Hello and welcome to my “home” on the internet!

I am Erl or you may call me Erl, that’s a short form of my real name that I do not really like using, long story. Otherwise “that borderline sadistic girl who can’t really make up her mind.” I’m cool with either so feel free.

I’m a frustrated poet/writer who found her way back to watching KDramas after getting bored and tired of watching numerous movies for ages. It’s all thanks to my old roommate who insisted I rewatch Jewel in the Palace with her and the rest, as always mentioned is history. One thing lead to another and before I can do anything about it, I’m completely taken in by K-ent, from shows to music, hook line and sinker, no means of escape whatsoever.

I see myself as a walking and talking contradiction, an accident waiting to happen. I love to think, or over-think and make up stories in my head that I never put into writing because I’m not that confident. That’s changing now, bit by bit. I am shy although I like talking to people, I keep mostly to myself but I really want to be part of the crowd. Conflicting right? Well that’s me.

Aside from everything else, I’m a bookworm, a fangirl, a sort of foodie, a chef wannabe, a trying hard photographer and a coffee addict by day, tea addict by night.

This here is my space to blabber, muse, and write about stuff that I am into – music, poetry, everything related to K-ent and other random stuff that frequents and loom in my ever cluttered, scattered and unorganized mind. There’s nothing much here but I do hope whatever is in here entertains you, yes you who are currently passing by and reading this.

My home is often to visitors, feel free to look around and leave a message, I may take some time to reply on some days but I do, believe me, I do.

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  4. missienelly says:

    I nominate you for the Sisterhood of the World Blogging ^^. Congratulations! http://wp.me/p3xBcq-1ps

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