Almost With You

How do I say that you make me smile?
You make me forget that I am shy.
You help me forget all the limits,
and to never regret any single minute.
When did it started, how would it end?
But to be honest I’d like to start it over again.
And if I could have an option, a choice;
I’d chose for this moment to last at all costs.
This time we spend staring at each other,
Giggling and laughing our hearts out;
however ungodly the hour may be,
it’s sure that I’ll see you, you’ll see me.
It may never occur to you, or so I hope,
that my day is filled with nothing but your thoughts.
That sometimes I have to stop and wonder,
does he ever think this way or never?
Would you be ever glad to know:
That I sometimes dream of feeling your touch,
to smell your scent on my pillows,
waking up next to your warmth?
It’s all crazy and that you know,
But whatever it is, just let it show,
Cause I like the way that I feel right now,
Being right here, almost with you.


This is one of my Guest Author Article at Harsh Reality.

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