As He Looks at Her

As he looks at her, he can’t help but think;

“Am I seeing you for the first time?”

He has known her almost all his life,

Funnily, distance has changed thing so much.

“Are you really that girl from a long time ago?”

A question he has been asking himself, over and over.

He knows she’s that person, but the difference is far too much,

Too much he can’t help but think she became heartless.

Yes time could do so much, circumstances damaging;

Broken relationships turns a warm heart cold.

Can something be done, can things be changed?

Since nothing is impossible, he believes he can.

Yet it’s just not right, cause in that very process,

He’s somehow hurting her, making her guilty,

About things she does naturally now,

About the things she believes to be right within reason.

Thus he decided he’ll let her be,

As he continues to stay by her side;

He’ll accept her for who she is, not looking in the past

And he’ll treasure everything, as he looks at her.


As inspired by Wannie and people who knows how to accept the differences.


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