’re in pain.” He learned to speak with honesty because of that person. Without making calculations about what the other person thinks. She said the way that person thinks could have changed. After going through hard times in life, people do change. He said, he thinks so too. He said that person became a really weird person. That’s why his hearrt really hurts and that if possible, he wants to change that person back to the way she was before. They went back to where the car is parked, she asked for her key. She asked him to send her his account number through text. She said sorry and thank you. Before she could get in the car he stops her, looking intently in her eyes he said she has a place to go with him. She asked where. He replied Hotel, “Maison de Flore.” She asked is he asking her to go to a hotel right now? He thinks he really can’t handle this anymore. “Now she’s even reading between the lines.” He asked why, “you don’t want to?” She snickered asking if he’s hitting on her. He asked if he was, will she come with him, with that radiant smile of his. You know what your doing you puppy!


So far so good, I love this show and to be honest I can’t seem to have enough of it it’s illegal. I knew before it started that it’s interesting and another plus point is Sung Joon’s hair is awesome. It makes up for the not so glorious hair of glory of his in Gu Family Book. Storywise it’s a winner for me. I can relate to the heroine, I know that the way people look at life changes over time especially if you have it rough.

I like the supporting cast too, they are fun. I’m envious of their work atmosphere, it’s not that tight at work but well, I’m the only girl, the only Filipina among the bunch so I don’t think it’s going to turn anywhere near that at my workplace, I really miss working in the Philippines.

What I’m looking forward is how Wan is going to change Joo-yeon, how would that be? I guess I’ll have to wait and see. One thing I know, I’m sure that’s one unexpected moment that would both change their lives.

Flower Boy Next Door, a Review

I recently finished watching Flower Boy Next Door and I was completely smitten! I have an idea I am going to enjoy it because it’s a Romantic Comedy and I am a sucker for rom-coms (no kidding I love rom-coms) but I never imagine I would enjoy it this much.

What the babble’s about?


A copy editor (Go Dok-mi portrayed by Park Shin-hye) who dislikes going out of her apartment (she who is somewhat agoraphobic, heh); she takes peeps on her neighbor not so far across the street (with her yellow binoculars) whom she saw and fell in love at first sight with on that fall day that she last went out her apartment. Her carton of milk that’s delivered daily has post it with drawings in it, drawn by her next door neighbor who happens to have the hots for her for the last 3 years, (Oh Jin-rak portrayed by Kim Ji-hoon) a webtoon artist who created a webtoon called “Zombie Soccer” with his drawing partner (Yoo Dong-hoon portrayed by Go Kyung-pyo). The said webtoon was never published because it is said to plagiarized a video game created by Enrique Geum (portrayed by Yoon Shi-yoon) a game developer from Spain, a fun loving guy who seems to be high on coffee and red bull (he could annoy you to death but he’s too cute to not get away with it) who happens to be cousins with the neighbor from across the street that Dok-mi peeps on. With it being rejected and as he saw his drawing of Go Dok-mi, Oh Jin-rak made an impromptu story, the context being a modern day Rapunzel, a girl trapped in her own apartment and was rescued (drawn out) by her next door neighbor with the title “Flower Boy Next Door.” What he came up with managed to convince their Editor (Kim Seul-gi).

When Enrique arrived in Seoul to “shoot Cupid’s arrow”he stays at his cousin’s place and caught Miss copy editor Dok-mi in the act of peeping and the rest is history, or more on a turmoil to Dok-mi’s peaceful world.

Initial Reaction

This drama is one of those dramas that I’ve downloaded earlier on my addiction for Korean Dramas. I happen to read the recap of the first episode at Dramabeans and it sparked my interest that prompted me to take the time to watch it. It was an awesome choice. First few minutes in and I was itching with curiosity: “is she OC, what’s with the post its, recyclables and potted plant indoors?” Honestly, I was hoping there’s a cat, if there was then my theory that she’s a cat lady could have clicked. 😀

Then these came up:


It was a big sold and the marathon began.

What lingered? (Pardon the Spoiler)


Go Dok-mi – her sad high school ordeal that pushed her to lock herself in her own world and not to trust anyone with herself, the journal entries that expresses what she really feels no matter how much she tries to avoid it, her acceptance and warming up to Enrique, the confrontation with her best friend turned bully Cha Do-hwi. I marveled at the significant growth of the heroine, how she managed to step out of her shell, it is remarkable although I have to admit that if a guy as insistent as chatty and hyperactive (don’t forget cuteness, I’m all for the fuzz, I love anything full of fuzz and warmth that I basically go gaga over them) as the hero comes bugging me to step out of my apartment, I definitely would.


Enrique Geum – the bouncing panda, the talk until you drop then end it with an aegyo that melts my brain and my heart and leaves me squeeing, the suave lines that makes me wish was said to me. For me, Yoon Shi-yoon owned this character, the way he portrayed it is amazing. And I can understand why the heroine fell for his character, because under the cheerfulness, the uber sunny disposition, there’s something that people around him are not aware of, something that he can only share with his Ahjumma. And although they have different defense mechanisms, underneath they are both hurt by something similar and is looking for that one person that can understand them.

Can you hear me – I love how Dok-mi and Que-Geum can hear each others thoughts, reminds me of Banana’s in pajamas; are you thinking of what I am thinking of B1? It’s bizarre, the way they can have that one sided yet full conversation.


Oh Jin-rak, Yoo Dong-hoon and Editor – I can’t help but laugh whenever these people share scenes together, they are hilarious but not clichéd. I love that Dong-hoon got his dream girl in the Editor and vice versa. As for Jin-rak, poor slow and unenergized Jin-rak, I wanted to feel for him, seriously, I want to pity him but I just can’t. He wasted years just watching from the sideline,overthinking (not that I am not guilty with that) and plotting that he lost his chance all together. Well, at least he had the money at the end, that’s what happens in real life, if you’re crappy with your love life, you’re good at your job. If that’s not the case then I would have to ask “what are you doing with your life?”

The Soundtrack – I loved the soundtrack, I downloaded the song and I have this on repeat currently:

It would be fun if I could date him, WISH!

I Brushed Off

Cha Do-hwi – well maybe because I hated her, whatever. The whole time she’s on screen I wanted to yell at her that it’s not all about her, stop making it such a big deal about the teacher because there’s nothing in there. I hated all the fur too but hey, what do I know about fashion anyways.

Tae-joon & Yoon Seo-young affair – I didn’t get it. I re-watched that part too but I just didn’t get it. If they were not getting together anyways then why? I dunno what that was about, Que-Geum liked Seo-young, she like Tae-joon; Que-geum is giving way but why aren’t they getting together? Too busy being noble? Hmmm..

Obsessed Fangirl  – yes, I understand you’re a fan, I am a fan too but I have a life, get your own, don’t be too obsessed about your idol, he has his own life aside from gaming you know.

Que-Geum, to leave or not to leave; Dok-mi the noble – this was the painful part to watch. Why can’t they just talk anyways, that’s possible right? Open communication, face to face conversation. Well I guess I have to accept the fact that noble idiocy is a part of K-dramaland, period.

Those Captured Moments


Any scene that involves playing with kids is a winner for me.


Yes, I panic about pets too, this is a cute way to be embarrassed, I liked the second hand embarrassment though if it was me, I would have talked to him. (Fine, I’ll admit it, Yoon Shi-yoon is my newest bias.)


If I happen to have them as my neighbors, I would definitely attend any gathering or meeting that the owner comes up with.


Que-Geum at his element, oh you puppy.


This is one of the sweetest moment of the drama, it’s cute and fuzzy, I love this puppy.


The three musketeer, after all the planning, it’s an epic fail but the bromance covered for it.

bored to death

How a hyperactive person feels once that person is cooped up all day long.

r1 r2

The reversal that made her realized how much he likes (loves) him.


All in all, I’m very satisfied with this drama and I would gladly recommend it to anyone who would ask for my suggestion. Not just because of the warm and fuzzy but more on because of the good story line.



9 out of 10

Withdrawal Therapy

I’ve been playing this song nonstop, well actually almost the whole The Heirs OST since Friday like it’s some kind of therapy. I think I’m sick, I think its withdrawal syndrome. Today, it finally hit me that it’s finished, what I watched last Friday (I’ve seen the raw on Thursday, Friday was with subtitles) is the final episode of The Heirs, there won’t be anything more. The End, Finish, Finito. WHY?! I’m so not ready, hence, the withdrawal. If I had an idea I would be feeling this way, I wouldn’t have incorporated watching the said Korean Drama to my weekly routine, well too late.

The Heirs is the first Korean Drama that I kept track of. I usually watch completed series because I hate being left hanging. You know that feeling when you’re having this really engaging conversation with a friend and just when he/she notices that you’re completely hooked with what you guys are talking about he/she would stop then refuses to go on? And you feel like strangling her/him because you’re dying to know what happens next. What I am trying to avoid is similar to that, I refuse to experience that; you can’t do that to me, you can’t do the build up and not deliver! I set that aside when I kept track of The Heirs, I endured week after week. And once they stopped showing the preview for the next episode I frequented those blog sites that keep track of the show (Joonni, A Dramatic Life, Koala’s Playground) to check if they have posted and translated it. I even read live recap (I will forever thank Joonni for that) and ultimately, watched the live airing (raw and without English subtitles.) I was completely hooked, and as I said, it is my drama crack of the year.

It’s no secret that I watched it because of Lee Min-ho; I’m not denying it. My close friend says that I am biased towards him, well; Lee Min-ho is my ultimate bias, ever!  Although I have to admit that towards the end, I had this unexplainable fondness for the character played by Kim Woo-bin and I was happy about his closure and the way his character matured. It’s quite surprising because I really hated his character at first, confused the day light out of me, like a person with a multiple personality disorder, okay, it was entertaining in a creepy way, but still if you’re not into creepy like me, Choi Young-do would give you a whiplash.

Maybe I should write a review about the show for me to completely accept that it’s completed, but I’m not ready yet. For now I’ll just have the OST on repeat, and try to picture the scenes where it was played. Here’s some more of my favorites:

On a creepy note, since watching The Heirs, everytime I see or notice a couple look or gaze at each other I can’t help but sing “Love is the mooomeeent…” in my head, no kidding. I need therapy, badly.