Behind A Gaze

A gaze, brings me scenarios–
Pleasant and agreeable–
Only to someone as scorned,
And wronged as I am.

Blood– oozing from your nose,
Your brain splattered like spaghetti–
Eyes being devoured by vultures,
Only fitting in this vast sand dunes.

Your body; mangled,
Bathe in blood.
Decapitated, slit throat,
Oh, sweet vengeance!

Your head on a pole,
Lips stitched closed.
Body parts scattered beneath,
Isn’t that just sweet?

If only it’s possible,
I’ll do it for sure.
Give in to the twisted thoughts,
Swimming, swirling never ending.

Tough luck, it can’t be,
There is not a possibility.
I can only gaze and see scenarios,
Take place in my not so pretty head.

I Listen, You Can Share Your Thoughts With Me